Chapter 26 – Bastard, how dare you take advantage of me?!

The Obsessive CEO Begs For Hugs After Obtaining The Ability To Read Minds
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As the saying goes, those who are favored, have nothing to fear.

With Old man Feng on his side, Shen Yu has always had a poisonous mouth and no one dared to say anything more.

What’s more, Feng SiRui was next to him. How could he let go of this opportunity to gather hate and fill up his disgust points?

“Cousin, Shen Yu is going overboard. You’re not saying anything to him?”

Wang Ruina blushed with anger and turned her head to act spoiled towards Feng SiRui. She thought that her cousin, who has always been a gentleman and hated Shen Yu, would speak up for her.

But what she didn’t expect was that in the next second, he would glance at her coldly, “Didn’t he tell you to shut up? Can’t you understand?”

“If you say one more word, get out of here immediately!”

Wang Ruina immediately cooled down as cold sweat ran down her back. She quickly lowered her head and didn’t dare to speak anymore.

There was no sound coming from the dining table as everyone seemed to be overwhelmed by the sudden scolding coming from Feng SiRui. Everyone had their own ghosts in their hearts and their faces showed complex expressions.

Old man Feng glanced at his grandson meaningfully. He then looked around and warned, “This is a family dinner. If anyone wants to take advantage of it to make trouble, there’s no need to appear in the Feng house in the future!”

“Can everyone hear it clearly?!”

Everyone there was well aware of who the old man was telling those words to.

Wang Ruina had stabbed a hornets nest this time and a layer of skin would definitely be peeled off. The attitude of the two male masters of the Feng family towards Shen Yu was worth noting.

Could it be that his identity has been recognized and his status rose?!

Everyone speculated and deliberately changed the topic to ease the embarrassing atmosphere.

After a while, the dining room looked happy and lively again. Old man Feng left the banquet first due to his physical discomfort and was led by the servants upstairs.

Shen Yu felt bored, so he poured himself a glass of wine. After the third cup, a cold breath came to his ears, “Drink less.”

Shen Yu turned his head and squinted his eyes, “Rui-ge, don’t worry. I didn’t drink much.”

—— ‘Such little wine is nothing. When laozi was in the army, you still didn’t even know how to wear open crotch pants1pants for infants before they start toilet training. Similar to normal pants but with a huge hole on the crotch area.’

Feng SiRui leaned over towards him, “Did you lie about your age?”

“Did you do any plastic surgery?”

His tone wasn’t loud yet wasn’t small either, letting the relatives around them prick up their ears, ready to eat melons.

Shen Yu was slightly drunk right now. His narrow and beautiful eyes were misty and his words were full of alcoholic intoxication, “Rui-ge, are you praising me for my youthful appearance?”

“Actually, I’m already 25 years old…”

“Here, here, here, here…” He pointed around his face, “All of this is natural…”

“Unlike those aunties and sisters there who are especially good at taking care of their faces and body structures.”

—— ‘Dog man, look clearly with your eyes. The ones on the other side are the ones who had plastic surgery done…’

—— ‘Laozi was born beautiful. Do I even need it?!’

After Shen Yu finished speaking, some of the women on the table fidgeted guiltily.

“There’s no need to feel nervous about it, plastic surgery is nothing unusual…” His lips curled into a smile, picking up a wine glass in his hand as if nothing had happened. He poured a light amount of red wine in it and drank it down in one gulp.

Feng SiRui frowned slightly, turning his face away.

Shen Yu caught this detail and immediately poured himself another big glass.

—— ‘The dog man doesn’t like to see me drink?’

—— ‘Then I’ll show him what it means to have drunk Mengzi’s2Chinese Confucian philosopher. In book 4, part 2, chapter 33 of the collection of his sayings, dialogues and debates with others, he told of a man who would always return home full of wine and meat. fill of northeastern wine3frankly this part might be confusing. Well in the story, the man would actually be on the streets begging for alms and would return home once he has his fill of wine and meat!’

Feng SiRui, “…” Can’t he be calm even when eating dinner?

Why does he want to act like a demon again?!

And… What the hell is Mengzi’s northeastern wine?!

So, Shen Yu managed to get himself drunk at a family banquet and went to the bathroom drunk. As soon as he entered, someone followed him.

“Shen Yu.” A light sounding voice sounded behind him, causing him to turn around. When he saw who it was, he continued to walk forward as if nothing had happened.

“Is there anything?” Shen Yu’s tone sounded a bit big.

“Your relationship with my brother has eased hasn’t it?” Feng Jinghe narrowed his eyes and crossed his arms, speaking in a slightly teasing tone.

Shen Yu squinted at him, “What does it have to do with you?”

Feng Jinghe’s face darkened, “Can’t you speak a bit more politely?”

“Why should I be polite to a little brat?” Shen Yu curled up his lips, “Haven’t you seen my show?”

“If you dare to provoke me, I’ll scold you bloody.”

Feng Jinghe was Feng SiRui’s half brother. He had been sent abroad to study since he was 10. He had just returned recently to join the family business.

Originally, Shen Yu had nothing to do with him. He had only met him once during the family welcoming banquet and today was their second meeting.

Although little was known about the other person, he was confident about his own reputation.

Shen Yu’s impression of him was that he should be similar to Feng SiRui’s strange and vicious personality that wouldn’t let people go. Therefore, Shen Yu didn’t expect Feng Jinghe to have a good attitude. So he might as well just strike first.

He had thought to himself that the pressure of the public opinion on the matter of divorce was also important. If he became the public enemy of the entire Feng family, then Feng SiRui might have to weigh carefully if he wants to protect him.

But the reaction of this sea turtle4slang for someone who has gone overseas but now is back in China younger brother was a little different from what Shen Yu expected.

“According to seniority, I should call you sister in law right?” Feng Jinghe raised the corners of his lips, “I didn’t feel it when we met for the first time…”

“But this time I was very impressed by you…”

“Sister in law, I like your character! It’s strong enough!”

Shen Yu almost slipped and fell to the ground when he heard this.

“Are you suffering from any illness?!”

“Sister in law, I want to develop in the entertainment industry. Why don’t you carry me?”

The corners of Feng Jinghe’s mouth curled up. Unlike Feng SiRui’s cold and indifferent smile, his smile was very evil looking at a glance, similar to a scoundrel…

Shen Yu gave him a blank look, “Look for someone else to bring you. Can’t you see that I can’t have any scandals, can’t you understand?!”

“Go go go, your strong-willed sister in law wants to release some water. Stop bothering me here!”

Feng Jinghe smiled. Not saying anything, he turned and left, closing the bathroom door behind him.

His elder brother was still being entangled by the people on the dining table. If he(FJH) lets him(FSR) know that he(FJH) almost saw what he shouldn’t have seen… he(FJH) would probably be not far from death.

Although he had just come back not long ago, Feng Jinghe could see that Feng SiRui didn’t hate Shen Yu as much as the others might think.

On the contrary, in that variety show, the all-powerful and domineering president showed emotions that couldn’t be hidden at a glance.

Feng Jinghe himself looked at Shen Yu on the screen and leaned forward and back with laughter, patting his thigh. Unfortunately, he was caught by his grandfather who was passing by the living room and  became angry on the spot.

“This, this, this, what kind of program is this?!”

“Our family’s Xiao Yu is being portrayed so viciously. This is such malicious editing!”

This old antique still knew what malicious editing was. Feng Jinghe couldn’t help but laugh, “Grandpa, this is a live broadcast. There is no editing.”

“However, I think that my brother really likes my sister in law’s personality…”

“Wherever the two of them go, they look harmonious!”

How much did it take for his brother to hold back his black face?!

Hearing his words, Old man Feng’s face softened a lot. Like a child asking for credit, he smiled smugly, “Of course they are. Who else was the one to pick the eldest daughter in law?”

After he finished speaking, it was unknown what he thought of as he sighed faintly.

It would be nice if he had found this child earlier, then maybe so many things wouldn’t have happened…

Shen Yu walked out of the bathroom when he was done, deliberately swaying and not walking in a straight line. As soon as he sat on his chair, his whole body collapsed on Feng SiRui, “Rui-ge, I drank too much. What should I do?”

The scorching breath sprayed onto Feng SiRui’s ears, causing a tingling electric sensation to flow through his body. Feng SiRui stopped talking with others and a slightly strange colour flashed across his face. Looking at the person on him, he asked, “Do you want to go home now?”

“No. I still want to drink!” Shen Yu’s voice was a little loud, attracting everyone’s attention.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a lot of gloating smiles. They were probably waiting for Feng SiRui to push him away and get angry at him in public.

—— ‘Come on, come on. Don’t let everyone down!’

—— ‘Quickly push me away, put on a disgusted expression and say, “You don’t deserve to touch me, so stay away from me!”’

—— ‘Take this opportunity to rekindle with the relatives that squeezed me out…’

—— ‘Wei-wei-wei, why are you hugging my waist?! You can’t touch there! Hahaha! It’s so ticklish!’

—— ‘Dog man, you bastard! You actually took advantage of me!’

Translator notes:

Brandish your sword dog man!! WE ARE GOING TO FIGHT TO THE DEATH!! SHEN YU IS OURS!!!

Fellow Shen Yu cult followers, let us gather at dawn and protect our Shen Yu from idiots and two-faced lotuses!!

Also yesterday while I was playing IDV. My son and wife(Not real wife or son I’m a single pringle. Just that there was a church map here in IDV and we were like lol lets force the hunter to turn friendly by making them officiate a wedding) just started worshipping the hunter who was a feaster. Guess my son and wife joined a cult without me knowing. We were supposed to run from him but the both of them started kneeling in front of him and calling him my lord… then bringing him to me to use me as a sacrifice. This here is a feaster. 

  • 1
    pants for infants before they start toilet training. Similar to normal pants but with a huge hole on the crotch area
  • 2
    Chinese Confucian philosopher. In book 4, part 2, chapter 33 of the collection of his sayings, dialogues and debates with others, he told of a man who would always return home full of wine and meat.
  • 3
    frankly this part might be confusing. Well in the story, the man would actually be on the streets begging for alms and would return home once he has his fill of wine and meat
  • 4
    slang for someone who has gone overseas but now is back in China


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