Chapter 21


Entering the dream world of dreams again, he was no longer alone, and what came into his view was the serene sleeping face of the youth.

The young man was lying on his side with his head in his arms with tightly closed eyes. The long, curled eyelashes casting a shadow under his eyes. The corners of his mouth were curled up slightly, creating a nice arc, like there was sugar in his dream, the intoxicating sweetness was reflected in the arc of his lips.

The whole person was like an angel who accidentally fell into the mortal world.

Shen Fengyue squatted next to the angel and shook the other party without getting any response. The angel slept like a pig. Shen Fengyue secretly said that the angel’s heart was quite big, and he could still sleep under such circumstances.

The young man’s chest was rising and falling regularly, and his breathing was long. Shen Fengyue finally couldn’t stand it anymore, and pinched the angel’s nose, trying to hold him awake.

Unexpectedly, the person started using his mouth to breathe, and was still asleep.

Shen Fengyue silently covered the youth’s mouth too.

The nose and mouth were covered, and the person who slept no matter like dead had to wake up. The young man hummed in his mouth, waved Shen Fengyue’s hand away, and sat up. His eyes were half-open, and his sleepiness was still heavy.

He turned his head to the culprit who forcibly awakened him.

Shen Fengyue curled his lips, his tone stern, “It’s time to wake up, you know what time is it?”

Hearing this, the young man opened his eyes slightly, blinked three or four times before expelling his sleepiness. His eyes became clear.

“Hey, that…” Shen Fengyue said when he was awake, just about to call his name, but suddenly realized that he didn’t know the other person’s name, so the conversation changed, “I don’t know sign language, can you write your name?”

The young man nodded and then took Shen Fengyue’s hand to write on it.

His speed was too fast, and Shen Fengyue hadn’t even reacted to it before the youth had already started writing in his hand.

A warm and delicate touch came from his palm, as the young man wrote strokes with the tip of his index finger. As soon as he wrote a horizontal line, he listened to Shen Fengyue sizzling and then frantically twitching his hands.

Shen Fengyue was very ticklish, feeling itchy all over his body, he couldn’t stop laughing when his palm was touched.

The young man’s eyes moved slightly and a wicked idea formed in his heart, and he deliberately swiped his hand slightly when he pulled it back.

“Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!” As expected, Shen Fengyue burst out in a series of laughs.

A strong itch went from the palm of the hand to the brain and reaching straight to the point of laughter. Shen Fengyue couldn’t control his laugh, and the laugh lasted for a very long time. He didn’t stop until his tears were about to flow out.

“I feel very ticklish, don’t touch the palm of my hand.” Shen Fengyue said with a serious face, reaching out to wipe the tears from the corner of his eyes, “You write on the ground.”

When this man smiled, the corners of his eyes and eyebrows were full of amorous feelings, his eyes were blushing, the corners of his lips were raised high, and the white and neat teeth were faintly revealed, seem to attract people which was rare. The young man thought, with a smile on his face while writing his name on the ground, stroke by stroke.

After he finished writing, he sat facing Shen Fengyue and nodded.

Shen Fengyue didn’t recognize it, so he poked the system privately, “What did he write?”

The system felt inexplicable, “What are you asking me for, I was in a daze just now and didn’t notice.”

“…” If the system can be trusted, then the sow can climb the tree.1Sow is a female pig/swine. Animals such as sows do not have the ability to climb trees. Therefore, this sentence is generally used by people to describe other’s unreliable work and untrustworthiness.

I can only rely on myself.

“You write more slowly, I didn’t see it clearly just now.” He said to the young man.

The young man’s patience was surprisingly good, and he wrote it to him again, slowly.

Repeating the process again with one horizontal, one vertical, one apostrophe, and continued with another two strokes.

Shen Fengyue recognized it. “This is ‘Lin’?”

The youth nodded and continued to write, one horizontal, one vertical, one stroke, one more stroke, then another stroke…


The young man nodded and said he was right.

“Lin Bai, hello, my surname is Shen, my name is Feng.” Shen Fengyue didn’t want to reveal his real name, so he said a fake name, “It seems that I am a little older than you, so you can call me Brother Shen.”

Lin Bai was kept in the dark, but he didn’t know at all, and he was happy to exchange names with Shen Fengyue.

The system snorted, “Do you want to take advantage of the people by giving the fake name?”

“Heh, you a data don’t know a thing.” Shen Fengyue was justified.

After exchanging names, Shen Fengyue no longer wanted to waste time, so he planned to go out and continue looking for clues. He also brought Lin Bai with him. According to him, for safety reasons, he must put Lin Bai under his nose to be relieved.

In a temporary team, the duo with different minds explored outside, stopping and walking continuously.

There was always some fate in this world from which you can’t escape, but Shen Fengyue did not expect this fate to come so quickly.

Sinful fate.

They met the crazy women again.

Shen Fengyue was leading Lin Bai. He walked in front and Lin Bai followed behind him, stepping on his footsteps, following closely. He was talking all the way compared to Lin Bai panting, blowing up the heat, and suddenly a familiar voice cut through the air and reached their ears.

Shen Fengyue’s scalp was numb, and the wounds on his body were aching.

It was a laugh, like a pair of pointed scissors, sharp enough to cut everything. And obviously, the only person who has this kind of laughter and can make Shen Fengyue’s scalp numb was only the crazy woman.

Shen Fengyue really felt that he has a lucky e physique2 people with a lucky e physique means people who face misfortune and have bad luck. He almost heard that voice and subconsciously glanced at the location of the mad woman.

The woman turned her back to them, and she was laughing idiotically while looking at something in her hand. A cold light flashed by, and Shen Fengyue could see that the woman was holding a long knife in her hand.

Shen Fengyue raised his hand and gestured to stop moving forward, signaling Lin Bai not to move. Lin Bai also noticed the existence of the mad woman and obediently leaned close to Shen Fengyue.

Turning around and pushing Lin Bai back, trying to avoid the mad woman, Shen Fengyue felt a sharp line of sight behind him as soon as he took a step or two!

Not good! The woman noticed them!

Shen Fengyue pushed Lin Bai forward, then looked back quickly, only to find that the mad woman had somehow turned around, and she waved the knife in her hand twice, reflecting an icy cold light in the sun.

The woman lifted her chin, and the sun shone into the eye sockets and her half-blind eye that had been gouged out. The arc of her mouth widened, like a hunter finding a plump prey, and her laughter was bloodthirsty and cruel with the confidence or a will to win.

“Run separately!” Shen Fengyue roared and ran to the left, Lin Bai ran in the opposite direction from him.

As if seeing the signal to initiate an attack, the woman ran towards them with the knife on her shoulder.

“Charge ahead, Shen Fengyue!!!” The system shouted.

Shen Fengyue said, “Don’t just patronize and shout for cheer, help me!”

System said, “Oh” and silently turned on the accelerator.

Relying on the system’s accelerator, Shen Fengyue ran away like a godsend help, and only after seeing that he had run almost enough distance did he stop and took the time to see Lin Bai’s situation.

Only to see Lin Bai running ahead, followed by the mad woman. There were only fifty centimeters between them. The woman was chasing and swinging the knife, trying to reach the person in front.

Lin Bai wisely chose to shuttle among the bushes on both sides of the green belt, using snake line movements to walk around the terrain.

Because the mad woman was wearing a long robe, when she was walking through the bushes, her robe would always be caught by the branches of the bushes, causing her to stop to a certain extent, which greatly increased the distance between her and Lin Bai.

Maybe the crazy woman caught up with Lin Bai because she couldn’t catch Shen Fengyue for a long time. so she gradually only noticed Lin Bai and started chasing him desperately.

Lin Bai went around, just when Shen Fengyue thought he could always wear the mad woman down and escape.

The sharp blade slashed his back, and blood poured out from the wound and stained a small patch of red color on the white shirt.

Anything on a white shirt was very conspicuous, so the patch of red was also very conspicuous.

“Damn!” Shen Fengyue noticed and ran in their direction after swearing.

After a few steps of chasing, Shen Fengyue caught up behind the woman. At this time, Lin Bai had already run out of the bushes and was heading towards the tall building.

The building covered a large area, and there was a decorative fountain in the center. It would take ten people to extend their arms to form a circle to surround it.

In the middle of the fountain, there was a statue of a little angel, holding a water bottle in his hand, and a gurgling column of water flowed out of it into the pool below.

Lin Bai used the unfailing and tried-and-tested method of King Qin to run around the fountain in circles.

At this time a very ridiculous picture appeared,

 ——Lin Bai ran at the forefront, followed by the crazy woman, and finally Shen Fengyue. The mad woman was chasing Lin Bai, and Shen Fengyue was chasing them.

All three people running around the fountain.

This picture looked really funny. The system endured for a long time and the data line shook a few times. In the end, it couldn’t help it. Thousands of words turned into a chuckle.

Shen Fengyue accused it, “What are you laughing at? Do you think I want to do this?”

System: “Hahahahahahahahahahahahah!”

Shen Fengyue, “…” This system is probably stupid and hopeless. It can make so many tricks and sounds with laughter.

With a fire in his heart, he turned his anger towards the system for looking at his joke into a kick.

The kick was extremely heavy, full of grief and anger, and that kick landed on the woman’s waist. The woman screamed. Shen Fengyue seized the opportunity and kicked her on her knees, directly causing the woman to kneel.

Shen Fengyue folded the woman’s wrist, grabbed the knife in her hand, slashed the back of the knife on the woman’s neck, and she fell down with one blow. The woman rolled her eyes and passed out.

“I’m sorry.” Holding the knife in his hand, Shen Fengyue withdrew his foot and ended the long and ridiculous chase with his own power.

Lin Bai, who was running ahead, finally stopped, with dense beads of sweat on his forehead. He slowed down and walked towards Shen Fengyue, adjusting his breathing.

Shen Fengyue couldn’t help but glanced at him a few times, but he didn’t expect the little chicken who looked weak can run so fast and for so long.

“Hey, you just got cut by a knife, are you okay?” Putting his hands on Lin Bai’s shoulders, he turned him around so that he could see his wounds.

A not-so-small hole could be seen behind the young man’s white shirt, and Shen Fengyue opened the hole with his hand to look in. It can be seen from the exposed small parts of this person that this person was very white and his body can only be whiter.

The skin was so fair that he looked feminine. Shen Fengyue thought how many girls envied this kind of skin and want to have it. Of course, he definitely didn’t need it as a rough guy.

There was a wound on the white skin, which should be scratched a little shallower which had stopped bleeding and was already scabbed.

Shen Fengyue breathed a sigh of relief and even said a few words that it was all right.

Lin Bai chuckled.

“Laugh! Are you a fool? You can still laugh when you are injured. This time you were lucky. Don’t do this next time. Be more careful.” He babbled, and Lin Bai’s mouth curled up high.

After taking him around for a while and still finding nothing, they returned to the cabin.

Lin Bai looked at Shen Fengyue’s hand, his eyes filled with the desire to write.

Shen Fengyue seemed to know that when Lin Bai raised his finger, he received Shen Fengyue’s warning eyes, and he had no choice but to put it down and write on the ground.

[What’s your plan?] he asked.

Shen Fengyue moved his wrist joints and replied casually, “Go out.”

“In any case, I have to go out, and I must go out.” He asked rhetorically, “Don’t you want to go out?”

The curvature of Lin Bai’s mouth collapsed a bit, and he wrote,

[What if someone obstructs you?]

Shen Fengyue laughed loudly, “That’s not easy. People resist killing people while Buddha block and kill Buddha. I, Shen Feng, do I look am afraid of anyone?”

Lin Bai stopped moving, and the smile at the corner of his mouth disappeared cleanly. He lowered his head and his eyes were full of thought.

Finally, he slowly wrote on the ground,



Lin Bai’s hand moved,

[I want to go out too.]


  • 1
    Sow is a female pig/swine. Animals such as sows do not have the ability to climb trees. Therefore, this sentence is generally used by people to describe other’s unreliable work and untrustworthiness.
  • 2
    people with a lucky e physique means people who face misfortune and have bad luck


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