Chapter 3 – Part 7-8

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Bai Shi didn’t lie, there really wasn’t a guest room in his palace. Seeing Liu Zhenyun take the initiative to lie on his bed, he took out a mattress from the closet and prepared to make a bed on the floor.

In the past thousands of years, Bai Shi had received countless confessions. In the past, there had also been persistent women who would come to visit every day. Bai Shi had never cared about them and would shoo all his pursuers away with his indifference. Therefore, the Emperor looked down on this little Flower God’s trick. In his eyes, it would take at most three days for this young man to leave.

Bai Shi laid the mattress on the floor, took out a quilt and nestled into it. Liu Zhenyun tossed and turned on the great big bed, and finally rolled to the side of the bed to look at him, “Bai Shi? Bai Shi?”

There was no echo in the darkness.

Liu Zhenyun got off the bed. He stood on his tiptoes and flashed to Bai Shi’s bedside in two or three steps, and gently lifted a corner.

“What are you doing?” Bai Shi opened his eyes and looked at the little Flower God.  

“Why else would I be doing drilling into your bed? Of course it’s to sleep with you!” Liu Zhenyun said in a matter-of-fact way.

Bai Shi did not think he would be so direct, and could only say, “Go to bed.”

“No, I’m scared,” Liu Zhenyun stickily came and hugged him like a small heater. “I will warm your bed for you.”

Bai Shi: …

When Bai Shi moved a couple inches to the side, Liu Zhenyun followed him and moved a couple inches as well. Bai Shi moved another couple inches and Liu Zhenyun simply laid on his chest, “Don’t move, hurry up and sleep.”

Bai Shi felt like there was a scalding soft cloud floating on his chest making his ears burn.

The next day, Liu Zhenyun woke up on the big bed alone. The little Flower God rubbed his eyes and went out to see the Emperor sword-dancing in the courtyard.

For him to still pay attention to traditional martial arts like this in the 21st century, he is truly worthy of being the man I fell for!

The little Flower God was extremely proud!

After Bai Shi was done practising, Liu Zhenyun applauded and gave him another bunch of wine-red roses he had materialized, “This is today’s share of wooing!”

Bai Shi neither accepted nor refused, he only pretended not to see it. “I am going to read some books.”

Liu Zhenyun stuffed the flowers into Bai Shi’s hands and rushed into the kitchen to fiddle with something. He quickly brought out a bowl of osmanthus porridge and some wintersweet rice cakes, “Have some breakfast first.”

The breakfasts Bai Shi had had in the past consisted of plain porridge and green vegetables. Today, seeing the sweet-scented, simple and elegant osmanthus porridge and the wintersweet rice cake that was excellent in colour, fragrance, and flavour, the long-silent gluttonous worm in his stomach was roused. He sat down expressionlessly but his appreciation towards the little Flower God grew.

That was, if only the little Flower God hadn’t given him so much.

Bai Shi looked at the mountain high pile of rice cakes in the bowl, suddenly terrified.


Bai Shi regretted it. He should not have appreciated Liu Zhenyun this morning, because this doll was really too lively and active!!!

Liu Zhenyun passed by the door for the eighteenth time, he quickly looked inside, then walked away.

Bai Shi had a headache, “If you want to come in, then come in.” What was the matter with him, walking around the door!

“No, I can’t sit still.” Liu Zhenyun passed by again, carrying a big sprinkler, “I’ll plant some more flowers in your courtyard.”

After eating breakfast, Liu Zhenyun swept the courtyard once, mopped it once, and planted trees.

Bai Shi let out a rare sigh and closed the door with a wave of his sleeves.

Afterwards, Liu Zhenyun pried open the window to poke his head and look inside. At the same time, he defended himself with high-sounding and self-righteous words, “You’re really good looking!”

Bai Shi sighed yet again. He put his book down onto the table, then walked into the courtyard and saw Liu Zhenyun carrying a cluster of flower branches, circling the courtyard going from east to west. He circled the whole perimeter of the wall and then performed a technique to make the flowers bloom one by one.

“What kind of flower is this?” Bai Shi did not recognize it.

“Hydrangea.” Liu Zhenyun picked one and handed it to him, “It looks good, doesn’t it?”

Bai Shi accepted it, “Thank you, it looks very pretty.”

“You’ve accepted my hydrangea so you are my man now!” Liu Zhenyun winked.

Bai Shi silently swallowed the words ‘you’ve worked hard’ back into his stomach, “Who did you learn to be so cheeky from?”

“It’s self-taught.” Liu Zhenyun said with immense pride, “As the saying goes, you can’t be a boy if you can’t bear to be cheeky.”

Bai Shi felt like he was going deaf.


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