Chapter 30.2

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Chapter 30.2

Translators: vivi, death

Translation Checker: Jay

Editor: Mimishijie

(Part Two)

After checking the map, Shen Zhifan found out where Battlesquad V’s headquarters was. He casually put on a scarf and went to flag down a taxi, before suddenly remembering that he had yet to return Yan Shuo’s scarf to him.

He had been wanting to return it today. Instead, now he had to go find some idiots and have a chat.

He buried himself deeply in that lightly scented scarf, trying to find a hint of the other person.

Yan Shuo… had probably also worn this scarf before.

Shen Zhifan’s heart suddenly relaxed a little. Taking out his phone, he couldn’t help but send a text to him.

“I haven’t returned the scarf you lent me last time, when are you free?”

He stared at the screen for half a day. This time, however, Yan Shuo didn’t reply.

A little disappointed, he could only comfort himself and think that the other was currently busy.

Yan Shuo was probably very busy, right? Shen Zhifan couldn’t imagine how overworked a person in that position must be.

Last time, he had even taken some time off to accompany him to the training grounds. Although the results were disappointing, Shen Zhifan was still very grateful.

Afterwards, they even went to eat fish. Fish, ah… En, that’s right. The fish was really delicious.

Hmm, wait a minute. He suddenly remembered that he seemed to have fallen before he’d even managed to get a bite of it. But he seemed to remember how the fish tasted.

It was extremely tender and fragrant.

Had it been his imagination?

Shen Zhifan couldn’t help but think there was something wrong with his memories, but it soon flashed to an event that happened later.

Afterwards, Yan Shuo softly kissed him.

Only for a moment.

A kiss on his forehead. Thinking of this, Shen Zhifan lifted his arm to touch his forehead.

In the end, was it all a dream? At that time, he had been too startled to ask anything and it was only when he got home that he felt as though he had been dreaming.

It couldn’t really have been a dream, right?

He also couldn’t say for sure if it was an accidental kiss, or if anybody had recognized him.

Ah… he had fallen back into a cycle of confusion.

Why was there not even a shadow of the diary of the last two years? So infuriating!

What kind of progress had they made?

If they really were in a relationship – well, that was impossible, right?

The more Shen Zhifan thought, the more frustrated he grew. He was itching to go meet Yan Shuo. It was a pity that he was called over by the bunch of fools from Battlesquad V to go drink tea.1‘drinking tea’ may also be: (fig.) to be warned to behave ‘responsibly’

The more he thought, the angrier he became. Speaking of which, he himself wasn’t sure why he was so annoyed by Battlesquad V. He had no recollection of them in the slightest, so this could be considered their first meeting. Logically speaking, he should be feeling shy and nervous.

However, this couldn’t be compared to the innate disgust he felt the moment he heard the voice from the receiver.

Objectively, that voice wasn’t bad and its tone was also courteous. But that sort of courtesy sounded a little… coy?

Shen Zhifan felt his goosebumps rise from this adjective.

In conclusion, he really hated it and felt extremely uncomfortable.

It gave him the feeling of humid stickiness on a rainy day, as if he were covered in moss.

Very soon though, he didn’t have time to think about it since his driver was a chatty one. It would’ve been fine if that was all, but he was also a huge mech fan. It would also have been fine if he was just a huge mech fan, but he didn’t like Battlesquad V in the least. In fact, he was a loyal, devoted fan of Battlesquad V’s old enemy team.

Therefore, the whole trip was full of this kind of conversation.

“Lad, why are you going down the wrong path while you’re still young?!”

Shen Zhifan, “…”

“Aiyo, this old man is telling you, that kind of crappy place really isn’t worth going to ah,” The old driver was as loud as a broken fire alarm that kept ringing, even hating that he could not stick right by Shen Zhifan’s ear. He said, “You’re going to take the exam, right? Aiyo, tsk tsk, that rubbish battlesquad isn’t worth it ah! This old man can’t lie to you!”

Shen Zhifan felt as if his ears were buzzing, and couldn’t help but recoil a little.

“Forget about the other things, even that trump card of their team, aiyo,” The old man spat bitterly, “A pretty boy like him, you reckon he actually has any damn skill?”

Shen Zhifan, “…”

How come he was always just a ‘pretty boy’ to other men? Were there no normal titles for him?

The world had progressed after so many years, how come there were only those few adjectives?

“His technique is completely unimpressive, though his equipment is good – doesn’t it all still rely on money? They only know how to support him!” Enraged, the old man stomped his foot, “If they gave those kinds of resources to me, even I would be popular!”

Shen Zhifan looked at the taxi which was being driven to race car speeds, and surrendered.

“Yes, right…please don’t overexert yourself.”

“This old man is advising you, don’t go to such a flawed place!” The old man got even angrier, “My son! My son, that worthless thing, he actually joined that shady battle squad because of that KK! Up to now, what has he become!?”

Shen Zhifan was actually a little curious, “Did something happen?”

The old man cursed, “He never comes home, it’s like he’s been possessed! Our house is filled with that pretty boy’s posters! Laozi2‘I’, in an arrogant or angry manner just doesn’t understand ah, in the end, that pretty boy has a handle3he got a dick – he’s a dude! What kind of illness is this?”

Shen Zhifan was a little shocked.

How to say it, disregarding the matter of this enthusiastic fan, same-sex marriage was already very common. It was rare to see such a narrow-minded family member.

“It’s not an illness,” Shen Zhifan sighed, as if he was expelling his own indecisiveness, “People are born gay, old man.”4it doesn’t sound this rude in chinese I swear lmfao

The old man didn’t want to hear it. “Nonsense, how can that be normal! Anyway, don’t go there – ai, wait, don’t tell me you’ve been seduced by that pretty boy too?!”

Not wanting to praise himself or boast, Shen Zhifan could only embarrassedly reply, “I don’t have any intentions towards him.”

It just might be that your son has a few intentions towards me.

It was just well that Shen Zhifan had a good temper and didn’t really react much to being cursed as a ‘pretty boy’ or ‘little fox-spirit5like vixen-type, demons that seduce men’. He actually felt that the old man was quite pitiable, just from listening, he could tell it was the son who was being stubborn.

In his heart, he also had a subtle feeling.

Though he had received many love letters since he was young, they were all from girls. There actually were no boys who had expressed intentions towards him.

…No, maybe there was one.

There was an older brother that lived next door – he usually didn’t play with him much, so their relationship was quite ordinary. At that time, Shen Zhifan had been young, but didn’t really mind.

There was just one time – one time where he’d come home from a ball game and his short-sleeved shirt had been drenched in sweat. He had just taken off his shirt and was about to head in for a shower, when the balcony door opposite him slid open.

The youth opposite him froze, staring at him in a daze.

Although Shen Zhifan liked boys, he discovered it quite late. He could also be a bit oblivious sometimes, so he didn’t really mind it, even smiling at the other.

The youth’s eyes darkened. Separated, though not by much, just a single wall, he quietly said to him.

“Hey, are you..?”

Shen Zhifan hadn’t really understood him, and could only stare blankly.

And so that didn’t really count, thinking about it now, the reason might be because the other boy had been…

For that period of time, the other always came to look for him. Shen Zhifan was still as oblivious as ever, and so later on they silently drifted apart.

He didn’t really have any interest in others; even if he did, at most, it was only curiosity.

He was curious about the thoughts of people who had the same inclinations as him – what kind of circumstances they were under, if they had a lover, if they…

Shen Zhifan would be lying if he said that he didn’t stress over his sexuality, but he was still young. Though his parents didn’t know, they were still very open-minded, so they’d probably just let him be. Anyway, there was no one else who could move his heart aside from that person, so he’d simply let it pass.

But in the end, when he woke up, the issue was already at hand and causing even more complications. He didn’t even remember anything yet still had to reflect on it ah.

Then, he was suddenly called by the old man.

Although, right now there wasn’t really a need for any reflection; he and his sister were living quite well. He also knew of his own inclinations, he’d never had any particularly intense feelings towards other people… the most passion he had from his youth had been poured into an icy magazine cover.

But Shen Zhifan still liked him.

I’m happy he’s the one I like. 

Shen Zhifan had been able to love him for so long all those years ago, without a shred of hope, to say nothing of now.

Shen Zhifan breathed deeply into the scarf, his heart filled with some kind of joy.

It was a pity that Yan Shuo hadn’t replied to his message.

Contentment and worry both circled around the scarf like running water, unseen, and he slowly drank it all down.6this author,,,,makes my life hard.

“Young lad, it’s not too late to turn back!”

The old man continued diligently by his ear.

Honestly, Shen Zhifan was almost tickled by his words.

The lobby’s receptionist clutched onto a pile of materials and looked at Ai Ding, “Yuyu, buy a cup of milk tea for me?”

Ai Ding raised an eyebrow, putting down the mech component he was holding and looking at her curiously, “Yo, anything interesting happening?”

“Cough, cough,” The receptionist sister smiled, embarrassed, “The male god is coming over.”

Ai Ding laughed, and made a face at her, “Don’t try and trick me. The manager says that normally KK is dead set on not coming here if he doesn’t need to. I don’t believe it. You said that last time too, and cheated me out of three packs of chips.”

“How was I tricking you? Back then, everyone was saying it too,” The receptionist’s gaze moved, “What, you don’t believe it? This time, it’s definitely different. I personally heard the manager calling KK, and KK said that he’d be over immediately.”

Ai Ding’s eyes moved, promptly throwing aside the mech component. Eager and attentive, he shoved the milk tea in his hand to the girl.

“Baby, is there any more of this plot? I’ll throw in a week’s worth of milk tea for you.”

The receptionist took the milk tea, proud of her accomplishment, and arched an eyebrow in the direction of the entrance, “Just then, the manager hurried him up again. KK said he’ll be here in ten minutes, you can go wait for him now.

Ai Ding particularly liked KK.

From KK’s first competition, he had been completely invested. At that time, KK was completely unknown.

He was quite a tall youth. Emerging from the shadows of the competitive stage and silently walking out, his fair features contrasting against the darkness. Though he was pale, he was not at all weak. Although he seemed thin, one could still glimpse the aesthetic, muscular curves of his figure.

His opponent was a husky fellow with a mouth full of vulgar words, showing the disparity between them.

He was completely unprovoked, as if he was used to these kinds of opponents. Even though his profile indicated this was only his first actual fight.

At that moment, he didn’t know what had attracted him, but now that he thought about it… Ai Ding felt that it was probably love at first sight.

First, he’d been taken with that person’s appearance and presence, soon after, it was that person’s overwhelming strength, completely unsuited to a rookie.

He was so powerful.

When his opponent had fallen blankly, he silently left the stage.

Although his opponent cursed him out soundly, he maintained excellent manners – it was hard to discredit him.

However, Ai Ding’s intuition told him that he wasn’t maintaining his manners, he simply disdained people of that level as beneath contempt.

His exit was as mild as his entrance, as if he’d been engraved out of a shadow, yet this person was still too dazzling. The shadows were incapable of covering his radiance.

A rookie with an outstanding appearance and exceptional strength, since the beginning, he had received unmatched attention.

Ai Ding had been incomparably glad that he had noticed this person so early on. Actually, he was older than Shen Zhifan in terms of seniority, but this didn’t hinder him.

Perhaps it was that Shen Zhifan was simply too cold or too surly, so in Ai Ding’s admiration towards him, there wasn’t even a hint of envy.

Of course, his competitiveness still remained. Unfortunately, he was also aware of his own abilities; whether it was actual or virtual combat, a practice match or an official match, he had never won against the other.

For this person, he had even terminated his contract with his original battlesquad. Battlesquad V, who’d simply been an obscure and unknown third rate team, rose to the top with KK’s rallying power alone.

Sadly, KK had never paid attention to him.

The more contact he had with this person, the more he found that Shen Zhifan was really too unmoved. No matter if he won or lost, he was always like a silent, handsome statue.

But even so, his love towards this man never wavered an inch.

Instead, it was exactly this kind of attraction that stemmed from their proximity which drew him in even further.

So what could he do ah? One could simply look at KK’s popularity and know exactly how well-received he was.

This man was simply born for mechs.

Somewhat nervously, Ai Ding stood by the entrance and turned about, ready to go up and hug KK the moment he appeared.

Alright, maybe hugging him would be a little difficult.

But even if he just got a handshake that would be amazing ah!

Ai Ding was very easy to satisfy.

As expected, Shen Zhifan arrived quickly.

En, he got out of the car with his dad.

Ai Ding froze where he stood. Watching the two familiar figures from afar, he was extremely embarrassed.

Death: Yes! General has a challenger! Come collect your man!

(also sorry for the late update and thank yall for reading here’s a kitty pic bye :3)

  • 1
    ‘drinking tea’ may also be: (fig.) to be warned to behave ‘responsibly’
  • 2
    ‘I’, in an arrogant or angry manner
  • 3
    he got a dick – he’s a dude
  • 4
    it doesn’t sound this rude in chinese I swear lmfao
  • 5
    like vixen-type, demons that seduce men
  • 6
    this author,,,,makes my life hard.


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