Chapter 43 – Yi Jia’s Secret (2)

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Chapter 43: Yi Jia’s Secret (2)

Editor: SleepyMango123

Death: So sorry for the delay kitties, real life kicked me into a ditch!! QAQ

He shifted his legs, which had a wetness between them, and his thighs, which felt as if a foreign object was still there. His whole body was completely limp.

Lying on his side indolently, he looked up at his elder brother who was sitting on the bed, handling his affairs.

When the other man became serious, it was no lie that he really looked like he was posturing.

While he worked, he wore a pair of glasses with black frames since his eyesight wasn’t very good. With his long blond hair tied back—although he’d just finished a bout of lovemaking—he now appeared like a meticulously-studying scholar.

All he needed was some golden light to become an angel.

Towards this kind of dignified conduct, Uriah turned up his nose. After all, he was one to speak his mind—if you wanted indecency, then be indecent—but this one just had to make himself out to be incomparably pure and holy.

Wasn’t this just the thief shouting thief? 1 This is a figurative translation, the original phrase describes a person who does nasty things then accuses others of doing the same thing—kinda like a pot and kettle situation but usually person b is innocent lol. Basically Mr Ferdinand is a huge hypocrite

“What are you looking at?” Ferdinand didn’t even glance at him. His words were warm and his voice sonorous. Aligning with his appearance, it had a pure and holy righteous halo about it, “Want to get fucked again?”

Uriah, “…”

It was just that the words he spoke were rather unbearable.

Ferdinand’s hypocritical appearance was quite amusing; Uriah couldn’t help but stretch out a leg to tease the other. His legs were long, pale, and very straight, just like himself—though at least his legs were simply pretty, and didn’t carry the same malicious air as the rest of him.2 Legs…This is talking about legs…

Ferdinand picked up his documents, stood up, and began dressing leisurely. He seemed very graceful as he did so, as if he were following a delicate and meticulous procedure.

After doing up his last button, he opened the door to walk out without looking back. “Goodbye, darling. Although I’d love to stay in your bed, it’s a pity that this world is nothing if not insensitive.”

Though after speaking, he paused, turning back to blow a kiss at Uriah.

Uriah felt somewhat lifeless as he pulled back his legs. The empty goose feather quilt suddenly became cold.

After he idly cussed him out, he fell silent—probably used to Ferdinand’s heartlessness.3 This phrase refers to guys who turn around and pretend a girl doesn’t exist after doing the deed. Very specific, I know.

But his fingers still tightened slightly, and his lips thinned into a line. His gaze stayed, unfocused, on the scenery suspended from the ceiling, his garishly beautiful features seemingly pale.

All this implied that he was in a very bad mood.

Most of the time, Ferdinand would finish and leave.

The times in which they were intimate were short, but they had maintained this abnormal relationship for a while…Uriah absent-mindedly realised that he had already forgotten what their first time together had been like.

And exactly who had seduced who.

Yi Jia took a sip of water, and calmed down somewhat.

She fiddled with a strand of hair, her brow still tightly creased.

“Yesterday, she and I went out at seven in the evening. She’d been worrying about you, but later she said everything was fine—and there was a festival on, so we wanted to go out and have some fun.”

Shen Zhifan poured a glass of water for himself, his expression rather unsightly, “…Yes, I did tell her around that time.”

“We were going to come home early,” Yi Jia put a hand to her forehead, her eyelashes quivering, “But something unexpected happened, and I…I didn’t look after her properly, it’s my fault.”

As Shen Zhifan’s thoughts whirled, he couldn’t spare any words to comfort the young lady.

“What actually happened?”

“I don’t know either. We were staying at a hotel,” Her pinched fingertips were going white, “Since today is her birthday, we waited until midnight, and then slept. I wanted to sleep together—but she didn’t agree, so she stayed in the next room. Everything went as usual, but when I woke up in the morning…when I went to knock on her door,  she’d already disappeared.”

Yi Jia bit at her lip, “Since then, I haven’t been able to contact her. I hoped that maybe she’d gone home, but she obviously didn’t.”

After speaking, she sighed, burying her face in her arms.

The white cat was still resting in Shen Zhifan’s embrace; it could feel Shen Zhifan’s arms tightening around it. Although it didn’t hurt, it could feel his tension and stiffness.

Shen Zhirou—although she was an adult, she was still young and didn’t have much experience in society, and was a simple-minded girl. Even so, her looks wouldn’t make her a target.

He couldn’t help but blame himself; but first and foremost, he had to quickly find Shen Zhirou.

There were only two reasons she would go missing—one, she’d left willingly, or two, someone had taken her.

It didn’t make sense for Shen Zhirou to disappear while she was happily playing around, so the answer was clear, so much so that Shen Zhifan felt his temples pulsing.

Who was it?

Battlesquad V? That was the first name that came to mind, since he had trouble with them yesterday—but he quickly ruled it out.

There was no reason to rule them out, but his gut feeling told him so. Battlesquad V may have committed embezzlement, but with their now-terrified appearance, they most likely couldn’t go through with something like this—also, there was no need.

…Then, who was it?

Shen Zhifan covered his forehead with a hand, completely clueless.

Exactly what connections did the twenty-three-year-old Shen Zhifan have—how many people had he clashed with, and how many people bore grudges against him?…He had absolutely no idea.

Yi Jia dazedly watched Shen Zhifan’s reddened eyes. She had rarely seen him so completely at a loss.

KK had always been calm, sometimes too much so. He was practically like a timeless stone statue—he was clearly at the age where one was full of mettle, and ought to be full of warmth and pride in oneself.

But he wasn’t—he was too indifferent.

He was so detached that the only black spot on KK was that his competitions weren’t exciting enough. As if he were reaping souls, he would sweep past his opponent, without the enthusiasm of competing nor the spirited sense of living.

It didn’t particularly affect his strength though, and his popularity was still awfully high.

It was enough just to have his jade-like appearance and tyrannical strength, unfitting of someone his age.

Truly, it was extremely rare…for him to be like this; pale-faced, holding a cat, and with the corners of his eyes beginning to redden. Although this was probably a result of anger, not sorrow, he seemed like a precious stone that would break with the slightest touch.

She suddenly thought of what Shen Zhifan had been like many years ago.

At that time, he had been riddled with scars, with a smile still on his lips—but it had also seemed like he would shatter when touched.

At that time, Shen Zhirou was the mainstay of his heart. When mentioning his little sister, his gaze would soften like fresh cream.4 that’s literally the raw, szf is too cute

Her heart warmed, and she unthinkingly went up and hugged Shen Zhifan.

“It’s alright, don’t be afraid.”

Shen Zhifan was a little dazed. The perfume emanating from the girl was somewhat stifling, and he was left bewildered.

The cat, who was sandwiched between the two of them, “…”

Very well. It hadn’t died yet.

Annoyed, the kitty meowed twice, quickly using a paw to hook onto Shen Zhifan’s clothes.

This translated into something like: Look how shameless this little girl is in broad daylight. 

… But, to be fair, how could she compare to him ah?5 at least he’s self-aware…

Yi Jia came to her senses almost immediately, and released him. Shen Zhifan was a little embarrassed but remembered that she was, after all, a fan of his. She was also in a state of confusion, so it was somewhat understandable.

Yi Jia also felt awkward. Just as she hadn’t seen Shen Zhifan lose his composure in a long time, it had also been many years since she herself acted like she had today.

It was probably because Shen Zhifan had evoked some past memories.

Her lips twitched, wanting to speak, but the kitty—whose expression was very unsightly—immediately blocked her mouth.

She had never seen…a cat who could read humans so well.6 more specifically, the cat has multiple faces for multiple people lol

And it was completely deliberate too—for instance, when it looked at Shen Zhifan, it would become a soft, cute little angel in a flash.

…This was really an indescribable cat.

However, said cat quickly left. Yi Jia’s eyes were sharp, and she saw that it was gone just as Shen Zhifan pulled out his phone.

Speaking of, the last time this cat has snuck away, they had been discussing the manager of Battlesquad V.

A hint of speculation flashed through Yi Jia’s eyes—but then she realised that it was absurd, and immediately banished the thought.

“Don’t worry, we should report to the police first…” Shen Zhifan took out his phone. After some consideration, he had still decided to report this first.

“En…but,” Yi Jia paused, as if she hadn’t thought that he would ask for help, “But, you…”

Shen Zhifan looked at her, who seemed to want to say something but was also hesitant, “What is it?”

Yi Jia suddenly lowered her voice, “It’s them, isn’t it?”

Shen Zhifan paused, uncomprehending, “…What?”

Something dark and unknown flashed through Yi Jia’s eyes. Her fingers suddenly clenched, and she then nodded blankly, “…No, nothing.”

Shen Zhifan was rather confused—but Shen Zhirou’s disappearance was more pressing, so Yi Jia’s strangeness was quickly thrown to the back of his mind.

The doorbell suddenly rang. Absent-mindedly, Yi Jia stood up to open the door and saw the new arrival was a handsome young man. His aura was icy, severe, and quite eye-catching.

His azure blue eyes were as sharp as a blade’s edge, with a kind of cultivated, imposing manner. She was left somewhat startled when he looked her over for a moment.

Naturally, she also studied him—this person was handsome and quite familiar-looking…And so, confusion filled her eyes.

Shen Zhifan quickly placated her, then sent her off first. After all, these were Shen Zhifan’s own affairs.

Though she was bewildered and full of doubt, since that man was present, it wasn’t good for her to say anything. She could only swallow back her words.

However, she didn’t know if it was a misconception, but she felt the way this man looked at Shen Zhifan was a little off.

She didn’t know if it was because the way he looked as Shen Zhifan seemed too possessive, or because he looked at her with too much hostility.

As she left, she deliberately paused, taking a quick peek back inside, brushing back her hair that covered her line of sight.

…She covered her mouth slightly.

He—he was hugging Shen Zhifan.

Although a hug between two men was quite normal, and this action was unambiguous as an ordinary comforting gesture—but what inexplicably came to Yi Jia’s mind…were the words; an eye for an eye.

Speaking of, didn’t cats also abide by this?

She thought it over, and slowly closed the door.


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