Chapter 2

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The lecture ended quickly. When the bell rang as if he had received some kind of signal, the fool next to Shen Fengyue jumped over from the right and pounced on Shen Fengyue’s back.

Then, like a giant husky, he put his weight on Shen Fengyue, hugged him tightly, and cried out, “Jian! Jian!”

Shen Fengyue, who was held by him, looked petite and bewildered by his move.

After reacting, he immediately shook him off.

Wei Tianze was filled with grievances after being thrown away and was frightened back by Shen Fengyue’s fierce expression when he tried to pounce on him again. He took Shen Fengyue’s arm and pulled him out of his chair forcibly.

“Jian, let’s go to the restroom together!” 

Shen Fengyue, “……” 

The system couldn’t help but sigh and say, “You are so gay.”

Shen Fengyue retorted, “Shut up.” 

System, “Shen Fengyue, Shen Fengyue, let’s go to the toilet together!” 

Shen Fengyue, “……” Ah, it’s really annoying. 

Wei Tianze was very strong. So even though Shen Fengyue was reluctant, he was dragged to the toilet by force. This reminded Shen Fengyue of seeing a girl walking her dog on the street. The dog was a husky, with a leash tied around its neck running around everywhere, dragging the girl along behind by it.

History was always surprisingly similar. Shen Fengyue thought that the current situation coincides with the girl’s situation at that time.

In the end, Shen Fengyue was pulled by Wei Tianze to the toilet hand in hand. He felt that this scene was very embarrassing, but other students were not surprised at all.

Gee, these habits are terrible. 

Besides having to put up with Wei Tianze’s detestable clinginess, Shen Fengyue’s attention was caught by a boy in the classroom. 

The boy had long bangs and thick black-rimmed glasses. He always kept his head down so Shen Fengyue couldn’t see his face. The school uniform he wore was a little discolored from washing, his desk was scribbled on with black marker, and the surrounding space around him was almost empty like everyone was isolating him intentionally or unintentionally.

People around him seemed to ignore him too. 

Bullying on campus? 

Shen Fengyue wanted to get to know him a little better, but Wei Tianze was so sticky that he couldn’t get rid of him at all.

Like this, he stayed in school until the afternoon. At the end of the day, after he and Wei Tianze said goodbye to each other and went back to their homes, Shen Fengyue felt relieved and that his heart was really heavy. He complained to the system all the way, “What’s wrong with Wei Tianze? Even if he’s a best friend, it shouldn’t be like this.”

The system explained, “Ah, Wei Tianze wasn’t well when he was a child, and went to school two years late, jumping classes to now by connections. The Shen and Wei families have been friends for generations, and Wei Tianze was almost brought up by Jian, hence his behavior.”

“…”, there was silence for a moment.

The system seemed to be aware of Shen Fengyue’s stifling attitude towards Wei Tianze, so he reminded him, “The original’s attitude towards him was helpless, obedient, and kept spoiling him, so don’t go out of character”

There was nothing Sheng Fengyue could do about it. He could only endure it.

Shen Fengyue talked with the system along the way and heard a commotion from the alley.

“Boy, us guys are a little short on money these days. Don’t you think you should help us?” A man’s voice came from the depths of the alley, followed by several harsh mockeries. 

“I… I don’t have any money.” A boy said timidly. 

Upon hearing this, the man became angry and said, “Yo, do you want to deceive us?” Do you think I’m an idiot? I saw all of it. Hand it over! ” A few thumps were heard as fists hammered onto the boy’s body, and he cried in pain as he tried to protect himself.

“Hahaha, coward!” The guy scoffed, “What’s the point of resisting when you’re like this? You should have given up the money when I asked nicely. Do you understand?”

“The boss is mighty! The boss is awesome!”

The boy was sobbing softly, afraid of the pain, and afraid that crying too loudly would annoy the guy,  leading to a more severe beating. So the boy held back his voice, making him sound pitiful. 

Shen Fengyue, “!!!”

System, “Mom, robbery!!”

Shen Fengyue’s blood was boiling, “I don’t think we should sit by and ignore it.”

The system said in an upright manner, “The road is unpaved, so we must take action when it’s the time to take action.”

Shen Fengyue confirmed with the system, “In case if I can’t beat them, you can, right?” 

The system indicated that it was fine; this was just a minor problem.

So Shen Fengyue went to the rescue with confidence and boldness like a hero.

“Stop! What are you doing? ” 

Shen Fengyue walked deep into the alley and saw five boys in school uniforms beating up a petite male classmate who was huddled in the corner and facing the wall, leaving only his back exposed. 

One of the bullies, who had a shaved head, was stepping and stomping his feet on the boy’s back. The boy under him instantly let out a few grunts.

After stomping on him a few times, the bully looked back and smiled provocatively at Shen Fengyue. As if he recognized him, he began to speak strangely, “Yo, I was wondering, who yelled at me? It turned out to be our school’s popular boy.” With that, he put down his feet, went to Shen Fengyue, and stooped close to him while grinning at him. 

“What, our popular boy Jian is in a bad mood today and wants to meddle in our business?”

The young boy who was trampled on by them earlier had eyes full of hostility and anger, but he suddenly relaxed his body, and the gloomy expression suddenly returned to his usual cowardice.

The rest of the students were unaware of these changes.

Shen Fengyue raised his head back in disgust and stepped back from the bully to maintain some distance. 

Shen Fengyue frowned and said, “You know me?”

The man knew that he was being despised, but to oppose Shen Fengyue’s intention, he deliberately got closer.

“Oh, you are the most handsome boy in the school, so it’s normal that you don’t know us little punks.” The man paused. “But we are very familiar with the popular boy, Jian.” 

The other guys couldn’t help but let out harsh jeers.

Shen Fengyue wasn’t used to being so close to others, and the distance was a bit awkward, so he took a few steps back, alerting the other party. He contacted the system in his heart, “System, who is this person?”

The system quickly sent out the data to help its partner.

“His name is Wu Yu, he’s a punk at your school. He thinks of himself as a big guy after meeting the leader of the neighborhood gangsters and recruiting some little followers who are always bullying people. Their victims are always cowardly and isolated, so they’re always asking them for money.”

Shen Fengyue nodded his head to show that he knew.

When Shen Fengyue was talking to the system, he seemed distracted. Wu Yu felt that Shen Fengyue was looking down on him. He hit Shen Fengyue very hard, which caused Shen Fengyue to lose his balance. Then he shoved his fist to his face and threatened, “Pretty boy, I’m warning you, you’d better mind your own business or my fist will beat your pretty little face black and blue. If you become disfigured, no girl would be willing to like you. Then don’t blame Master Wu for not showing mercy.” He smiled maliciously while looking at Shen Fengyue’s face. 

Shen Fengyue couldn’t bear to see such insidious bullies. He stepped forward and looked at Wu Yu for a moment, then suddenly pulled a corner of his lips to reveal a smile. 

Whenever Shen Fengyue smiled, his eyes seemed as if they could speak. Bent in a beautiful arc, bright and shining, all the stars in the sky seemed to be captured in his eyes.

Wu Yu was shaken by this smile. Shen Fengyue took advantage of this and punched him in the face. Then he quickly took a step back and kicked his leg toward Wu Yu’s waist.

Before he could cover his face, Wu Yu had to cover his waist. He felt his nose wet and after wiping it he saw red blood on his hands. He looked at Shen Fengyue resentfully, “You!” 

Shen Fengyue did not give him time to react and kicked him in the crotch, the kick was extremely heavy, resulting in a distressing “bang” sound. 

Wu Yu immediately covered his crotch, his face flushed red, not knowing whether it was from pain or annoyance.

“Sorry.” Shen Fengyue quickly retracted his legs and showed a toothy smile to Wu Yu. The white teeth made Wu Yu’s blue veins throb. “Pretty boys can also know how to hit hard.”

The system felt pain in his imaginary third leg. Very good. System didn’t expect this man, surnamed Shen, who’s usually as cold as ice, to be so ruthless. 

Can’t afford to provoke, can’t afford to provoke.

Wu Yu didn’t expect Shen Fengyue to be so vile, fighting and attacking people’s vitality. The immense pain from his lower body made him keep sweating. He covered his crotch angrily and yelled at the little brothers who were still there, “You fools! Don’t you see that I’m hurt? Come on, hit him, give him a good beating.”

The remaining four people responded and immediately surrounded Shen Fengyue. 

“Piece of cake.”

Shen Fengyue raised his eyebrows and sent a hard kick towards a person’s calf, taking advantage of the other’s unstable body and coming down with an over-the-shoulder slam. The 6 feet 1-inch strong man was easily knocked down by him, and he could almost feel the ground shake as he fell to the ground.

The others were too afraid to come forward, while Wu Yu was watching cautiously and kept urging them with insults.

“Still want to come?”

Shen Fengyue didn’t wait for them to come forward. He leaped up and kicked the other party’s jaw. After a burst of pain, their jaw became numb. After he groaned, Shen Fengyue kicked him on the knee socket, resulting in him kneeling down with a thump.

System, “Applause!” 

Shen Fengyue gave his system buddy a big smile. 

But in the eyes of Wu Yu and the others, this smile was extremely scary. Wu Yu swallowed hard and felt that he had kicked an iron wall today. He didn’t expect that this pretty boy was so good at fighting. 

The hero does not suffer from the immediate losses, this was a piece of golden advice that Wu Yu has understood for many years. He immediately decided to leave quickly. 

“Let’s go!” When Wu Yu gave the order, one of the two people who were still in good condition supported Wu Yu, while the other picked up his brother who had been knocked down by Shen Fengyue and walked while limping away. 

After dealing with the trouble, Shen Fengyue was free to check on the poor little guy who had been robbed and bullied.





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