Chapter 10

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After he left, the cries of sorrow stopped, and Qin Yuan’s expression began to change, two expressions started appearing on his face.

One side was crying, sad and desperate; while the other side was laughing, full of resentment.

A bizarre face.

Tears flowed out from one eye, like beads, making him look like a broken doll, but the other eye was strangely dry. That side blinked his eye and raised his hand to wipe away the remaining tears, his posture relaxed, seemingly indifferent.

The owner of that eye rotated his eyeball to look the other way, and couldn’t help but scoff at the sight of his miserable appearance.


The other half didn’t react to that, still letting the tears pour down.

He was used to the other half’s stupidity and knew he was delusional.

“Have you ever heard of ‘Who Killed the Mockingbird’?”

The other half still didn’t make a sound.

He suddenly started humming a weird nursery rhyme, asking himself questions as he did so.

“Who killed the mockingbird?”

“It was me, the sparrow said. I killed the mockingbird, with my bow and arrows.”

“Who saw him die?”

He spoke softly, “It was me, the fly said. I saw him die with my little eyes.”

“Who took his blood?”

He spoke with bloodthirsty excitement, “It was me, the fish said. I took his blood and used it as sauce on my dishes.”


He sighed compassionately and sang out his pity for the mockingbird’s miserable condition.

“They killed it together, oh, my poor mockingbird, and together they partake of thee.”

“So, farewell, mockingbird.”

The first personality ignored his insanity and continued to wallow in his grief.

But then he heard his voice change, “So who killed Qin Yuan?”

The other personality froze, then replied softly, “It was the parents, they abandoned him.”

“Who killed Qin Yuan?”

“It was Wu Yu, he bullied him.”

“Who killed Qin Yuan?” The second personality further pressed on the topic.

“It was his classmates, they isolated him.”

“It was Li Li, he verbally insulted him!”

“It was Pang Tong, she hid his stuff, drew flowers on his books, and throws away his homework!”

“It was Chong Sha, she spread rumors about him stealing!”


Qin Yuan said the names of the people who had abused him, which were deeply engraved in his heart and would never fade. One by one, he remembered them by heart. As he said those words, the tears flowed more fiercely, containing his resentment towards these people and disappointment towards himself.

These people deserve to die, and him, the useless him should die as well.

They all deserve to die! He thought frantically.

“Who saved Qin Yuan?” The other man continued to ask questions.

Qin Yuan was startled and said in a voice that couldn’t have been softer, “It was Jian Yan, he shed sunshine into his world and allowed Qin Yuan to see the light again.” He had just yelled loudly, and when he suddenly lowered and softened his voice, his voice inevitably couldn’t adjust. It was sharp and hoarse, like a sharp weapon scratched on sandpaper, but the love and tenderness in it could still be heard.

“Who is the person Qin Yuan hates the most?” The man began to ask questions again.

“It’s Wei Tianze! He wants to separate Qin Yuan and Jian… ” Because of the great resentment, his fingers were deeply plunged into the mud, “I hate him! I hate him! I hate him!”

The other half curled up his lips, then smiled softly and said, “That’s what I think so too.”

“No one can stop us.”

“Trash, do you want to give up on Jian? Will you allow Jian to leave you? Can you tolerate a day without Jian?”

“I can’t.”

There was a hint of harshness in his voice.

“If someone wants to compete with us, we’ll have to…”

The other half suddenly stopped weeping, he too slowly curled up his lips and raised his eyebrows, his eyes full of spite, the two halves of his face surprisingly overlapping in unison.

He said, “Kill him.”

“Do you really want to kill him?”

“Get, get rid of him.”

“Hehehe, yes, get rid of him, kill him, kill that eyesore.”

Those eyes were incredibly bright, the sunlight shining into them made them wet, but he still didn’t want to close his eyes.

In those eyes, monstrous hatred was about to spill out.

The two halves of his face said in the same tone and voice resentfully.

“Kill him.”



Now, they were surprisingly on the same page.

After Shen Fengyue came back from the teacher’s office with his homework, he found that Wei Tianze next to him was inexplicably in a good mood, kicking his legs as he wrote his homework, so he couldn’t help but ask him, “What’s going on today? Why are you in such a good mood?”

“Ah, just in a good mood.” Wei Tianze was happy to be taken care of by Shen Fengyue, “Jian Yan.”


“Nothing, just wanted to call your name.”

Shen Fengyue didn’t care, “Okay, just call it if you want to.”

When he handed out homework for the entire class and placed the last copy on Qin Yuan’s seat, he found that he wasn’t there.

“Huh? Not here?…” Not noticing that something was wrong, he returned to his seat.

After the end of self-study was lunch break, the school usually provides between 40 – 60 minutes during lunch break. When the first bell rang, Shen Fengyue was woken up. He managed to hold himself up, open the water bottle, and take a couple of sips before wandering off to the bathroom.

When he passed by Qin Yuan’s seat, he found that it was still empty.

After solving his physiological needs in the toilet, he was refreshed. After that, he turned on the tap and poured two handfuls of water onto his face. The cold water stimulated the nerves, his heart felt as if it was about to soar from the cold and he immediately felt completely awake.

After returning to the classroom, he walked to Qin Yuan’s empty seat, Shen Fengyue wondered, “Why isn’t Qin Yuan here?”

System, “He never came back at noon.”

“Noon?!” Shen Fengyue was shocked, “It can’t be that something has happened. The murderer hasn’t been found yet, I have to go find him.”

He pushed the still sleeping Wei Tianze awake, “Wei Tianze, where is Qin Yuan? Have you seen him?”

Wei Tianze was still a little confused, “Qin Yuan? I don’t know, ah?”

“He hasn’t been back all afternoon, does anyone know where he’s been?”

“He’s not back yet?” Wei Tianze, on the other hand, rolled over and continued to lie down, and muttered, “He should’ve been back already.”

Shen Fengyue heard a bit of the muttering and had a hunch. He patted his face and shook him before waking him up completely, “Don’t sleep, get up. Do you know where he’s gone?”

Wei Tianze was a bit angry, but since it was Jian who shook him awake, he didn’t dare to disobey, so he sat up, “I saw him wandering around the grove earlier.”

“The grove?” Shen Fengyue asked after him, “What was he doing in the grove?”

“I don’t know ah.” Wei Tianze said, “It’s not like I’m on good terms with him so why would I even pay attention to his whereabouts.”

Shen Fengyue also nodded straight away, thinking that it made sense. This guy Wei Tianze spent most of his time sticking to him, how could he have time to spare to pay attention to Qin Yuan?

“That’s fine, you go back to sleep, I’ll go find him.”

Shen Fengyue was just about to leave when he was pulled by Wei Tianze, he struggled, “What are you doing? You go to sleep.”

“Don’t waste time going to look for him. He’s an adult, he knows how to come back by himself.” Wei Tianze couldn’t help but start sticking to him again, climbing up on him like a vine.

Shen Fengyue was afraid that the system would say “why are you so gay” to hurt him, so he hurriedly ran away.

Shen Fengyue, “Finally slipped away, Wei Tianze that guy, tsk.”

System, “Yes, gay is gay, always pestering you, so annoying.”

It was the time of day when the sun was at its highest, the blazing sun was shining as brightly as it could in the sky, and the light and heat it emitted exposed the earth. The heat from the ground transmitted from the bottom up and into the human body through the shoes, Shen Fengyue walked on the ground, feeling like he was stepping on hot lava.

School A was extremely large, and Shen Fengyue strolled around looking everywhere but couldn’t see Qin Yuan’s figure.

“This brat, what’s he doing running around for nothing? After I find him, I won’t be Shen Fengyue if I don’t teach him a lesson!” He was just about to take a paper to wipe his sweat, but found that he didn’t have one. Shen Fengyue looked around and saw that there was no one around, so he lifted up his shirt and wiped his face with lightning speed, leaving his white waist exposed for a mere second.

After wiping, he continued to look for Qin Yuan as if nothing had happened.

The system who was the onlooker of the entire process, “…”

He searched for half a day, getting a little dizzy from the sun, he finally found a familiar figure in a small grove not far away.

“Qin Yuan!”

Qin Yuan was leaning against a tree, half of his body exposed to the sun, his eyes red from the bright rays, sitting there gazing off into the distance, as if he hadn’t heard Shen Fengyue’s voice.

“Qin Yuan!”

Still no response.

Hey, that’s weird.

Shen Fengyue looked closer and noticed that his eyes weren’t red from the sun at all, he was crying, crying silently.

There are many different ways to cry, and everyone’s method of crying is different. Some like to wail and howl, crying their eyes and nose out, while others prefer to cry silently, pursing their lips and letting the tears fall.

Qin Yuan was the latter, crying heartbreakingly.

Shen Fengyue didn’t know what could’ve happened to make someone cry like this, he hastily squatted down, reaching out to shake his hand in front of his eyes, he carefully spoke, “Qin Yuan?”

Still no response.

Shaking him, “Qin Yuan? Qin Yuan!” Finally, he shouted in his ear to bring him back to consciousness.

Qin Yuan looked over and when he saw that it was him, his tears started to flow even more fiercely, choking out a pitiful, “Brother Yan…”

“What’s wrong?”

Qin Yuan suddenly howled out, threw himself into his arms, and kept shouting, “Brother Yan, Brother Yan, Brother Yan…”

“What’s going on here?” Shen Fengyue couldn’t figure out the situation and looked confused. With a dazed expression, he could only smoothly reassure him.

“Brother Yan, Brother Yan, am I not, am I not worthy of all the, all the beauty and tenderness of this world?”

“Why are you saying that all of a sudden?” Shen Fengyue guessed that someone might’ve said something to him.

“How could it be? You definitely deserve it. Has anyone said anything to you?”

Qin Yuan suddenly stopped speaking.

Shen Fengyue thought he was right, he looked directly at Qin Yuan, “Who?”

Qin Yuan’s eyes dodged, being stared at like this by Shen Fengyue, he finally spat out, “I don’t dare to say it.”

“Don’t dare to say it? Did that person threaten you?”


This was tacit admission.

“You tell me who that person is, I’ll help you, I’d like to see who dares to rampage in front of me, Shen… Jian Yan.”

Qin Yuan still didn’t speak, Shen Fengyue was helpless and could only compromise, “Then, let’s do it this way, I’ll ask you questions, you just nod or shake your head.”

“Is it a girl?”

Qin Yuan shook his head.

“So it’s a boy, is he tall? Fat? Is he handsome?”

Qin Yuan listened intently, then nodded, shook his head, and nodded on the last one after hesitating a little.

“Do I know him?”


The range has been narrowed considerably, there were fewer boys in the class who fit these traits, “Good grades? Good family history?”

Qin Yuan nodded.

“…” A name was ready to be called out, as there were just a few dozen people in the class, moreover there were very few who would meet the above criteria. The scope was already narrowed down to a certain person, but he still had to make a final judgment, so Shen Fengyue asked the last question. “Is his… last name Wei?”

Qin Yuan slowly nodded his head and then lowered it, he couldn’t help but sneak a little peek at Shen Fengyue’s expression, he was a little scared when he found that his face didn’t look good. He didn’t know who was more important in Shen Fengyue’s heart compared to Wei Tianze.

He was afraid that Shen Fengyue would eventually favor Wei Tianze, and even if it was just a guess, it was enough to make him suffocate and drive him crazy. But the good news was that Shen Fengyue was fair after all.

He heard Shen Fengyue let out a long sigh, “It’s him.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll find him and ask for clarification.”

Qin Yuan was overjoyed, he had succeeded, Jian’s words were in favor of him.

The other personality also felt this joy and said to him in his head, “Hehehe, look I was right.”

Shen Fengyue suddenly felt powerless for some reason after he knew it was Wei Tianze. He stood up towards Qin Yuan who was still sitting on the ground and asked, “Can you get up by yourself?”

Qin Yuan nodded and stood up from the ground, then Shen Fengyue took him by the shoulders and brought him back.

The subsequent development after that was incredibly smooth. When Shen Fengyue returned with Qin Yuan, Wei Tianze knew that things were exposed. And when Shen Fengyue questioned him about what was going on, he got angry at Shen Fengyue for the first time, stating that he just didn’t like Qin Yuan and wanted to target him.

Qin Yuan stood silent, aggrieved like a little daughter-in-law.

Shen Fengyue also remembered the child crying in that miserable state before, then looked at Wei Tianze’s arrogant attitude. He immediately became angry and slapped the table, looking at Wei Tianze, “You have to apologize to Qin Yuan.”

Wei Tianze also slapped the table, “I won’t!”

Shen Fengyue said, “Don’t you realize your mistake? If you’re like this, I don’t want to be friends with you either.”

Wei Tianze became even angrier and also said words to cut off his friendship with him, although after a while he regretted a little and wanted to talk to Shen Fengyue, he couldn’t let go of his face.

Since then, the two of them have started a cold war.

System, “You guys are so naïve, oh. Just like children yelling at each other.”

Shen Fengyue, “…”

When Shen Fengyue came to the school the next day, he found out that Wei Tianze had not come. Later he learned from his teacher that Wei Tianze had been cut and wounded after he returned home that night, as a result, he had been hospitalized.





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