Chapter 36


Since the last time Shen Fengyue wronged the ugly fish, that guy fled. He seemed to be awkward and never showed up directly.

Although Shen Fengyue hasn’t seen him in person, he miraculously can sense his presence, knowing that he was by his side.

From the small bubbles that pop up from time to time on the surface of the water, or the sun shining across the shiny black scales below the water stream, be it the sound of the tail flapping against the surface of the water, or the baskets of delicious fish…

“Hey! I know you are here, come out.” Shen Fengyue reached into the water and gently touched a few fish scales.

Cool and moist.

After the tail was touched, siren was a little unhappy and shook his tail lightly to wave Shen Fengyue’s hand away.

Shen Fengyue did not withdraw his hand, leaving his hand to soak in the seawater.

“Come out, last time I misjudged you, I apologize.” The hand stirred in the water, and suddenly there was a splash of water.

A huge bubble rose from the water and burst on the surface of the water, splashing water all over the place.

Then there were bubbles of different sizes coming out, bursting near Shen Fengyue’s hand, and making cool water splash on his arm.

The person underwater seemed to think, and finally, a black tail stretched out of the sea, swaying in the air, and dangling around Shen Fengyue’s hand. The tail lightly touched his hand and stopped moving.

“What do you want to say?” Shen Fengyue said as he felt amused and tried to touch the tail, but was avoided by the other side like an enemy.

“Hey, I’m not a scourge. What are you doing?”

The tail leaned in again and shook in front of him.

“How about reconciliation?” Shen Fengyue raised a splash from the sea towards the tail.

Siren intended to agree, so he moved his tail.

“Then, how about a high-five as a promise?” Shen Fengyue proposed, pulling out his hand from the water and unfolded his five fingers to make a gesture.

The tail also stood upright and made a gesture of the same meaning toward Shen Fengyue.

The next moment, one hand and one tail struck each other.


It can be regarded as ceasing hostilities to make peace.

Sunshine, beach, sea, seagulls.

The waves hit the delicate and soft-colored sand, making it a little yellow, as the white foamy waves were produced during this approach, just like a white lace embroidered on the beach.

The seawater nearby had a transparent color, clear and shimmering, and a little further away was a beautiful glazed color that was a combination of blue, green, and yellow.

The days were calm and comfortable. As usual, Shen Fengyue pushed the boat into the sea a bit, took off his shoes, and threw them into the boat, stepping on the white sand with bare feet.

He looked up at the sky, which was full of dazzling blue, and the white clouds were like a few strokes of white paint dipped in the blue sky.

Shen Fengyue sat in the boat, paddling with his left hand, and extended two fingers of his right hand toward his mouth, took a deep breath, and then blew it out of his mouth.

A beautiful long and loud whistle.

As if responding to him, a black tail stretched out from the water, then an object rushed out of the sea and leaped high, bent out an arc in the air, issued a long whistle, and then jumped into the water.

Siren approached the boat, maintaining one fist distance from the boat, and swung his tail to swim at the speed of Shen Fengyue’s rowing.

His head popped out of the water’s surface as he sang an unknown but nice tune.

This minor tune was not like how this merman sang that night, seductive and enchanting, like a magical sound, making people want to hear it, but dug out their ears at the same time, extremely unbearable.

The tune was not high, but also not low, maintained in just the right pitch. The singer hummed this tune with a clear and soft voice, like a stream flowing slowly, soothing, and tender, flowing into your heart, pouring a stream of warm water into the dry and cold heart, making one comfortable and can’t help but let out a sigh.

This tender feeling could be described as kneading dough, mixing it little by little. Grasping it twice, adding deep affections, and then continue to knead it carefully.

Siren glanced at Shen Fengyue, closed his eyes, and lay on his back in a very relaxed and leisurely posture, swinging his tail in the water as his mouth kept repeating the tune.

There were no lyrics, just meaningless humming, but the deep feelings in it were enough to move people.

Shen Fengyue supported his chin and listened, almost intoxicated. He felt God was still benevolent to this ugly fish. After all, he gave him a devil-like face, but such an angelic voice.

The voice bestowed by the gods.

Siren sang repeatedly, and the melody was catchy. It even made Shen Fengyue follow him to hum the tune with him.

Two voices, distinct tones, humming the same tune, Shen Fengyue’s voice and Siren’s voice intertwined and were very harmonious.

Siren found out that Shen Fengyue was singing in harmony with him and was so excited that he amplified the singing voice for a while as if he wanted to envelop Shen Fengyue’s voice. He had his eyes bent and was looking at Shen Fengyue with a smile.

Shen Fengyue also looked at him. Siren was smiling brightly and under the influence of that smile, his appearance seemed to have changed, turning it to beauty.

Shen Fengyue commented, “A little cute.”

System, “???”

Shen Fengyue supported his chin, tapping the edge of the boat with the other hand, making a beat, and explained, “Ugly but still cute.”

So one person and one fish were immersed in this relaxed and pleasant atmosphere as they moved farther and farther. When Shen Fengyue noticed, they had already arrived at a place farther than usual.

Forget it, this place is also fine.

After Shen Fengyue cast the fishing net into the sea, he was bored and began to tease siren, starting a whistling competition.

He blew once, and Siren was so excited that he followed it back, and sang to him when it was over, performing jumps in the air from time to time.

They had fun until they were disrupted by a seagull that stumbled over.

The seagull flew extremely low, even close to the surface of the water. Its wings straightened as it flew straight towards Shen Fengyue and was quickly knocked over by siren’s hands.

The seagull hurriedly fluttered up and jumped into Shen Fengyue’s arms.

Shen Fengyue picked up the poor wet bird and turned it around to the left and right, thinking that it seemed familiar to him.

“Little fat bird?” he asked uncertainly.

The little seagull flexibly turned his head to shake off the excess water, squeaked aggrievedly, and plunged into Shen Fengyue’s chest.

“Tsk. What’s going on?” Shen Fengyue was disgusted, but his body reflexively had already taken out the handkerchief to wipe the feathers soaked with water.

He wiped and looked in the direction the little fat bird was tweeting and found that one after another seagulls were flying past the surface of the water as if fleeing for their lives.

What’s the situation?

At this time, the sun was blocked by clouds, and the light in the surroundings immediately dimmed. Layers of dark clouds gathered together, the air current was surging, and the speed was so fast that it instantly obscured the sky and the sun. The atmosphere was the same as nightfall, as everything lost its original vivid color.

The danger was imminent. But the sea was strangely calm, so quiet that there were no waves. The sea was dull, and the azure sea water seemed to mix with black, making it look stale and cold, like ice that has not melted for a thousand years, making it difficult to shake, cold and ruthless, as if nothing can move it.

Even the air became extremely oppressive, making people feel chest tightness and shortness of breath for a while.

The rain was coming, and the wind was brimming all over.1a bad omen, indicating a storm is coming

Siren noticed something was wrong and grabbed the boat with both hands and pushed it in the direction of the current. Shen Fengyue put down the little seagull and coordinated with the oar to row back.

The change was always faster than planned. There was a strong wind on the sea, causing Shen Fengyue’s face to hurt. The boat shook as if it was about to be blown over by the wind. Siren was forced to wrench back, and the strong muscles of his arms became tense as he used his strength to stabilize the boat.

Taking advantage of this wind, the little seagull got out of the pile of paddles and flew down the wind.

With the strong wind blowing, the sea began to change. The ice that had not melted for a thousand years began to melt, shaking violently with every gust of wind as if responding to its call.

The boat shook similar to a person shaking the dust, like someone was pulling the sea surface, shaking it to make waves. The sea changed drastically; the boat was floating in it, and the rootless weed was lonely, helpless, and powerless.

A wave hit, Shen Fengyue fell forward under the thrust, Siren still firmly grasped the boat to pull Shen Fengyue out of the wave’s reach.

The strength of the waves was different, and the direction of the force exerted was also different. Shen Fengyue was trapped in the boat was shaken dizzy. His hands and feet were at a loss, fine cold sweat oozed out from his forehead, and bursts of nausea came out from his stomach.

He was about to throw up…

Siren saw that his condition was not right, and grunted to comfort him.

Siren raised his tail high, slapped the sea hard, grabbed the boat and jumped up, using all his strength, he uttered a long roar, raising his head up to the sky, the sound was extremely high, and it spread far in this vast and endless sea.

He wanted to flatten the waves with high-level sound waves. Unexpectedly, the next moment Shen Fengyue covered his ears and curled up into a ball, letting out a miserable scream.

Siren realized that he couldn’t do that, so he stopped in time and swallowed all the aftermath. After the powerful aftermath was swallowed back by him, it had a certain impact on his body, and siren was shaken by the after-effects of the aftermath and the force in his hands loosened a little.

It was this pine that, due to the elimination of sound waves, a ten-meter-high wave lifted over, overwhelming the sky, and a huge shadow shrouded them from behind.

 Shen Fengyue was confused, and only faintly heard the system anxiously shouting “Shen Fengyue”, the next moment the waves hit, flooding the boat, and he sank into the sea.

The wave separated Siren and Shen Fengyue, and after a short while, siren immediately dived into the water to look for Shen Fengyue’s figure.

Shen Fengyue still hadn’t recovered from the long roar of Siren, and his senses were lost, still, his heart was full of desire to survive, but his body couldn’t move a bit, and he could only watch himself sinking further and further down hopelessly.

He was sinking, sinking continuously…

The seawater burrowed into his nasal cavity, and a huge sense of suffocation surged up, he felt like he was trapped by the shadow of death.

Shen Fengyue opened his eyes. It hurts to open his eyes in the sea without protective measures, but he couldn’t close it, so he could only open it like this. He saw a figure swimming towards him.

His upper body was in the shape of a human, with a long tail, nearly three meters in length like a behemoth, but at this time he did not seem to be frightening at all.

Instead, it’s a kind of–


Siren swam towards him, hugged Shen Fengyue’s waist, and then rushed to the surface of the sea. He rushed out of the sea, and immediately raised Shen Fengyue’s head high, lowered his head, and kissed his mouth, blowing air into it.

After blowing, he raised his head to inhale and blow again. After repeating this three times, Shen Fengyue vomited a lot of water and was choked with coughing.

With both hands firmly around Siren’s neck, he raised his eyes and glanced at Siren with a weak tone, “Thank you.” and then he passed out in his arms.

Siren stroked the back of his neck lovingly.

“Gurulu.” A smile was drawn from the corner of his lips.

[Small Theater]

Siren: Maiden!

Shen Fengyue: Huh?

Siren: I want to sing love songs and watch the most beautiful fireworks ~

Shen Fengyue: …

  • 1
    a bad omen, indicating a storm is coming


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