Chapter 42 – Uriah’s Secret (2)

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Chapter 42: Uriah’s Secret (2)

Editor: SleepyMango123

Death: yall this is where it gets REALLY incesty so watch out kek.

His Highness Uriah was born with garishly beautiful features, and was also a natural manipulator—at this moment, he put his talents to good use.

Now, as he was wound around his elder brother’s body, and even though the sunshine was bright, he seemed like a misty, dewy water fairy.

His hands were rather restless, sliding from the other man’s back to his waist, even slowly circling into his clothes. This wasn’t enough, though—his fingertips wanted to go further downwards, to places where they shouldn’t be.

Clearly, the one who’d been pushed down was him, but he was now returning the kiss with unfathomable passion, forcing the other to raise his head slightly.


Ice-cold fingers couldn’t help but make the other gasp for breath, bringing out a soft, irritating chuckle. His lips left Uriah’s own, leaving behind a long, ambiguously glistening thread, as well as a few smaller silver ones in the wake of their yearning.1 kinda ew, but the idiom used in the second phrase is ‘lotus roots may break, but the fiber remains joined’, which means ‘lovers part, but still long for one another’, but they’re literally talking about saliva QAQ

Ferdinand licked the corner of his mouth, which was polluted by the other man’s taste, then reached out to lift the chin of the person underneath him.

“Looks like you really missed me. At least your body is very honest.”

Uriah narrowed his eyes, though his hands didn’t stop, “Am I the honest one, or are you?”

“…Alright, mmhm…” The man let out a soft sigh, brows knitting together slightly, but didn’t reject him, “Little bastard, your head is full of these things, you really haven’t changed at all from when I left.”

Uriah liked this look on the other man; his chin sensually raised, as if he was looking disdainfully at him. Because his desires had been set aflame, his breaths were heavy, and Uriah could feel the other’s broad chest rising and falling. It was definitely the same pale honey colour that it was in his memories.

This new arrival was extremely handsome. His Highness Uriah hadn’t liked to read since he was young, and couldn’t describe things well—after a while, he could only come up with the baffling words, ‘outrageously handsome’.

Ferdinand had returned, travel-worn. In order to come back earlier, and still be covert, he had clearly gone to great lengths and also hadn’t been getting by easily.

There were faint shadows under his eyes, as well as some rather obstinate stubble on his chin. Compared to his usual way of living like a prince, he seemed a bit more…

Uriah thought for a moment, but didn’t know how to describe it.

But this didn’t affect the movement of his hands.

Even so, Ferdinand was still very handsome. In a country and era that valued one’s individuality, his long, light golden hair was not obtrusive. It was always bundled gracefully behind him, his forehead clean and meticulous, but a few strands would sometimes fall astray.

His attractiveness wasn’t particularly affected by his rather sorry state, since the former was innate, a blessing bestowed upon him by nature. He also had a cultivated temperament, so he appeared to possess a gentleman’s elegance and ease, even now.

Yes, even while he was doing such ambiguous and lewd things.

Uriah thought of his evaluation of the other from years back: a dressed up animal.2 fig. Immoral and despicable person.

This phrase was practically tailor-made for this man.

Ferdinand’s movements were neither too fast nor too slow, and a rather heavy smirk sat on his lips.

Seeing Uriah’s completely unrestrained appearance, he didn’t want to surrender too quickly. Finally, he couldn’t hold back, straightening up as he clasped Uriah’s restless wrists in one hand and pinned them high above his head.

“Little bastard,” He jokingly cursed at him, but spoke right next to his ear. One couldn’t quite hear his cursing—it sounded more like the whispers of a lover, as a certain place of theirs was pressed together, “What do you want to do?”

As his hands were raised, Uriah’s gorgeous features became even more tantalizing, with a kind of quivering, oppressed beauty.

“I want to do you.”

He was concise. Even if he was on the bottom, he would still be recklessly provocative.

No, he wasn’t provoking him.

He licked his somewhat swollen lips, something glinting in his eyes. He looked at the other with clear anticipation in his gaze, and no plans to resist the hold on his wrists.

The man above him nudged a knee between his legs, clicking his tongue before sighing, ignoring his tempting. He simply looked at him arrogantly, as if he were inspecting his own territory.

“You don’t want to do me,” Ferdinand’s fingers, still neither light nor heavy, rubbed and pinched at Uriah’s chin. “You want to milk me dry3the character for ‘do’ (as in fuck) and ‘dry’ are the same in cn, right?”

Why would Uriah be provoking him? This was clearly seduction.

“Oh,” His Highness Uriah, used to his own licentiousness, directly smiled at the man above him, and bent his knee to prod at him, “Then come ah, you’re so capable, just come and fuck me.”

“…” Although he was used to Uriah running his mouth, Ferdinand’s eyes darkened, though his smile deepened as he lifted the other’s chin higher.

“What, didn’t I fuck you enough before leaving? You were crying and whining then…”


The two of them startled; the clear, crisp sound of a porcelain plate falling to the ground surprised both of them.

Uriah’s heart sank as he looked to the corner where the door was. He hadn’t known that Ferdinand was returning today, and hadn’t instructed for no one to enter. Between them, they played around to their hearts’ content, but obviously the maids were unaware.

The maid, who’d bumped into a royal secret, was trembling as she looked up at them. She was probably too scared—her eyes were slightly red, and her fingers shook as she immediately squatted down and began cleaning up the porcelain shards.

It was rare for His Highness, the unrestrained Uriah, to feel that a face was somewhat familiar. He suddenly recalled that he had helped this girl pick up a fallen vase not long ago.

Ferdinand rose, while Uriah stayed laid out on the chair, his gaze ice-cold and attentive.

The young maid was still cleaning up the fragments, completely disordered. Because of her terror and shock, although it wasn’t a challenging task, her fingertips in a split-second, had been cut open.

Dark red blood dripped onto the flawless, snow-white porcelain, painting a striking picture.

However, she couldn’t afford to attend to her cuts and the seemingly endless dripping of blood—a tall shadow slowly loomed over her.

“Y-your Royal Highness Ferdinand.”

The maid’s voice quivered uncontrollably, and she tried her utmost to retreat. She seemed very pitiful, like a small, soft flower in a tempest, or perhaps like a little lost animal.

Ferdinand, who was both handsome and immaculate, bore down upon her.

“Be more careful.”

Shuddering with fear, the maid replied, “Thanking Your Highness.”

Ferdinand looked at the mess scattered on the floor—it was evident that she had come to serve tea. He looked about for a moment, then sniffed slightly, “Is this black tea from Cindory?”

“…I-It is.”

The maid was still shivering, as if she were on the brink of tears.

The man before her was calm and collected, but his manner was truly too imposing—tyrannical to the point that she felt her hair stand on end.

Her eyes reddened even more, seemingly from her dread and racing pulse.

“Your Highness…I—I have a younger brother at home, I’m sorry, I—I really didn’t see anything, I’m sorry, I’m sorry…”

The corner of Uriah’s eye twitched.

In reality, he wasn’t as frosty as he seemed. His usual loose and dandy appearance wasn’t completely fake, and so, along with the extreme coldness in his heart, there was also an extreme softheartedness.

He looked at his elder brother’s smiling face, and rubbed at his temples, “…Forget it.”

Ferdinand glanced at him.

Uriah stood from his spot on the wicker chair, unruffled. He was different from Ferdinand—crouching down, he helped the young maid gather up the last few shards.

“Don’t be afraid, darling, it’s not a man-eating beast,” He reached out to rub at her head, “But you won’t say anything, right? Good girl.”

The maid’s tears slid down, and she nodded as if her life depended on it, “I don’t know anything, I definitely won’t say anything…Your Highness Uriah…”

Uriah clicked his tongue and let her withdraw, telling her not to let anyone in.

While he did so, he was actually focusing more on Ferdinand’s demeanour. If Ferdinand told him to stop, he wouldn’t know how to hold off this rather inhumane brother of his.

However, this time, Ferdinand actually hadn’t stopped him.

Uriah felt that it was somewhat mystifying. He didn’t know what Ferdinand’s childhood was like, for him to be even more demented than the illegitimate royal child that was Uriah himself.

Today, his personality had changed so drastically—Uriah didn’t think that his innate nature would change, and was somewhat uneasy.

So, he subconsciously reached out his fingertips and touched the other man’s forehead.

“Oh, you’re not sick?”

He sighed, as if he thought it was rather unfortunate.

Ferdinand, “…”

Ferdinand directly swept Uriah up into a princess carry. This place was Uriah’s afternoon teahouse4 lit. afternoon tea resting place , and aside from the beautiful little garden and wicker chairs, there was also a large bed, which was rather comfortable and soft. There was previously no bed here, but it appeared after Ferdinand took a liking to the place.

The reason was very simple—and very easy to imagine.

After finishing a round, Uriah’s waist trembled. He couldn’t help but stare upwards somewhat worriedly.

The view was beautiful up there—with a scene made out of green vines draped around.

“What are you thinking about?”

Uriah actually hadn’t been thinking of anything. After doing those kinds of things, there would always be a moment of self-reflection, known as the ‘sage period’5 POST NUT CLARITY . Male creatures, who thought with their lower bodies, couldn’t help being serious for a while after solving the problem of the aforementioned area.

It didn’t matter if Ferdinand experienced it or not, in any case, Uriah did.

But something did flash through his mind, and he couldn’t stop himself from speaking, “I was thinking about Shen Zhifan.”

Ferdinand was currently fiddling with his hair. Raising a brow, he threw a leg tyrannically over the other’s body, “You, thinking about him?”

His Highness Uriah gracefully rolled his eyes, “About the relationship between you two.”

“Heh, drinking vinegar6 means ‘jealous’ because vinegar is sour lol ?” Ferdinand smiled, reaching out a hand to pat Uriah’s rear, “Baby, you’re different from him.”

Uriah didn’t know whether it was because of the ‘sage period’, but he knit his brow at Ferdinand’s touch, “You didn’t tell me this before.”

Ferdinand looked away and thought for a moment, “He was originally a blade that I raised for many years.”

Uriah looked askance at him.

“You’re different,” Ferdinand swiftly changed the subject, “For many years, I have raised, hm…your ass.”

Uriah, “…”

Even if it was a joke, sometimes he wanted to slaughter his brother.

He let out a heavy sigh, and actually felt it was somewhat funny.

In such a large clan, within the large Imperial Palace.

Brothers were not brothers, siblings were not siblings.7 the word for ‘siblings’ here is ‘brothers and sisters’.

What the hell was this?

Death: One of my comments on this chapter was “cry how many times has ‘handsome’ popped up in this fucking novel” LOL. Also hope u guys enjoy the gay, although it was not the gays that were originally advertised, its some food nonetheless…

  • 1
    kinda ew, but the idiom used in the second phrase is ‘lotus roots may break, but the fiber remains joined’, which means ‘lovers part, but still long for one another’, but they’re literally talking about saliva QAQ
  • 2
    fig. Immoral and despicable person.
  • 3
    the character for ‘do’ (as in fuck) and ‘dry’ are the same in cn
  • 4
    lit. afternoon tea resting place
  • 5
  • 6
    means ‘jealous’ because vinegar is sour lol
  • 7
    the word for ‘siblings’ here is ‘brothers and sisters’.


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