Chapter 40 – There’s definitely a hidden blade!

The Obsessive CEO Begs For Hugs After Obtaining The Ability To Read Minds
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Chapter 1 - Want a divorce? You’re dreaming. Chapter 2 - Truth be told, I was treated like air before. Why is he suddenly enlightened? Chapter 3 - Little goblin, did you miss me? Chapter 4 - Let's see what tricks you can play Chapter 5 - Put away your thoughts, don’t think about receiving a divorce settlement all the time! Chapter 6 - Don’t force me to carry you in public! Chapter 7 - This Dog Man Definitely Has Ulterior Motives Chapter 8 - I suddenly miss Shen Yu’s mouth cannon Chapter 9 - I won’t let you steal Feng SiRui! Chapter 10 - Don’t worry, I’m not interested in you! Chapter 11 - How can this dog man be so vicious?! Chapter 12 - I am no means a coward, I'm just doing this for family harmony and stability Chapter 13 - Time to act like a b*tch! Chapter 14 - Has He Started Acting Like a Demon Now? I Suddenly Feel So Tired Chapter 15 - What kind of man are you?! Chapter 16 - It’s too late for that! Chapter 17 - Grandpa Feng won’t let me curse Chapter 18 - Don’t keep following us, I find it annoying! Chapter 19 - It’s like a lingering spirit Chapter 20 - Do you understand the pain of being broke? Chapter 21 - You beat someone in the show? Chapter 22 - How many things are you hiding from me? Chapter 23 - I can finally go all out tonight! Chapter 24 - Let me see who has the ability to put my, Feng Si Rui’s, lover in jail! Chapter 25 - It’s truly fragrant to pretend to be helpless Chapter 26 - Bastard, how dare you take advantage of me?! Chapter 27 - Even if I lose all my savings, I must take this hot search down! Chapter 28 - The most polite thing you can do is to stay away from me. Chapter 29 - I must trample the dog man under my foot! Chapter 30 - There are no kissing or bed scenes, this is a pure script! Chapter 31 - Looking at it live is much more exciting than looking at it through a screen! Chapter 32 - You refer to me as dog man, but refer to him as Lao Lin?! Chapter 33 - It feels like something is missing without that inner voice next to my ear Chapter 34 - I love how attractive these little brothers are, how about you? Chapter 35 - Do I still need a reason to hate you?! Chapter 36 - It won’t be good if you were beaten to the hospital Chapter 37 - The dog man insists on eating together with me? Chapter 38 - Max levelled player returning to the novice village was exposed! Chapter 39 - I love you so much, how can I have anything to do with him? Chapter 40 - There’s definitely a hidden blade! Chapter 41 - Who can save you once those scandalous photos come out?! Chapter 42 - How can such a vicious person like me admit it?

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After filming for two consecutive days, the newcomer actors sent Shen Yu out of the filming location, expressing false reluctance with a smile on their faces.

“Master Shen, there’s no need to come back very early. It’s fine if you’re gone for two more days. We’ll think of you!”

Shen Yu turned his head and said, “Why don’t I just not leave? There are many things I haven’t taught you yet!”

The actors were terrified, “Don’t be in a hurry, there’s still time in the future!”

Shen Yu turned to Feng Jinghe again, “Can you do it yourself?!”

The latter rubbed his lower back, thinking about asking for a leave in the afternoon to check if there was any misplacement in his spine, “I can do it. You can go at ease.”

Shen Yu, “…” 

‘This group of ungrateful things!’

He carried his suitcase and looked for his second-hand nanny car. He did, however, come across Feng SiRui’s car.

—— ‘Is the dog man haunting me?’

—— ‘Will I have to live like this for the rest of my life?!’

—— ‘No way. I’ll have to find a way out quickly.’

Shen Yu dragged his suitcase while moving forward.

Feng SiRui leaned against the car, his face hidden behind a pair of sunglasses. His jawline was sharp, revealing a bit of indifference.

However, a second later, he came up condescendingly and took the suitcase from Shen Yu’s hand.

The latter didn’t let go of his suitcase though, “I can do it myself.”

—— ‘Do you think that everyone is as weak as that little white lotus of yours?’

—— ‘Laozi despises such a sissy!’

“I know you can do it.” Feng SiRui said, frowning.

“But can you let go of your hand…”

“Don’t forget that there are still so many people watching from behind!”

“Do you want Feng Jinghe to think that he has an opportunity?”

Shen Yu, “…”

—— ‘Damn it, I can’t refute that!’

So Shen Yu let go. He gave a smile and looked back. Sure enough, he saw those bastards still eating melons. Feng Jinghe, in particular, had a glum expression on his face.

Sitting in the car, Shen Yu began to sort out his thoughts carefully.

After all, the two of them had reached such a level and had also deviated far from the plot.

He must try his best to correct it!

—— ‘Obviously he’s supposed to be a tyrant boss. But why is this dog man acting so forbearing and normal?!’

—— ‘Could it be that his methods have become more adept?’

Shen Yu remained calm but suddenly rolled his eyes when a thought came into his mind.

—— ‘Hidden blade1idk why a footnote is needed here and I also dont know how to explain this… something hidden that might harm you in the future? Ulterior motives?!’

—— ‘There’s definitely a hidden blade!’

Shen Yu nodded to himself and his eyes again became sharp for a moment.

—— ‘The best defence is offence. If you’re not being kind, don’t blame me for being unrighteous!’

—— ‘Just wait and see, dog man!’

Feng SiRui, who had just closed his eyes and was about to sleep, finally glared uncomfortably at Shen Yu, “…”

‘Does he have a dog-blooded novel playing in his mind? Why does he have so many dramatic thoughts?!

A show of favour was called a hidden blade. It was also described as unjust and inhumane!

Finally, his conclusion is——to be on the offensive side?!

What did I do to be misunderstood so deeply2LET US GO BACK TO CHAPTER 1 SHALL WE?! WHAT DID I DO, HE SAYS?? HE’S SO RICH YET HE CAN’T AFFORD A MIRROR?!?!’

“Rui-ge, why are you looking at me?” Shen Yu touched his cheek and asked in confusion, “Is there something on my face?”

“I’m looking at how good-looking you are. Can’t I look a bit more?” Feng SiRui said with a smile on his face.

Shen Yu, “Don’t say that. I’ll get embarrassed.”

—— ‘*Vomits*’

—— ‘It’s so disgusting!’

Feng SiRui shifted his gaze to the window.

He took a deep breath, trying to calm himself down.

‘Why didn’t he raise any objections when Grandpa arranged this marriage?!’

The staff arranged for the participants of ‘All the way with you’ to meet in the VIP lounge of the airport.

The teams and cameras had been waiting early. They rushed over to greet Feng SiRui and Shen Yu as they walked in together.

The barrage suddenly became lively.

[Master Shen has finally appeared! I’m so excited! Master Shen yyds3yongyuandeshen永远的神 sth like an eternal god… saying YYDS to someone is similar to calling someone a GOAT (greatest of all time) in English!]

[What I’m most looking forward to are Master Shen’s face slaps. Like he’s the disciplinary committee of the entertainment industry who can specifically point out the green teas and scumbags!]

[I finally understand why Master Shen isn’t popular. Mainly because the surrounding stars are incompatible with him and don’t meet his standards!]

[Will Yan Ruiqing appear again this time? I inexplicably feel that he’s a bit like a white lotus!]

[White lotus+1]

The other guests hadn’t arrived yet, but the discussions had already begun in the live broadcast room.

The director’s assistant specially went over to Shen Yu and Feng SiRui and said, “For this episode, the guests have been changed…”

“Wang XinEr and Meng Qixiang have withdrawn from this variety show and Li Hao and Yan Ruiqing will be filling in for them. The rest of the staff will remain the same.”

Shen Yu was not too concerned about this, “Oh.”

—— ‘That white lotus managed to stay.’

He cast a glance at Feng SiRui.

—— ‘How are you going to hide this time, dog man?!’

Feng SiRui pursed his lips and kept quiet.

He has no strength to explain anymore. He can just look at the situation later.

As soon as Shen Yu’s butt touched the chair, he saw Yang Qiqi and Lin Luli4idk why but raws had started to call Lin Lufei as Lin Luli. I’ll just follow the raws? walk in.

The happy smile on Yang Qiqi’s face looked very fake.

Shen Yu thought of what happened in the bathroom. He felt nauseated and turned his face away. But Yang Qiqi went over towards him without fear of death and sat beside him, “Xiao Yu, how great! We meet again!”

“Call me Master Shen!” Shen Yu gave him a blank stare.

The live broadcast began to howl;

[This is it. This is the thing I love!]

[Master Shen, welcome back for the second season!]

[Have you paid attention to Master Shen’s new online drama?! The photo that was sent by the director… I can admire it for a lifetime!]

Yang Qiqi’s face froze, but the corners of his mouth still curled up, “What have you been busy with lately?”

“Busy filming the web drama that you tried to take away…” Shen Yu admired Yang Qiqi’s courage. Every time he was rendered speechless, he could still continue to face off with him, “It’s a pity that your wish didn’t come true.”

Yang Qiqi smiled calmly, “You most likely misunderstood…”

“I’m not very interested in that drama. I heard that the filming is on a large scale and the author of the original work was invited to drink tea by someone.”

“Is it really… fine for you to accept filming this?”

Just as these words fell, Lin Luli, who was beside him, suddenly spoke, “Don’t ask about things that have nothing to do with you!”

Yang Qiqi turned his head and said resentfully, “Why? Do you feel distressed?!”

Lin Luli’s face changed slightly, “Yang Qiqi!”

“You better restrain yourself!”

After he said this, the atmosphere between the two of them tensed up instantly.

The camera pointed at their faces without missing any details.

That’s right, this filming crew had no moral bottom line. Even if this was a husband-and-wife show, it would not pass up any opportunity to document internal strife.

After all, compared to showing affection, tearing each other’s faces off will get them more ratings.

“Why should I restrain? You’re the one that should be restraining yourself, right?” Yang Qiqi was obviously full of resentment and planned to vent it out, “Don’t forget that he’s already married. No matter how much you miss him, it’s impossible for you…”

Before he could finish speaking, a cold voice interrupted him.

“Just say what you want. This kind of insinuation is exhausting!”

As soon as those words fell, Shen Yu looked over in surprise.

—— ‘Never would I have thought that you, this dog man, would love to gossip like this!’

—— ‘What do other people’s family problems have to do with you?’

“…” Feng SiRui’s mouth twitched.

‘They have nothing to do with me.

But they are matters related to you!

What kind of relationship did you have with Lin Luli?!’

Xinghe and UM3 wanted to keep the name Lin LuFei what do you guys think? I personally prefer Lin LuFei since Luli sounds strange… But raws unexpectedly changed to Lin Luli so idk if I should follow along raws or go for the name in the first few chapters

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    idk why a footnote is needed here and I also dont know how to explain this… something hidden that might harm you in the future? Ulterior motives?
  • 2
  • 3
    yongyuandeshen永远的神 sth like an eternal god… saying YYDS to someone is similar to calling someone a GOAT (greatest of all time) in English
  • 4
    idk why but raws had started to call Lin Lufei as Lin Luli. I’ll just follow the raws?


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