Chapter 27


Shen Fengyue had a dream, in which he felt that his consciousness was attached to a leaf floating on the sea. The sea was undulating, as his consciousness was also sinking and floating with the leaf. The tip of his nose was filled with the salty smell of sea water, as the wave hit, the leaf was turned over, and Shen Fengyue was struck awake.

He struggled to sit up, as another wave pushed in, and the boat swayed. Shen Fengyue hurriedly used his hands to hold the sides of the boat, waiting for the aftermath of the last wave to end before he had time to see his current situation.

The dream came true, he really was floating on a wooden boat.

The boat was small and broken, and there were even cracks where it was held by the hand. As far as the eyes can see was vast and the boundless blue sea. The sun was rising directly above, and the light was shining on the sea, sparkling as if the milky way in the sky has fallen into the sea.

The warm wind blew, the sea set off a gentle arc, pushing the boat in the sea, making it sway a few times.

When a wave hit the little broken boat, it would sway a few times. Shen Fengyue was a little dizzy and even felt like vomiting.

“Fuck, I shouldn’t be seasick!” He took a deep breath, filling back the air in his chest. Shen Fengyue was used to living in the inland areas, and it was difficult to see the sea, let alone take a boat. After finally getting on the boat this time, he was sad to find himself seasick, as his heart was feeling complicated.

“System, what is this place?” He looked around and found that only the sea surrounded him. After losing his way for a while, he asked the system, “Can you show me the way.”

The system replied, “It’s heading west, go ahead, brother.”

Shen Fengyue picked up the paddle placed in the boat and paddled in the direction pointed by the system. He paddled while listening to the system, reporting information about the world in his ear.

[World plotline: Anton was a young fisherman whose parents were dead. He lived in the beautiful village A. He accidentally caught a merfolk on a fishing trip, and because of the curiosity to take a look, he died.]

Short and concise, the information was explained clearly in one or two sentences. He has to say that the generalization ability of the system has improved.

After Shen Fengyue listened to the report of the system, he couldn’t help but spit out, “This death was too sloppy!”

“It’s just because I looked at you more in the crowd.”1It’s a lyric of a song named’传奇'[legend] The system faintly said and actually started singing it out.

Shen Fengyue continued the movement of his hand, and retorted, “No singing!”

System, “Oh.”

After a while, Shen Fengyue finally landed, and there was a house in front of him, which should be Anton’s home.

He took a rope to tie the small broken boat to a wooden stake to prevent the boat from being pushed away by the waves, then lifted the small wooden barrel in the boat, opened the door, and entered the house.

“This house…” Shen Fengyue exclaimed after strolling around, “It’s a bit poor.”

The system sighed, “You think it’s your own property? It’s not bad, at least you have a place to live, okay?”

Anton’s house was very small and should have been built by himself. Probably while thinking of living alone, he might have finished the work hastily. The bed was placed in the living room, and not far away was a simple round dining table with a wooden chair next to it. The kitchen and bathroom were very small and narrow, making the people unable to move much inside.

The windows were facing the sun; the sea was also visible, and there were several dried fish hanging on it.

Shen Fengyue put the bucket on the ground and sat on the wooden chair to think about a plan. Suddenly, the wooden chair let out an overwhelmed creak and then disintegrated with the speed the naked eye could see, returning to the ground along with Shen Fengyue’s butt.

“…” The change came so fast that Shen Fengyue didn’t even have the time to react.

After a few seconds, the system reacted first, sneered as if to mock, and then retracted suddenly, pretending that nothing had happened.

Shen Fengyue faintly said, “Don’t pretend, I have heard it all.”

The system said nothing and pretended to be silly.

The system was silent, and Shen Fengyue couldn’t do anything with it. He couldn’t pull it out to beat him up, so he temporarily ignored the system and planned to solve his personal problems.

Shen Fengyue silently picked up the stump of the wooden chair on the ground and put it in the corner, carrying the wooden barrel into the kitchen.

After that, he cleaned the fish, boiled the water, and made preparations for cooking.

The silent system finally spoke up, betraying itself for food, “I don’t eat spicy food.”

“Huh?” Shen Fengyue didn’t understand the meaning of the system and was slicing the fish in his hand.

His reaction clearly angered the system, as the system jumped up and yelled, “You didn’t even think about my share when you were cooking? Shen Fengyue, I’m so disappointed in you, you actually want to eat alone!” His tone revealed to Shen Fengyue that it was deeply disappointed.

Shen Fengyue was suddenly accused and condemned like that, feeling inexplicable, “Can you eat? You a data, what kind of food do you eat?”

The system snorted coldly, “I don’t care, even if can’t eat, can’t I just smell or watch it?”

“You can’t even eat spicy food, isn’t that boring?” Shen Fengyue mocked, but his actions differed from his words, as he honestly dealt with another fish for the system, but in the end he couldn’t help but say something like, “Tsk, There are still people in this world who don’t eat spicy food. What a pity.”

The system watched Shen Fengyue’s movements with satisfaction, snorted awkwardly, and stopped screwing with him.

After a series of actions, the dishes were served. Shen Fengyue took a bowl of fish soup for the system and put it aside to let it smell or watch it to its heart’s content. After finishing the system’s business, he turned to work on himself, holding a bowl of rice and eating simple dishes.

The chair was gone. He can only eat while standing, and because he made fish soup for the system, the system didn’t make a fuss about him, so the meal was finished peacefully.

Just as Shen Fengyue was about to pack up after eating, someone came to the door.

Knock, knock, knock

Someone knocked on the door outside.

“Wait, coming right away!” Shen Fengyue put his bowls and chopsticks in the kitchen nimbly, and after washing his hands, he went to open the door, “What’s the hurry?”

Standing outside the door was an elder who was much older than him, carrying a small wooden basket in his hand and three long loaves in it. He had short but slightly curly platinum blonde hair and emerald green eyes. He was wearing a brown cloth, with leather boots, and Shen Fengyue could even smell a faint smell of the ocean coming from him.

The person was a fisherman, Shen Fengyue made a judgment.

After seeing Shen Fengyue, with a kind smile on his face, he walked sideways into the room like it was his own. Shen Fengyue knew that this uncle was acquainted with the original owner.

The system prompted him that this was Smith Abel.

“Anton, it hasn’t been long, but I came over to disturb you. I hope you forgive me. I brought you three loaves of bread. You don’t need to return the basket to me for the time being. It’s not too late to send the basket after you finish.” Abel placed the small wooden basket on the table, looking for a place to sit, but when he found that there was no chair, he was a little surprised, “This is…”

As soon as Shen Fengyue closed the door, knowing what the old man meant, he smiled awkwardly, “Well, the chair broke not long ago, and I didn’t have the time to repair it for a while.”

He looked around, stared at the empty wooden barrel, turned it upside down, and said politely, “You can sit here. How can you be so kind to bring something with you?”

Abel sat down, shook his head, and said, “There is nothing to be embarrassed about. Your father was a good brother to me when he was young. He is gone now, leaving you, a child, alone. How can I not take care of you?”

Oh, Shen Fengyue understood the relationship between the two, the relationship must be very close, it seems that he would be meeting him frequently.

During the conversation, Abel saw the fish soup on the table that was still not consumed, and asked, “Anton, you made this fish soup? Can I taste your cooking?”

“Okay, I just ask you to not mind my poor cooking skills.” The people have already asked, so he can’t refuse. Shen Fengyue smiled and nodded.

When the system heard this, his eyes were red, “He wants to drink my stuff!”

Shen Fengyue held down the aggrieved system and soothed its hair, “Good boy, you have finished smelling it, let the uncle have a taste of it. He’s just going to take a sip and taste it.”

System, “Ying.”

After getting Shen Fengyue’s permission, Abel picked up the bowl and drank it all in one gulp. After finishing the soup, he didn’t forget to burp and said, “The cooking is good, but it’s a bit cold.”

The system cried out with a woo, the voice was trembling, as it even said, “He lied!!! He finished it all!!!”

The sound of the system’s crying and chirping in his mind was like a three-dimensional echo, which made him dizzy, but he continued to talk to Abel, “Thank you for the compliment.”

“Oh, you child.” Abel touched Shen Fengyue’s head affectionately, and suddenly remembered something, so he turned to say, “Are you going to the market to buy things today? If so, can you bring me some chocolate? Diane was crying at home clamoring for chocolate.”

Of course, Shen Fengyue nodded and said okay. After that, he asked, “Do you have any other things?” Although he still wanted to chat with Abel to get some information, but the system in his mind was also crying and being noisy, so in order to take care of the system’s feelings, Shen Fengyue can only politely chase away the guest.

“Nothing else. It’s just…” Abel had a good chat with Shen Fengyue. He wanted to stay longer, so he tried to find a topic, and he really found it, “Oh, yes, look at my memory. I almost forgot. Someone in the town recently said that they saw the figure of a merfolk.”

“Merfolk?” Shen Fengyue quickly asked after receiving keywords related to the world plotline, “What happened, Uncle Smith.”

The system also knew that it was a critical moment, so it stopped babbling and listened to what Abel said with tears.

“Silly boy, have you forgotten?” As soon as the conversation topic opened, Abel began to talk non-stop.

After he finished speaking, Shen Fengyue summarized the following points:

  1. Merfolk are the fierce beasts who live in the water. They are extremely powerful. They can even single out ten sharks in the water and make them retreat. The villagers regard the merfolks as monsters, evil spirits, and ominous things. Once caught, they will be executed immediately.                                                                          
  2. The merfolk has a cruel and bloody temperament like a shark, and they are very moody.                                     
  3. According to the legend of the town, by killing the merfolks on the altar by the sea, they can obtain the blessing of the sea god.                                                                                                                                                           
  4. Merfolks are afraid of fire.

“If you understand, then little guy, you have to pay more attention to safety these days.” Abel got up after speaking, “It’s too late, I’ll go home first. Come to my house for dinner when you have time, your Aunt Mary’s toast with blueberry sauce is one of the best delicacies in the world!”

Shen Fengyue got up to respectfully sent away the enthusiastic NPC Abel. After that, he looked at the sky and decided to go to the market to help Abel buy chocolates and ask for more information by the way.

It was in the afternoon, and people were sparse in the market. Shen Fengyue went to the store and bought a box of dark chocolate for Smith Abel. When he came out, he passed a bookstore and stopped at the door hesitantly.

The system said, “Aren’t you going in to take a look? You might gain something”

Shen Fengyue felt that what the system said was quite true, so he put the chocolate in the basket and walked into the bookstore.

Sitting at the counter was a middle-aged man wearing gold-rimmed glasses with a cup of coffee next to him. There was a newspaper spread out on the table. He was reading it carefully, taking a sip or two of coffee from time to time.

Shen Fengyue walked in front of the man. The man seemed aware, so he raised his head and said impatiently, “This guest, is there anything I can do to help?”

Shen Fengyue asked, “Are there any books that specifically explain the merfolks?”

“The Sea Talk,” after saying that, the man lowered his head to read the newspaper again, and turned to the next page, his attitude was so bad that he said directly, “I want to read, so don’t disturb me.”

Shen Fengyue did not disturb the man wittily. After finding this book on the shelf, he went to the man again.

“Ten copper coins.” The man said without looking up.

Shen Fengyue put the money on the table and went home, and turned to the corresponding number of pages according to the catalog. The beginning of the article is:

[The merfolks are strong, physically tough, and their appearance is extremely beautiful. Among them, the male merfolks are extremely strong and have long endurance. A mating time often lasts for 1 to 2 hours. The semen is sufficient, like about one kilogram, which can fill the entire cavity of their partner.]

Shen Fengyue was amazed, “This writer has never experienced it. How can he write as if he really experienced it? It takes an hour or two at every turn, I’m afraid… won’t it kill someone.”

The system also repeatedly said yes, expressing agreement.



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    It’s a lyric of a song named’传奇'[legend]


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