Chapter 17

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Before he knew it, night came.

The sun rises in the east and sets in the west, reacting to the flow of time. But here, it was obviously different.

Shen Fengyue has been chatting with the system for a long time like a turtle, squatting in the cabin with his head shrunk, but only when he inadvertently saw the changes in the sky, he realized that it was night time.

The blue sun faintly reflected a flash of red light, flickering a little. Shen Fengyue happened to notice and tilted his head to take a look.

When he thought that it was just his imagination and was about to withdraw his gaze, the red light flickered again, twice, thrice…

Faster and faster, the red light began to expand, eroding the blue little by little. The blue was expelled by it, and eventually, was swallowed completely.

After the red light finished devouring the blue, it began to change shape.

–It became a red moon, like a crescent moon-shaped container, filled with the red flowing liquid, that liquid was exposed to no wind, still making subtle ripples in the crescent moon-shaped container.

The victor of this silent battle proudly manifested his presence. The red moonlight spilled on the ground from above.

The thin and hazy light was like a gauze, enveloping all the creatures of this world.

Something was changing.

System, “Look!”

Shen Fengyue lying on the window squinted his face to look closely. All the things that were illuminated by the red moon have undergone a mutation.

The first thing that changed was the plants.

During the day those plants grew tall and had brilliant colors, Shen Fengyue looked at them a few times, confirmed that he wasn’t hallucinating, and understood that these plants are something that could not be messed with.

Now, under the red moon’s illumination, the gaudy outer skin was covered with a red haze, looking even more eerie and terrifying.

They had then suddenly moved, the moonlight was like a signal gun, as the light shone upon them, they began to move. Their bodies, as if they had bones, were dancing wildly under the moon.

The branches sprouted an enormous mouth, and sharp fangs were sticking out from the mouth.

The intense gaze was directed at Shen Fengyue, and in a daze he felt that those plants had a pair of invisible eyes open, coveting him with a greedy gaze.


The loud sound of swallowing saliva.

He saw that there was even saliva flowing from between the fangs of the plants, dripping on the ground and making a puddle.


Shen Fengyue also gulped, he forced himself to ignore the intense gaze of those plants looking at him and also the sound of swallowing the saliva that was rising and falling one after another.

He averted his eyes slightly and saw a scene that made his heart tremble.

The people still roaming the streets moved in unison, the corners of their mouths first turned up high, arcing to their temples, and then the smile was retracted. There was no trace of emotion on their faces, and they all stared at the front with fierce eyes.

There was a dead silence, no sound could be heard.

Shen Fengyue watched all this with bated breath, and then those people began to move.

There was a click, the sound of twisting bones, their heads suddenly turned upside down, and then turned backward at the angle of 180.

The upside-down heads suddenly revealed a smile, white teeth shining with light, and all-black eyes were filled with eager burning malice.


The monsters let out a malicious laugh.

In the last world, Shen Fengyue was stimulated to death by the same laugh. When he heard this familiar laugh, he was frightened and immediately had a physiological reaction; he had goosebumps all over his body, sweaty hair hanging down, and his heart was in a panic.

Then there was a sound of clicking and breaking bones again, the monster’s limbs twisted and folded, and finally, they were lying on the ground on all fours, like a reptile.

Their body was lying frontally on the ground, but the head was hanging upside down, looking strange and indescribable, like an alien.

They shook their heads, met Shen Fengyue’s line of sight, and then quickly crawled in the direction of the cabin.

An indefinite amount of monsters were crawling towards his side. When passing through the green belt, some of the monsters were rolled up by the plant branches, and forcefully pulled and stuffed into their mouths, and in the end, were swallowed into their belly.

Clack, click, clack.

Sharp teeth pierced into the flesh, biting through the blood vessels, the bones were crushed and bone marrow was sucked clean, as they enjoyed the delicacy of the flesh and blood of the prey.

As their teeth chewed, blood flowed down and dripped onto the ground.


With a gulp, the remains were swallowed into their belly. A thin tongue poked out between the plant’s mouth, and it licked the blood and residue left between the gap of their teeth.

Finally, that one mouth turned in the direction of Shen Fengyue.

Shen Fengyue immediately cried, “System, I’m so scared.”

The system that has only seen the world of artificial intelligence was very humane and followed the cry, “Don’t complain, I am also afraid.”

Shen Fengyue, “…tsk.”

System, “…” Heh, Bah!

The monsters crawling on the ground made clear rustling sounds because they gripped the ground too hard, their nails were scratched to pieces, dripping flesh and blood against the ground, leaving a long bloody path.

Even so, they still persistently crawled towards Shen Fengyue.

This night was simply a swarm of demons, and he watched as the monsters crawled toward him.

“So persistent?” Shen Fengyue said.

The system did not say anything.

Shen Fengyue also apparently did not realize the seriousness of the matter, he only treated it as a sudden incident, and naturally joked with the system, “I’m afraid we might really become dead this time it seems.”

He looked at the fast-moving monsters under the red light and sighed quietly, “System, remember to open a pain shield for me.”

The system still did not say anything, this negative attitude made Shen Fengyue a little angry, he slightly raised his voice, “System?”


Only then did the system’s voice came from his mind, low and faint, it said, “Shen Fengyue, I can’t open it.”

It added, “I just tried a few times and found that I can’t turn on the pain shield.”

“What do you mean?”

“Shen Fengyue, things are out of control, I’m afraid that we really are going to be dead this time.”

When he heard this, Shen Fengyue thought the system was joking, but after confirming again and again that the system was for real, he immediately ran to the door and held it against himself.

At this point, the cabin became his only refuge. He prayed inwardly that this cabin could continue to defend against external enemies and give him a sense of security.

The monsters were crawling fast, and he caught a glimpse of some of them. They were already approaching the wooden door.

One step, two steps, like the pace of the devil, Shen Fengyue counted in his heart, quietly waiting for that moment to come.

His life or death depends on the next!

Suddenly, the wooden door began to shake, something was slamming against the door in unison with another force.

They’re coming!

Shen Fengyue leaned back tightly against the wooden door, feeling the vibration of the wooden door being slammed into.

The wooden door was tossed and shaken, and Shen Fengyue’s heart was also shaking with the same frequency as the wooden door.

Just when he and the system thought the door was about to be knocked open and they both would be finished together, the commotion outside the door stopped.

The monsters seemed irritated by something, and their sharp, broken nails scratched at the small wooden door, making an ear-splitting “creaking” sound.

There was some dullness.

“They can’t seem to get in.” Shen Fengyue tried to leave the door, to confirm that the monsters can not enter before breathing a sigh of relief.

The monsters outside the door understood human language, and they scratched the door even more frantically when they heard the words.

Squeak, squeak, squeak.

Shen Fengyue retreated a few steps and sat on the ground, staring at the wooden door.

Just like this, he spent the time with the monster outsides, about three hours later the monsters found that they still could not open the door and left on their own.

When they came they were dense in numbers, and when they went, they were still ominously crowded.

When all the commotion stopped, Shen Fengyue slowly walked to the window, leaned against the wall, and closed his eyes to recuperate.

He woke up again to find himself back in that white world.

Rubbing his eyes, Shen Fengyue was still a little confused.

There was silence all around.

The system spoke out to break the silence, “Say something.”

Shen Fengyue, “Say what?”

The system pondered for a moment, then slowly said, “I think you might have entered the dream world within a dream world.”


“Let me analyze it for you, The world you entered this time is divided into two big worlds, ‘Dream world’ and ‘Dream world in the dreams’.” it continued, “The dream world is this world enveloped by the white mist, and this world seems to be safe except for the large expanse of mist and desolation.”

Shen Fengyue was enlightened, “As for the ‘dream world in the dreams’… I entered another world as soon as I entered the small cabin. Is that the ‘dream world in the dreams’ you are talking about?”

The system hummed.

Shen Fengyue added, “That cabin is the node that connects the two big worlds?”

The system took a breath of cold air.

“What’s wrong?”

The system was surprised, “You shouldn’t have this kind of intelligence, ah…”

Shen Fengyue, “…” What to do, I suddenly want to tear someone open.

The system seemed to know that what he said just now was a bit too much, so it immediately changed the subject, “But the ‘dream world’ is divided into two small worlds, day and night, everything is normal during the day, and at night, that is the time when the demons are dispatched.”

Shen Fengyue smacked his lips, “Damn, this time, I was played a big time.”

The system sighed, “I think this time we may have attracted the attention of the bug, he specifically made such a world intending to screw us both.”

Shen Fengyue clutched his hands, paced around in place, and finally kicked the door open with a bang.

He looked up at the sky, only to see the sky covered with a thick mist, only to feel that he was under stress that he shouldn’t have at his age.

“What can I do, I’m helpless too. There’s nothing else that can be done, go on.”

Still familiar with the cabin, Shen Fengyue walked to the door and found that several cracks have appeared on the door, deep and shallow, which clearly showed how crazy the monsters were last night.

He opened the door and found that on the outside of the wooden door there were dense scratches, the old wooden door was scratched to reveal the white surface below. He reached out to feel along those traces, which were like covered with thorns.

Shen Fengyue couldn’t help but exclaimed with fear, “This is too eerie.” This bug hates him so much, it could be seen how much he wants to kill him, that he was caught in a situation like this, he remembered the last world clearly, he and the system suffered more serious mental trauma, okay?

After sighing it was time to get busy with work, the future was uncertain at the moment, and he didn’t know where he should start, he can only explore first. The dream world only had a white mist plus a small wooden house, there was nothing to explore, he can only start from the dream world in the dreams. And because the dream world was extremely dangerous at night, Shen Fengyue decided to seize the time to go out more during the day to find clues.

This time he learned to be smart. When he met those smiling-faced people, he hid and waited for them to leave before coming out. So he kept hiding like this, which really let him go to a lot of places, but unfortunately, nothing he found was useful.

But apparently, God still favored him. Shen Fengyue was walking aimlessly, not looking at the road, and was suddenly caught off guard by a small stone under his feet, making him stagger a little. He lowered his head to see that it was such a small thing, so he kicked it forward angrily.

The stone rolled all the way under the force and finally stopped moving after two moves at a person’s feet.

Shen Fengyue seems to feel someone looking at him. That person was sitting on the ground, long hair draped, as if they were not washed for a long time, oily and shiny, a few strands were even stuck together. She hung her head again, and her face was blocked by her hair, and she couldn’t see very well.

She was wearing a black tattered cloak, her entire person emitted a gloomy dark and unknown aura. This made Shen Fengyue inexplicably think of the witch in fairy tales, who were all dressed up like this.

The woman was startled by the rolling stone and grabbed it with a hand covered with dirt, because the action was too hard, there was some dirt caught in her nails. She held the stone in her hand and then spread it out to see, and then slowly raised her head in the direction of Shen Fengyue.

With her movements, the long sticky hair receded back a little, the woman’s face was revealed.

What kind of face was that?

The woman’s face was not big, but the face was covered with old age spots, and wrinkles were scattered on the face. She was blind in one eye, no, to be precise, the eye was gouged out, leaving only a large black and deep hole. The other eye was also in a state of half-blindness, and a deep slash spanned from the left corner of her forehead to the bridge of her nose, so deep that it seemed to split her entire face open.

Her half-blind eye saw Shen Fengyue, and the light from that eye was indistinguishable from the dark. The woman stood up slowly with her hand on the ground and stumbled towards Shen Fengyue.

He had a bad feeling, but sadly found himself unable to escape, his body could not move half a cent!

The woman was not far from him, so eventually, he could only watch the woman wobble and walk towards him.

A hand reached out in front of him and spread out, revealing the small stone inside, the woman first gave a sharp smile, then cocked her head and asked an inexplicable question.

She asked, “What day of the week is today?”



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