Chapter 4 – Part 9-11

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Liu Zhenyun lived in Bai Shi’s house for a few days, spending his time there to cook for him, warm his bed, and give him flowers every day.

During dinner on the fifth day, he stared at the Emperor, “Bai Shi, when are you going to my family to propose marriage?” Bai Shi calmly ate but didn’t answer.

Liu Zhenyun’s big eyes stared at Bai Shi — others had said that Liu Zhenyun’s eyes were black like a chessboard, quiet as the river and flashing like the stars. He decided to make full use of this temptation. He didn’t believe that Bai Shi could hold it in after being stared at like this.

Bai Shi sighed. He had been sighing often recently, his resolve getting worn out quickly. He lightly said, “You still need to work hard.” Then he got up and left.

Liu Zhenyun touched his chin. He told me to work hard and to have hope! Does the Emperor mean that I have not done enough in these five days?

So on the sixth day, Liu Zhenyun sent three bunches of flowers, confessing in the morning and evening. Even with the heat of his many confessions, Bai Shi still wasn’t moved. Liu Zhenyun’s teeth itched and he decided to use his seduction technique.



Bai Shi was very confused about Liu Zhenyun’s enthusiasm for pursuing himself. He knew that he was a fairly cold person. Even if a friend visited, if the other said ten sentences, he would not necessarily return even one. Therefore, his friends didn’t come to see him often, saying that he was boring.

Yes, boring. He had heard that clubbing and gaming were in trend now, but he was still playing with swords and reading books. There was no fun at all in his stringent daily routine.

However, Liu Zhenyun had already been here for half a month. He didn’t feel bored every day since he was capable of entertaining himself. He also showed off his cooking skills in exchange for Bai Shi’s sword skills. Probably because he was young.

Thinking of this, Bai Shi went back to the bedroom. Liu Zhenyun was still sleeping in his bed but he was used to it by now. He took off his coat and got into bed, waiting for Liu Zhenyun to wake up.


The little Flower God was very agitated! He was so nervous! Once his heart calmed down, Liu Zhenyun rolled over and sat up.

Bai Shi felt like he had been burnt. He touched his chest and gritted his teeth, “Where are your clothes?”

Liu Zhenyun whispered, “Don’t have.”

“You…!” Bai Shi paused, “Get off of my bed.”

“Don’t want to.”

“Get off!” Bai Shi’s tone was severe.

“I don’t want to!” The little Flower God’s temper wasn’t easily riled, but it finally came out. The more you tell me to leave, the more I won’t! This blockhead!

Bai Shi frowned, raised his hand, and glanced at him, “Fine, you can sleep here, I’m going to sleep in the study.”

Wow, this cold-hearted man!!!

The little Flower God was very angry and this was going to have Very Serious Consequences.

He took out a piece of paper and wrote: Godfather was right, you are a heartless man! You pretentious devil!

After writing these words, Liu Zhenyun scrunched the paper up and dripped a large amount of saltwater on it, making it look as if he’d cried all over the letter!

I don’t believe you haven’t been moved by me! Liu Zhenyun slammed the paper onto the desk in the study, then left for his hometown.



Yue Lao was very excited, pulling him back and forth, “Still a virgin?” He looked behind Liu Zhenyun. “The Emperor didn’t come back with you?”

“No.” Liu Zhenyun sat down.

“Great!” The old man jumped up and clapped his hands.

“However,” Liu Zhenyun picked out the peaches from the fruit plate. “Within ten days, the Emperor will come to our door.”

“Why our door? Have you stolen something?”

“Yes,” Liu Zhenyun placed his head in his hands. “I stole his heart. He will definitely come to pick me up.”

The old man snorted, “Hurry and wash up and sleep, why are you daydreaming?”

On the first day, the little Flower God pulled on his godfather’s beard and ate all the fruit in the fruit bowl.

The Emperor got up early to eat a bowl of plain porridge and read a book.

On the second day, the little Flower God helped the old man connect a few red strings and did not pay attention to the knots on some strings. The old man couldn’t untie them and he was so angry that he hit Liu Zhenyun on the head.

The Emperor got up early to eat a bowl of plain porridge and read a book.

On the third day, the little Flower God ate some melon seeds along with the old man and watched “The President of the Winds of the Palace” and “Jade Emperor’s Romantic Debts.”

The Emperor got up early, did not eat breakfast, read a book, and only had two peaches.

On the fifth day, the little Flower God summoned the bees to the back of the courtyard, collected honey from them and boiled the nectar with osmanthus into candy.

The Emperor got up early, did not eat, and spent half a day with the hydrangeas in the garden.

On the seventh day, the little Flower God was sitting on the grass with his legs crossed and he held a dog’s tail grass in his hand. The old man wearing glasses so he could read the marriage book comforted him, “Godfather has a lot of other options for you. Handsome boy, I will choose for you.”

The Emperor cast a spell to make two pieces of glutinous rice cake. However, after eating half a piece, he wasn’t hungry for the other. He stood up, flicked his sleeves and went into the palace.


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