Chapter 38


Siren stretched out his arms to embrace Shen Fengyue in front of him and looked at him intently.

No matter how thick-skinned Shen Fengyue is, he can’t stand someone staring at him with such a scorching gaze that could almost seem to pierce a hole through him. The smile on his face faded, and he asked, “What’s wrong?”

A pair of cold hands held his face, Siren’s face approached closer, the shadow formed from the approaching face covered Shen Fengyue, and he closed his eyes subconsciously.

The scarlet tongue licked over his closed eyes, slid across the black eyelashes, as Siren leaned over and kissed carefully. Taking care of each eyelash, licking along the outline of the upper eye socket, there were tiny barbs on his tongue, causing a tingling sensation, making the soul tremble of the person being licked.

Siren’s tongue went back to lick Shen Fengyue’s eyelids as if to drill deep into his eyes.

“Don’t… don’t do this! Stop it!” Shen Fengyue was irritated and leaned back, but was firmly grasped by Siren.

He shivered after being licked, and it could not be said whether it was because he was uncomfortable or overly comfortable.

Tears flowed from the gaps in the eyes, and Siren licked them one by one. He rolled his tongue to swallow the tears as he gulped them down, making his adam apple move.

It’s better not to bully Shen Fengyue too much.

So he withdrew his hand.

Shen Fengyue’s eyes were flushed pink due to the licking. He opened his eyes and turned his head to wipe his eyes, and remembered that now his body was covered with seawater, and if he wipes his eyes, he would just irritate his eyes.

He wanted to wipe but he can’t wipe; he was so angry that he squinted at Siren, his eyes glistening with moisture.

Siren was glared at by him, but instead of looking guilty, he laughed instead.

When Shen Fengyue was about to blow up, he was hugged by Siren and was plunged into the sea.

“Ugly… Gooo” As soon as the words were about to come out, the seawater gushing in immediately interrupted them. The seawater flooded his mouth, and the salty taste went straight to the throat and reached the stomach.

“Goo…” Shen Fengyue closed his eyes at the moment he fell into the water, spit out the mouthful of seawater that had entered by mistake, and small bubbles rose from his mouth, floating away in the blue sea.

He was buried in the endless darkness, but he felt that he was being pulled into a broad embrace and that a hand was gently stroking the back of his neck, as if quietly comforting him.

Then a cold thing touched his face. Shen Fengyue guessed that it was the face of the ugly fish, and he was rubbing it against him. With a soft touch, something bit his lip, and after grinding carefully for a while, the tongue pried open the jaws and drove straight in to sweep through his mouth.


Shen Fengyue opened his eyes in surprise, and when he realized that he should have his eyes shut in the sea, he found that his eyes could now be opened unhindered in the sea. This shock was quickly swallowed by the strange sensation in his mouth.

He opened his eyes wide and rolled his eyes to look at Siren, and was shocked to find that his eyes were closed, and he was looking very relaxed as if he was enjoying himself.

Anger rose from his heart, Shen Fengyue slammed his fist in the water, and the tongue in his mouth suddenly reached his throat, and the slight tingling sensation interrupted him.

Siren’s mission was completed, so he let go of Shen Fengyue.

Shen Fengyue’s throat was sore and itchy, the itchiness was like a flame ignited with gasoline, rushing up to drown him, he kept coughing, trying to cough up the foreign object in his throat.

The strange feeling caused by that tiny foreign object gradually disappeared, a clear and refreshing feeling rose from the throat, filling up the entire nasal cavity, that feeling rushed up to the brain, and for a moment Shen Fengyue thought that he had become an immortal.

The seawater entered his nasal cavity, but it was no longer a cramped sense of blockage. Something in his body was quietly changing, helping him filter out the salty seawater, leaving him filled with oxygen.

Shen Fengyue, “Fuck, I can breathe in the sea!”

Seeing that Shen Fengyue’s mentality has improved, the system dared to come out and talk, “Fuck, that fish has some skills!”

With a pair of eyes that can see things in the sea, and the ability to filter out seawater, so what is there to be afraid of?!

Shen Fengyue stretched his body immediately, sliding to Siren’s side like a fish, and circled around him. He swam to a short distance and stopped after a perfect turn. After that, he raised his eyebrows to look at Siren.

Siren didn’t understand Shen Fengyue’s specific meaning and only treated it as a kind of invitation. He ran after him excitedly and followed him for a few laps.

The obsidian tail cut through the water current and stretched freely.

When Shen Fengyue swam deeper, Siren followed him. The black fishtail and the white legs were in contrast, but they were surprisingly harmonious.

They swam to the depths of the sea, saw the colorful corals, touched the cute clownfish, danced with a large school of fish, and even swam with sea turtles.

Shen Fengyue lay on Siren’s back, as they swept past the sea anemones at the fastest speed, startling the sea anemones’ soft tentacles to shake.

Siren embraced Shen Fengyue and led him to dance in the sea. Suddenly he rushed out of the sea in a straight line and threw Shen Fengyue high to make him one with the blue sky as the seagulls flew above him.

Jumping high and falling from the air, enjoying the thrill of falling against the wind, the wind roared in his ears, messing his hair, Shen Fengyue spread out his arms and was firmly caught by Siren, and they sank into the sea again.

On the way they encountered a group of dolphins leaping and swimming on the surface of the sea, and Siren carried Shen Fengyue on his back and merged into them, following the dolphins, prancing on the surface of the sea.

They jumped out of the sea neatly, and then fell into the water together, with the sound of water rattling.

Up and down in the sky, soaring with them together.

This was something Shen Fengyue has never encountered before, and also might never encounter again in the future, a strange and graceful experience.

Shen Fengyue and Siren had a good time until the sunset before they reluctantly returned. He opened the doors and windows to let the afterglow of the setting sunshine into the room as the room became quenched with golden light, making it gleam.

Shen Fengyue looked at the window until the sun completely sank into the water before retracting his eyes.

He took a box from the bed, got down to pick up the pearl that had fallen to the ground from Siren before. One pearl rolled to the foot of the table, where only a loose rope was left, and it just happened to roll into the middle of the rope.

When Shen Fengyue used his hand to reach the pearl, another hand also approached, almost covering his own hand. Shen Fengyue looked up along this hand, only to find the familiar-looking face of the Ugly Fish, and then he looked down to see that he was holding a few pearls in his other hand.

Siren was glanced at by him, so he withdrew his hand, squatted there, and looked at him obediently.

Tsk, it’s quite cute.

Shen Fengyue put the pearl in the box, and then handed the box to Siren, “Put them in here.”

All the pearls were picked up by them in a few tries. After that, Shen Fengyue stood up and saw Siren still squatting on the ground and looking up at him. So he said to him, “What are you looking at me for, why don’t you hurry and change your clothes.”

He found new clothes from the closet, threw them on Siren, and then rummaged for the clothes from the closet for himself.

The clothes which covered Siren’s head were dyed with the fragrance of soap and the unique scent of Shen Fengyue. Siren grabbed them and brought them to the tip of his nose, to sniff them deeply.

He was like a pervert, greedy, crazy, and wanted to be close to anything about Shen Fengyue.

When he put down the clothes in his hands, he raised his eyes, and a scene that shocked his heart and soul appeared in front of him.

 ——Shen Fengyue, with his back to him, crossed his arms to lift the hem of his clothes and raised one of his hands to take off his shirt, revealing a slender white waist. Then he unbuttoned his pants, bent over and lifted his legs to take the pants off, and threw them to the ground, all the actions were fast.

But all of this turned into a slow-motion playback in Siren’s eyes. He stared straight as the white torso dangled in front of his eyes. The only color was the piece of black fabric attached to his hips.

The contrast between black and white was strong, highlighting the alluring and stunning of that white. The black cloth was wrapped around the upturned and plump buttocks, hiding the taboo temptation underneath it.

Shen Fengyue, unaware of the danger behind him, shook his buttocks, humming while taking out the clothes from the closet and putting them on. He started buttoning from the bottom, buttoning them up in a row and slowly moving to the last one.

When he turned to see if Siren had changed his clothes, his expression looked wrong, “You…”

Siren only felt a rush of warmth flowing down the two nostrils. He touched his nose and blood stained his hands.

“Why do you have a nosebleed?” Shen Fengyue didn’t know the truth, took a few sheets of paper, raised Siren’s head, wiped his nosebleeds, and took a new piece of paper and stuffed it into his nostril.

After finishing these actions, Shen Fengyue took the towel from the bathroom and waved to Siren who was not far away, “Come here, just sit down right there.”

Siren sat down obediently as he said.

Shen Fengyue threw the towel over his head, then pressed the towel and rubbed it for a while, while rubbing he said, “If you get wet with water, you must wipe it clean, or else you will catch a cold. Although I don’t know if a merman will catch a cold. But I’ll still wipe it clean for you.”

Siren felt very comfortable being rubbed by him and made a purring sound.

Shen Fengyue combed his hair with a comb after they were almost dry, but encountered a problem.

Siren’s hair was long and naturally curly, but the hair was soft and easy to get tangles and was twisted around his ears.

Shen Fengyue first helped him remove the hair around the ear fins and combed it from top to bottom with a comb. The first strand was stuck right in the middle.

He combed it down, but the comb didn’t move a bit.




Shen Fengyue could only put down the comb to help him straighten his hair one by one until he was sweating profusely before he could finally comb it to the end.

After helping Siren comb his hair, his hair was already dry.

“…Ahem.” Shen Fengyue tidied up and planned to go out to buy something at the market.

As soon as he went out, Siren also wanted to follow. Shen Fengyue couldn’t afford to disguise him up so he just gave him a cloak to cover the fins, with a wide collar around his neck to cover his gills.

So the two of them went to the street like this, and they met many people while wandering. The people were very surprised that a stranger was with him, but they were all fooled by Shen Fengyue’s nonsense.

After visiting the market and returning home, Shen Fengyue closed the door and yelled, “Ugly fish.”

Unexpectedly, another hoarse voice came from behind and repeated, “Ugly fish.”

“Huh?” Shen Fengyue turned his head to look at Siren in shock and said incredulously, “Did you speak just now?”

Siren looked at him with sincere eyes, and said, “Ugly fish, Ugly fish, Ugly fish…” like a broken machine, he kept repeating these words.

Shen Fengyue had a headache because of his screaming, and quickly stopped him, saying, “Okay, okay, don’t scream.”

“Anton.” The hoarse and low voice uttered an unfamiliar word, which was too vague, and Shen Fengyue couldn’t hear it clearly, only dimly guessing the word “Anton”.

The next moment, as if to confirm his conjecture, Siren continued to shout, “Anton.” This time it was much clearer and recognizable.




As he repeated, the pronunciation of the word Siren uttered became extremely clear and accurate.

[Small theatre]

Shen Fengyue: (proudly swims around a few times and stops)

Siren: Is he inviting me? (Suddenly excited.jpg)


Shen Fengyue: (changing clothes)

Siren: !!!

The next moment nosebleed gushed out.

Shen Fengyue: ????



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