Chapter 14

System’s words were still ringing in his ears. Although Shen Fengyue believed that he can’t just assume Qin Yuan as a bug without any evidence, system’s words were like a ticking bomb, just waiting for a little flame and it would explode with a bang.

The seed of suspicion, once planted, will quickly take root and sprout over time.

When class was over, Shen Fengyue was pretending to be resting, but he was actually observing Qin Yuan silently and found that he was lying on the table, motionless.

Shen Fengyue, “Did he show any changes recently?”

The system shook its head and said, “Don’t let your guard down. Continue to observe. I am also monitoring him.”

Shen Fengyue gave the system a thumbs up silently, thinking that this system is a good system, so dedicated.

Qin Yuan noticed Shen Fengyue’s movements these days and also felt that he was deliberately alienating him. He was lying on the table pretending to sleep, panicking, and kept asking the other personality if they had been found.

His other personality persuaded him, “Don’t worry about it, people in this world who know of my existence are already dead.

Qin Yuan nodded hard, but he still couldn’t help being flustered.

On the other side, Shen Fengyue and the system stared at Qin Yuan for several days, but they didn’t notice anything unusual. Just when one person and one system, felt tired and were thinking of giving up, Shen Fengyue received another card.

    [I finally plucked up the courage to meet you.

    I want to meet you in an upright manner.]

After swallowing the bitter taste in his mouth, Shen Fengyue said, “Are you ready?”

The system said, “Ready, this time we must work together to kill him!”

“System, fighting!”

“Shen Fengyue, you too.”

After reading the card, one person and one system cheered each other up, as they entered a state of constant vigilance.

Shen Fengyue had a strong hunch that the bug was about to appear.

As the saying goes, a woman’s sixth sense is very strong, and Shen Fengyue felt that he now possessed such a precise sixth sense as well.

After the evening self-study, he went home alone, walking along with the streetlights on the way to his home. He opened the door and put down his schoolbag in the dark. As soon as he put down his schoolbag, he had a hunch that something was wrong.

This kind of feeling was hard to describe. It’s like when you live alone in a house for a long time, the house becomes emotionally connected with you, and when there is an extra person in the house; you are able to tell by your senses.

There was another person in the room, staring in his direction with scorching eyes.

He is here!

As soon as this thought arose, he became vigilant. Shen Fengyue clutched the strap of the schoolbag, and after exhaling a few times, he slowly put it down, pretending to calmly turn on the light switch in the living room.

In order to not lose the battle, one must be calm to gain the upper hand.


The lamp in the living room was turned on, and the darkness in the room was driven away. Warm-toned light flooded the room, and an unfamiliar figure appeared.

He was wearing a weird smiling face mask and was dressed in a school uniform, sitting upright on the sofa, with his two strong eyes staring from the two holes of the mask.

“You are here.” Shen Fengyue retracted his hand which was on the switch and clasped his hands in front of his chest.

The masked man just stared at him without saying a word.

Shen Fengyue asked, “What do you want to do this time?”

The masked man suddenly got up, making Shen Fengyue so scared that he took a small step back. After realizing that the masked man just got up and didn’t intend to move forward, he returned to his original position as if nothing had happened.

The system cheered him on, “Stay steady, we can win!”

Shen Fengyue cleared his throat, “I’m telling you, I am not afraid of you at all! Come forward if you have the ability! I’m a grown man, and I’m afraid that you will not succeed in scaring me!”

The masked man obeyed and took a few steps forward.

“Stop, don’t come forward.” Shen Fengyue did not expect the man to be so obedient and quickly retreated strategically, keeping a safe distance between the two sides.

The masked man stopped and stood still staring at him for a while, as if he wanted to oversee him all at once, only after a long while a few words came out from his lips, “I’m sorry.”

This voice was familiar and couldn’t be any more familiar. After spending so much time together, Shen Fengyue felt that he was certain he hadn’t heard it wrong.

“It’s you…”

The man put his hand on the edge of the mask, and after fondling it twice, he shook his hand to untie the tether and take off the mask. The weird mask faded little by little, revealing the delicate face covered by it.

Qin Yuan whispered, “It’s me.”

This time when Shen Fengyue looked at him, a sense of powerlessness swept over him. He suddenly didn’t know how to speak or what to say, so he could only stare at Qin Yuan for what felt like hours.

It was simply like a public execution.

This kind of gaze was simply tormenting, and Qin Yuan’s worst fear finally happened after all, but the reality was crueler than he imagined. He thought that Shen Fengyue would be angry, disgusted, and would resist him, but no, there was nothing. He just looked at him calmly without saying a word.

Qin Yuan grabbed the mask in his hand. He couldn’t stand it anymore and wanted to put it back on again, even if the mask could only last for a few seconds.

Under this calm gaze, his armor was discarded, and he was in a mess.

“Jian-Brother Yan…” He tried to call out but was interrupted by Shen Fengyue’s gesture, Qin Yuan’s face turned pale.

He even lost the qualification to call him by that name.


In the meantime, Qin Yuan’s eyes were faintly gleaming, his mouth opened and closed a few times trying to utter some words, but when he saw Shen Fengyue, he retracted all of his words in his mouth.

“I…” He choked and lowered his head, not daring to look at Shen Fengyue, and began to apologize non-stop, “Sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry… Brother Yan…”

Shen Fengyue shook his head to stop him, “Don’t just apologize, I want to hear your explanation.”

Qin Yuan raised his head abruptly, his throat moved, and the sound was tiny like that of a mosquito, “I’m sorry.” Then he lowered his head and was silent again.

Shen Fengyue was made to lose his patience when he behaved like this. He walked a few steps to get in front of him and said impatiently, “What do you mean? What are you trying to say?”

Suddenly, a burst of grinning laughter came from the boy in front of him. Shen Fengyue stiffened and looked at Qin Yuan in disbelief. After confirming repeatedly that it was really coming from him, he stepped back several steps.

Don’t know how many nights he was awakened by the sound of this weird ‘hehehe’ from his dreams, it was simply demonic.

The system was also frightened by this divine development.

Qin Yuan laughed for a while, before gradually stopping. He raised his head, flicked away the obstructive bangs, threw the mask on the ground, and walked towards Shen Fengyue. He said as he walked, “Tsk, he retreated. It would be better if I’m the one to say it.”

He took large steps and reached Shen Fengyue in a few steps. He did a gentleman’s salute towards him, putting one hand on his chest and the other hand behind his back, and bowed to him.

Qin Yuan raised his eyebrows and smiled, “This is our first meeting, my Jian.”


He straightened up and approached Shen Fengyue with a smile in his eyes, “I am the one who killed Wu Yu, I also killed Shen Yao, and I am also the one who wounded Wei Tianze.”

Shen Fengyue’s eyes widened. Qin Yuan had already expected such a reaction, and added words by word,

“He is Qin Yuan, and so am I.”

Shen Fengyue, “Fuck!”

System, “Fuck!”

He never expected that there would be such a turn of events. Shen Fengyue and Qin Yuan had been good brothers for so long, but he had never noticed it. He was shocked and speechless, so he could only shake his hand and point at Qin Yuan.

“You…you…” he kept repeating the same word for a long time.

Qin Yuan grabbed his hand and took the opportunity to get closer to meet Shen Fengyue’s line of sight.

This Qin Yuan was different from his usual self, with the same face but a different personality, like two different people. There was strong hostility between his eyebrows, and his bangs became more prominent after being lifted.

What kind of eyes were those?

They were deep, dark, crazy, and depressing.

Qin Yuan smiled as the darkness in his eyes increased and he said, “We share the same body. We are the same person.”

“I am his second personality.” He changed his voice and pointed to himself, “My appearance was unexpected yet reasonable. I was born out of Qin Yuan’s years of school bullying.”

Shen Fengyue’s height was a cut above than Qin Yuan, but this Qin Yuan was much stronger than him in terms of momentum. Qin Yuan stretched his body upwards and braced one hand next to Shen Fengyue’s face, and gave him a peck on the lips.

A shallow kiss as fast as a dragonfly.

After the kiss, he stepped back and said softly, “Jian, I like you.”

At this time, Shen Fengyue’s mind was madly swiped by the word “fuck”, and he couldn’t believe that his first kiss was sacrificed in this way, as the system’s shocking sighs also came from his mind.

A cloud of red appeared in the line of his sight, there were a few bouquets of red roses in full bloom. They were held by a pale and slender hand and sent to the hand owner’s sweetheart.

The rose bouquet was placed in front of Shen Fengyue’s eyes, and Qin Yuan spoke softly.

“I’ve always wanted to see you, just like this.”

“You only know him, but not me. As long as I think about it this way, I feel sad.”

He showed a bitter smile, paused, and continued, “He and I are two separate individuals. I hope you can treat us as different beings. I like you, and I don’t know how to say nice things. I am very nervous right now.  But I hope you can feel my sincere heart.”

The last few words seem to be déjà vu. A beautiful and bold girl once said those words to him, and now those words were coming from the murderer who killed her. Shen Fengyue found it ridiculous. He slapped the bouquet that was handed to him and shouted at Qin Yuan, “You are simply unreasonable! Who allowed you to say those words? After you did those things, why do you still have the face to say the same things as Shen Yao?”

The rose bouquet was knocked to the ground, and a few petals fell off the flower.

Qin Yuan remained silent, leaned over to pick up the bouquet, stared at the ruined flower for a few seconds, and then suddenly laughed.

Shen Fengyue was caught off guard and was frightened by the laughter. He had a premonition and quickly withdrew. Unexpectedly, Qin Yuan jumped over abruptly, stuffed the rose into his arms, and hugged him tightly in his arms.

Shen Fengyue, “Fuck!”

System, “Fuck!”

Shen Fengyue opened his eyes wide in shock, and then he felt a slippery thing licking his eyes.

Eyes have always been the finishing touch to a person’s facial features. Jian was born with very beautiful eyes. They would turn to a crescent shape with a smile, like a stream of spring water in the spring of March, gentle and shallow, and even look more radiant with the movement of his eyeballs.

The sky full of stars was caught in those eyes, Qin Yuan licked along his eyelids, as if licking the stars into his mouth.

He moved along with his eye sockets and traced the outline with the tip of his tongue. Shen Fengyue was licked and closed his eyes with fear.

The eyelashes were moistened with saliva, and the tiny droplets of water hung on them.

Shen Fengyue didn’t dare to open his eyes until he stopped. Because Qin Yuan licked too hard, his eyes were a little red, looking pitiful His eyes blinked and were watery.

Shen Fengyue thought that 80% he was sure that he had encountered a pervert this time. Today, he was afraid that he was going to be dead, so he froze in place and did not dare to move, just watching what the pervert was going to do.

Looking at his masterpiece with satisfaction, Qin Yuan glanced up and down, suddenly bent over and tilted his head to kiss Shen Fengyue’s lips. Shen Fengyue was inevitably kissed.

Qin Yuan gently entangled his lips, biting his lower lip with his teeth, and then sucked violently. Shen Fengyue was sucked so that his lips were numb, followed by a gentle lick. This action was repeated many times, and he only felt that he was about to fly away to the sky.

Easily prying open the teeth and going deep into his mouth. The tongue was swept against the roots of the teeth in his mouth. When Shen Fengyue wanted to bite down, Qin Yuan made his jaw stuck, and he wasn’t able to close it anymore and could only take the violent kiss.

The two tongues were entangled, one party fleeing frantically, while the other crazily chasing.

Shen Fengyue was kissed breathless. He frantically called the system in his heart and did not receive a reply for a long time.

Shen Fengyue, Damn, this artificial mentally retarded system went strategically offline again!

When he thought that the other party would go further, the opponent’s movements stopped. Qin Yuan’s eyes flashed a little struggle, and the enthusiasm in his eyes faded and returned to the original appearance.

This was his first personality.

Qin Yuan found himself frightened and hurriedly withdrew from kissing Shen Fengyue. A silver wire was pulled out of Shen Fengyue’s mouth and broke in the air. Qin Yuan looked at all this in shock, touched his mouth blankly, and quickly apologized after reacting.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, Yan…”

His expression changed again before he could finish his words. The man grinned and attacked again. Shen Fengyue, who had just breathed a sigh of relief, was attacked again, he felt desperate in his heart.

This time it was more violent than the last time. Qin Yuan hugged him extremely tightly as if he was about to tear apart his skeleton and merge his flesh and blood into one.

Shen Fengyue pushed hard but couldn’t push him off. Instead, he pressed both hands and feet against his body.

This action was a bit dangerous.

Qin Yuan kissed and whispered love in his ear.

Fiery kisses, crazy whispers of love, and the smell of roses all blended together.

Eventually, he stopped kissing and stopped talking with his heart. Qin Yuan propped himself above him and looked at him, watching him he suddenly smiled. This time, the smile was pure, natural, and from the heart, without impurities.

No longer a weird giggle, he laughed in front of Shen Fengyue for the first time.

Then his expression changed. Qin Yuan looked at him, a tear slid from his eyes and dripped on Shen Fengyue’s face, and a thousand words turned into a single word.

“Brother Yan…” 1it’s a single word in Chinese 言哥

Two completely different expressions appeared on his face, but they smiled at the same time and asked him softly, “Do you want to kill me?”

This sound carried a demonic temptation, and the devil held a poison to lure humans to drink it down. Seeing that smile, Shen Fengyue unexpectedly nodded his head.

A knife was shoved into his hand, facing upwards.

When Shen Fengyue was surprised by the sudden knife in his hands, Qin Yuan had already leaned down and hugged him. The sharp blade pierced into his body as he chuckled, blood gurgled out from the wound, and red flowers bloomed on the white school uniform.

Shen Fengyue released his hand, staring dumbfoundedly at the blood-stained red on his hand, unable to believe that he had killed someone.

Qin Yuan buried his head in his neck, and the two personalities and voices finally merged into one. They whispered in his ear, “Even if you don’t love me, I want you to remember me forever. Even if it’s hate, even if it is fear, it must not be forgotten. I want to engrave it in your bones…”

“This is the love I want.”

He bit hard at the nape of Shen Fengyue’s neck, feverishly biting out blood, and then sucked and licked deeply, finally placing a blood laced kiss on Shen Fengyue’s lips.

When his breath was about to run out, he finally said.

“Remember me, my name is Qin Yuan.”

His head dropped down, pressed against Shen Fengyue’s chest, the bouquet of roses resting beneath his head. The blood that flowed out of them added a touch of red to the petals.


And that’s the end of the first arc ヾ(´▽`*)ノ☆

Thanks for reading 🙂



  • 1
    it’s a single word in Chinese 言哥


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