Chapter 28 – The most polite thing you can do is to stay away from me

The Obsessive CEO Begs For Hugs After Obtaining The Ability To Read Minds
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Chapter 1 - Want a divorce? You’re dreaming Chapter 2 - Truth be told, I was treated like air before. Why is he suddenly enlightened? Chapter 3 - Little goblin, did you miss me? Chapter 4 - Let's see what tricks you can play Chapter 5 - Put away your thoughts, don’t think about receiving a divorce settlement all the time! Chapter 6 - Don’t force me to carry you in public! Chapter 7 - This Dog Man Definitely Has Ulterior Motives Chapter 8 - I suddenly miss Shen Yu’s mouth cannon Chapter 9 - I won’t let you steal Feng SiRui! Chapter 10 - Don’t worry, I’m not interested in you! Chapter 11 - How can this dog man be so vicious?! Chapter 12 - I am no means a coward, I'm just doing this for family harmony and stability Chapter 13 - Time to act like a b*tch! Chapter 14 - Has He Started Acting Like a Demon Now? I Suddenly Feel So Tired Chapter 15 - What kind of man are you?! Chapter 16 - It’s too late for that! Chapter 17 - Grandpa Feng won’t let me curse Chapter 18 - Don’t keep following us, I find it annoying! Chapter 19 - It’s like a lingering spirit Chapter 20 - Do you understand the pain of being broke? Chapter 21 - You beat someone in the show? Chapter 22 - How many things are you hiding from me? Chapter 23 - I can finally go all out tonight! Chapter 24 - Let me see who has the ability to put my, Feng Si Rui’s, lover in jail! Chapter 25 - It’s truly fragrant to pretend to be helpless Chapter 26 - Bastard, how dare you take advantage of me?! Chapter 27 - Even if I lose all my savings, I must take this hot search down! Chapter 28 - The most polite thing you can do is to stay away from me Chapter 29 - I must trample the dog man under my foot! Chapter 30 - There are no kissing or bed scenes, this is a pure script! Chapter 31 - Looking at it live is much more exciting than looking at it through a screen! Chapter 32 - You refer to me as dog man, but refer to him as Lao Lin?! Chapter 33 - It feels like something is missing without that inner voice next to my ear Chapter 34 - I love how attractive these little brothers are, how about you? Chapter 35 - Do I still need a reason to hate you?! Chapter 36 - It won’t be good if you were beaten to the hospital Chapter 37 - The dog man insists on eating together with me? Chapter 38 - Max levelled player returning to the novice village was exposed! Chapter 39 - I love you so much, how can I have anything to do with him? Chapter 40 - There’s definitely a hidden blade! Chapter 41 - Who can save you once those scandalous photos come out?! Chapter 42 - How can such a vicious person like me admit it? Chapter 43 - Dog man, could you be more obvious?! Chapter 44 - Why is my heart beating so fast? Chapter 45 - Master Shen can still resist and fight with his mouth cannon! Chapter 46 - Is the dog man turning into dog skin plaster? Chapter 47 - It’s okay to rob my man, but it’s not okay to rob my money! Chapter 48 - Hacking into a computer can be done in just a few minutes Chapter 49 - Maybe he’s a fake! Chapter 50 - Does it have anything to do with me? Chapter 51 - How are the results of my fitness routine during this period? Chapter 52 - Posting this kind of photo in the middle of the night prevents people from having a good night’s sleep! Chapter 53 - Where did ‘these two’ come from? Chapter 54 - Asking for n*des in the middle of the night? Chapter 55 - Who are you calling a cat or dog?! Chapter 56 - Shen Yu, I will definitely have you take a good look tonight! Chapter 57 - This person really has good eyesight to be able to see through the true nature of the dog man. Chapter 58 - It’s not your turn to act wild here! Chapter 59 - Can’t you have some serious thoughts in your mind!? Chapter 60 - I suspect that he’s a fake! Chapter 61 - On this passionate night… Chapter 62 - You won’t be able to escape for the rest of your life! Chapter 63 - When is such a day going to end? Chapter 64 - You know what I’m thinking?! Chapter 65 - Otherwise I’ll break your legs! Chapter 66 - It can only be you Chapter 67 - Are you dreaming? Chapter 68 - I’ll make them pay the price! Chapter 69 - Did you think that your actions were perfectly hidden? Chapter 70 - Addicted to loving you

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Previously, with Lin Lufei as a witness, the topic sparked a war on Weibo. Now, Wang XinEr, the person who was involved in the matter, took the initiative to find reporters to cry about her experiences since her marriage and listed all the medical records of her serious injuries and hospitalizations which directly confirmed the fact that Meng Qixiang is a man who does domestic violence. There were a lot of scoldings for him on Weibo.

Originally, they were accusing Shen Yu for being a perverted, violent abuser that’s unworthy of staying in the entertainment industry. Suddenly the black fans that were condemning him died out.

After all, Wang Xiner had posted photos of her being beaten which were just too miserable. Not only were her eyes beaten to the point of them being sealed shut, her throat was also swollen to the point that it made it hard for her to breathe. Not to mention her body was covered in bruises and her ribs were broken.

The matter was too shocking. It was impossible for anyone with a little conscience to tolerate this kind of thing. So the direction of the public opinion began to be one-sided.

[I didn’t expect Shen Yu to be such a person with a sense of justice. Even if he was taken out of context, he still didn’t stand up for himself and explain. What a man!]

[Fortunately I had downloaded the video before. Now I’m rewatching it. I feel that Master Shen is very handsome! He seemed to have been trained in special forces!]

Shen Yu couldn’t control his smile so he had to purse his lips when he saw this comment.

—— ‘You have good eyesight. My actions are standard soldier skills that can be used to firmly and ruthlessly take down my enemies in just three seconds!’

“What are you smiling at?”

Feng SiRui’s voice suddenly sounded. Shen Yu finally remembered that there was an unexpected guest on his bed.

He quickly hid his face and acted shy, “Looking at the comments from the netizens in Weibo…”

“Rui-ge, don’t you agree, this generation of netizens really have good eyesight? Their comments are also very pertinent to the topic…”

Feng SiRui looked at his smiling face and inexplicably also felt a little happy in his heart. When he turned over and got out of bed, he deliberately shifted his pyjama pants a little lower, revealing two obvious and sexy mermaid lines, “What did the netizens say?”

“Ah, nothing much…” Shen Yu didn’t look at him at all and continued to read the comments happily, “It’s all irrelevant matters.”

—— ‘It turns out that this is the feeling people get when they are praised. It feels like I’ve just drunk happy water1Should be cola if I’m not wrong. Fat house happy water is literally cola. So I’m assuming he means cola here. The corners of my mouth are about to reach my ears.’

—— ‘Don’t be too addicted with this feeling!’

—— ‘Ah right, should I treat Lin Lufei to a meal someday? After all, he did help me…’

Before Shen Yu could finish his thoughts. He heard the deafening sound of a door closing.

He looked up in surprise, looked at the bathroom and cursed inwardly.

—— ‘What illness befell the dogman again this time?!’

Turning on the shower head, cold water that was close to zero degrees poured down. But it still couldn’t quell Feng SiRui’s anger.

He closed his eyes, letting the water wash over his stern and flawless outline2Istg this author be adding how his body is so perfect its like describing how much marbling a wagyu steak has. Like this piece has a quality score of 12 which is an A5 wagyu with only one thought in his mind.

‘How and when did I end up in such a situation?!’

In order to get Shen Yu’s attention, he didn’t even hesitate to show off his figure3like a peacock bawk bawk. Don’t ask me why this chicken down here is blue. It’s not a chicken, it’s a peacock. Look at the sky. Is that a bird? Is that a plane? No its a seagull covered in curry!! Xinghe: -_- I’m not even gonna ask you to shut it at this point., but the other party didn’t respond at all!

‘This superficial man could express compliments to other men. But why is it that whenever it comes to himself, he completely ignores it?!

This matter was fine for him before, but why is there a strong unwillingness coming from his heart now?!’

There was an urge to just take Shen Yu’s face and turn it his way. Let Shen Yu take a good look at his muscular model-like figure and then ask him if he was blind or not.

After he finished taking a shower, he walked out of the bathroom. Shen Yu was still seated on the sofa looking at his mobile phone and laughing from time to time.

Feng SiRui’s face darkened, “I’m going to work now.”

Shen Yu raised his head to acknowledge that he had heard him, before lowering it back down, “See you.”

“You’re not sending me off?!”

Feng SiRui raised his eyebrows and suppressed his anger.

‘Can’t you think about it clearly? Who else can make Wang XinEr feel conscientious about telling her story of domestic violence?!’

“Rui-ge, I haven’t changed my clothes. So I won’t send you off…” Shen Yu raised his head, showing a pitiful expression.

Feng SiRui took a deep breath, “I haven’t had breakfast yet.”

“Huh?” Shen Yu was puzzled and then suddenly realised, “Ah, when you go out, turn left. There’s a Kentucky drive-thru. It tastes good. You can try it.”

Feng SiRui, “…”

“Fine!” He gritted his teeth and raised his feet to leave. He put on his suit quickly and rushed out the door.

‘Shen Yu, if I ever help you again,

I’m a dog!’

Feng SiRui who sat in his Maybach secretly made up his mind and spoke in a somewhat fierce tone, “Drive!”

The driver trembled and hurriedly started the engine.

Shen Yu was in a good mood all morning, humming a song as he went to work. As he walked into the lobby of Huayu, he saw Qin Yuheng rushing towards him in her high heels.

‘F*ck, what’s going on?!’

Shen Yu subconsciously wanted to run away, but was stopped by Qin Yuheng, “Don’t move. I’m not going to hit you!”

“Really?” Shen Yu froze in place.

Qin Yuheng frowned impatiently, “I don’t have time to mess around with you. Hurry up and follow me to a casting.”

“Casting?” Shen Yu became puzzled.

“There’s a web drama that’s looking for you…” Qin Yuheng grabbed Shen Yu’s arm and ran towards the company gates, “It has just been settled. The director is waiting for your audition…”

“You can’t be late. You have to make a good impression on others.”

Shen Yu was led to run by her. He tilted his head and asked, “Which online drama dared to come and find me?”

“Aren’t they afraid of being hacked by the whole internet?”

It had been about a year of him not receiving any offers from any TV series or movies.

Why was it that they were looking for him now?!

If something was strange, it was not necessarily a good thing.

Shen Yu thought about it. He immediately stopped and pulled Qin Yuheng back, “Is it playing a villain again this time?”

“Is it for me to provoke more black fans?”

Qin Yuheng rolled her eyes, “This time you’re playing the Male Protagonist.”

“How are you going to provoke any black fans?!”

Shen Yu was puzzled, “The Male Protagonist?”

“Qin-jie, are you trying to trick me?”

“Am I being black-listed by the company?”

“Firstly, let me play a banned series then naturally get banned?”

“It doesn’t need to be so troublesome. Can’t I just fade out myself?”

Qin Yuheng controlled her urge to hit something and said patiently, “This drama is an adaptation of a novel. It has a lot of traffic. If your acting is good, it will make you an instant hit. Of course, if your acting isn’t good, you might be scolded bloody…”

“But I think you have been scolded bloody multiple times already. One more time isn’t that bad. So are you going to the audition or not?!”

Hearing the words ‘Instant hit’, Shen Yu’s eyes lit up and he pulled Qin Yuheng along, “Qin-jie, you’re too slow…”

“What should we do if the director is in a hurry? It’s the first audition. Let’s not make a bad impression on people!”

Qin Yuheng, “…” If she had a brick in her hands, she probably would have used it to hit Shen Yu on the head!

The two sat in a second-hand nanny car and rushed towards the audition venue in a hurry.

As soon as Shen Yu got out of the car, he saw a familiar figure. The other party obviously spotted him too as they came over to say hello with a strange smile on their face, “Xiao Yu, what are you doing here?”

“I remembered that you hadn’t gotten any offers in filming dramas for a long time. Are you here to accompany a friend?”

Shen Yu squinted his eyes, taking advantage of the fact that Qin Yuheng hadn’t gotten out of the car yet, “What does it have to do with you?!”

Yang Qiqi’s face froze, “Xiao Yu, your words are so harsh. I was just talking to you politely.”

“Stay away from me. That’s the most polite thing you can do.” Shen Yu said with a cold look in his eyes.

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  • 1
    Should be cola if I’m not wrong. Fat house happy water is literally cola. So I’m assuming he means cola here
  • 2
    Istg this author be adding how his body is so perfect its like describing how much marbling a wagyu steak has. Like this piece has a quality score of 12 which is an A5 wagyu
  • 3
    like a peacock bawk bawk. Don’t ask me why this chicken down here is blue. It’s not a chicken, it’s a peacock. Look at the sky. Is that a bird? Is that a plane? No its a seagull covered in curry!! Xinghe: -_- I’m not even gonna ask you to shut it at this point.


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