Chapter 31

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There was now a leak in the house because it rained overnight, and when Shen Fengyue woke up the next day, he found his nose was a little blocked. He sniffed with his nose, but he could only breathe in through one side, so he felt that the oxygen content had been reduced by half, and was very uncomfortable.

“What’s wrong with me.”

The voice coming out of his mouth was hoarse. Shen Fengyue swallowed the second half of his sentence back and went to the bathroom to wash up after getting dressed.

Looking up at the mirror, the little angel shown had a flushed face that was slightly swollen. Shen Fengyue stretched out his hand and poked his cheek. He was used to the pain of being splashed by water and wasn’t afraid of a little swelling.

His water lines were moist, as if they were stained with a layer of water. Coupled with his turquoise blue eyes, he looked like a clean and beautiful living spring, revealing infinite vitality.

With a single blink, a tear slipped through his lower eyelashes and fell straight down. Shen Fengyue wiped his eyes. His nose twitched as he made a huffing and puffing sound, feeling that he might have caught a cold this time.

The system was surprised, “You, don’t cry.”

Shen Fengyue wiped his face with a dry towel and said, “I might’ve caught a cold. Whenever I catch a cold, I tend to have nasal congestion, runny nose, sneezing, and tears in one eye. I didn’t expect these symptoms would also accompany me here.”

The system said, “Indeed, you were in the water for too long yesterday.”

Shen Fengyue went to eat breakfast after cleaning up. He nibbled on bread as he looked at the scenery outside through the wide-open window with infinite melancholy. Seeing that the place where the boat was originally tied was empty, he felt heartache as he touched his chest with tears in his eyes.

Although the boat was small and broken, it was still property, alright? And this time he even suffered a double loss. Not only did the small broken boat sink, even the small torn net attached to it was also lost in the sea.

Shen Fengyue, who had just suffered a severe financial blow and was about to swallow the bread he was chewing, but it got stuck in his throat because it was too hard.

“Cough, uh…” He hurriedly took a cup of water in hand and gulped it down. After gulping almost the whole glass, he barely swallowed the bread. Shen Fengyue held his forehead, the incident just now made him a little dizzy, his head felt like it was going in circles.

There was only one small dried fish hanging on the window, swaying in the wind, exuding infinite charm and temptation.

The only remaining dried fish actually seduced a familiar visitor.

When the visitor flew over, it locked its eyes on the small dried fish, hanging and exuding infinite charm, as the visitor slid across the sky with its wings spread open.

Damn, this dried fish looks really delicious!

With a perfect glide, it docked gracefully by the window. It looked through the window and found that the ferocious human being was resting with his eyes while stroking his forehead, so he lowered his guard and opened his mouth to bite the dried fish.

“Fuck, a bird is trying to steal the fish!”, the system yelled at the right time.

Shen Fengyue suddenly opened his eyes, turned his head, and glanced at the seagull who didn’t know the height of skies1not knowing the limits with a stern look. The next moment he grabbed the fork in front of him with his hand and shot it at the seagull aggressively.

Little Seagull, “!!!”

Unexpectedly, this human could react so fast. The little seagull’s mouth had just touched the fish a little, and in the next second, it was almost knocked down. Before falling, he managed to bite the dried fish off the hook without letting it go. After landing, it endured the pain, opened its mouth, and swallowed it.

Shen Fengyue, “…Tsk.”

Shen Fengyue saw such a scene when he came out to pick up the bird. He sighed, this bird was really a stubborn little guy, always causing trouble.

“Tie it up!” The system yelled as the last dried fish was eaten, “Give it some punishment!”

Shen Fengyue grabbed the seagull’s two feet side by side, hung it upside down, entered the house, and tied its foot with a thin rope. After that, he tied the other end neatly with a tight knot to the table leg. Then he let go of the seagull. As soon as the little seagull was released, he immediately stood up and wanted to fly out, but was pulled back by the stretched rope as it jumped up and down anxiously in the window’s direction.

Shen Fengyue, satisfied, clapped his hands and went out to the market to buy some new fishing nets. He walked to a professional store and asked the boss for the strongest net in town. Then he went to visit Smith Arbor, borrowed another small boat from him, and went fishing in the sea.

It was impossible for him to not go fishing. After all, he was now a hardworking and simple fisherman.

Before going to the sea, the system prompted him, “I was wondering whether the mermen use scents to distinguish each other.”

“Hm?” Shen Fengyue pulled his sleeves and sniffed hard, and what came out was the familiar smell of seawater mixed with the smell of salted fish. “Smell, there should be no smell, all standard fishermen should have this smell, right?”

The system was about to speak but was interrupted by Shen Fengyue, “But I think what you said makes sense.”

The system nodded, “Right.”

“Hmm.” So Shen Fengyue went to the market again. He bought a bottle of the cheapest perfume and sprayed it on his entire body.

“Ah-choo!” The perfume was probably of poor quality, the scent irritated him to sneeze again and again, as his head also became foggy, making him dizzy. Shen Fengyue took the net, got on the boat, and his whole body was immersed in the smothering fragrance.

Maybe the system’s guess was correct. Shen Fengyue, who used perfume as a cover, really didn’t meet the merman this time. He wisely changed places to fish, harvested a lot, and returned home happily carrying a heavy bucket.

The night arrived as expected, and the singing that followed arrived on time.

The little seagull that was tied to the leg of the table flopped all day long and was now dead asleep. Its head was tucked into its thick white feathers, and the fluff on his chest undulated slightly with its steady breathing.

Moonlight entered the cabin, tenderly kissing the face of the person sleeping on the bed. The corners of his lips were slightly hooked, making his face look peaceful and calm. In the moonlight, all the freckles on his face disappeared, leaving only a soft glow.

The singing voice also came in at this time. Curling like a thousand strands, the voice intricately twisted and tangled around Shen Fengyue’s ears.

The originally calm brows slowly scrunched up, then the person on the bed opened his eyes. His eyes seemed confused at first, but he quickly sobered up and was filled with a strong hostility.

Shen Fengyue had a very strict sleeping schedule. And if someone disturbs his sleep, it’s a big deal for him.

He first took a few deep breaths, trying to calm himself down, but he didn’t expect that the singing would still keep going. It became more and more arrogant. Shen Fengyue’s face turned black, and he suddenly shouted.

“Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!” Then he turned over and got out of bed, put on his clothes, and walked out the door angrily.

Little Seagull was frightened awake by his shout of anger, hitting his body here and there a few times, stumbling on the ground with his left and right foot, and eventually fell to the ground, watching Shen Fengyue go out.

Little Seagull, “…Hey, who is so courageous to provoke him?”

Shen Fengyue picked up the harpoon beside the door and strode towards the sea.

After arriving at the destination, he saw the merman. His posture wasn’t as deliberately pretentious as before. Tonight, he was sitting on the reef with his long tail stirring in the water. He seemed a little bored, but the voice in his mouth didn’t stop.

Shen Fengyue leaned his back on a boulder on the sand, placed the harpoon in the sand, and squinted to look with an unkind expression at the merman singing not far away.

Siren smelled a familiar scent. His spirits lifted, and he immediately turned his head to look. Mermen’s have excellent eyesight, even at night, so with no hindrance, he met Shen Fengyue’s unkind gaze.

The voice coming from his mouth paused, and the next second it turned into a long whistling sound directed toward Shen Fengyue. After whistling for an entire minute, it changed to a melodious and cheerful tone. He hummed and couldn’t help but flap his tail, making the water patter.

The sound of water splashing became a provocation in Shen Fengyue’s eyes, provoking him every time the water was splashed.

His chest undulated greatly, and after a long exhalation, he spoke, “Very well. He’s finished.”

The system still doesn’t understand the meaning of his statement, “Huh?”

The next moment, Shen Fengyue’s slightly hoarse voice came out, and because he was screaming at the top of his lungs, his voice was slightly rough and a little broken.

“Hey–, let me also sing a folk song–“

“Sing this way and that—”

“Folk song is like spring river~ oh~ oh~, not afraid that there will be more beaches and bays~”

The simple lyrics, a brainwashing melody, and Shen Fengyue’s almost roaring manner of singing, instantly took over the main singer. The merman was stunned. The originally cheerful and graceful voice weakened, turned into a fine sound, and finally ended in nothingness. He looked at Shen Fengyue in shock, and for a while, he even forgot to move, even his tail had stopped flapping, hanging weakly on the edge of the reef.

The system was also dumbfounded. It looked at Shen Fengyue’s neck covered with blue veins, and his eyes which were full of coldness, thinking that it was afraid that this person had already been driven to insanity.

Shen Fengyue saw the merman was subdued, so he threw the harpoon in his hand, clasped his hand on his chest, leaned against the huge boulder, chose a comfortable posture, sniffed his nose, smiled angrily, and then continued his singing, “The sun came out I climbed the hill, and when I reached the top, I wanted to sing—”2sorry I don’t know what song is he singing the lyrics might be a little wrong

Siren looked at him, his tail moved slightly.

The system said, “Shen Fengyue, come to your senses!”

But Shen Fengyue had obviously lost his mind. He held the thumb and index finger of his right hand to his mouth, took a deep breath through his nose, and blew the air out through his lips.

A sharp whistle came from his mouth, blowing three times in a row. The last one even had a frivolous arc at the end.

Shen Fengyue felt that he had provoked enough, so he put his hand down, raised his chin to the merman, and continued to roar, “I wanted to sing, sing it to my sister, hearing me singing she laughed—”

After singing this verse, he smiled at the merman arrogantly and said, “I dare you, I dare you to sing again!”

Siren couldn’t understand human language, but he understood the three whistling sounds in front of him. The whistle sounds were a signal of interaction in the merman tribe. After both sides whistle, they will enter a fight session. Seeing that Shen Fengyue even sang two songs in a row and smiled at him, he must be waiting for him!

He flicked his tail excitedly, stretched his arms to face the moon and screamed, and then made another tune. This tune was extremely high, and it was already beyond what a human can produce.

Melodious and gentle, although it was high, it wasn’t sharp. It was like a breeze that gently blew into your ears and then floated directly to your heart.

Very comfortable, this was the innate talent of the mermen tribe

 ——The sound of being kissed by an angel.

Although the system was on the same team as Shen Fengyue, at this moment, it was also bewildered by this beautiful singing, and it couldn’t help but admire it.

Although the singing voice was good, it was not enough to compensate Shen Fengyue for the wake-up call. He curled his mouth in disdain and let out a cold snort from his nose as a stronger melody flashed in his mind. He opened his mouth, “You take the boat ahead, I will walk on the shore, love, and affection, the slender rope swinging leisurely~”

The song “Tracker’s Love” severely impacted Siren’s singing, but he also insisted on singing, greeting Shen Fengyue with a smile in the moonlight.

The sharp teeth in his mouth were faintly visible in the bright white moonlight.

Shen Fengyue, “…” Tsk, trying to scare me?

As a result, the intimidated Shen Fengyue sang even harder, and Siren followed the principle of ‘He won’t move, I won’t move. If he wants to move me he has to try harder, whoever persists till the end is more powerful,’ so he also sang with more vigor.

The two of them did ‘you hum and I roar’ back and forth all night and only stopped until it was dawn. Shen Fengyue squinted to see the sunrise, with thick dark circles under his eyes, and a hoarse and painful throat. When he talked again, he could only make inaudible breath sounds.

Shen Fengyue, “…” his heart suddenly became murderous.

Siren sang all night. But for him, it was easy because of his talent, and he was still very carefree. After smiling at Shen Fengyue, he jumped into the sea.

Shen Fengyue, “…”

Watching all this silently, after a long while, he hissed, “Damn, don’t stop me, I’m going to kill that mentally retarded fish! He must be a bug!”

The system listened carefully to hear the complete sentence from those babbles. It was shocked when it heard Shen Fengyue, and persuaded, “Calm down, calm down, old Shen! You first become a little sober!”

Shen Fengyue suddenly thought of a plan, “Hey, if I poisoned the sea, would I kill that bug?”

The system said, “Don’t! Don’t! Don’t! You’ll be destroying the world’s ecological system, and your wages will be deducted if you violate the company’s regulations. Also, the sea is so big, your small amount of poison will be nullified, okay?

When Shen Fengyue heard that his wages would get deducted, he suddenly froze. His eyebrows drooped, he looked so aggravated and haggard.

The system felt that if he let him go on like this, he might really do something that’ll end up in the newspaper’s headlines, so he took him back to sleep.

“Ok. Got it.” Shen Fengyue rubbed his eyes, picked up the harpoon on the ground, went back to the small house, flopped on the bed, and slept until the next night.

  • 1
    not knowing the limits
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    sorry I don’t know what song is he singing the lyrics might be a little wrong


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