Chapter 8.12 – Cultivating down the wrong path

The Target always thinks that I like him!
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Hearing Liu Meng’er’s words, Chen Shu Ze hesitated. The rabbit was really cute but it was also very delicious!

Especially the rabbits roasted by Shizun, sprinkled with cumin and salt, then slathered in chilli oil and soy sauce. Although some pieces would occasionally become burnt, the taste was still pretty good.

As for Senior Sister Liu, who had inherited her Shizun’s deep love for eating, her roast rabbit must also be…

Xiang Han was still rejoicing in his heart earlier and felt that Chen Shu Ze was a good disciple, honest and kind. In the blink of an eye, this kid was looking at him like a fat piece of meat.

Absurd! They are all traitors!

Without any hope left, Xiang Han decided to save himself. He kicked his hind legs and tried to escape.

However, Liu Meng’er was quick. She set up an array and shouted, “Be careful! Don’t let it escape.”

Chen Shu Ze hurriedly went forward to pick it up. Rabbit Xiang’s front paws had yet to touch the ground before he was already dragged back.

Xiang Han’s heart was in rage! After being dragged back, he simply began to struggle on Chen Shu Ze’s body.

Immediately, Chen Shu Ze was at a loss. With great difficulty, he managed to tie all four of its limbs up before he hesitated. “Shijie, this rabbit seems to understand our words. It must be spiritually developed, why don’t we raise it?”

Xiang Han was stretching his neck to bite the other person when he heard this and quickly withdrew. In his heart, he scoffed: Looks like you finally have some conscience.

“Is that so?” Liu Meng’er leaned forward and sniffed. “There’s no demonic aura.”

Bullshit! This master’s fur has the aura concealing bead. How could you possibly detect any demonic aura?

Xiang Han couldn’t help giving a low snort and snuggled deeper into Chen Shu Ze’s arms.

Chen Shu Ze once more felt that this rabbit truly understood what they were saying and held it closer. “Shijie, I’m coincidentally lacking a spiritual beast. Why don’t you give this to me? If you want to roast one, I’ll catch another one for you tomorrow.”

En, this is okay! Xiang Han quickly curled up in his embrace.

Liu Meng’er noticed the rabbit burrowing into Chen Shu Ze’s chest and also felt it was the case. It might be a spiritually developed rabbit and since Shidi needed a spiritual beast, she would… endure it.

“In that case, I’ll give this to Shidi.” Liu Meng’er endured the heart-splitting pain and glanced at the rabbit once more in hesitation. “But… Shidi, rabbits are weak. Are you really going to raise it as your spiritual pet?”

Rabbit Xiang’s four claws were released and he latched on Chen Shu Ze’s arm immediately upon hearing this, staring warily at Liu Meng’er.

Chen Shu Ze stroked its long ears in amusement and nodded. “En, I’ll wait for Shizun to return to ask him for any strengthening techniques.”

“Alright.” Liu Meng’er no longer tried to convince him. But before leaving, her expression was full of unwillingness.

Xiang Han let out a sigh of relief, feeling that he had finally bid farewell to danger. Seeing that Chen Shu Ze was no longer restraining him, Xiang Han began to think whether he should slip away. Otherwise, he may revert back to his human form in front of his disciple.

Just as he reached out a limb, Chen Shu Ze abruptly stuffed him back into his robe and closed the door to his courtyard.

Xiang Han was dumbfounded. He struggled to poke his head out, only to see that Chen Shu Ze had already brought him into the bathroom.

“Little rabbit, you’ve been running outside all day and must be very dirty. Let’s give you a bath.” Chen Shu Ze touched his head.

You’re the dirty one! Xiang Han tried to look for an escape route while cursing.

“But is this a male or female rabbit?” Chen Shu Ze continued to wonder by himself.

Of course he was… a male rabbit!

After figuring out his escape route, Xiang Han prepared to slip away. However, Chen Shu Ze simply lifted him by his ears.

Afraid of having his intentions seen through, he immediately fell as silent as a chicken.

Chen Shu Ze was doubtful. “It’s legs aren’t twitching and its eyes… is it a male or female?”

Turns out he was figuring out his gender. Xiang Han let out a sigh in relief and hurriedly lifted a leg to prove he was a male rabbit.

However, Chen Shu Ze directly put him on the bed and one hand went forward to separate its two hind leg while the other hand held its tail. “Forget it, I’ll just take a look.”

Xiang Han was dumbfounded. By the time he recovered, Chen Shu Ze had already released him and even flicked his tail with a grin. “Looks like its a male.”

Xiang Han was flicked into a ball. His entire rabbit felt unwell.

Rebellious disciple ah!

With a tremble, Xiang Han reached out a claw and felt his rabbit face heat up… no, his entire body was on fire. It was probably hot enough to roast this rabbit.

Chen Shu Ze touched his claw and held it. “Is the little rabbit shy? You have not even taken on a proper form, hahaha…”

Beast! You dare to laugh?

Xiang Han retracted his claws furiously, turning to run towards the window. But he was grabbed by the ear by Chen Shu Ze who was still laughing. “Alright, I won’t tease you. Let’s give you a bath.”

Fck off! Who wants to bathe with you?

Xiang Han struggled desperately, but four claws could not outmatch two hands. Ultimately, he was picked up by Chen Shu Ze.

Not good! Xiang Han silently cried. He was about to transform and if he didn’t find a way to escape, his rebellious disciple would see him in his full glory.

Thankfully the ring’s space had been programmed into the system and although it fell off with his clothes earlier, he could still retrieve items from inside the space through the system.

[Little Nine, help me find some medicine that can knock a man out.] Xiang Han instructed coldly.

The system was fast. It didn’t take long for the powdered drug to appear in his claws.

Xiang Han was cautious and the moment Chen Shu Ze bent down to put him in a bucket, he suddenly raised his paw and slapped the other person’s face.


After a while, Chen Shu Ze took a deep breath, his face suddenly becoming very ugly. He frowned and asked, “Little Rabbit, did you step on something? Why is there a stench on your paws?”

A stench? Xiang Han subconsciously smelt it…

There was a smell, but that was not the point. The point is… he actually smelled it?

Although it was just briefly, he had actually inhaled it. It’s all Chen Shu Ze’s fault, making him dizzy from anger.

Xiang Han scratched his head angrily, Chen Shu Ze hurriedly held his claws and comforted him, “Don’t be afraid, it won’t stink after you bathe…”

Before he finished speaking, Chen Shu Ze suddenly trembled and fell to the ground.

Seeing this, Xiang Han hurriedly jumped out of the bucket and ran out. He had inhaled less of the drug and wanted to rush back to his residence before passing out, but his transformation began after just two steps.

He actually turned into a human at such a time! Xiang Han’s veins popped in anger, but he could only find some clothes first. But before he could get up, a wave of dizziness washed over him and his body began to feel weak.

Before fainting, there was only one thought on his mind: it’s over, I’m going to be exposed!

He didn’t know how long he had fainted for but when he opened his eyes again, the room was already dark.

Xiang Han felt coldness under him and was relieved. He was still lying on the ground, and it seemed that Chen Shu Ze had not woken up.

Fair enough, he only inhaled a little and naturally woke up earlier.

Although he was in a hurry to leave, he couldn’t go out naked. Xiang Han hurriedly got up, intending to ‘borrow’ a piece of robe before Chen Shu Ze woke up.

Although the room was dim, with Xiang Han’s cultivation, it was not difficult to see clearly. He quickly picked one of Chen Shu Ze’s robes. After carefully putting it on, he was about to tiptoe away when the lamp lit up.

Xiang Han was momentarily stunned and his mind went blank.

As soon as Chen Shu Ze woke up, he noticed another person’s presence in his room and also knew that the other person was stealing his clothes. He wanted to catch the thief, but after lighting the lamp, he found that the back of this man was very similar to Xiang Han.

“Shi… Zun?” He hesitated, unable to believe it.

Impossible? How could Shizun come to his room? And steal his clothes?

Xiang Han’s body was stiff and his expression was full of embarrassment. He couldn’t turn around, but he also couldn’t not turn around.

He quickly thought of a few countermeasures: At this proximity with both of them in the room, no matter how he ran, he would be recognised. So why not…

Xiang Han closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and then abruptly turned around. His expression and voice was full of confusion: “Shu Ze? Why is Shizun here with you?”

Chen Shu Ze: “…” He also wants to know!

“Huh? Whose clothes are these? Your master should be meditating in the room, how could I…”

Xiang Han frowned more and more deeply, as if something had really happened.


Chen Shu Ze couldn’t help but think to himself: Could it be that… Shizun really experienced qi deviation?

“Shizun? Recently… have you had any problems with your cultivation?” He probed cautiously.

Problem? Xiang Han instantly understood what he meant, he couldn’t help heaving a sigh of relief, then pinched his temples, and said tiredly, “Your master can’t remember much, but during my cultivation recently, it seems to be easier to… Forget it, I’m fine. I’ll go back first.”

He deliberately used Chen Shu Ze’s words, but left half of it unsaid, leaving room for imagination.

When Chen Shu Ze heard this, he became increasingly sure that Xiang Han had really fallen into qi deviation. He was slightly startled and a new round of struggle grew in his heart.

He never imagined his Shizun would fall into qi deviation and in that state, subconsciously find his place and even secretly put on his clothes. Is it because Shizun likes him? Shizun must also be struggling in his heart which resulted in accidents during his cultivation and allowing his inner demons to take advantage of it.

Alas, what should he do? In fact, he doesn’t really mind the relationship between a master and disciple, but he had always regarded his Shizun as an unattainable figure. If Shizun is willing, he would also…ahem!

But if Shizun was so restrained that he ended up in this state during his cultivation, it would presumably be difficult for him to accept such a relationship. It must be because he had suppressed his feelings too much.

Should he tell Shizun his true thoughts? But he wasn’t sure whether he truly liked Shizun or was simply grateful and couldn’t bear to watch his Shizun suppress his feelings to this extent.

If he was only grateful to Shizun, that was not love. Doing so was only likely to bring Shizun more pain in the future. Ugh……

Noticing his bitter expression, Xiang Han was actually a little curious. But his priority was to get out of here.

So, while Chen Shu Ze was still struggling, he quickly pulled his robe tighter and walked out as calmly as possible.


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