Chapter 25


Shen Fengyue woke up dizzily after falling asleep for a while. He lifted his heavy eyelids and finally opened his eyes after a few attempts.

He didn’t know if it was because of resting for a while, Shen Fengyue felt that his physical strength had temporarily recovered a little. Although his body was full of soreness and pain, but fortunately he was still able to move.

He looked at the sky, with a foreboding that the night was approaching, and said, “I…ha, cough cough cough” As soon as he opened his mouth, the air which entered his lungs, made him cough violently. He was like a broken trumpet, making low, hoarse, and feeble sounds.

Lin Bai gently patted Shen Fengyue’s chest to smoothen his breath, but unexpectedly touched Shen Fengyue’s wound.

“Hiss.” Shen Fengyue took another breath and coughed for a long time before stopping. He swallowed the fishy taste in his mouth and his voice became rasped, “No need, I’m fine.”

With his thumb and index finger, he touched the skin on the throat, carefully rubbing it, and said, “It’s almost night, you stay here and don’t move, I’ll go back and see.”

Lin Bai’s eyes were dark. He looked at Shen Fengyue nervously, clenched his teeth, and shook his head.

“Shen Fengyue, don’t try to be strong, okay? Can’t you see what you look like now, don’t you have any fears or concerns in your heart?” Even the system was persuading him.

Shen Fengyue pondered for a moment, and Lin Bai pulled his sleeves as he was about to speak, so he moved his eyes to look at him.

Lin Bai pointed at himself, then at the door, while making a walking posture.

“Who are you?” A question suddenly poured out of his lips, and after that, a series of questions came out like a machine gun, “Where are you from? Are you pretending to be dumb?”

The series of questions stunned Lin Bai. The movement of his hand became stagnant, and then he continued the previous movement as if he was deaf.

Shen Fengyue knew that he was pretending to be silly and confused. His throat moved up and down, and his mouth slightly opened to say something, but finally turned into a sigh.

“Go ahead.”

Lin Bai nodded, moved him to the side, then opened the door, and made a few gestures when he left to beckon him he would return quickly, and then left after getting a nod from Shen Fengyue.

With a clatter, the door closed gently, as Lin Bai’s footsteps gradually drifted away and diminished.

The light in the room was very dim, making the room very dark, and a figure can be vaguely seen against the wall.

The system talked to Shen Fengyue, “Since you know that Lin Bai is very odd, why do you keep protecting him like this?”

Shen Fengyue’s throat was itchy. He coughed a few times, causing the wound to be pulled, so he squeezed his hand, his nails deeply embedded in the flesh, leaving behind a few small crescents before enduring the pain. He replied, “I know, but things have come to the present. To put it bluntly, I’m just looking for sustenance.” 

The system said, “Is it like the last straw?”

Shen Fengyue hmmed.

The system stopped talking and was silent for a while. Suddenly, Shen Fengyue whispered, “I am protecting both him and you.”


Just when Shen Fengyue thought the system ignored him, he suddenly heard the system duly say, ” Nasty” 

It’s awkward and oddly cute.

He smiled softly.

After a while, the door suddenly opened from the outside, as Lin Bai stepped into the house and gestured towards Shen Fengyue to point that the cabin was safe and they could go back.

Shen Fengyue curled his lips and said to him, “Thank you for your hard work.”

Lin Bai shook his head to show that he didn’t work hard, and then he went to help Shen Fengyue. Shen Fengyue slowly got up with Lin Bai’s support and walked out slowly, step by step.

They stopped at the eaves of the house, acid rain was still falling outside, Lin Bai ran to a short distance to get something to cover their heads, and then walked in the rain with Shen Fengyue.

They were both adult men, even if both of them were slim, the cover was barely enough to accommodate two people at once. Shen Fengyue still didn’t get rained on too much. In other words, Lin Bai got rained a lot on the behalf of him, but he didn’t say a word. If it weren’t for the heavy gasping sounds, it would be hard to notice.

In a hurry, they returned to the cabin, Shen Fengyue sat against the wall, with his eyes half-squinted, as he waited quietly for the fourth night.

Night came, it was the same as before; the monsters visited on time, and after violently opening the door, they stopped at a quarter of the cabin, and couldn’t move forward anymore.

—The system’s prediction was correct.

After seeing that there was no danger, Shen Fengyue closed his eyes and fell asleep.

His face was pale, his brows were frowning, and he looked in an awful shape. His lips moved as if he was talking in a dream. Lin Bai leaned close to listen, only to hear him murmur softly, “It’s the last day… the last day…”

Lin Bai reached out and smoothened his brows, then he replied in a low voice, “Yes. It’s the last day.” 

The last day of the sunlight.

Shen Fengyue’s eyelids moved, and then he slowly opened his eyes, motionlessly looking at the wide-open door.

The monsters have long since dispersed. There was no warm sunshine in the world, only hopeless gray skies and the cold silent blue sun.

“Today is Friday, System.” He smiled bitterly.

The system said, “Yes, it’s Friday. Shen Fengyue, won’t you go out and look for the clues anymore?”

“Look again?” 

The system comforted him, “Shen Fengyue, don’t be depressed, Friday is an opportunity, it represents hope and also destruction. Now the dream world and the dream world in the dream are infiltrating and merging with each other. There will definitely be loopholes. If a loophole is found, I will help you escape together.”

Shen Fengyue smiled, ” Well, we definitely will be able to get out.” Even so, he didn’t move. The system also knew that Shen Fengyue was in an awful state, and they were both just whitewashing the situation.

Time is like quicksand, flowing away from the fingers, fast and silent. Shen Fengyue counted the gaps between the wooden boards on the ground to pass the time, unconsciously discovering that night had come again.

Friday night, the deadline.

Shen Fengyue was waiting for this moment, and Lin Bai was also waiting for this moment.

Death was approaching, the alarm bell of the danger was ringing, and the wind seems to be mixed with deadly weapons. The patter of rain rang outside of the window, and the yellow rain, matched with the red hazy moonlight, intertwined into a weird color.

With a snap, a plump rhizome pierced in from the window and hit the ground. Then several other rhizomes squeezed in, blocking the window tightly. The monsters appeared at the door, shaking their heads, waving their bone spurs, and crawling towards the cabin.

Shen Fengyue’s heart sank to the ground like ashes. Suddenly, his body was as comfortable as being blown by the spring breeze, and the hideous wound on his right arm miraculously healed. He tried to move, and he was as flexible as before, without the slightest pain.

In this current situation, there was no one else but the system who was capable and willing to do something like this.

“System…” Shen Fengyue’s lips moved, and water seemed to flash in his eyes, thanking the system for his grace, “Thank you.” 

The system urged, “Don’t just patronize and say thank you, stand up quickly. I used almost 40% of the energy and it can only be repaired to this point. I helped you restore your right arm, and I can always hold it for a little longer.”

“You… go for it.” In the end, it only left this sentence of encouragement.

Shen Fengyue propped up from the ground with his hands, ready to fight. He didn’t bother to worry about Lin Bai wondering why he suddenly recovered. Holding a long dagger in his hand, he rushed up to actively meet the enemy with a stride, as he hit the oncoming monster with the dagger.

The monster took the dagger, and the blade touched the hard bone spurs, making a sharp sound of metal rubbing. The monster turned to the left, blocking Shen Fengyue’s long dagger, and then took the opportunity to use his right claw towards his chest. Shen Fengyue couldn’t dodge, and five scratches immediately appeared on his chest.

Shen Fengyue was also not willing to be outdone. He took a step back, deceived the monster with a fake move, and fought the monster’s two front claws with the dagger. Suddenly losing his two front claws, the monster lost control of its balance and fell.

Lin Bai stood behind Shen Fengyue, seizing the opportunity to make up for the dagger.

Shen Fengyue was relying on the system to give energy to the body for a while, but more and more monsters were draining his stamina, and even the iron man couldn’t be able to support the successive ferocious battles, and due to which his body gradually felt exhausted.

At this time, the ground began to overflow with black liquid, and the black liquid flowed extremely fast, occupying a large area of ​​territory in an instant. Shen Fengyue and Lin Bai were forced to retreat to the place near the window. Only the circular space with a radius of about 20 centimeters from their center was not soaked by the black liquid.

But the black liquid was still slowly moving towards them. Shen Fengyue estimated that the safe range here could only accommodate one person. He hesitated for a moment, patted Lin Bai on the shoulder, and grinned at him. Then he split the rhizome that was blocking the way with the dagger and jumped out through the window.

“Take your weapon and protect yourself! I’m leaving now!-” 

The long dagger was left in place, Lin Bai picked up the long dagger left by Shen Fengyue, standing alone in the safe area, shaken and lost in the thought by that smile just know.

Here, Shen Fengyue jumped out of the window and was running for his life. It was pouring outside, half of his body was showered without the protection of any cover. He felt hot and painful as if he was in a sea of ​​fire.

The red moon in the sky was so bright and exaggerated, mocking him like an ant struggling to shake a tree. There was a thick white mist in the air, and he couldn’t even see his fingers, which formed a big obstacle to his vision. When Shen Fengyue was sprinting, he tripped on something under his feet, and with a thud; he fell straight to the ground on his knees. He got up, but the action was not very neat, because he felt pain from falling.

Shen Fengyue limped forward and continued to run. The sounds of monsters chasing from behind were getting closer and closer. He was sweating, feeling anxious in his heart. In addition to this, he couldn’t see the surrounding environment at all because of the mist blocking his vision, so he fell again.

New injuries added to the old injuries, and the injuries on the body became so many that new injuries can only be superimposed on the old ones.

This time he smashed his face, and the bridge of his nose was in close contact with the ground. He was holding his nose. It was sore and painful, but his life was imminent and he could not tolerate a moment’s delay, so he could only get up stubbornly and continue.

Suddenly, the white mist within about 20 meters of sight was dispelled, the field of vision opened up, and a golden protective cover shrouded him in it. The acid rain was isolated by the protective cover and could not hurt him at all.

The protective cover moved with him, with silver source code flowing through it

-full of a futuristic feel.

Shen Fengyue intuitively felt that the system did this, and exclaimed, “System?”

The sound of the system was mixed with extremely loud electric currents, and Shen Fengyue had never seen it speak so laboriously, “Shen Feng… Yue, hurry up! I can support… not long. Run forward! Run to the boundary… There might be… there might be some help!”

Shen Fengyue’s nose was sour while holding back tears. He nodded desperately, and his almost paralyzed feet had accumulated a bit of strength to allow him to move on.

He ran and ran, running in the endless white mist, looking for the boundary which had no trace of it at all. Until the end, he couldn’t run anymore, his calf trembled with exhaustion, and his legs were so heavy that he couldn’t move anymore.

The color of the protective shield on his body began to fade, the golden brilliance disappeared, turned into silver, and eventually became transparent. Finally, it shattered with a “pop”, and the fragments turned into bits of light scattering in the mist.

The mist squeezed in and filled his side, covering his surroundings. Shen Fengyue sat on the ground, the rain showered on his body, the burning pain came again. He heard the sound of distant monsters scratching the ground, as he felt them approaching.

Shen Fengyue looked at the monsters surrounding him and said with a wry smile, “System, it seems that the two of us are going to end up dying here today.”

At this time, the system can only make a simple broken grunt, but it still tried hard to reply to Shen Fengyue’s words.

Shen Fengyue said again, “It’s nice to meet you, System.” 

The system held back for a while before suffocating a complete sentence, “Same here, Shen Fengyue.”

They confessed to each other and smiled, as the intermittent mechanical sounds and the weak, feeble sound of the person intersected.

Shen Fengyue raised his head and looked at the sky. Only a circle of faint red could be seen under the cover of the white mist. He said, “In fact, the red moon is quite pretty.”

Shen Fengyue once read a book, and the sentence in it is very heartfelt, It said, “When the candle will shine into your quilt, I’ll cut off your head with a slash!”

Now he is really going to be cut off with a slash, but at least he’s not dying alone, he still has the system. By the way, he didn’t know what happened to that little chicken…

He closed his eyes and waited for the moment of death.

One second passed.

Thirty seconds passed.

A minute passed, but the imagined pain has not yet hit him.

“?” Shen Fengyue touched his neck, which was intact, and then touched his head. It was also fine, so he opened his eyes and found that the world has become white; monotonous, pure white.

The white mist, the red moon, the gray sky, the acid rain, the monsters, and the plants were all gone, disappeared, it was just white.

In the distance, a figure walked towards him, Shen Fengyue raised his head and squinted. The figure was getting closer and closer, with two slender legs sticking in front of his eyes. The figure was wearing familiar clothes.

He knew the answer in his heart, and the answer was also ready to come out, but he dared not look up again, for fear of seeing the man’s face on the spot, he just stared at those two legs as if to escape the truth.

But the owner of the leg didn’t think so. He squatted down and brought that face into Shen Fengyue’s sight. Shen Fengyue closed his eyes and couldn’t tell what he was feeling. He didn’t know if his heart was angry or sad, or he was feeling melancholy mixed with disappointment.

“Shen Fengyue.” Lin Bai whispered.

Shen Fengyue raised his eyelids and closed again, pretending to be dead. It turns out that he knew his real name.

The person on the ground was covered in cuts and bruises, there was no good flesh left on his body. The old and new wounds were piled up together. The scars were still bleeding in some places, and the bleeding had stopped in some places, but still left dark marks.

It was because he fell a few times during the escape, some dust was stained on his clothes, and even the wounds were dirty.

He closed his eyes. He was clearly a bloody man, but he looked pale and fragile as if he would shatter with a touch.

Lin Bai knew that Shen Fengyue was pretending, and he also knew that he was having a hard time in his heart right now. He could not bear to break him apart. He lifted Shen Fengyue from the ground, carefully avoided the wound on his body, and carried the person on his back.

“I’ll take you out.” Feeling the weight on his back, Lin Bai gently adjusted the position to carry the person well, while pausing as he lifted his foot, and added, “I’m sorry.”

This was the first time Lin Bai has spoken clearly. His voice was unexpectedly nice. He said, “I would like to introduce myself again. My name is Lin Bai. I am not dumb. I lied to you before when I said that I can’t speak. I’m sorry.”

Shen Fengyue was silent, his head moved, and he looked at the back of Lin Bai’s head. He thought mockingly in his heart; I knew you were lying to me.

The fine and soft ends of the hair brushed against the neck, and there was a burst of itchy and numbing sensation.

Lin Bai knew that Shen Fengyue didn’t want to talk to him, so he talked to himself, “I am the manipulator behind this world, and I am the bug you have been looking for.”

“I should have killed you.” He paused, his voice softened, and with warmth, he added, “But I can’t bear it.”

Shen Fengyue said, “Huh?”

Lin Bai was walking forward. Hearing that Shen Fengyue was finally willing to pay attention to him, his heart warmed up a little. He was excited but did not dare to show it too much. After thinking about it, he finally uttered a sentence, “I’m sorry.”

His almost every sentence was accompanied by sorry, as if this can relieve some of his sins.

Shen Fengyue stopped talking again and even wanted to stab him, but he was afraid that the bug would be irritated and both he and the system would be dead, so he closed his mouth tightly and swallowed it back.

“You are a fool.” Lin Bai said, “Is it worth the hard work for someone with unknown origin, or who can’t even talk about it? Was it worth fighting so desperately?” 

Shen Fengyue didn’t want to talk about it, and asked instead, “So what do you want to express? Pretending to be dumb, laying a lot of traps to kill me, and then watching me so hard to protect you and secretly mocking? You must think my so-called resistance is ridiculous?” He couldn’t help but sneer, which irritated Lin Bai, who hurriedly defended, “No, it’s not like that. You have saved me many times. Originally I should have killed you, heartlessly. I even became determined in the middle because you were going out to destroy me. But seeing you defending me so desperately and looking at your scarred body, I suddenly regretted it.”

In Shen Fengyue’s view, no matter how much explanation Lin Bai made at this time, it was useless. Lin Bai defended himself for a while and also became aware of this, so he no longer opened his mouth to make feeble excuses.

Finally, he sighed sorrowfully, and asked suddenly, “Doesn’t it hurt to suffer so many injuries?” As soon as the words left his mouth, Lin Bai said in his heart, “What the heck did I just ask?!” Sure enough, the next moment he heard Shen Fengyue’s cold snort from his nose.

Lin Bai didn’t dare to speak without authorization and only walked forward silently carrying Shen Fengyue until Shen Fengyue spoke.

“Where are you taking me?”

Lin Bai replied, “Taking you out so that you could return to your world.”


“Yeah.” Hearing the doubts in Shen Fengyue’s words, Lin Bai stopped arguing and just walked

Shen Fengyue was skeptical of Lin Bai’s words, but now he has long fallen into the hands of others, and whether he lives or dies depends entirely on the other person’s mood.

After a while, Lin Bai’s footsteps paused, and he said, “Here we are.” After that, Shen Fengyue slowly lowered her knees, supporting himself to look at the coming person in front of him.

The half-blind eyes of the visitor were gleaming in a ghostly light, as she pulled the thread around her neck dexterously. Seeing Shen Fengyue’s lips slightly hooked, she forced a smile. Although she tried her best to show goodwill, but in Shen Fengyue’s eyes, she was still full of malice.

Lin Bai gently pushed Shen Fengyue, signaling him to move forward.

“This is?” Shen Fengyue was shaken by the push and refused to go forward. He turned his head and asked, “Isn’t she that crazy woman?”

Lin Bai nodded, “She is the key that your company made to help you escape this world.”

The key to deciphering?

Shen Fengyue looked at the woman in disbelief. The woman felt his gaze, and the smile on her face became brighter, like a chrysanthemum blooming in the spring breeze.

He turned his gaze to the handsome Lin Bai, who also gave him a smile that was extremely friendly.


Both he and the system were too partial and even wronged good people.

Shen Fengyue’s heart was ashamed, and he scolded Jinjiang Company for making the deciphered key look like a ghost who would recognize it!

“You didn’t find her because I hid her.” Lin Bai pushed Shen Fengyue forward and urged, “You follow her.” 

The woman also walked towards him, leaning in front of him, stretching out a delicate white hand. Just as Shen Fengyue was about to put his hand on hers, he paused suddenly, and his hand stayed in the air. He turned his head to look at Lin Bai, “You…”

Lin Bai nodded at him, smiled lightly, and dissipated into the sky of starlight.

Shen Fengyue was so shocked that he couldn’t speak. Those shattered, shining lights circled around him a few times before disappearing into the white space.

Before dissipating, he said, “Goodbye, Shen Fengyue.”

As Lin Bai dissipated, the white space also fell apart. The woman took the initiative to hold Shen Fengyue’s hand and pulled him into a black vortex in front of his eyes.

[Ding Dong, the bug has been cleared and is leaving the world.]

“System, we’re going out.”


Shen Fengyue’s consciousness fell into immense darkness.

The author has something to say:

[Small theatre]

Crazy woman: My smile is as sweet as honey or as if flowers blooming in the spring breeze.

Shen Fengyue: ! ! ! (the hell.jpg)

Turning back to look at Lin Bai, who was smiling brilliantly.

Lin Bai: Have you seen me somewhere? Don’t I look a little familiar? Maybe you can’t remember at the moment.1here let me explain the bugs are independent of each but as a world end their data joins together and as they might follow shen fengyue their data can also affect the other bugs but it is not necessary that’s why bugs usually don’t know Shen fengyue because they really don’t know him.

Shen Fengyue: (SIGH, lost in thought.jpg)


So the second arc also has come to an end (*^▽^)/. Are you ready for the third arc, it’s my favorite arc in this novel. Thanks for reading (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤






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    here let me explain the bugs are independent of each but as a world end their data joins together and as they might follow shen fengyue their data can also affect the other bugs but it is not necessary that’s why bugs usually don’t know Shen fengyue because they really don’t know him.


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