Chapter 41 – Who can save you once those scandalous photos come out?!

The Obsessive CEO Begs For Hugs After Obtaining The Ability To Read Minds
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Chapter 1 - Want a divorce? You’re dreaming. Chapter 2 - Truth be told, I was treated like air before. Why is he suddenly enlightened? Chapter 3 - Little goblin, did you miss me? Chapter 4 - Let's see what tricks you can play Chapter 5 - Put away your thoughts, don’t think about receiving a divorce settlement all the time! Chapter 6 - Don’t force me to carry you in public! Chapter 7 - This Dog Man Definitely Has Ulterior Motives Chapter 8 - I suddenly miss Shen Yu’s mouth cannon Chapter 9 - I won’t let you steal Feng SiRui! Chapter 10 - Don’t worry, I’m not interested in you! Chapter 11 - How can this dog man be so vicious?! Chapter 12 - I am no means a coward, I'm just doing this for family harmony and stability Chapter 13 - Time to act like a b*tch! Chapter 14 - Has He Started Acting Like a Demon Now? I Suddenly Feel So Tired Chapter 15 - What kind of man are you?! Chapter 16 - It’s too late for that! Chapter 17 - Grandpa Feng won’t let me curse Chapter 18 - Don’t keep following us, I find it annoying! Chapter 19 - It’s like a lingering spirit Chapter 20 - Do you understand the pain of being broke? Chapter 21 - You beat someone in the show? Chapter 22 - How many things are you hiding from me? Chapter 23 - I can finally go all out tonight! Chapter 24 - Let me see who has the ability to put my, Feng Si Rui’s, lover in jail! Chapter 25 - It’s truly fragrant to pretend to be helpless Chapter 26 - Bastard, how dare you take advantage of me?! Chapter 27 - Even if I lose all my savings, I must take this hot search down! Chapter 28 - The most polite thing you can do is to stay away from me. Chapter 29 - I must trample the dog man under my foot! Chapter 30 - There are no kissing or bed scenes, this is a pure script! Chapter 31 - Looking at it live is much more exciting than looking at it through a screen! Chapter 32 - You refer to me as dog man, but refer to him as Lao Lin?! Chapter 33 - It feels like something is missing without that inner voice next to my ear Chapter 34 - I love how attractive these little brothers are, how about you? Chapter 35 - Do I still need a reason to hate you?! Chapter 36 - It won’t be good if you were beaten to the hospital Chapter 37 - The dog man insists on eating together with me? Chapter 38 - Max levelled player returning to the novice village was exposed! Chapter 39 - I love you so much, how can I have anything to do with him? Chapter 40 - There’s definitely a hidden blade! Chapter 41 - Who can save you once those scandalous photos come out?! Chapter 42 - How can such a vicious person like me admit it?

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Feng SiRui had always presented himself as the perfect picture of a domineering CEO. No matter what time, his expressions were always alienated and indifferent. As if everything in the world had nothing to do with him. As long as he pretended to be aggressive, he could get anything done.


The domineering CEO, who doesn’t eat fireworks,1someone who isn’t involved in matters such as partying and having fun had the heart to gossip. Anyone who saw it would find this matter incredible, right?

Shen Yu squinted his eyes to look at Feng SiRui, opened his mouth and was about to say something when he heard Yang Qiqi continue to say in anger, “Oh, Mr. Feng. There are some things that shouldn’t be brought up on the table.”

“It’s good if everyone knows it in their own hearts.”

“Anyways, I’m used to being bullied. I can only turn a blind eye and close one eye. This breath can only be swallowed!”

[Why do I feel that there’s some other meaning in this guy’s words? Could it be that he’s inciting us to cause trouble?!]

[Yang Qiqi doesn’t look like a good person at first glance. Haven’t you heard what Master Shen said? Robbing others of resources and bullying newcomers from Huayu!]

[I heard that his marriage to Lin Luli was done through underhanded means. It’s said that he intentionally staged a one-night stand and forced the Lin family to take responsibility.]

[F*ck. How did I not know such a big melon? Can someone in the know tell me the details?!]

Yang Qiqi couldn’t see the messages on the bullet screen.

When he participated in this show last time, he thought that he could have increased his popularity. But he ended up making a wedding dress for others2Let others gain the advantage.

—— Shen Yu’s traffic increased instead. After filming the first season, an online drama came to his door and he was specifically appointed to act!

He couldn’t even rob it!

Yang Qiqi couldn’t swallow his breath, so he planned to reveal the things between Lin Lufei3We preferred Lin LuFei instead of Lin Luli so I’ll continue using Lin LuFei and Shen Yu in this program.

“What on earth are you trying to do?!” Lin LuFei glanced at Shen Yu, suppressed his emotions, and asked Yang Qiqi through gritted teeth.

Yang Qiqi shrugged, “I’m not planning on doing anything though?”

He paused and looked at Feng SiRui again, “Mr. Feng, if you really want to know, you might as well ask Shen Yu…”

“Yang Qiqi! Don’t go too far!” Lin Lufei glared at him, “Don’t involve others in matters between us!”

Yang Qiqi was about to continue talking but another pair of guests arrived and interrupted their conversation.

“What are you guys talking about that you’re so lively?” Yan Ruiqing deliberately ignored Lin Lufei’s expression which was on the verge of madness and pulled Li Hao over, “Rui-ge, Xiao Yu, you guys came so early.”

Feng SiRui gave him a ‘hm’ as a greeting but his eyes were still locked on Shen Yu.

—— ‘Dog man, your childhood sweetheart, the white lotus is here. Why are you staring at me for?’

Shen Yu thought angrily. He then stood up directly, “The foul smell here is heavy, I’ll go to the bathroom to avoid it.”

Yan Ruiqing’s face turned gloomy for a moment and waited for Shen Yu to leave before asking aggrievedly, “Rui-ge, is Xiao Yu still angry with me?”

“Should I explain the situation to him again?”

“Call him Master Shen.” Feng SiRui was expressionless as he spat out these words coldly.

Yan Ruiqing didn’t react, “Ah?”

Feng SiRui stood up, “Shen Yu doesn’t like you calling his name…”

After dropping these words, he walked towards the bathroom with his long legs.

Yan Ruiqing’s face completely collapsed and the live cameras captured everything.

[xswl4XiaoSiWoLe = Made me laugh to death He actually said that there’s a foul smell in the air and went to the bathroom to avoid it. Does this imply that the air doesn’t smell good?!]

[Sure enough, I love Shen Yu’s straightforward style!]

Yan Ruiqing sat in the waiting room and didn’t say a word. Li Hao, sitting beside him, said in a low voice, “Do you really want to cause trouble?”

“I haven’t ruled out the possibility of dropping out midway through filming… “

Before he could finish speaking, Yan Ruiqing glanced at him coldly, “I didn’t beg you to cooperate with me, you’re free to quit whenever you want…”

“Besides, I never took the initiative to provoke Shen Yu from the beginning to the end. They were already talking badly to each other…”

“Were you blind then? Couldn’t you see the situation?”

Li Hao frowned, a dangerous glint flashing in his eyes. He turned back to normal a second later and didn’t say any more words.

But the expression on his face still expressed his disapproval.

Yan Ruiqing looked in the direction of the bathroom with a dark look in his eyes.

He’s going insane.

Each and every person is like this!

What’s so good about Shen Yu? His mouth is foul and vicious. His traffic wasn’t even something to be happy about since it was something that had been won entirely by sensationalism.

However, the netizens loved Shen Yu so much. Even Li Hao, who had an upright character that disagreed with him5Yan Ruiqing, looked at Shen Yu with admiration.

There’s also Feng SiRui.

Why did his attitude towards Shen Yu change a whole 180°?!

Yan Ruiqing wasn’t reconciled and stood up from his chair, “I’m also going to the bathroom.”

Li Hao didn’t answer him and was instead looking at his phone.

Feng SiRui wasn’t able to find Shen Yu in the bathroom of the VIP waiting room. He was just about to take out his mobile phone to make a call when someone walked towards him.

When he noticed the person, he frowned and wanted to avoid them.

But he was directly blocked at the door, “Rui-ge, I have a few words to tell you.”

“Whatever you want to say can be said in the waiting room…” Feng SiRui had no expression on his face, but he felt a slight bit of fear in his heart.

In case Shen Yu appeared out of nowhere and saw Yan Ruiqing with him….. He could probably imagine the scene.

Thinking of this, Feng SiRui raised his foot and wanted to walk out.

Yan Ruiqing grabbed his arm, “Isn’t it okay for us to say a few words alone?”

Feng SiRui’s face suddenly turned cold, and his dark eyes drooped, “Let go of your hand.”

His tone was so strong that Yan Ruiqing froze all over and timidly let go of his hand, “Rui-ge, I didn’t mean to…”

Feng SiRui was already very impatient with him. There was also a feeling of discomfort in his arm. The feeling of disgust coming from his heart made him wish that he could find a place to wash the area Yan Ruiqing touched.

“What on earth do you want to say?”

“Why didn’t you answer my phone?” Yan Ruiqing raised his head and asked. His eyes were covered in mist as if tears were about to drop down at any moment.

Feng SiRui used to feel a bit of compassion when he was faced with his pitiful appearance. But now…

“Busy with work. There’s no time.”

“Rui-ge, you weren’t like this before!” Yan Ruiqing shook his head, “Did I do something wrong?”

Feng SiRui said in a deep voice, “I’m married. You know it yourself. Don’t call me in such a casual manner…”

“Friends also have to avoid suspicion. Additionally, my family’s Shen Yu doesn’t like you very much.”

‘Our family’s Shen Yu?!

Such words came out of Feng SiRui’s mouth?!’

Shocked and angry at the same time, Yan Ruiqing opened his mouth and was about to speak when he saw that the person in front of him just strode away.

Looking at the tall and ruthless figure with resentful eyes, he secretly clenched his fists.

The moment all the guests arrived, the program team arranged for them to board the plane.

This time the destination and limited amount of money had been sent to their phones. Once they landed, the filming would start.

Yang Qiqi didn’t get to finish his words and was feeling a fire burning his insides when suddenly his phone vibrated. He thought it was the program group but when he clicked on it, it was from another person. His face immediately changed.

He glanced at Lin Lufei from the corner of his eye and then cautiously opened the door.

There was only one line.

‘The plan is proceeding in advance, get ready.’

After seeing this, Yang Qiqi gripped his phone excitedly in secret. The corner of his mouth curled up in a sly arc.

‘Shen Yu, you’re dead this time!

Who can save you once these scandalous photos come out?!’

  • 1
    someone who isn’t involved in matters such as partying and having fun
  • 2
    Let others gain the advantage
  • 3
    We preferred Lin LuFei instead of Lin Luli so I’ll continue using Lin LuFei
  • 4
    XiaoSiWoLe = Made me laugh to death
  • 5
    Yan Ruiqing


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