Chapter 39


Since discovering that Ugly Fish can speak, Shen Fengyue became very interested in him and made a decision after observing for a long time.

 ——that was to teach him to speak.

At night, Shen Fengyue and Siren lay on the same bed. This was the first time Siren was allowed to enter the room and sleep with Shen Fengyue. He looked excited and rolled around on the bed, wrapped in the quilt.

Because there was no extra quilt, Shen Fengyue and Siren had to use the same quilt. The originally narrow bed became more crowded because of two adult men. Siren was much taller than Shen Fengyue so when he rolled over, he took away most of the quilt with his movements.

In an instant, most of Shen Fengyue’s body was left outside in the cold.

At this time, a cool breeze blew up, it was really cold, to the extent of making the soul soar into the sky.

The even breathing sound of the system echoed in his mind, and the sound even began to increase, presumably sleeping extremely sweetly. Shen Fengyue looked sideways at Siren who was rolling around with his eyes closed. Seeing that the rolling became more and more excessive, there was already a tendency to kick the quilt.

In the end, Shen Fengyue couldn’t bear the cold, so he swept over his legs to press on Siren. Considering that the system was already asleep, he lowered his voice and threatened, “Be honest.”

Siren opened his eyes abruptly. After being pressed by Shen Fengyue’s legs, his pair of dark eyes lit up surprisingly in the night.


“Huh?” Shen Fengyue sat up to tuck the quilt for him, straightened his limbs, dragged the pillow back, and asked gently, “What’s the matter?”

Siren felt Shen Fengyue lying down beside him, and smiled contentedly, like a child who had been given candy.




“What’s the matter?” When Shen Fengyue looked sideways again, only to find that the other party was already asleep, breathing even and long breaths, so he can only give a wry smile, “This guy…”

So he lifted the quilt up to cover his chest, stuffed both of his hands into the quilt, closed his eyes to rest, and after a while, he also followed others to the dreamland.

The moment Shen Fengyue fell asleep, Siren next to him opened his eyes and stretched out a finger to poke Shen Fengyue’s cheek lightly.


The next day, Shen Fengyue went out to the sea normally. Taking advantage of the break before collecting the nets, he set out to prepare for teaching Siren how to speak.

Shen Fengyue pouted while pointing to a fish in the bucket, and taught him to say, “Fish.”

Siren looked at the fish in the bucket, then moved his gaze upwards to Shen Fengyue’s mouth, which was still maintained in the action of “pouting” as he didn’t have the time to retract it. This action was a bit dangerous, like an invitation to kiss.

He stared at him and even his eyes changed. Shen Fengyue couldn’t figure out what was going on, so he looked over inquiringly.

Then Siren hurriedly followed, “Fy…u…yu…fish, fish…”

“Not bad!” After giving a word of praise, Shen Fengyue pointed to the sea again and said, “This blue thing is called ‘sea’, ‘sea’, understood?” He repeated it twice.


Shen Fengyue was not a competent teacher, teaching without goals or methods, he just looked around and named things or just said what came to his mind. But fortunately, the student Siren was extremely talented. Surprisingly, in only a day, he could stumble and say a few words, and the more he spoke, the smoother his pronunciation became. After repeating the words a few times, he was able to remember them, and his pronunciation did not differ from ordinary people.

Among them, he remembered Shen Fengyue’s name from this world most firmly and spoke it with precision.


When lessons came to an end, Shen Fengyue felt that this ugly fish should also have a name, and he shouldn’t be calling him ‘ugly fish’ all the time. So he thought about this and said to Siren, “I’ll give you a name. The sea monster, Siren looks very beautiful and has a mesmerizing singing voice. You are no worse than him, so you will be called ‘Siren’ as well”.

He repeated the name “Siren” while using his finger to point at Siren.

After observing this action several times, Siren also understood. He stretched out his index finger, pointed at himself, opened his mouth, and said, “Siren?”

“Yeah.” Shen Fengyue nodded, pointed at himself, and asked, “I am?”

“Anton!” He blurted out, barely thinking of anything.

Then Shen Fengyue turned his finger back towards Siren.

Siren also replied, “Siren.”

“Good.” Shen Fengyue touched his head and praised, “Our Siren is really smart.”

After that he collected the nets, ate, and then it’s time for their evening walk.

Shen Fengyue always took the opportunity to pick up shells while walking in the evening, and today was no exception. He took Siren for a stroll on the sand and picked up shells casually.

“What do you think it is?” Shen Fengyue asked while pointing to the sea.

Siren followed his hand, looked over, and said, “Sea.”

“Yeah, good.” Shen Fengyue followed up, asked a few more questions, and Siren was able to answer them all quickly.

After they got tired of walking, they sat on the ground, sitting on the soft sand.

Shen Fengyue turned over the sack and discovered that the harvest was not good enough, so he reached out into his pocket, fumbled for a while, and pulled out a slender rope. He carefully picked out a few beautiful shells from the bag, but watched them in confusion.

“Anton?” Siren saw Shen Fengyue frowning slightly. He knew that Shen Fengyue had encountered difficulties but didn’t know what he could do to help, so he just called out.

A question pulled Shen Fengyue back from his thoughts. He looked at Siren and suddenly shifted his gaze to the other party’s hands. His eyes lit up when he thought of something.

“Let me borrow them.” He grabbed the siren’s right hand and ordered, “Extend your claws.”

Siren stretched out his claws obediently. His claws were like cat claws, as they stick out of the flesh whenever he wanted to use them, and would also retract when there was no use, forming a small black spot as the size of a pinhole on his fingers.

Shen Fengyue grabbed Siren’s hand and poked a small hole in the shell. After poking all the shells, he put down Siren’s hand and passed the shells one by one in the rope, and just like that, a beautiful necklace was produced.

He held up the shell necklace and lifted it up so high that the moonlight penetrated the shell, resulting in some faint patterns under the glow.

Shen Fengyue put the necklace on Siren’s head, like a delicate garland, and underneath the garland was Siren’s dazed expression.

Shen Fengyue sat a little further away, holding Siren, looking left and right. Feeling he looked pleasing to the eye, he sincerely praised, “It’s beautiful.”

Siren was startled when he heard the words, even got dazzled for a moment, and then suddenly reacted. As if awakened from a dream, he repeatedly savored Shen Fengyue’s words in his heart.

A bright light flashed in the black eyes, the corners of Siren’s mouth turned up frantically, and the arc became larger and larger, like that of upturned eaves. He repeatedly pondered about it, and couldn’t help but crack open his lips to show his dangling, white and shiny teeth. The joy that couldn’t be more obvious erupted in his eyes.

His smile came slowly but spread extremely fast, and in an instant, the bright smile developed to the extreme.

Although the smile that burst out suddenly was ugly, but they were infected by this smile, coupled with the blessing of the filter in their minds, instantly gave Siren a ten-level beauty upgrade.

The system was shocked, “Fuck!”

Shen Fengyue said proudly, “It’s pretty cute, isn’t it.”

The system didn’t know if there was a problem with its brain. It surprisingly agreed with Shen Fengyue’s point of view and admitted, “Yes.”

Shen Fengyue also smiled, lowered his head slightly, as a gentle smile was drawn on his lips.

Siren bent his eyebrows, feeling that his opportunity had come.

“Anton.” He called out suddenly.


Siren suddenly stood up, ran towards the sea, and jumped into the water.

It caused a huge splash of water, and when Shen Fengyue heard the sound, he only saw a fishtail falling into the water.

A head emerged from the water. He turned back, waved to Shen Fengyue, and then swam to a large reef in the distance. Siren braced the edge of the reef with both hands and jumped onto the rock with all his strength. The shell necklace became crooked, so he used one of his hands to straighten it up.

“Siren!” Shen Fengyue shouted.

Siren turned over, sat on the reef. His tail was bent slightly. He turned his eyes sideways as his eyebrows curled at the sound, giving him an incredibly gentle arc and warmth in his eyes.

A clear tone murmured out from his mouth, then the tone got higher and higher, as he raised his neck and hummed, a huge azure blue moon slowly rose from behind him along the sea line.

The moon was surprisingly big. Shen Fengyue looked at it from a distance and estimated that it might be the size of two adults.

The entire moon was filled with blue, with bright white brilliance flowing in the middle, and stars dotted inside. It was exquisite. After the moon rose completely from the water, it seemed to drip with water droplets. It did not move further and just happened to float on the surface of the water. Seemingly, if the sea surged, it could even wet the bottom of the moon.

Blue Moon was in the back, casting a layer of light blue light on Siren as if he was completely wrapped in a ball of light. Amid all this, he turned his face to look at Shen Fengyue quietly as his lips raised lightly, and he smiled.

The air suddenly solidified. Shen Fengyue inexplicably felt that this scene was very familiar. The scene of the merman singing to the moon in the night overlapped with the image in his mind.

They were similar but different.

The former only gave him a sense of surprise, while Siren not only amazed him but also inexplicably aroused all kinds of tenderness in his heart. Shen Fengyue sat down, ready to watch this one carefully prepared performance made for him.

Just for him and him alone.

Siren was sitting on the reef, letting the moonlight cover his face, leaving only a vague figure.


It was really, really beautiful.

The beauty was dreamlike and surreal.

A distortion suddenly appeared in the beautiful sitting posture as Siren moved. He opened his lips slightly, and a nice and soft tone slowly flowed out.

Shen Fengyue heard it and realized that this was the chorus he sang with Siren when he went fishing at sea that day. This tune was originally gentle, but when he sang it, it felt full of tenderness. Now that he was singing it again, the emotions in it were already overflowing.

Siren was singing a love song peculiar to the mermen clan to Shen Fengyue.

Shen Fengyue knew nothing about it and listened quietly with some fascination.

Siren lowered his tail into the water. The slight waves hit his tail gently. He closed his eyes and turned his face back, raising his tone slightly.

Shen Fengyue doesn’t know if it was because of an illusion. He felt that a faint voice sounded for a moment; the voice seemed to come from under the water, softly accompanying Siren’s song.

The singing voice was high and gradually rose higher. When the emotions reached deep, Siren raised his tail and patted it against the water, arousing tremendous splashes of water. This action was like a signal. The blue moon behind him fell apart in an instant. Cracks appeared, those cracks gradually expanded, and the moon finally collapsed.

The fragments fell into the water and splashed around. One-piece even fell in front of Shen Fengyue. He wanted to pick it up, but when he touched it with his hand, the fragment turned into a bit of light and scattered into three between his fingers.

The fragments that fell into the water floated up, swaying and floating on the water surface, swaying up and down with the flow of the water.

Then invariably turned into streams of lights, shining all over the place for a while, making it glitter everywhere.

Shen Fengyue was so shocked by this scene that he didn’t have any words left to speak.

With a wave of Siren’s hand, the stream of lights rushed toward Shen Fengyue, forming a small group of lights floating around him. Shen Fengyue tickled one of the balls, and the light ball quickly moved away shyly, as if thinking of something again, ran back and jumped up and down, beckoning him to touch it.

After about ten minutes, the light of the light balls weakened and finally dispersed into the sky like stars.

The thick light gradually dissipated, and Shen Fengyue saw Siren again through this thin layer of brilliance. As the remaining light blocked his vision, Siren also looked as if he was shining.

He stopped humming and was just sitting there quietly while patting the water with his tail from time to time.

He raised his eyes to look at Shen Fengyue, with a faint light hidden in his gaze. He tilted his head gently as if asking if Shen Fengyue was satisfied with all this.

Shen Fengyue looked at him and applauded.

[Small theatre]:

Siren: I slept with someone I like for the first time. I was so happy and excited that I couldn’t sleep ~

Shen Fengyue: Please make things clear. Instead of ‘slept together’, it would be better to say rested together, okay?

System: Ummmmmm (Want to say something, but didn’t)

Tl/n: I’m really sorry for not uploading for so long. I was really busy with some IRL stuff.



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