Chapter 37


The sea once again became the blue and boundless sea with calm tides, as if anyone or anything could never change it. It was far-reaching and vast, with joy, anger, sorrow, love, and separation all sinking into it, sinking into the depths of the unfathomed sea.

People who have suffered from a shipwreck became traumatized by the sea.

Shen Fengyue was sitting at the table. The window beside him was firmly closed, and all the gaps from where the sea could be seen were blocked by him, so there was very little light in the room and it looked dim and gloomy. He ate with his head down, and his hair was unkempt and looked messy.

This has been the third day since the end of the incident. For these three days, Shen Fengyue has maintained such a decadent life attitude.

The system was worried about him and asked cautiously, “Old Shen, are you really okay?”

“I’m okay.” he stopped chewing for a moment and after answering system’s words he continued chewing mechanically.

“How about you go for a walk outside? I saw it, the weather is very nice today.”


The system didn’t say anything anymore; he failed in persuading and didn’t know what else to do, so it can only choose to remain silent for the time being.

Shen Fengyue raised his head and looked at the closed window, which was even nailed with wooden slats on it to ensure that it was closed. He was so afraid of the sea now that he doesn’t even dare to look at it or think about it.

As long as he thinks of the sea, those painful memories will sweep in extremely quickly. The deep and dark sea surrounding him, with a terrifying sense of suffocation, and his hopeless struggle as his body was sinking continuously…

And he, who was unable to do anything, could only just watch. As long as he thinks about it, he can’t stop his heart from trembling.

After eating, Shen Fengyue wiped his mouth casually, planning to go back to bed. Unexpectedly, there was a dull knock on the window as soon as he got up.

Bang bang bang.

The other party knocked three times, neither light nor heavy, with some cautious probing.

Shen Fengyue, “…” He stood in the dark, looking at his closed window.

Bang bang bang.

There were three more knocks on the window. Then came a familiar voice.


“Leave me alone!” Shen Fengyue knew who it was and yelled at him impatiently.

Siren, who was yelled at by Shen Fengyue, was silent for a while, and then said, “Gurulu? Gurulu?”

Bang, bang, bang.

He knocked slowly, but firmly.

Shen Fengyue saw that he would not give up if he didn’t open the window, and said helplessly, “Don’t bother, I’ve nailed the window.”

There was no movement outside, and Shen Fengyue thought he had given up, so he turned around to go to bed.

The next moment there was a movement on the side of the window, a hole was opened in the middle of the wooden window, and a webbed claw stuck in. It reached up, touched the wooden slat, and ripped it off.

The window was violently opened from the outside, and Shen Fengyue turned around to look.

The sunlight, like an elegant but powerful monarch, squeezed in with an imposing manner, like attacking the city to open up the sky, and the entire room saw the light again after three days.

A large beam of light hit Shen Fengyue, illuminating him.

Shen Fengyue, who hadn’t seen the light for three days, subconsciously stretched out his hand to block his eyes but was still stimulated to burst into tears. His vision was hazy, and he saw a tall figure with his gaze blurred from tears. The figure was holding something in his hands, and Shen Fengyue couldn’t see his expression clearly.

He couldn’t see clearly until his eyes adapted to the sun. It was the ugly fish who was holding a pile of processed large pearls in his hand, looking at him with expectations. After finding that Shen Fengyue was looking at him, he smiled while showing his teeth.

The large pearls shed a bright luster in the sunlight.

“Gurulu.” Siren put the pearls in his hand on the table, but because all the pearls were too smooth and round, they slid around on the table and scattered all over the place.

Siren hastily tried to catch them, but could only keep a few. He held the few surviving pearls in his hand and looked at Shen Fengyue anxiously.

“…put them down.”

Siren put them down shamelessly. Suddenly, the few uncontrolled pearls also slid out of the table like their previous companions and bounced to the ground.

Da, Da, Da, Da, Da. The last pearl bounced on the ground a few times and finally stopped.

The pearls scattered all over the floor were invaluable, but no one was picking them up at this time.

Shen Fengyue rubbed his eyebrows, took a deep breath, exhaled slowly, and said, “Let’s talk, say, what do you want?”

Siren didn’t say a word, and the slits between his throat opened and closed a few times, and he gently moved a few steps to the side, revealing the blue scenery that was blocked by him.

The blue was too dazzling that Shen Fengyue was irritated and turned his head away after only one glance.

He stopped talking, and Siren became anxious as he made a long series of bubbling sounds, almost imploring.

Shen Fengyue shook his head, and he began to gurgle again.

Not wanting to quarrel, Shen Fengyue felt amused and explained kindly, “I’m scared now you know, so I can’t go to the sea with you anymore. Go and play by yourself.”

Hearing this, Siren shook his head like a rattle. Seeing that Shen Fengyue was still resolute, he leaned forward on the ground and stretched out his arms to grab Shen Fengyue and drag him out of the window like a chicken.

The system looked at all this without making a sound. It thought it probably knows the intentions of the ugly fish. He wanted to help Shen Fengyue overcome his fear of the sea.

But Shen Fengyue didn’t know this. After he was held in the arms of Siren, he struggled frantically, scratching, kicking, and biting continuously, but in the end, the resistance was ineffective and he was forcibly taken to the sea.

Shen Fengyue ran out of strength and collapsed in Siren’s arms, saying desperately, “You let me go.”

Siren hugged Shen Fengyue, turned him upward upon hearing the words, and freed a hand to stroke the nape of his neck as if trying to soothe him. Shen Fengyue turned his head to gently bit his forearm, and Siren let him bite, indulgingly.

After biting for a while, his teeth were sore. Finding that it was of no effect to others, Shen Fengyue let go and was just naively held in the arms of Siren.

As soon as the seaside came up, Shen Fengyue finally gave up the struggle from his heart.

The seawater flowed over a small part of the sandy beach to Siren’s ankles, and he stepped on the shallow water towards the sea.

Siren put Shen Fengyue down. As soon as Shen Fengyue saw the sea, his calves became weak and he could not stand firmly. The tide rose, and Shen Fengyue hurriedly backed away. He stepped on his right foot and was about to fall.

Fortunately, Siren caught him in time and pulled him up a few times. Once Shen Fengyue was let go, he would once again slip like a fish, so Siren didn’t dare to let him go.

Shen Fengyue was firmly grasped by Siren, his eyes were tightly closed, not daring to look. The next moment he felt his body lightened, and he was straddled and picked up.

Siren hugged him, walked into the water step by step, and the water covered his knees, then his thighs, and finally reached his waist. With a swoosh, his legs turned into a fishtail.

Shen Fengyue closed his eyes, the smell of salty seawater unbidden straight to his nostrils, his heart missed a beat, as the cold sweat oozed out. He heard the subtle sound of the water hitting the ugly fish and desperately felt that he was finished this time.

A pair of strong arms carried him, turned him over, to make him sit down on the top of something.

The seawater soaked his trousers, and he sat with his legs apart on a thick, smooth, and long body. This surprising touch made him unable to help but open his eyes, only to find himself sitting on the junction of Siren’s body and the fishtail.

“This…” He opened his mouth slightly in surprise and was startled.

Siren with his back facing him turned his head and flicked his hair.


Shen Fengyue was afraid of sliding down, so he stretched out his hand to grab Siren’s shoulders, and moved his body forward to stabilize the center of gravity.

He looked down at the blue seawater spreading over almost half of his body, feeling dizzy for a while, as the fear struck him. The only thing he can rely on to bring him a sense of security was the greasy mermaid underneath him.

Shen Fengyue leaned over on his back, embracing Siren’s neck. Siren’s body temperature was low, and it felt cold to the touch, but no matter how cold it was, it couldn’t be colder than the sea.

“Gurulu?” The sudden warmth that was unique to humans made him shiver. When he turned his head, he found that Shen Fengyue had closed his eyes, his brows were furrowed, and he looked pale.

Siren swayed his fishtail lightly, and the tail flapped against the sea, swimming further towards the sea. He moved very lightly, trying his best to maintain his balance and reduce the vibrations that Shen Fengyue received.

Siren floated on the sea, making sure that Shen Fengyue’s upper body was not submerged in the sea. Every time his tail swayed, Shen Fengyue on his back could feel it, as his body also moved with it.

He felt the coldness of the sea; the coldness enveloping him. He was like a shipwrecked victim drifting in the sea, only having driftwood that could sustain his life, and he tightly clung to the driftwood beneath him.

After a while, he opened his eyes and got up to re-examine the sea.

The sea was shimmering, dotted with fragments like stars. He sat on this flat sea as if occupying a high position, like a king patrolling his own territory.

Siren felt Shen Fengyue’s movements and tilted his head to look at him as he swam.

Shen Fengyue looked at Siren’s face, and he was smart enough to guess what Siren meant.


He couldn’t help but try to live up to his kindness.

“Ugly fish.” He took a deep breath, with a bold idea in his heart, and issued a command, “Swim faster, at your fastest speed!”

Siren watched him seriously for a few minutes, and then replied with a few bubbly sounds in his throat, tender and loving.

Then in response to Shen Fengyue’s instructions, he began to speed up, and his powerful tail swayed with greater force, accelerating in the sea.

The high speed produced a gust of wind, which disturbed Shen Fengyue’s uncombed hair. He smoothed a handful of hair and combed them back, feeling the oncoming gust of wind, and his heart suffering from trauma since the last few days seemed to be swayed a little.

He thought silently in his heart that he, Shen Fengyue, would never be afraid of this thing in front of him.

The system also cheered for him, “Let’s go!”

Siren traveled straight on the sea like an off-line arrow, leaving a straight white line.

Shen Fengyue held his shoulders and straightened his back, as proud as a little prince.

The waves surging under his feet and he stretched his legs, breaking through the sea all the way, leaving a white mark. The seagulls were flying overhead, making a few bright cries from time to time, as the wind whistled in his ears.

He is here, riding the wind and waves.

A kind of pride in conquering nature spewed out of his heart. He couldn’t help yelling loudly. After shouting a few times, he was sweating profusely, but his heart was thrilled.

The wind took away the sweat when he yelled, and the water splashes came to wash away his sweat stains, and his face was refreshed.

Shen Fengyue looked at the vastness of the blue sea. Throughout the ages, he was afraid that no one has ever ridden a merman soaring into the sea.

He might be the first one.

Thinking about this, he laughed happily, bent over, and continued laughing until his tears came out, expelling the fear of many days from his body, overcoming himself.

He laughed, the crisp laughter was powerful.

Siren sensed that his heart knot had been opened, his mood became more relaxed, and he screamed and shouted along with him.

Even made a big leap in the air, producing a beautiful arc across the sea. Shen Fengyue looked up at the V-shaped seagulls flying high in the sky. He also let go of his hand and opened his arms as if to fly.

Merman leaped into the sea, and Shen Fengyue was once again surrounded by the sea, but the next moment he was lifted and put on someone’s waist again.

He wiped his face, stroked his drenched hair back, and rode his back straight on the merman’s waist. He continued to laugh and laughed even more happily.

Siren knew he liked this, so he took a few enormous leaps with Shen Fengyue to appreciate the joy of flying in the sky.

Shen Fengyue lay on his back and said with a smile, “Thank you.”

Siren also bent his eyebrows gently.


[Small theatre]:

Shen Fengyue (gritting): I hate it!

Siren smiled indifferently.

Shen Fengyue: Why in a fish, I see the kind of pampering that should not belong to him?

Who is it that knocking on your window? Instead, Knocked on your heart.

Riding a merman is fun, rightttttttttttt?



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