Chapter 5 – Part 12-13

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On the eighth day, the Emperor showed up at his door.

This was the first time Yue Lao had seen the Emperor in the past two thousand years. It was a bit embarrassing, “Who are you looking for???”

“Where is Liu Zhenyun?”

“???” The old man’s mouth hung open in disbelief.

Liu Zhenyun had insomnia last night. He heard a voice outside the room and stumbled out. He saw the person he had been thinking about all night long standing in the hall.

Bai Shi looked at the dark circles under Liu Zhenyun’s eyes, “Didn’t sleep well?”

“Why did you come so late?” Liu Yan complained, then walked over to grab Bai Shi’s waist and leaned his head on his chest. “Yesterday, I was so worried that you wouldn’t come that I had insomnia.”

He yawned and pointed at the old man. “This is my godfather.”

Bai Shi slightly glanced at Yue Lao and said, “Godfather, hello.”

The old man’s chin slammed on the ground and couldn’t be picked it up. He wondered if he’d died. The Emperor actually called me Godfather!!!

The old man wanted to faint.

Bai Shi, with a wave of his sleeves, caused two boxes of jewels to appear, “This is a dowry for Godfather to collect.”

The old man: …

He really fainted.



The old man pressed a white handkerchief to his forehead. Lying on the bed, he yelled in tears, “I am finished, I am finished, Heaven is going to punish me!”

The little Flower God looked at his godfather with disdain, “Such a trivial matter and you actually fainted.” He pinched Bai Shi’s waist, “Pour some water for Godfather.”

Bai Shi filled a cup with hot water and handed it to the old man.

Yue Lao looked at the Emperor’s warm fingers holding the steaming hot cup and he wanted to cry some more.

Bai Shi frowned, feeling that this cup of water was really too hot, he waited for the water to cool down.

The old man trembled and didn’t dare lift his head up. When Bai Shi saw this, he couldn’t help but ask, “Godfather is afraid of me?”

I am not afraid of you, I am afraid of the Flower God! After drinking a few mouthfuls, he felt his courage return, “No, as long as the Emperor is good to Zhenyun, Godfather has no opinions.”

Bai Shi’s tone got a lot softer, “Of course I will be good to him.”

The old man raised his head slightly and looked at the Emperor. When he saw that the Emperor’s usually cold face was soft, he thought it really was a sin to love. He had thought that the Emperor was putting up with them and was just playing along.

This is an honour, this really is an honour, the Emperor is my goddaughter-in-law!

The old man stood up.

When Bai Shi turned around,  Liu Zhenyun whispered to him, “Godfather is old so his brain is not very good. If you have anything good to give, quickly take it out to coax him.”

Bai Shi took out his birthday gift from Taibai Jinxinga1 fictional character in the Chinese classical novel Journey to the West, an envoy of the emperor last year, “I only have this on me.”

Yue Lao cursed within his heart, this is from the Taibai Jinxing of the old white gold star who had been practising Jindan2Nascent soul stage for ten years. There are only ten in existence and he actually gave it to me, f**k!

The old man held the gift and couldn’t stop patting Liu Zhenyun’s shoulder, “You’ve married well. You managed to get a golden goose you little good-for-nothing, and he even comes laden with treasures[1].”



After the old man recovered his courage, he drove the two out of the palace and closed the door.

Liu Zhenyun went home with Bai Shi, “My dad will be back in two days, so you don’t have to visit again.”

The Flower God’s house was full of flowers. Because both masters weren’t around, the flowers were not taken care of, so some weeds had grown and there were also worms. During the day, Liu Zhenyun watered the flowers and weeded them, with Bai Shi occasionally coming to help, but more often both were kissing and loving.

Liu Zhenyun would be halfway through with his chores, but when he looked over at Bai Shi, his heart would become itchy. He’d then pounce on him and kiss him. In the beginning, Bai Shi was startled, but he slowly got used to it.

The two people rolled together when they kissed each other. Bai Shi especially liked the force of Liu Zhenyun’s love. They blended with each other in the flowers, and Liu Zhenyun’s panting and petulant movements made Bai Shi unable to stop.

This wonderful life of just those two alone couldn’t last forever. A week later, the Flower God came back.

[1] 拱到了金白菜啊,还镶钻的: a tough idiom to explain but basically, it means that the little flower-god managed to snag our emperor who is like a treasure, while the flower god is like a rotten egg. Like the pig that got a cabbage. In other words, the emperor is like the rose in the pile of shit(flower god)


In the picture: I got you now

  • 1
    fictional character in the Chinese classical novel Journey to the West
  • 2
    Nascent soul stage


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7 thoughts on “Chapter 5 – Part 12-13”

  1. gosh! this short novel makes me think of Lan Zhan x Wei Ying from Founder of Diabolism XD and the meme of Lan Zhan being the Cabbage and Wei Ying being the pig

  2. gosh! this short novel makes me think of Lan Zhan x Wei Ying from Founder of Diabolism XD and the meme of Lan Zhan being the Cabbage and Wei Ying being the pig


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