Chapter 22


Shen Fengyue didn’t know the subtle changes. He and Lin Bai were huddled in the corner as he distributed the weapons that came along the road to Lin Bai. After doing this, he stood on the spot to move the joints of his body. He had a foreboding that today there would be a tough battle to be fought.

The red moon descended to the world again, and Shen Fengyue carefully observed that this time it was different from the past.

Perhaps because the world was collapsing day by day as it approaches Friday. This time the red light was emitted in an explosive manner, but there was silence everywhere, no monsters were wailing, no claws or teeth were scratching on the ground, no brutal plant branches were waving in the wind to make the rustling sound, leaving only the red light to sprinkle silently.

It’s too quiet, terribly quiet, and full of dangers.

It was like the calm before the storm.

Shen Fengyue concentrated on looking at the wide-open door, with a serious expression, paying attention to everything, and was ready to fight if there was any turmoil. Lin Bai was sitting next to him, both sitting together having different thoughts of their own. Seeing Shen Fengyue’s appearance next to him, he narrowed his eyes slightly, revealing a trace of malice.

There was a sound, coming from far to near, from low to high, from small to large, stimulating Shen Fengyue’s hair to stand up, and every muscle in his body moved up and down. He clenched the long knife in his hand and his throat moved slightly.

The doorway suddenly went black, and the scene under the red light was swallowed into the darkness. The darkness stayed there and took the opportunity to drag the people in the cabin into it as soon as the time came.

Gu… Ga…

That thing finally revealed its true colors. The big red fleshy lips tightened inward, shrunk into a chrysanthemum shape, arched toward the house, and then opened wide to wrap out the door frame. The scarlet thick tongue stretched out and shook.

Shen Fengyue: ! ! !

System: ! ! !

Although the system was surprised, it didn’t forget to spit out a sentence in passing, “Oh, that blazing red lips, pay attention to it.”


Those blazing red lips gnawed off the door frame and squeezed in, occupying a quarter of the cabin. It jumped upwards and then repeated the process of retracting and opening.

The lips of this mouth were very dry, and the red-painted on them even stuck out fine lines, making the lip lines appear extremely deep.

It made a weird laugh—goo… gah… goo… gah… goo… ga…

Shen Fengyue had heard all kinds of strange laughter, but it was the first time he heard something gurgling and giggling, it’s not a duck, why sell cute.

In it, one by one, you can clearly see densely packed spikes, and the faintly visible bright red flesh and blood on those spikes.

He confirmed with that thing’s appearance that this thing is not something that is not easy to mess with; it is a cruel thing, and absolutely not a good thing to welcome.

It stretched out his tongue again and licked his chapped lips, then swept a few times in their direction, and when it found that it couldn’t reach them, it retracted.

“Don’t panic, it can’t come over due to restrictions.” Seeing the key points, Shen Fengyue immediately breathed a sigh of relief, and added, “As long as we don’t go over to die, the big trouble is to sit here and confront it all night.”

The mouth seemed to understand human words, and it jumped up and down angrily when he heard the words, and the thick lips slapped on the ground with a pattering sound. The whole ground was shaken by it, but the restriction was there, and it just couldn’t make it through. There was no way.

Shen Fengyue relied on his own inherent conditions of stability to stand firm in the vibration, and seeing that the mouth still didn’t stop, was always acting like a demon, so he said angrily, “You step down for me!”

Then he moved the knife straightly and neatly in front of the mouth as a threat. The mouth stepped back for fear of cutting its lips, standing still and staring at them.

Shen Fengyue’s actions were too handsome. Lin Bai’s eyes moved slightly when he saw this scene, and he remembered that Shen Fengyue had previously said in a confident manner that people resist killing people while Buddha blocks and kills Buddha, and he was determined to kill him out, so he raised his eyelids and gave a hint to the mouth.

The mouth understood.

Perseverance and going forward courageously, these all are good spiritual qualities, and he doesn’t know from where this mouth, no, it should be exactly from where all the monsters in this world learned these skills and always try to strictly implement them.

Knowing that the road ahead was difficult and dangerous, but is still trying to face the difficulties.

If the first plan failed, then you have a second. The mouth stopped jumping up and down in anger.

The shaking on the ground finally stopped, and Shen Fengyue was on standby, knowing that this ugly thing was about to use its ultimate move.

The mouth has seen the power of Shen Fengyue, who was angry and piercing the knife and was a little afraid of him. The persimmon is still the soft one to pinch1Bullying the weak, afraid of the tough., so it chose to attack the little follower beside Shen Fengyue.

As soon as the mouth turned, Shen Fengyue knew what it was thinking, didn’t he just turned the trouble to the weak chicken?! The big hand swept Lin Bai behind him, looking at the mouth with a fierce expression, his eyes full of threat.

Lin Bai was softly taken behind by Shen Fengyue. His face was innocent, and his eyes were staring straight ahead at a back that was almost the same as his figure, with an ugly smile, looking forward to what will happen next.

With a grunt of the mouth, its lips squeezed into a line, and then like hitting a wave, the flesh on the lips began to twist and shake, and it lightly opened its lips, as if something was about to come out.

Shen Fengyue closely watched its changes. With an afterglow he noticed that the long knife was stuck on the ground, his jaw tensed, he was already well prepared, and he wished to pull the knife and chop off the ugly thing immediately.

The mouth opened its bloody big mouth; the tongue was raised against the upper chamber, and the upper and lower lips closed again, and a sound of chi burst out of the mouth!

Shen Fengyue listened attentively and found that this ugly thing really spoke human words!

Then the ugly thing turned the chi sound into a real voice, and it said in Shen Fengyue’s direction, “Lin Bai–” The tone was indistinguishable from male and female, and it was magical.

This voice in the ears was like silk confusing people’s hearts. No matter how firm Shen Fengyue was, he was bewildered, and the powerful illusion struck him, and he was drawn into a carefully woven dream.

A red square-shaped paper-like object fell from the sky, radiantly overflowing, and Shen Fengyue looked up and found that it was raining money in the sky, and countless hundred-dollar bills were floating down the ground, densely covering the entire ground.

As soon as he picked up a hundred-dollar bill that fell on his shoulders, he heard a male voice resounding beside him, “Congratulations, Mr. Shen. Congratulations Mr. Shen, for having a successful career at such a young age!”

The visitor was a middle-aged man with a big back, wearing a suit and a tie, with a kind face and a kind smile.

Shen Fengyue looked down. He didn’t know when he also changed into a suit, with a big red flower pinned on his chest.

Shen Fengyue, “…”

“Mr. Shen, have you forgotten? Today is an auspicious day for you and Miss Lin! Mr. Lin thinks you are a rare young talent with a reliable character and hard work, so he promised his baby daughter to you.” The middle-aged man saw his doubts and explained to him, and pointed his finger to the right as he said, “Look, the lady is here.”

Shen Fengyue looked in the direction of his fingers. For a time, firecrackers went off, the suona played a song of dragon and phoenix in loud and flat sounds, and a large sedan chair carried by eight people was approaching him in the distance.

The sedan chair stopped a hundred meters away from Shen Fengyue, a white and slender hand painted with nail polish opened the sedan curtain, and the maid on the side helped her down.

The woman put her hand on the maid’s arm and got down from the sedan chair. She was wearing a phoenix crown and a red hijab.

Shen Fengyue looked stunned.

As if waiting for someone to come, the woman lifted the hijab on her head by herself, and then gave Shen Fengyue a shy look. Her voice was as sweet as maltose sugar added, as she said, “Husband~”


Shen Fengyue couldn’t speak for a long time, and he found that something feels wrong. Before he could speak, the system interrupted him.

System, “Hey! Shen Fengyue, take a closer look, what ugly thing are you marrying!”

While calling him husband, the woman walked towards him gracefully. When Shen Fengyue fixed his eyes on the woman, he found that the beautiful woman who had walked towards him had turned into a big mouth full of fangs and lipstick.

Shen Fengyue, “…” Tsk, too ugly and embarrassing.

That mouth still thought that Shen Fengyue was trapped in the illusion, still calling him husband sweetly and daintily.

The biased system also followed up with the coaxing, “Husband~ Husband~ Husband~”

With such a ghost, coupled with that really heart-pounding voice, Shen Fengyue felt like a poor virgin who has been in love with the internet for many years. When the poor virgin was faced with his broken heart, anger rose from the bottom of his heart.

“Damn it, shut up!” He drew up the long knife that appeared next to him at some time, and ran towards the mouth with a roar, “Who let you cheat me, who let you cheat me!!! I will chop you up!!! !”

“You thought that I, Lord Shen, would be fooled by you, an ugly thing?! Huh?! Give me back my beautiful girl!!!”

When the long knife slashed on the mouth, the mouth screamed and disappeared.

The illusion was broken.

Shen Fengyue returned to the cabin, his chest undulating, thinking he was still very angry. He looked viciously at the mouth that was still intact in front of him, his hands clenched into fists, and his knuckles creaked.

The mouth knew that he had angered Shen Fengyue, and everything was over if he didn’t save himself, so he screamed out even more eagerly.

“Lin Bai.”

“Lin Bai.”

“Lin Bai!”

The sound of the call was full of affection.

“Cover your ears don’t listen to it. Beware of entering the illusion!” said Shen Fengyue, who was deceived and sentimental, but it was still too late.

Just because of curiosity, Lin Bai stuck his head out of Shen Fengyue’s shoulder and wanted to take a peek. The moment he saw the mouth, he heard the magical “Lin Bai”.

Lin Bai’s originally clear and energetic pupils became dim and dull, and no matter how strong the sun could shine, Shen Fengyue noticed the change in the fool’s eyes, and his heart secretly cried out ‘damn’.

“Lin Bai, come here quickly.”

Lin Bai looked dazed, his eyes blurred, his figure moved slightly, and he moved aside step by step, coming out from behind Shen Fengyue, completely exposed in front of the mouth.

The purpose of the mouth was achieved, and he pouted at Shen Fengyue triumphantly and disagreeing that such a provocation was not enough, with a mua— it blew him a kiss.

Shen Fengyue was furious, and felt he was peerless could not wait to kill the gangster in front of him, but he knew the wishful thinking of this ugly thing, and hurriedly stepped forward and held Lin Bai to prevent him from going over.

“Come here quickly~”

When Lin Bai heard this, he changed his body movement, Shen Fengyue also followed the change, but Lin Bai flexibly avoided his movements. Lin Bai staggered and continued to move towards the mouth.

Seeing that Shen Fengyue wanted to obstruct it, it immediately urged, “Lin Bai, come here, come here.” There was a trace of something in its tone. Oh no, it should be said that it was full of provocation against Shen Fengyue.

Lin Bai heard the urging of the mouth, his movements quickened, and his strength was quite strong. When Shen Fengyue pulled the hem of his clothes, trying to pull him over, not only did he could not pull him, but he himself was dragged forward by Lin Bai for a few steps.

“Come here!”

Lin Bai walked forward, Shen Fengyue dragged back, his eyes were fixed on the mouth, and the mouth was also staring at him. The two were secretly competing.

The hem was stretched and deformed, and the mouth urged again, and Lin Bai became stronger and stronger, pulling Shen Fengyue all the way towards the mouth.

Gugga gugga, gugga gugga.

The distance between them and the mouth was getting shorter and shorter, and seeing the two foods getting delivered at the same time, its corners of mouths were happily cocked, as it gave out its weird giggles.

Large drops of salivation pulled out the crystal silk, dripping from the spikes.

Lin Bai continued to drag Shen Fengyue forward, the mouth stuck out its tongue again, urging Lin Bai vaguely to hurry up.

The tip of its tongue rolled and stretched straight enough to reach them, Lin Bai stretched out his hand towards the tongue, and it saw that he was about to touch it!


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    Bullying the weak, afraid of the tough.


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