Chapter 28


Because the things at the back of this book were highly consistent with what Smith said and what Shen Fengyue knew, so Shen Fengyue put it aside after turning it over and no longer cared.

He cleaned the house, washed up, and went to bed early.

The next day, the first ray of sunlight shining through the window pane happened to hit the closed eyelids of the person on the bed.

Shen Fengyue felt the temperature of the sunlight and reluctantly opened his eyes a little. The golden light suddenly entered, and in a trance, he saw a white shadow passing by the window.

What the hell? Shen Fengyue pulled the quilt over his head and turned over again to fall asleep.

The system suddenly yelled, “Shen Fengyue! A bird dared to steal our fish!”

Shen Fengyue jumped up from the bed with a jerk, bent down to pick up the slippers under his feet, and threw them towards the white figure. The bird had just caught a small tail of the dried fish, and before he could hold it firmly, he saw an unidentified object flying towards him.

With a flexible turn, the object grazed the feathers, knocking out a single feather. Seeing that Shen Fengyue was coming, the little bird turned over and fell straight on the windowsill, strategically playing dead.

The knocked-off feather fell lightly on its upturned belly, and the bird’s belly moved slightly.

This slight change was seen by Shen Fengyue, and he lowered his head to observe this smart bird.

The bird had yellow beak and claws; the body was largely covered by white, and the tip of the wings was black.

This appearance, and a bird appearing beside a river, it’s undoubtedly a seagull.

“It’s a little seagull.” Shen Fengyue couldn’t help but poke the belly of the seagull that was pretending to be dead. When he poked it felt warm, soft, and quite elastic, “Yo, pretending to be dead?”

Little Seagull, “…”

Even if the belly is poked many times, absolutely must not make any movement at this time!

“Hey, don’t pretend, get up.” Shen Fengyue didn’t expect this stupid bird to be so capable, and couldn’t help asking, “Are you a habitual offender?”

The little seagull was still lying there, motionless and silent.

Shen Fengyue grabbed it by both feet, hung it, and shook it upside down. The little seagull’s wings fell feebly, because of the up and down motion, which made its wings flap from time to time. Unable to get any response, Shen Fengyue could only put it down again.

He stared while thinking for a while. After that, he took a small dried fish and dangled it around the seagull’s mouth.


The delicacy was right in front, whoever doesn’t open the mouth would be a fool! So the little seagull quietly opened its mouth, ready to go. When Shen Fengyue’s dried fish swayed again, it was suddenly grabbed, as the creature fluttered up from the ground, and with a single swish of its wings, it started flying. The seagull who fled into the distance incidentally slapped Shen Fengyue with the wings before leaving.

Holding the trophy of the war, it flew farther and farther in a majestic manner. The two stretched wings made W and M as it flew in the sky.

Shen Fengyue, “…”

The system was dumbfounded, and even stuttered, “Small Dried fish, dried fish, dried small fish… was stolen.”

Shen Fengyue angrily turned back and went back to pack up his things, as he didn’t expect that he would be accidentally played by the bird instead of him being playing the bird.

After getting dressed, he went to the bathroom to wash, and for the first time, he had the time to look at his appearance in this world.

 He had short blond, but slightly curly hair, which looked a little messy because he hasn’t taken care of it since he woke up early in the morning. Shen Fengyue raised his hand and ruffled his hair, then combed them neatly with a comb.

Shen Fengyue twisted a wet handkerchief, making it a little dry, and wiped it on his face. After washing, he felt something in his left eye. He leaned in front of the mirror and opened his eyelid to look. The azure eyes turned a few times, and he found that an eyelash had entered the eye, making him feel a stinging sensation.

Shen Fengyue rubbed his eyes with the handkerchief to get the eyelashes out before looking in the mirror again. He has to say that Anton’s eyelashes were really long… long and curly, with distinct roots, and were gently squeezed like crow feathers. When he opened his eyes, the azure-blue eyes were glowing in the eye sockets, his eyes were clear, as the sea near the coast, shallow, and with a clean blue.

The double eyelid folds were obvious, and the eye sockets were a bit deep like other Europeans. So when he stared at others, his eyes looked extremely deep, making others feel some deep affection when observing carefully.

The long years of wind and rain in fishing have turned his original white milk color into a healthy wheat color, with some small freckles scattered on his cheekbones. Shen Fengyue made a face at the mirror, and those small freckles followed flexibly.


After finishing packing, Shen Fengyue took the chocolate he bought yesterday and found Smith Arbor’s house. After that he politely knocked on the door, Smith Arbor opened the door, took the chocolate in his hand, and said with gratitude, “Thank you, Anton, would you like to come in for a cup of hot coffee?”

Shen Fengyue smiled and shook his head and refused, saying that he still had things to do.

Hearing that Smith stopped retaining him, he waved his hand and said, “See you tomorrow!”

Shen Fengyue also waved. After bidding farewell to Smith, he returned to his small house, looked at the boundless ocean and the small boat tied up under his feet, and sighed quietly.

System, “Let’s do it.”

“Uh.” Shen Fengyue sighed again, putting the wooden barrel and fishing net into the boat, he untied the rope as he pulled the boat closer along the rope. He stepped into the boat with one foot while trying to pull the other, but as he tried, the boat swayed every time.

As long as he moves, the boat will begin to behave like a real demon. Shen Fengyue confronted it for a few minutes before jumping in with a leap.

The boat immediately began to sway like a mad horse, trying to throw off the daring human being on it. The final result of the struggle between the two was that Shen Fengyue won. He tamed the boat, sitting firmly in it.

He picked up the oar and paddled into the sea. When he reached the place, he stopped. Shen Fengyue threw the net in and then sat on the boat, letting the system play a movie in his mind. The afternoon passed quickly. When it was time to pull back the net, many fish were caught in it. A sense of joy from the fishermen’s big harvest came from within, and Shen Fengyue rowed back home happily.

After a few days of this kind of life, when the sun rises from the coastline, Shen Fengyue went out to sea to fish. When dusk came, he returned with a full load of fish, read books, strolled around the market, chatted with the system, and enjoyed the delicious success of their own labor.

On the swaying boat, Shen Fengyue spent peaceful and beautiful days.

The days were really quiet, and the world was stable. But such a life will always be broken.

On the 28th of the October of the lunar calendar, every year at this time, the town will hold an event to worship the sea god and pray for its blessing.

The altar was located on the west coast and was built in the shallows closest to the sea. When the tide would be high, the sea will overflow the bottom of the altar, encircling the entire altar into the embrace of the sea.

The altar was made of stones and had a circular shape. There was a stone pillar in the center, and a stone statue of a sea creature was placed on each side. The edge of the base of the altar was also engraved with some intricate patterns.

People from the small town came in twos and threes to gather in front of the altar. An old man with white hair and a beard walked up to the altar. He was wearing a black robe with a golden moon painted on it his face was painted blue, outlining a mysterious pattern. He was holding a wooden scepter in his hand, with a blue crystal embedded in the center.

This was the priest.

The blue crystal gleamed under the refraction of sunlight, and Shen Fengyue couldn’t help but estimate the value of such a large gem.

Here, the priest raised his hands up to his head, facing the people below, “Dear people, let us offer the most solemn gift to the great sea god!”

The person below put their hands on their chest, bowed their head, and closed the eyes tightly, not even daring to look directly. Shen Fengyue followed the same action while peeping at the priest’s next behavior.

The priest asked a giant fish to be placed in front of the pillar in the middle of the altar. The fish was so big that it needed two young men to carry it. After the fish was put down, the priest took a long knife, raised the knife over his head, and then chopped off the fish’s head with a single slash while chanting, “Oh my great sea god! This is the most sincere gratitude from your devout believer!”


The next slash was across the body of the big fish. It may be that the bones of the fish were too hard. He wasn’t able to cut it for a while, and the knife was stuck there. The words in the priest’s mouth paused as he tried to pull the knife, but was unable to pull it out.

The people below who had closed their eyes and prayed to the Sea god raised their heads because of the priest’s sudden pause.

The priests can only continue to say, “Ah! Oh our great sea god! This vast sea is your body, and your heart is very broad. We thank you and praise you, because of your power and love. Because of your benevolence, we have passed another year in this world! This year… ah-”  halfway between his speech, the knife was suddenly pulled off, and the priest staggered back a few steps by inertia and then shook his body. After that, he continued to swing the knife at the big fish like nothing just happened.

The people below bowed their heads again, when the ritual continued. Shen Fengyue saw all this and the corner of his lips slightly curled upward.

“We’ve had a rich harvest this year. Thanks for your mercy and kindness! Grant us endless treasures!” The priest chopped the fish vigorously and divided the fish into two parts, as he continued emotionally, “We present the fattest Fish, to thank our great and benevolent sea god.”

Chopping a big fish was really a difficult job and the priest was old but was still performing this difficult work by himself. He was sweating profusely, holding the knife handle with one hand and supporting the old waist with the other while chanting a long list of prayers, delaying the time to get more rest time for himself.

“Pfft.” Shen Fengyue couldn’t help laughing out loud.

The priest squinted his eyes dangerously and turned to see which stinky kid dared to make fun of him, but underneath was the vast crowd of people bowing their head with a pious expression, so he was really unable to find the person.

The priest could only turn back bitterly while resting for a while to continue to chop the fish. It took about two hours to chop the big fish to pieces. The priest wiped his sweat and let the people wrap the meat and then let the strong youngsters throw it into the sea.

“Oh great sea god, please enjoy this feast!”

As the fish was thrown into the sea, women, girls, and children successively threw bread and fruits into the sea. People looked up and watched these things enter the sea, as the fishes came up to chase the food.

The priest did two hours of physical work, his waist was aching, and when he saw that the sacrificial ceremony was over, he heard a child exclaimed, “Look, there is something in the sea!”

When the priest looked towards the sea, there was a sudden change. At the junction of the sky and the sea, a fuzzy figure jumped out of the sea and then into the sea.

A human body with a fishtail. The creature stretched his arms and jumped in and out arbitrarily on the sea, like a leaping note.

The people sucked in a cold breath, causing an uproar and panic for a while.

“Oh my god, what is this weird thing?”

“He has a big tail!”

“But the upper body looks like a human!”

“A human with a fishtail, this a merman, a merman! Bad luck, ah! It’s an ominous sign!”

“I heard someone talk recently about the presence of mermen in the sea…”

The people underneath began to whisper, and the priest immediately stopped them and said, “Stop talking! Go back!” After saying that, people were asked to evacuate the place and leave.

The crowd left, leaving only Shen Fengyue looking lonely.

“Anton, let’s go!” Smith took Shen Fengyue and was about to leave, “Don’t look.”

“Yeah.” Shen Fengyue looked back three times, but at this time there was nothing on the surface of the sea. Everything that happened just now looked like a phantom, disappearing without any trace.

This is the first time Shen Fengyue has seen a merman in a real sense. Although it was only a vague figure, he finally saw it.

The vague figure led him to think endlessly.

It was written in “Stories of Immortals”: “Outside the South China Sea, there are merpeople, living in the water like fish, and they never stop weaving and their weaving achievements are not wasted, as when their eyes weep, they can produce beads.”

So, what exactly does a merperson look like?

The author has something to say:

[Small Theater]

System: This bird steals fish! Shameless!

Shen Fengyue (raising his eyebrows with a smile): Baby, stealing fish, you have a lot of courage. Do you know whose fish you stole? Did you dare to steal Shen Ge’s fish?

Little Seagull: I didn’t, I didn’t. Who’s spreading this nonsense…

System: He is lying! Bah!

Shen Fengyue: Oh… Hmm?

Little Seagull: Ying Ying QAQ




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