Chapter 39 – I love you so much, how can I have anything to do with him?

The Obsessive CEO Begs For Hugs After Obtaining The Ability To Read Minds
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Chapter 1 - Want a divorce? You’re dreaming. Chapter 2 - Truth be told, I was treated like air before. Why is he suddenly enlightened? Chapter 3 - Little goblin, did you miss me? Chapter 4 - Let's see what tricks you can play Chapter 5 - Put away your thoughts, don’t think about receiving a divorce settlement all the time! Chapter 6 - Don’t force me to carry you in public! Chapter 7 - This Dog Man Definitely Has Ulterior Motives Chapter 8 - I suddenly miss Shen Yu’s mouth cannon Chapter 9 - I won’t let you steal Feng SiRui! Chapter 10 - Don’t worry, I’m not interested in you! Chapter 11 - How can this dog man be so vicious?! Chapter 12 - I am no means a coward, I'm just doing this for family harmony and stability Chapter 13 - Time to act like a b*tch! Chapter 14 - Has He Started Acting Like a Demon Now? I Suddenly Feel So Tired Chapter 15 - What kind of man are you?! Chapter 16 - It’s too late for that! Chapter 17 - Grandpa Feng won’t let me curse Chapter 18 - Don’t keep following us, I find it annoying! Chapter 19 - It’s like a lingering spirit Chapter 20 - Do you understand the pain of being broke? Chapter 21 - You beat someone in the show? Chapter 22 - How many things are you hiding from me? Chapter 23 - I can finally go all out tonight! Chapter 24 - Let me see who has the ability to put my, Feng Si Rui’s, lover in jail! Chapter 25 - It’s truly fragrant to pretend to be helpless Chapter 26 - Bastard, how dare you take advantage of me?! Chapter 27 - Even if I lose all my savings, I must take this hot search down! Chapter 28 - The most polite thing you can do is to stay away from me. Chapter 29 - I must trample the dog man under my foot! Chapter 30 - There are no kissing or bed scenes, this is a pure script! Chapter 31 - Looking at it live is much more exciting than looking at it through a screen! Chapter 32 - You refer to me as dog man, but refer to him as Lao Lin?! Chapter 33 - It feels like something is missing without that inner voice next to my ear Chapter 34 - I love how attractive these little brothers are, how about you? Chapter 35 - Do I still need a reason to hate you?! Chapter 36 - It won’t be good if you were beaten to the hospital Chapter 37 - The dog man insists on eating together with me? Chapter 38 - Max levelled player returning to the novice village was exposed! Chapter 39 - I love you so much, how can I have anything to do with him? Chapter 40 - There’s definitely a hidden blade! Chapter 41 - Who can save you once those scandalous photos come out?! Chapter 42 - How can such a vicious person like me admit it?

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It was almost 11 o’clock after they finished filming the ten scenes.

With her last breath, Wang Meng shouted, “Pass!”

In exhaustion, she then said, “Everyone can go back and rest now.”

It was originally just to get back at Shen Yu.

Who told him to deliberately hide his skills and lower everybody’s expectations. It would’ve been difficult for her to dispel the hatred in her heart without teaching him a lesson.

Unexpectedly, it was only Wang Meng who had imagined too much.

Shen Yu wasn’t only good at acting, but he also had amazing physical strength. He was able to shoot ten scenes without panting.

Those starlets that had just debuted, complained endlessly and they weren’t even able to stand properly on stage without outside help.

Shen Yu still had the energy to even encourage others, “Get up, get up. If you can’t bear this much hardship, how are you going to be able to fight for the country in the future when it’s in trouble?!”

“Don’t act like a maiden, if you’re a man, stand up!”

“Who’s that? Feng Jinghe! Let’s talk! We have the same amount of screen time. I can still be alive and kicking. Don’t pretend to be a soft footed shrimp!”

“I heard that you were in the Marine Corps when you were abroad. Is this the level there abroad?!”

Wang Meng, “…” 

‘What kind of person is Shen Yu?

He shouldn’t be the country’s specially cultivated patriot right?!

Sure looks like it with his red-hot enthusiasm!’

As Shen Yu came out of the shower, he heard someone ring the doorbell.

While wiping his hair, he walked over and asked, “Who is it?”

“It’s me, Feng Jinghe.”

Shen Yu responded after two seconds, “Do you have anything to do with me?”

“It’s late, we can talk about it tomorrow.”

He thought that he couldn’t open the door. The other person probably came specifically to look for him. After all, he was very ruthless during the day. So the other person probably hurts all over right now.

“It’s about tomorrow’s scenes…” Feng Jinghe’s voice sounded deep and no emotion could be heard from his tone.

“I’m going to bed now.” Shen Yu made up his mind and didn’t open the door.

Feng Jinghe paused for a while. “If you don’t want to open the door. I’ll tell my brother that you named him ‘Dog man’ on your phone!”


How insidious!

As expected of someone with the surname Feng!’

Shen Yu grabbed the doorknob and quickly opened it, “Roll in!”

Feng Jinghe hesitated.

“Rest assured, I won’t beat you!”

Feng Jinghe cleared his throat unnaturally and then walked into the room.

He won’t ever admit that he was afraid.

The moment Shen Yu closed the door, a camera that was hidden in the corner of the corridor that he didn’t notice, flickered.

“Speak. Why are you looking for me?” Shen Yu leaned on the sofa, raising his legs with an uncertain expression.

The Second Young Master of the Feng Family on the other hand, stood far away like a primary school student who did something wrong, as if waiting to be scolded and trained.

Soon, Feng Jinghe realized that he was not in the right state of mind and hurriedly found a place to sit down, “I came here to negotiate a deal with you.”

“Are you qualified to negotiate a deal with me?”

Don’t get him wrong, he was just paraphrasing the words of those domineering CEOs.

It felt so cool to say such words.

Felt like there was a sense of superiority, looking down on the masses in the world.

“Qualified to help you win half of the Feng Family’s property. Are you interested?”

Shen Yu sat up abruptly, “Half?!”

[Pay attention to your character design!]

Shen Yu leaned back listlessly once more, “Whether it’s monetary or not, it doesn’t have anything to do with me…”

“Your brother is the person I love!”

‘Do you know how painful it is to say such words?!’

[I don’t know! You’re obviously interested in that obsessive Male Lead. Otherwise, how can you tolerate his intimate behaviours?!]

Shen Yu, “??”

‘Was the system replaced?’

‘Why are you talking so much nonsense?!’

Feng Jinghe obviously didn’t want to give up and continued to make offers, “You’re aware that my brother will get rid of you sooner or later and marry Yan Ruiqing. They are childhood sweethearts and their relationship has always been good.”

“He’s just maintaining a superficial harmonious relationship with you due to grandpa…”

“It’s not wise for you to be obsessed with someone like that. Why don’t you just cooperate with me. You’ll be famous and it’s a profitable offer for you if you accept it. Additionally…”

“What else is there?!” Shen Yu was looking forward to the rest of the offer.

Feng Jinghe smiled meaningfully, “I’m going to invest in an entertainment company and focus on cultivating trainees to debut…”

“It’s the kind who are around 25 years old. With a strong body, sunny personality and handsome appearance.”

“Of course, they must have changeable styles.”

Shen Yu, “…” 

‘Do I look so superficial?’

“Tell me what you think.”

[You’re actually still listening?!]

Shen Yu rolled his eyes, ‘Why can’t I just listen?!’

‘The more I know, the more I can secretly help Feng SiRui to avoid getting plotted against by his own brother!’

[You really think so?!]

Shen Yu, ‘Nonsense! Of course!’

Where’s the system’s customer service corner? It’s so noisy! Can I file a complaint?!’

Feng SiRui, who had just finished taking a shower and was about to drink a martini, suddenly caught a glimpse of his phone vibrating. He tapped on the screen lock with his long fingers1Idk why it’s so descriptive… Bruv I don’t care if you have long fingers… I have sharp ones.. Like mine look like candles… wider base and thinner tip( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) and a candid photo jumped in front of his eyes.

Feng SiRui’s face darkened immediately.

The photo was taken in a hotel. The corridors were dimly lit and the only light was coming from the open room door.

Shen Yu was wearing pyjamas. His hair was still wet and his collarbone was exposed. The lines on his chest were sexy and graceful, like a silent invitation.

As for the other person who was walking into the room in a hurry, his appearance could be seen just from his taut profile.

It was Feng Jinghe.

Feng SiRui exited the image screen and entered the text dialogue box, “Who are you?”

There was no response.

The names of several people flashed through Feng SiRui’s mind and he recalled the several celebrities that had conflicts with Shen Yu in the past three years.

There were too many and everyone was suspicious.

The corners of his mouth suddenly curled up with an unclear meaning, “Shen Yu ah, Shen Yu. You’re really making so much trouble nonstop.”

After sending off the whimpering Feng Jinghe, Shen Yu returned to his bed and was preparing to have a good sleep when his phone on the bedside vibrated crazily.

He probed it curiously to check and found that it was Feng SiRui.

‘When did this dog man become so clingy? Didn’t he just have lunch with him?’

“Wei? Rui-ge. Why are you calling so late? Do you miss me?” Shen Yu’s voice was soft and greasy, as if he was intentionally trying to disgust the listener.

—— ‘Hurry up and hang up the phone. Laozi wants to sleep!’

—— ‘I still have to deal with you after entertaining your brother. Why is my life so difficult?!’

“Uh…” Feng SiRui kept calming himself down. A photo is not enough to explain anything. He must calm down his mentality. Don’t ask directly. Love is like a battlefield. A little carelessness will…

“Did Feng Jinghe look for you just now?”

His mentality collapsed!

Shen Yu was surprised for a moment, “How do you know that?”

“What did he want from you?” Feng SiRui just smashed the jar. There was no use in beating around the bush.

“He looked for me to discuss a way to deal with you. Saying that he will give me half of the family property…” Shen Yu spoke kindly, “Of course, I rejected him with righteous words…”

“Rui-ge, I love you so much. How can I have anything to do with him?!”

“He really found the wrong person!”

“Rui-ge, be careful next time. Don’t be tricked by him!”

Seeing that Feng SiRui didn’t answer for a long time, Shen Yu carefully probed his reaction, “Rui-ge, you, do you not believe me?”

Feng SiRui, “…”

‘Although they are good words. But why is it so hard to listen to them?!’

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    Idk why it’s so descriptive… Bruv I don’t care if you have long fingers… I have sharp ones.. Like mine look like candles… wider base and thinner tip( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


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