Chapter 34

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Shen Fengyue kept his head up for a long time, then took off his clothes, twisted the corners of his clothes into a small roll and stuffed it in his nostrils, just to stop the nosebleed.

It was such uncivilized behavior to be shirtless in public. But as long as one breaks through the shame of the first time, they won’t feel embarrassed afterward, and will even be able to do the deed naturally, just as normal as drinking water.

Shen Fengyue was in this stage now. He leaned against the boat’s side with his naked upper body, inhaling and exhaling to calm his mood. His skin color was a healthy wheat color, but because of the emotional ups and downs, the wheat color near his neck was slightly stained with a layer of crimson, just like a light red sunset glow.

The light color followed the movement of every breath as it rose and fell.

A bucket broke the surface of the water and was raised to his face. Shen Fengyue responded to the sound, facing the live fishes jumping around in the bucket.

Shen Fengyue, “…”

It was uncomfortable for the large amount of fish to squeeze in such a small bucket. They flung their tails and patted their companions’ bodies. Although they lacked water, they still seemed to be alive and healthy.

Siren raised the bucket as if offering a treasure. Seeing that the fishes were being disobedient, he just snapped his webbed fingers and tamed the fishes. He then lifted the bucket over his head to deliver it in front of Shen Fengyue and then passed it forward.

“Gurulu.” Siren emitted a sound as if asking for praise.

Shen Fengyue backed away in time to avoid being slapped on the face by the bucket. He didn’t know what tricks this ugly thing wanted to do. He hesitated for a moment and took the bucket and put it aside, keeping a stern face the entire time.

Siren observed his expression without blinking and found that the corners of Shen Fengyue’s mouth didn’t lift even a little. He knew that this little gesture was not enough for the troubles he had caused.

“Gurulu.” He put his hands on his chest, shaking them back and forth. Then he turned back to the sea.

Shen Fengyue went to look at the bucket of fish after seeing that the ugly thing had disappeared. Because of the lesson they learned, the fishes were all now lying flat in the bucket, motionless. Even though they were still, their eyes followed his movements, staring at him.

Even if they were all eyes of the dead fish, being stared at by so many of them was still very uncomfortable. Shen Fengyue took back the hand that wanted to touch the fish, turned back to face the boat’s side and he supported his chin with one hand, while the other was knocking on the side of the boat in a rather disciplined manner.

After almost thirty knocks, splashes of water came from the sea, and Shen Fengyue guessed that the ugly thing was coming up again. Sure enough, in a moment the ugly thing was leaning in front of him on the edge of the boat, holding a few large clams in his hands.

They were oysters, each of them as long as an adult man’s palms placed side by side. There were some parasitic entities attached to the shells, making them look dirty, but by looking at their size, Shen Fengyue secretly estimated their value. They must be worth a lot of money…

Siren stretched out his hand and handed them to Shen Fengyue, motioning him to take them.

Shen Fengyue swallowed and quickly took one and tried to pry it open at the gap between the two shells with a knife. Perhaps because he was a novice, he couldn’t pry it open even after a lot of effort.

The more anxious the heart, the more urgent the actions, but still it was all in vain.

After he nearly slashed his hand, Siren couldn’t stand it any longer, so he put all the oysters in his hands into the boat, reached out, and took the one from Shen Fengyue’s hands. He grabbed the oyster, and with his sharp claws, pried the shell open with force.

Siren lifted up the oyster’s flesh, revealing plenty of pearls underneath that were plump and well-colored. After showing it to Shen Fengyue, he closed the oyster shell and put it in Shen Fengyue’s hands, and proceeded to help him open several other oyster shells. All the pearls inside were as excellent with splendid color as the ones in the first oyster, and they shone with no impurity.

System, “Fuck! You should make a run for it, Shen Fengyue!”

Shen Fengyue, “I know, shhh, let’s take them and run away.”

One person and one system were planning to steal the pearls and run away with them. Whereas Siren, who didn’t know anything, floated in the middle of the water. He stared at Shen Fengyue, tilting his head and looking at him. The corners of his mouth were curled up, waiting for Shen Fengyue to compliment him and make his smile expand more and more.

Shen Fengyue placed all the shells neatly inside the boat, and patted them as if they were babies. Then he turned to look at the siren. His stern face finally changed, as the iceberg melted into spring water, glittering in the sun.

He smiled.

The smile on Siren’s face expanded.

“Thanks.” Shen Fengyue said with a smile and picked up the paddle in front of Siren to row back while the system accelerated the boat along the way.

The boat was as fast as an arrow shot from a bow, and with a whoosh the boat disappeared at the speed of light, leaving a figure in the middle of the water.

Siren had never seen this kind of trick before and was floating in place with a dazed expression.

“? ? ? ? ?”

He looked at the boat that had become a black spot in the distance in the blink of an eye.


Shen Fengyue rushed home to take out the pearls from the oysters, putting them in water, and then fishing them out. After that, he wrapped them in a piece of cloth, and placed them on the corner of the bed beside his pillow like a precious treasure.

The little seagull hid behind the foot of the table and poked out its small head to stare at Shen Fengyue’s actions. It then saw him smiling at it for the first time as he said, “We’re rich now, so let’s have a good meal tonight.”

Little Seagull, ? ? ? What is this new trick?

While it was puzzled, Shen Fengyue had already packed up and went out, ready to go to the market to buy some pork and rice to eat.

In the coastal areas, pork and rice were scarce and were a delicacy that only the rich could enjoy. Most people relied on the sea to eat fish and seafood every day, hence their faces were plump, elastic, and rich in collagen. Now that he finally had some money, of course he would have to eat white rice with pork!

A light shone in Shen Fengyue’s eyes, making his expression bright. One could see an aura of happiness surrounding him as he walked, his cuffs were flying with the wind.

He ran into Uncle Smith on the road. He was carrying a basket with three long loaves of bread in it. Since he was old and his eyes weren’t good. He had to take a closer look with his blurry eyes until he could recognize him and said, “Oh, Anton.”

Shen Fengyue stood still to let him take a look, and finally greeted him with a smile, “Uncle Smith, good afternoon.”

As if infected by his joy, Smith laughed and asked curiously, “Anton, what happened? What made you so happy?”

Shen Fengyue winked at him with his right eye. “Uncle Smith, I’ll bring you some pork tonight.” After that, he slipped into the crowd while turning his body and shouting, “You just wait at home!”

“Hey…” Shen Fengyue ran away and Smith could only take back the words he had not finished. He sighed as he looked in the direction where he disappeared. “This kid…” A smile appeared on his face.

He lifted his shoulders and returned home, carrying the basket.

Shen Fengyue walked to the stall he had been eyeing before and bought a large bag of rice and a piece of pork. The stall owner looked at how he was dressed, and when he heard his intentions, he was shocked. He felt that he didn’t look like a person who could afford to eat pork and rice.

This thought only lasted a few seconds before being pulled back by his professional ethics, but Shen Fengyue knew what he was thinking.

The stall owner handed him the meat, “I’m looking forward to your next visit.”

Shen Fengyue slowly took it. He held the tied pork by its rope while swaying it in front of the stall owner, and said nonchalantly, “The sea is filled with treasure. No one can guarantee when they’ll get a treasure.”

“Since we fishermen have been with it for so long, it would never mistreat us.” He took the rope and gave the stall owner an unclear look before turning around.

The stall owner was embarrassed by his look, knowing that the other party knew that he had just belittled him, and was panicked for a while.

The system grumbled, “He actually looked down on us honest people.”

Shen Fengyue was open-minded, “Don’t be angry, he can look down on us if he wants to, those who look down on honest people will never get rich.”

The system thought of the pearls at home, and said, “Right!”

After returning home, Shen Fengyue washed the rice, put it in a pot to cook, and began to process the pork. He lifted the pork and saw fine fuzz on it in the sun.

System stopped and said, “This bit of hair is no problem.”

“Tsk.” Shen Fengyue exclaimed, his tone of voice a little disgusted, “Your opinion doesn’t really matter.”

The system was unable to answer what he said, so it observed his hands to see what he was going to do.

Shen Fengyue graciously took a box of matches from the back of the boiler and picked up a piece of black paper from across the side of the box. The head of the match touched the low-ignition phosphorus, creating a delicate little flame.

Shen Fengyue patiently burned the pig hair with a small flame, one by one.

“…” Seeing him do this, the system was left speechless for a while, not knowing what to say.

After removing the pig hair, Shen Fengyue used a knife to cut the pork into three slices. Each slice was plump, thin, and evenly distributed, making it look particularly attractive.

The pan was drizzled with a thin layer of golden oil, and the firewood under the pan was burning vigorously. Under the high temperature, the golden oil made waves, and in a short while, small bubbles rose up.

The meat slices were put into the pan, and the corresponding spices were sprinkled. The meat collided with the hot oil and flew into a crackling sound. The meat slices were scalded and rolled, as the oil of their own was fried out, making them shiny. A scent that was unique to the flesh filled the cabin, accompanied by the smell of spices.

Siren squatted under the kitchen window and raised his body to reveal a pair of small eyes, and stared at Shen Fengyue’s movements for a moment. He watched Shen Fengyue swinging the spatula freely, and his eyes were full of accusations.

The smell of food he had never smelled before attacked his olfactory system.


This time the sound came from his stomach.

Shen Fengyue carried the plate with his left hand, shoveled the dishes into the plate with his right hand, and looked at the source of the sound.

Siren knew he had been exposed, and simply stood up. Looking at him pitifully, his small eyes quickly glanced at the meat in his hand, then lifted up to stare at him.

Only someone with a strong will could ignore this pleading expression.

Shen Fengyue, “…” His hand’s actions stopped.

Siren was still looking at him, while grunting in his throat.

At the same time, his stomach began to rumble and the two sounds intertwined, one after the other.

Like a forbidden dual chant.

“Come in.” Shen Fengyue put the last piece of meat on the plate and began to scoop the soup inside. Knowing that he had done something unethical this time, he compromised, “Why are you still standing there? Come in.”

“Gurulu?” Siren was puzzled, and the next moment he saw the impatience in Shen Fengyue’s eyes, his eyes lit up. He immediately climbed in from the window, and consciously ran to the table and sat down.

With the corner of his eyes, he stared at Shen Fengyue eagerly, motioning him to come over quickly.

Shen Fengyue, “…”

Sweeping him from top to bottom, Shen Fengyue made a judgment. This ugly thing was ugly, tall, and his body looked quite sturdy. Looking at the meat in his hand, he guessed that such a small amount would not be enough.

So when he was about to put the plate on the table, he glared at Siren and warned, “No stealing, okay!”

After that, he picked a fish from the bucket and turned back to the kitchen to prepare another fish soup.

Siren saw the food on the table, took a deep breath in enjoyment and sniffed hard. His eyes were shiny and the tip of his nose moved again and again, seeing that the distance to the meat was getting closer and closer.

Shen Fengyue turned his head in due course, “Don’t steal it!”

Siren gasped in shock and hurriedly backed away. Because of Shen Fengyue’s order, he reluctantly looked at the meat that was close to him but couldn’t be eaten.

Shen Fengyue was tidying up when he suddenly remembered that this guy was really an unpleasant scene for his eyes, so he went back to the room to pick some clothes that could fit the other’s figure and threw them on the siren.

“Put these clothes on, don’t sit here naked.”

Siren didn’t dare to violate his order and put on the clothes obediently.

Siren, I’ve been wronged, Why are you scolding me? QAQ

Author has something to say:

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Shen Fengyue: I, Lord Shen, have been in the world for many years, and learned I should never be merciful.



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