The little Flower God and the Emperor

Author: 大青Q3
Chapters: 15
Translator: kate, Patience
Editors: Mimishijie


Yue Lao was miserable. He felt like his pure imp-like soul had been tainted by the little Flower God. “You want to top the Emperor?”

“No,” the little Flower God corrected, “ I want to be topped by him.”

Yue Lao, “…Don’t call me godfather anymore. I need to calm down.”


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2 thoughts on “The little Flower God and the Emperor”

  1. OMGOMGOMG I’m TOTALLY in love with this short story, it’s so adorable and funny, but still wholesome and the protag is a cute lol I laughed with him, when Yue Lap was against his will to be Emperor’s wife and he was just “ok, boomer” 😂 golden

    I loved how simple the story was, it’s not overdramatic, just two good guys falling in love

    Well I wanted ask permission to translate this sweet novel to Brazilian Portuguese, with all the credits given?


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