Chapter 8.07 – Gaining a Master (2)

The Target always thinks that I like him!
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Though he looked angry, he was not. Elder Gu had just accepted the male lead as his disciple. If these two were to join forces, he would actually be relieved. At that time, he would set a rule not to allow the male lead to wander around Liu Han Zhou’s courtyard. This way, Chu Ming couldn’t appear around them and it would reduce Chu Ming’s sense of existence in Chen Shu Ze’s mind.

Chen Shu Ze was stunned. He didn’t expect that Xiang Han, who was still confronting another elder, would suddenly turn around to accept him as a disciple. He hadn’t beaten Senior Sister Liu yet. Moreover, wasn’t this just the senior throwing a fit?

The sect leader and elders felt that Xiang Han was doing this out of spite since it was obvious that the person he had pointed to was a waste. Those who had intended to watch as bystanders felt that since matters had reached this point, they should speak a few words.

However, Elder Gu was elated to see this and even laughed. “What? Elder Liu no longer intends to accept your niece as a disciple?”

Xiang Han immediately answered, “Meng’er was already my disciple, why do I have to accept her again? I will not stop you if you insist on accepting him as a disciple, but in the future, Qing Jing Peak does not welcome you and I hope you will restrain your disciple as well so as to not bother my disciple. Moreover, your actions today will only harm the sect in the future. If Chu Ming does anything to harm the sect, it will be your responsibility.”

“Hmph, no need for your worry.” Elder Gu laughed coldly, “But, I must say, he has yet to worship you as his master. Don’t get ahead of yourself.”

In any case, they had completely torn apart any civility. There was no need to leave each other any face.

The sect leader had a headache. Just as he was about to speak, Xiang Han turned away and looked towards Chen Shu Ze.

Seeing that Chen Shu Ze hadn’t moved yet, Zhao Jiuyang anxiously kicked his leg and huffed, “Hurry up, this is Elder Liu we’re talking about. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. It will soon be gone if you continue to act so dumb.”

Chen Shu Ze received the kick and stumbled, but he quickly stabilised himself and calmly replied, “This Junior is willing. However… this junior has not yet defeated Senior Sister Liu.”

Liu Meng’er: “…” Who the hell is this? Why are they all trying to beat her?

Xiang Han gave a slight smile. “Not a problem. In the future, she will be your senior sister. There will be many opportunities for you two to learn from each other.”

When Chu Ming heard this, he suddenly became anxious. Chen Shu Ze was a good friend and the male protagonist’s golden finger. Even when he ascended later, he was still a great help to the male protagonist. How could he be taken away by the villain, Liu Han Zhou?

But after hearing what Xiang Han said, Chen Shu Ze knelt down to worship Xiang Han as his master without hesitation.

Everyone was immediately envious. A person with the five element spiritual waste root could actually worship an elder as a master. Their jealousy was about to separate their souls and bodies. In the end, Chu Ming was to be blamed. If it weren’t for him, would Elder Liu be so angry to the extent of taking a waste as his disciple?

Xiang Han was extremely satisfied. After receiving this disciple, he pulled out a sword directly from the equipment interface, pulled both Chen Shu Ze and Liu Meng’er aside before warning Elder Gu. “Since you are determined to accept him as a disciple, then I will say one more thing. Chu Ming wanting to kill Meng’er will not end here. It’s just that the sect leader and other elders are here today so I will not pursue this matter. In the future, it’ll do you good to watch yourself.”

These words were also considered to be making a statement. He could not tolerate Elder Gu any longer, but it had nothing to do with the other two elders. Since Liu Han Zhou’s cultivation was the lowest amongst all the elders, he could not afford to offend them too thoroughly.

After saying this, he left with Chen Shu Ze and Liu Meng’er, cutting open a path with his sword. The sword was extremely wide, more than a meter long, and was carried on his back. The tip of the knife touched his heel while the handle could touch the back of his head. Moreover, its blade was extremely gorgeous. Inlaid with various stones with unknown bonus attributes, a single swing of this blade would cause streams of light in all directions.

When others saw his sword, they were stunned while the disciples below couldn’t help but sigh. “Elder Liu looks extremely cold and elegant, I thought he was a sword master, I never expected him to use such a …a huge sword.”

“I know right? That sword is gorgeous. It’s clearly not an ordinary weapon at first glance.”

“Yes, I also feel that there is something special about it.”

In his heart, Chu Ming had vomited blood. Although he had become an apprentice, he did not feel an ounce of joy. Liu Han Zhou unexpectedly used a sword, and a big and flashy one at that. It was completely different from what was written in the book and most importantly, he had run away with his good friend. He had not yet cleared the dungeons in the upper realms and his golden finger had not yet shown his worth. How had he run off?

Chu Ming had already planned to get closer to Chen Shu Ze at his lowest point, then bring him to the upper realm. Once he reunited with his family, he would definitely be filled with gratitude and benefits would start rolling in. He never expected for matters to turn out this way and worst still, Liu Han Zhou disallowed him from stepping foot on Qing Jing Peak. How was he to continue being brothers with Chen Shu Ze?

After Xiang Han left, the other two elders did not have the mood to linger. Since Xiang Han had already stated his thoughts, they only needed to carefully consider and realise that Elder Gu was the one at fault in this situation with his attitude of putting pressure on every one.

In the first place, Elder Liu’s niece was almost killed, so it was normal for him to be angry. But Elder Gu deliberately went against him. As respected figures, they should talk it out if there was unhappiness, why go to the extent of causing such trouble?

A proper disciple selection competition was upset, causing both parties to be unhappy. Thankfully, neither lacked disciples. Thus, after some formalities, they simply waved their sleeves and left.

The sect leader who watched this also left soon with a stoic expression. He had enough disciples and did not intend to accept any more, especially after such an incident. Every single person had overlooked him, too depressing!

Elder Gu’s expression was terrible. He felt that these three people were taking Xiang Han’s side and not his. Recalling the words Xiang Han had left behind, his expression sunk further. It was too humiliating to be given a warning in front of so many people.

Somewhat angry, he turned to Chu Ming with a cold face. “We’re leaving.”

In any case, he just wanted to know what treasures Chu Ming had. It wasn’t like he had intended to cultivate this disciple.

On the other side, Xiang Han had just taken Chen Shu Ze and Liu Meng’er back to his residence and swiftly put away his sword.

Liu Meng’er couldn’t help sighing. “Shizun, it turns out your sword is so… domineering!”

“That’s right.” Chen Shu Ze agreed. He always felt that this person was cold and aloof, so the weapon he used must also ‘be worthy of a gentleman’. He never expected it would be a sword, and such a domineering one too.

Xiang Han was calm, thinking to himself: What’s so great about it? The swords in the <The Immortal way> have always been so domineering.

But isn’t a big sword cool? Every time he heard the words ‘40 meter-long sword’, he felt incomparably cool. Unfortunately, 40 meters was too long. He could not hold it.

However, for the sake of upholding his aloof personality, he ignored their words and calmly replied, “You two don’t have to dwell on the matters earlier, just concentrate on cultivating.”

Then, he turned to Liu Meng’er. “Meng’er, from now on Chen Shu Ze is your shidi, you must get along with him. And also, can you first… help arrange a place for him to stay.”

“Yes.” Liu Meng’er answered, but still sincerely thanked him after a moment of hesitation. “Just now, thank you so much, Shizun, If not for Shizun, Meng’er may have… may have…”

“Enough, you don’t have to talk about that matter any more. Your master will help you seek justice.” Xiang Han waved a hand before turning back to Chen Shu Ze. “You heard what I said earlier at the competition grounds. Since you have become my disciple, limit your contact with Chu Ming from now on.”

Xiang Han didn’t dare hope for him to immediately turn against Chu Ming. At the very least, he should avoid the other. Speaking of this, he didn’t know why he suddenly had a feeling he was hitting a pair of mandarin ducks with a stick.

Chen Shu Ze was naturally willing to oblige Xiang Han’s instructions, but Chu Ming was his friend of five years and they had gone through thick and thin. He felt that there were some matters he should ask and clarify.

Thus, he hesitated before speaking. “Shizun, to tell you the truth, I’ve known him for five years. There are some things I would like to ask him.”

Liu Meng’er looked at him in surprise. Her new disciple brother was friends with Chu Ming? No wonder he wanted to challenge her, it couldn’t be because he wanted to take revenge for Chu Ming, right? How infuriating! Later on, she’d definitely pick a small room for him.

After clashing with Elder Gu, Xiang Han was feeling tired, so he simply left a sentence behind. “Suit yourself.”

Then, he immediately entered Liu Han Zhou’s residence.

Chen Shu Ze froze and his expression was immediately filled with regret. Having just gone against him, Shizun must definitely be furious. How good would it be if he had just said ‘okay’? Why did he have to do something so useless? In any case, Chu Ming didn’t treat him as a friend, it was truly a loss to anger his Shizun for this.

The more he thought about it, the more frustrated he became. Beside him, Liu Meng’er’s grin was filled with malice. Watching Xiang Han leave, she immediately steeled her expression and gave a low cough. “Shidi?”

Chen Shu Ze quickly returned to his senses and politely answered, “Shijie.”

“En.” Liu Meng’er nodded. “Shizun only has us two disciples. In the future, Shizun is the highest on the Qing Jing Peak, I’m second, and you’re the last. Understood?”

“What about them?” Chen Shuze’s lips twitched, pointing to a few in the distance who were in charge of sweeping.

“Ahem, they’re an exception.” Liu Meng’er replied and continued to tell him the rules. “As a shidi, you need to respect your shijie and listen to her, otherwise.”

“Meng’er, why are you still here?” Xiang Han couldn’t listen further and came out to interrupt.

Liu Meng’er stagnated for two seconds before stuttering. “I- I was about to arrange a residence for shidi.”

“En.” Xiang Han nodded and restrained a laugh. “Don’t bully Shu Ze.”

“Yes.” Liu Meng’er quickly escaped. Halfway gone, she realised Chen Shu Ze was still standing in his original position and hurriedly returned.

Xiang Han couldn’t help it. He ran back to his courtyard and laughed.

Liu Meng’er dragged Chen Shu Ze around for half a day before they returned to their original position. She found a small stone hut near Xiang Han’s courtyard and said, “Shidi, the most important thing about cultivation is endurance. Endure the endless loneliness, endure the heaven’s test, endure…”

“Shijie, I know all these.” Chen Shu Ze cut her off helplessly.

Due to Chu Ming’s influence, he always viewed Liu Meng’er terribly. But after interacting with her, he felt that this girl wasn’t bad, at least not as bad as Chu Ming made it out to be.

“When your shijie speaks, you must listen. You cannot interrupt me.” Liu Meng’er told him off sternly and began to preach for another half a day. “That’s why, for the sake of honing your temperament, I specifically chose this room for you. You must practise seriously and you cannot let your shijie’s effort be in vain.”

Chen Shu Ze was speechless. If he didn’t remember wrong, they had already passed this stone hut thrice. Though he acted foolish in front of Xiang Han, he wasn’t actually stupid. He had long seen through Liu Meng’er’s thoughts.

However, he recalled he had indeed wronged this lady when accepting a master. Adding on his relationship to Chu Ming… In any case, he’d let her do as she pleased.

Moreover, he was quite satisfied with this stone hut due to its proximity to Xiang Han’s courtyard.

When Liu Meng’er saw how easily he accepted it without a trace of dissatisfaction and he even seemed to be grateful, she immediately felt even more guilty.

“Um… shidi, actually I was kidding earlier. How about we have a look at other places?” She suddenly felt her confidence lacking.

“No need. I think this is pretty good.” Chen Shu Ze rejected her with a small laugh.

“Huh?” Liu Meng’er’s guilt increased. If Shizun knew about this, would this be considered as bullying her shidi?


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