Chapter 24


With such a large extent of ​​rain on his body, the intense pain came like a torrent, and Shen Fengyue was so painful that he almost fainted immediately, but the belief in his heart supported him to persist.

To avoid injury to his eyes, he covered his eyes with both hands and rushed forward. The hands were burned to redness at first, and finally, the skin started to break, and in some places, even deep white bones were exposed.

One step, two steps, a familiar outline of a house appeared in front of him, and victory was in the front. There was a glimmer of joy in his eyes, and he was annihilated by the bursts of pain. He was out of breath and inhaled less.

When he got close, he found that people and plants that radiated about 200 meters around the small wooden house had the same kind of variation as the dream world at night.

The plants had extracted their roots from the ground, and the roots firmly grasped the ground, making them walk on the road. Large and small plants slanted across the street. The stems were thicker than before, and they were covered with dense black bumps of uneven size.

After some bumps were accidentally cut, yellow pus flowed out of them, and the plants were entangled with each other, the pus was smeared on other plants giving them a contrast of yellow and green which looked disgusting.

Shen Fengyue felt his stomach turn over, retched a few times, and was attracted by those monsters again.

Around thirty centimeters of bone spurs were born on the monster’s inverted limbs. The acid rain on them not only did not corrode them but also seemed to sharpen them. Under the baptism of acid rain, the bone spurs became sharper and glowed coldly looking destructive.

“Dream world in the dream’s night and day worlds are also merging!” the system said.

Shen Fengyue also noticed that the situation was really not optimistic.

Countless plants and monsters circled the cabin, and he protected the iron rod hidden in his arms, which was his only weapon. Shen Fengyue ran toward the cabin without changing the direction.

As soon as he approached the monsters, the monsters seemed to smell his breath and sense his presence and turned around one after another, and the one closest to him had already rushed towards him.

Shen Fengyue has been intimidated by these things over the past few days and has become more and more comfortable with them, and his fear of them was not as great as before. With a flexible dodge, he avoided the monster’s attack, making it pounce into the air.

“System, you turn on the accelerator to its limit.” He knocked down with the iron rod, and after the sound of metal and human skull crashing sounded, the monster fell on the ground.

The system hesitated, and said to him, “If you drive it to the limit, it will cause some damage to your body. I have always controlled that degree scientifically before.”

Shen Fengyue was not only physically tortured by acid rain but also mentally focused on fighting the monsters, “Leave it alone, I’ll just make a quick fight.” While talking to the system, a plant inadvertently tripped over Shen Fengyue’s body. In a flash, the monster seized the opportunity, and the bone spurs stabbed his right arm across.

Shen Fengyue’s eyes immediately became hot, enduring the pain and turning the iron rod to his left hand. The iron rod was placed on the monster’s neck, and the monster was twisted and his body fell weakly.

He pressed his right arm with his left hand and lifted it up, pulling the bone spurs out of his right arm.

Fortunately, the bone spurs happened to avoid the bones, and he only suffered a flesh wound. When the spurs were taken out, the skin and flesh turned out, and blood gurgled out of the wound.

The system saw him hurt like that, and it felt distressed, “I’ll turn it on, I’ll turn it on, you just be careful!”

Shen Fengyue’s lips turned white and he cannot control his body’s slight trembling. After receiving the system’s permission, the tension in his heart was slightly loosened.

In the world of martial arts, only speed is not shattered easily

This was a remark in the martial arts. Here, Shen Fengyue also intends to listen to the words of the predecessors, and make a quick fight.

As soon as the accelerator of the system was turned on, he obviously felt that his speed had become much faster. When his speed of action suddenly increased, and his opponent kept the original speed, he had the upper hand.

Shen Fengyue was concerned about Lin Bai, and in order to reduce the time-delayed in the middle, he used the accelerator more to avoid monsters than to fight or kill them.

He was not accustomed to using his left hand, and his right hand was injured. The blood had already stained his entire arm, so his movements became a lot harder. Even if there was an accelerator that had a system to drive to the limit, he suffered major and minor injuries.

After passing the five levels and cutting the six generals1 it’s a metaphor for bravery or determination to overcome many difficulties, with positive connotations, he dragged his bruised and battered body and finally protruded into the innermost circle.

When Shen Fengyue saw a familiar figure being hidden behind those monsters, he felt finally relieved that he found him.

With a hit, he knocked the monster blocking the front and shouted, “Lin Bai! I’m here!”

Lin Bai was wielding a long knife and wrestling with a few monsters. As soon as he heard Shen Fengyue’s voice, he subconsciously looked at him. A monster bone spur was raised high at him and was about to cut him. Shen Fengyue was shocked and cursed in his heart, then he rushed to his body to block for him.

When he rushed over, the right half of his body was facing the monster, and in a hurry, he could only raise his right hand to block it.

Grasping the bone spur with his right hand, before he could hold it steady, the bone spurs slid down from the hand, following the path, and chopped on the right forearm. The monster on the other side jumped up and bit on Shen Fengyue’s right forearm, abruptly tearing off a piece of flesh from it!

“Hiss… ah!”

Under these circumstances, Shen Fengyue could only use an iron rod to twist off the head of the monster he was facing, but in front of the monster who bit his arm, it was helpless.

After the monster tore off the meat, it swallowed it after a few gulps. It rose up and waved the spurs to stab, grinning, and openly provoking in an aggressive manner. It was proud, and then suddenly his head was cut off by Lin Bai’s slash.

The monster’s head fell to the ground, and it rolled around a few times, with its mouth wide open, hooking its corners, its expression still frozen at the moment of joy just now. There was still some unchewed flesh and blood in its mouth, and Shen Fengyue saw the blackness in front of his eyes. This was his flesh and blood.

After cutting off the monster’s head, Lin Bai still held the long knife tightly and stood up, facing Shen Fengyue.

He has been watching Shen Fengyue all the time for so long, but he admits that he has never seen him clearly, and has never looked at him as closely as now.

Shen Fengyue was wearing a jacket that had been corroded to the extent that only a few pieces of broken fabric remained. The original white and pleasant face was red and white and even showed signs of corrosion. He was holding an iron rod in his left hand. Perhaps the fight was too fierce, it was already covered with blood, and some places were also sunken in.

The whole right arm was even more horrible. The blood was like paint for no money, almost staining his whole coat, but the wound on the forearm was still dripping blood.

There was a piece of meat missing from the arm on his right hand, which was torn off by the monster just to protect him. The monster had been beheaded by him, but the flesh it tore off never returned.

His lips were pale, sickly blue, and somewhat peeling. Thinking that he realized that he was looking at him, he hooked a pale but weak smile that made people feel very warm.

He was comforting him.

He was so scarred and so weak that he couldn’t hold the iron rod firmly, and he was still trying to smile at him, comforting him; the culprit.

What Shen Fengyue wholeheartedly wanted to protect was actually the source of all disasters. Thinking about it this way, everything he did, including the tragic image now, made him look a little ridiculous, but Lin Bai couldn’t laugh at this time.

He should know best, and he knows best for whom this person became like this.

It was for him.

How can such a person keep him unmoved? Thinking like this, Lin Bai stared in shock when he looked up at Shen Fengyue and pointed his hand tremblingly at his face.

As soon as Shen Fengyue was about to say something, Lin Bai pointed at his face like he had seen a ghost, so he reached out to touch his face, and his hand was full of red.

Thinking about the previous time about letting the system turn on the ultimate accelerator, his hands trembled as he touched along his eyes, nose, ears, and mouth, and when he found that there was blood on them, his heart shook.

They were bleeding.

“Oh, time is too short, let’s go!” His whole face was bleeding. If they don’t hurry up, his body will not be able to bear the load and he will be completely cold. Just as he was about to pull Lin Bai to rush out, his right hand felt a throbbing pain, and he sucked back a breath of cold air in pain.

Seeing his painful appearance, a layer of sweat flashed on his forehead after taking a deep breath, a trace of self-blame flashed through Lin Bai’s eyes. He nodded to Shen Fengyue, indicating that he would follow him firmly.

“Hmm.” Shen Fengyue realized what he meant, and took him out of the window, looking back from time to time on the way to see if he had followed.

Eventually, they fled to a building very far away from the cabin, closed the door, and locked it.

“Shen Fengyue, I’m going to turn off the accelerator now, you… brace yourself.” The system reminded.

Shen Fengyue locked the door and leaned back on the door. Hearing this, he just nodded.

Almost at the same time when he turned off the accelerator, he felt his legs soft and slipped from the door, causing his knees to kneel on the ground, and the iron rod in his hand slipped out of his hand.

The movement and noise were so loud that Lin Bai’s temple jumped in surprise. He rushed over to help him, fearing that he might get hurt, he only dared to move cautiously and carefully held his left arm.

He tried to pull Shen Fengyue upwards, but found that Shen Fengyue was completely relieved of his strength. He couldn’t use his strength at all. He just pulled him up a little bit just to let him slide down. After several attempts, Shen Fengyue said, “Don’t pull. I can’t get up. Let me sit for a while.” He was very weak.

Lin Bai straightened him up so that he could sit on the door.

Shen Fengyue closed his eyes tightly, and his lips were pale and blue. If Lin Bai hadn’t tried a few times at the bottom of his nose and found that there was a faint breath, it would have looked like he was dead.

The wound on his hand has started to stop bleeding, and the amount of bleeding has been greatly reduced. But misfortunes never come singly, and the blood was still flowing out of his face.

The red liquid first flowed down from the two nostrils, and then the corners of the eyes also begin to drip. Thin blood lines were left from the corners of the eyes, flowing through the entire face, and finally intersecting with ones at his nostrils.

Lin Bai hurriedly wiped it for him, and his heart became very anxious as he saw the more wiped the more ferocious the flow became. Shen Fengyue also felt that the warm and moist liquid kept flowing from his face, but he was helpless and could only say in a very low voice, “Don’t wipe it, it’s useless, let it flow by itself for a while.”

Lin Bai still didn’t give up. After rubbing in vain for a while, the liquid actually stopped flowing, leaving only dry black and red traces.

A burst of sleepiness hit over Shen Fengyue, and he fell into a deep sleep.

Lin Bai stood by his side, and when he saw him asleep, he dared not make any movement for fear of disturbing him. He brushed the iron rod that Shen Fengyue had been holding in his hand. It felt cold to the touch, but through the cold, he could feel the warmth of the person before holding it tightly.

He stared at Shen Fengyue in a daze.

He wanted to let him go, but the game had been set up, and spilled water is difficult to retrieve.2it’s no use crying over spilled milk; what’s done is done and can’t be reversed

The author has something to say:


[Small Theater]

Shen Fengyue: Heh~, Did you have a good time now chase me to the crematorium.

Lin Bai: QAQ, baby, please listen to my explanation!

Shen Fengyue: Oh.

System: Tut.



  • 1
    it’s a metaphor for bravery or determination to overcome many difficulties, with positive connotations
  • 2
    it’s no use crying over spilled milk; what’s done is done and can’t be reversed


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  3. I think, Shen Fengyue definitely will be traumatized to safe weak people later on lmao, his trust issues is going strong ngl

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