Chapter 29


Time passed quickly, as many days flew by in the blink of an eye. On the day when the original body was expected to die, Shen Fengyue did not go out fishing, deliberately avoiding the time of death. He didn’t know even if he tries to hide from it, fate will still come back to find him.

He had a meal that day with wine while thinking about his livelihood, so he planned to pick up some shells and conchs to bind them with threads and sell them as foreign travelers like these types of little trinkets.

Shen Fengyue was carrying a linen bag, and when he came across beautiful shells or conch, he bent over to pick them up. He also chatted with the system as he did so, “What do you think of this shell? Hey, by the way, what do we have for lunch tomorrow.”

“Good-looking, pick it up.” The system replied. When Shen Fengyue was just about to ask what to eat at dinner, he was interrupted by system’s sudden continuous voice, “Hey, Shen Fengyue, bird! Bird! Bird!”

Shen Fengyue was bending over to pick something, and was dissatisfied with the fuss of the system, “Bird? What bird? You have grown up so much, Haven’t you seen a bird?”

The system quibbled, “No, it’s the seagull, the seagull from that day, the one who stole our fish! Last time it slipped from our hands!”

After being reminded by the system, Shen Fengyue recalled the unbearable memory of being played by the bird instead of him playing the bird, and looked up straight ahead. There stood a seagull, with its wings spread open, stretching its feet, one deep and the other shallow as it played with the water.

It’s hard to explain. Obviously, all seagulls look the same, but Shen Fengyue felt certain in his heart that it was the same seagull from that day. And seeing that it was that old bird he felt so excited and the fire in his heart grew more and more.

The system was also very angry, “Damn, fuck it!”

Shen Fengyue carried the linen bag angrily towards the seagull.

Their eyes were full of hatred and their gazes full of anger burned into the seagull’s back. It turned its head and was stunned. The body stiffened for a moment and then reacted quickly. It stared at its feet, giving itself a boost, and was about to take off.

How could Shen Fengyue give it another chance to escape so easily? Seeing that it was about to fly, he immediately grabbed the shells and conch in the linen bag and then threw them towards his target, the seagull accurately.

The seagull’s takeoff plan was interrupted as it tried to flee in embarrassment. Sometimes the seagull was accidentally hit by a conch coming from behind, causing it to open its mouth and squeak in pain.

Shen Fengyue saw the movements, and tried harder and harder, vowing to knock the bird to the ground.

The system was also cheering for him from the sidelines, jokes apart, usually he and Shen Fengyue fight each other, but outsiders or foreign objects are not allowed to bully Shen Fengyue.

The data lord is domineering!

So one person, one bird, and one system played a chasing game, almost covering a distance of several hundred meters.

In the end, Shen Fengyue’s power-charged shell hit the little seagull. It fell to the ground with a squeak, rolled several times on the ground, reaching in front of something, and stopped.

“Humph, it’s like a cloud-piercing arrow, even thousands of troops and horses would come to join!”1cloud piercing arrow indicates an arrow that could pierce a cloud usually it’s used as/instead of a flare gun to signal the fellow soldiers to gather or to ask for help. Shen Fengyue finally knocked down the seagull, with a hint of joy on his face, he retracted his bag from his hands to go find that stupid bird to settle the account.

Shen Fengyue walked past briskly, and as soon as he was about to carry the stupid bird back to be tortured, he was attracted by the creature in front of it. The seagull’s body was blocked between the creature and Shen Fengyue, so Shen Fengyue leaped over the fallen body of the seagull and walked in front of the creature.

The creature was lying face down on the beach. It was over two meters long, with an upper human body and a fishtail. The tail was black, immersed in sea water, as the sea was washing its thick and strong tail, making its scales glow like obsidian in the sun, also giving it a moist feeling of water. Even if it was motionless now, its combat effectiveness was beyond doubt.

The creature had long black hair, its strands of hair tangled was together like seaweed after being wet by the sea, and the part that fell on the beach was even stained with gravel. Its dark hair faintly revealed the fins at his ears, which were pointed with a smooth curve, like that of a fan, with fine scales covering them.

This creature was muscular and has smooth lines. Looking down at the arm, it had sharp claws. The fingers were long, with thin membranes attached to the middle, similar to spider webs. The nails were hard and long, emitting a cold, harsh light.

Shen Fengyue’s pupils widened, and his breathing was rapid. These characteristics…

——It can only be the mysterious merman from the legend!

And this guy looks like it’s stranded.

In high spirits and excitement, he stretched out his hand and carefully touched the big tail, following the entire tail, skimming over the large scales, then sliding over the small scales, and finally touching the end of the tail. The touch was slightly cool, like jade, smooth and delicate, with some moisture.

The tail moved almost imperceptibly, and neither Shen Fengyue nor the system noticed.

“Oh, it feels good to the touch.”

The system’s eagerly urged, “Turn it over, turn it over! Let’s see what it looks like!”

So Shen Fengyue moved his hands again towards the shoulders of the merman, pinching his cool and flexible flesh with both hands, and turned over the uppers body of the merman with force, presenting a twisted posture.

At the moment when he saw the appearance of the merman, a string in Shen Fengyue’s mind suddenly broke, he swiftly immediately covered the merman’s head with the linen bag containing shells and conch, then he let out a sigh of relief and muttered, “I’ll never let him see my face!”

It should be said that the Creator was really biased and bestowing the merpeople with an extremely beautiful appearance. The merman who was turned over had his eyes tightly closed, his face was still covered with a lot of grit, and his hair was unkempt and tangled, but these still couldn’t hide the face underneath.

The eyebrows flew obliquely into the temples, a shadow of the eyelashes was projected under his eyes, and the lips were pursed to form a cold arc, but they were as read as a ripped cherry. The bridge of the nose was erect and exquisite.

The facial features; eyebrows, eyes, nose, and mouth were all exquisite, but the combination revealed an evil beauty. If one insists on describing it, it was like an unknown danger.

A mysterious danger from the unknown depths of the sea.

Shen Fengyue was not fooled by the beauty of the merman, but instead remembered the reason for the tragic death of the original body, as he lost his life after being greedy for a single glance in between the crowd! So he decisively covered the merman’s head with a linen bag, as it was much safer for him to hide his own face from the merman.

“What should I do with him?” Shen Fengyue circled around the merman twice and thought of a brilliant idea. He rolled up his sleeves on both sides, held the big tail with both hands, and began to pull hard, trying to drag him.

“I didn’t expect it to be this heavy.” Shen Fengyue murmured, to tug the tail back with all his strength. The effort paid off, and he became able to drag him, so he dragged his tail all the way back into the sea.

Going backward bit by bit, as the sea water flooded his ankles, his calves, and finally reached his waist. Shen Fengyue let go of merman’s tail when he saw the task was almost done, after that he stepped on the water and went back to the beach.

He left behind a long drag mark on the beach when he dragged the merman. When Shen Fengyue followed the drag mark back, he found that the seagull had fled again. He was so angry that he kicked the sand a few times as the sand flew in the air and scattered.

Shen Fengyue lifted his hem and used his clothes to pick up the shells and conch that had just been thrown on the seagull.

The system finally couldn’t help it at this moment, and mumbled, “What were you… doing?” System’s mood was a bit complicated because he wasn’t able to understand what was Shen Fengyue doing just now.

Shen Fengyue still picked up the shells while explaining confidently, “What? Didn’t I just threw him back?”

System, “Right.”

As if realizing something, Shen Fengyue had a late reaction, he slapped his head, and said, “Fuck, what did I just do?! Why did I throw him back? Shouldn’t I take advantage of his illness to kill him? Or take him back to captivity and torture him?

System, “…”

Shen Fengyue, “Oh, so angry, How did I get so stupid?”

System, “…” Forget it, there’s no need to care about fools.

Siren was the newly appointed patriarch of the mer tribe in this sea area. The black-tailed merman belongs to noble blood. They have a strong body and are powerful in combat. It is no problem for them to single out ten sharks.

Today, he swam into the shallow sea to enjoy the beautiful land scenery with the sea breeze. Unfortunately, the weather was unpredictable; he was faced with a disaster, as the weather on the sea was even more changeable. An overbearing storm brought him to the beach, causing him to run aground. The sun scorched his body relentlessly, and he passed out.

As his consciousness muddled, he felt someone approaching, and then a human started touching his tail brazenly, from top to bottom, not even letting go of a single area!

In the mer tribe, touching the tail of a stranger without permission can be regarded as sexual harassment.

He moved his tail with anger, but he was not yet fully awake.

Then the man moved roughly and even turned his upper body over! Had it not been for his excellent flexibility… such a twisted posture like that, he would have twisted his waist long ago!

Siren just squinted his eyes a little, and suddenly a bag fell from the sky to cover his head tightly. The bag was full of a pungent fishy smell. The shells and conch in the bag all smashed into his face, which woke him up. But when he opened his eyes completely, his vision was completely dark.

Then he heard the man say, “I would never let him see my face!”

Siren, “…”

Then the man started dragging his tail back again. Siren wanted to see what other tricks this man could play, so he didn’t struggle and just let it happen. Then he was dragged all the way and thrown back into the sea.

Siren, “…”

What the hell is wrong with this man? ! A devil? ! Siren couldn’t understand the man’s action.

After letting go, the man swam back leisurely, lifted the hem of his clothes, after that he arched his buttocks to bend over as he picked up shells and conch.

The feeling of the seawater soaking the entire body was too comfortable, Siren wagged his tail and quietly floated on the surface of the sea, revealing half of his head, observing in secret.

He formed a few bubbles, and the bubbles popped up and burst on the surface of the water.

Siren stared very seriously as if to engrave this person deeply in his mind. The man was pouting, showing his buttocks, but he never turned around to show his face. Siren had been observing for a long time but still couldn’t see the man’s face. His heart felt regrettable as he sank in disappointment.

But fortunately, although he didn’t see the face, he remembered the person’s scent.

While remembering the scent of the person, he inhaled excessively as if trying to feel it again…

Pululu, with the sound, the merman sank into the water and swam away. 

The author has something to say:

[small theatre]

Siren: You brute! You molested me!

Shen Feng Yue: I didn’t, I didn’t, you can’t spout nonsense ah, I didn’t do anything!

Siren: …… you touched my tail. (blushing.jpg)

Shen Fengyue: !!!!

System: Apologize quickly!

Shen Fengyue: I’m sorry, I was wrong!

Siren: Just promise me with your body.


Siren: Very good, you are the first person who dared to throw me back into the sea, I’ll remember you, mister.


  • 1
    cloud piercing arrow indicates an arrow that could pierce a cloud usually it’s used as/instead of a flare gun to signal the fellow soldiers to gather or to ask for help.


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