Chapter 21 – You beat someone in the show?

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Chapter 21: You have beaten someone in a reality show.

After the meal, the six pairs of guests gathered together to share their travel experiences and report their remaining money reserves.

“We still have 300…” Wang XinEr said first, leaning on director Meng Qixiang’s shoulder with a sweet smile, “Fortunately, my husband knows how to plan. Otherwise we wouldn’t be able to complete tomorrow’s attractions.”

Shen Yu stared at her and squinted his eyes, “Why is the left side of your face blue?”

“Is it?” Wang XinEr covered her face in a panic, “Maybe it’s my makeup.”

Even though she had clearly covered it with concealer, how could she still be discovered?!

Meng Qixiang next to her had an unnatural expression. He cleared his throat but didn’t say anything.

Next was Qi Lulu. “We have 240 A currency left. This is more than enough to complete tomorrow’s tasks!”

She proudly raised the corners of her mouth, “Also, we checked into two scenic spots today. We’re far ahead of schedule!”

Qi Lulu obviously didn’t know the other team’s itinerary and was satisfied by her own team’s results.

“We have 100 left.” Feng Huanmei said with a stiff face. She didn’t seem very happy.

The little white face next to her explained, “We went over the budget with lunch, so the remaining money is relatively small. But we should be done with the attractions tomorrow.”

Before Yang Qiqi reported his results, he glared at Shen Yu intentionally or unintentionally, full of anger. He took a breath before saying, “Lu Fei-ge and I still have 500 left. We have checked into two scenic spots.”

“We have 800 remaining, we have checked into three scenic spots…” Li Hao connected seamlessly and gave a friendly smile towards Shen Yu.

Shen Yu nodded with an arrogant look on his face, “It seems that Rui-ge and I have the most remaining currency; 905, and we have checked into three scenic spots.”

“Impossible.” Qi Lulu’s face was full of disbelief, “Taking the subway alone costs 40 A currency…”

“Don’t tell me. You didn’t even eat lunch?”

“Just so happens, we really didn’t eat lunch…” Shen Yu gave an arrogant smile, “What are you going to do? Bite me?!”

Qi Lulu immediately stood up and shouted to the staff, “They must have cheated!”

The director made a cross1Xinghe said I should add a footnote here… It’s crossing ur arms to make an X gesture gesture and gave the result, “Official statement. They have not cheated.”

Qi Lulu sat down angrily.

Everyone had their own thoughts, so the dinner was particularly unpleasant.

After the meal, Shen Yu sat outside while looking at the sky and chatting with a few foreign friends. Feng SiRui sat beside him with black lines on his face, as if he was doing some kind of surveillance.

Halfway through, Shen Yu wanted to go to the bathroom, so he stood up and left.

Feng SiRui didn’t have the time to keep up with him, so he could only wait in place.

Some things can’t be done too blatantly (such as monitoring the actions of one’s daughter-in-law), he still wants to save face.

Shen Yu and Feng SiRui lived in the corner, just next to two RVs.

He took out his key to open the door, but vaguely heard a woman’s cry. He immediately stopped.

After standing still for two seconds, he shook his head.

Don’t involve oneself in other people’s business and affairs.

It’s easy to cause a mess if you involve yourself too much!

Thinking of this, he turned his key but suddenly heard the sound of a heavy object falling. His eyes went cold for a moment. He put away the keys and put his hands in his pockets, heading towards the source of the sound.

“Is there anyone inside?” Shen Yu’s voice was not too loud nor too small. Just enough to be heard by the people inside.

The sound of a woman’s crying abruptly stopped.

“Is there a problem?” The man didn’t open the door.

“The director asked me to convey the rules of the game tomorrow.” Shen Yu said.

“Just send us a text message, we are going to bed soon.”

“No. It has to be said face to face…” Shen Yu’s attitude turned tough, “If you don’t follow the rules, it’s equivalent to automatically announcing your exit.”

The car was quiet for a few seconds. Then the door opened from the inside.

As soon as the man’s head came out. He was directly pressed back by Shen Yu.

He couldn’t struggle and was actually pushed to the ground.

“You, what are you trying to do?!” Meng Qixiang looked at Shen Yu in a panic, “How could you break into someone else’s RV without permission?!”

Shen Yu ignored him and turned to look at something.

Meng Qixiang was afraid that his actions would be exposed. So he got up from the ground and rushed towards Shen Yu, trying to throw him out of the RV.

Unexpectedly, the person in front of him suddenly turned around and kicked him in the stomach in one fine sweep.

He flew into the air and fell heavily on the floor, kneeling. His facial features twisted together in pain as he gasped for breath. He didn’t say a word for a long time.

Shen Yu glanced at him contemptuously, then walked inside. Sure enough, he saw Wang XinEr curled up in the corner. Her hair was scattered around her and her face was covered in tears.

“Jie, can you endure this?!”

No wonder she didn’t wear any revealing clothes when she came out to eat today. It turned out that she had blue and purple bruises on her body. It looked like she had been beaten.

Shen Yu squatted and squinted, “Do you need me to help you call the police?”

Wang XinEr shook her head frantically, crying while saying, “No, no need…”

“I’ll be in trouble if you call the police!”

Shen Yu irritably messed up his hair and suppressed his anger, “Would you like me to beat him up to relieve your anger?!”

Wang XinEr whimpered softly, “Please, don’t involve yourself anymore…”

“He will take revenge on me.”

“How wonderful!” Shen Yu patted his forehead helplessly, “You want to live like this for the rest of your life!”

After he finished speaking, he got up and walked outside. When passing by Meng Qianshang, he patted his own forehead and said, “Comparable to a dog!”

Yang Qiqi secretly recorded this while hiding behind an RV. When he saw Shen Yu returning to his RV, he walked out lightly.

He forwarded the footage to others, then edited a message in the blink of an eye.

After everything was done, his face was full of smiles, “Let’s see how you can record the next episode!”

The sun rose, as usual, the next day.

Shen Yu woke up and was startled by Feng SiRui’s enlarged face once more.

After a short day, he suddenly remembered that today was the last day of filming. So he hummed a little song and went to wash up.

“Today is a good day, everything I have in mind can be accomplished…”

Feng SiRui frowned, “You’re quite happy?”

“Of course I’m happy…” Shen Yu responded inarticulately while brushing his teeth.

—— ‘30,000 yuan will be available soon. I can have a big meal when I go back!’

—— ‘Additionally, I don’t have to face the dog man anymore. The world suddenly looks more beautiful…’

Feng SiRui’s face was gloomy, “…” 

‘Do you really want to get rid of me that much?!’

In less than half a day, Shen Yu took Feng SiRui to visit all the attractions required for the missions, and then he went straight to the final destination.

The rest of the guests gathered once evening came.

Because the opera performer Feng Huanying wasted too much money the previous day, they couldn’t complete the mission and were forced to give up early.

The rest were able to complete their missions at almost the same speed. Only Li Hao and Yan Ruiqing were a lot faster and won second place.

When the results were announced, Shen Yu happily went to collect the bonus. But when he held the 30,000, Feng SiRui snatched it away.

Shen Yu, “!!”

—— ‘Dog man, do you still want to rob this little money from me? Are you still human?!’

—— ‘Give it back to me! You big bastard who doesn’t even want to pay for alimony!’

He was still complaining in his heart when his phone suddenly rang. He lowered his head and could see that it was his agent Qin Yuheng,

“Qin-jie, quickly say it if you have anything to say. I’m going to get my bonus!”

“Did you beat someone on the show?!” Qin Yuheng’s roaring voice came from the phone, “The video has already spread and the impact is terrible!”

“You’re going to be benched and you still have the mood to talk about bonuses?!”

“There’s not enough to pay even the tip of the iceberg of the required liquidated damages!” 

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    Xinghe said I should add a footnote here… It’s crossing ur arms to make an X gesture


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  2. Go Yuyu!! Beat up that scum husband who dares to commit domestic violence!!

    Though I feel bad for the woman, aigooo… I hope she gets out of that situation now that someone knows about it openly.

    Also also, Yan Qiqi is so…. aish… I really can’t understand characters who are such braindead fools. He didn’t even think about the fact that consequences would arise from him making trouble for the person his ‘husband’ obviously holds very very close in heart. He sold himself to the white lotus childhood moonlight and still counted the money. Heh. I hope he gets his retribution soon.

    Thanks for the wonderful translation as usual! Heheheh it adds to my day when I see this has a new chapter. As much as I hate most of the characters here (looks at FSR), I love the different aspects to it as well! Especially Yuyu’s inner thoughts hahahahah

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      Thanks for reading~ I enjoy our discussions in the comment section❤

      • That’s also true. While I really don’t like the thought of people getting abused and all that, her character also portrays just how much people are willing to put up with to get what they want. It doesn’t help that abuse also tend to have psychological consequences and humans can start feeling that it’s ‘normal’.

        Yeah, Yan Qiqi also used unscrupulous means to get LLF to marry him, if i’m not wrong? The entertainment industry (in all the novels I’ve read, at least) all show how murky and dirty things can be behind the scenes. It’s quite a saddening but also realistic aspect, i suppose, in that humans are often willing to shed all pretenses and even their morals to reach what they want to reach.

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