Chapter 27

The General's Cat always wants to climb into my bed
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Chapter 27

Translators: death, THISBRO

Editor: Mimishijie
Proofreader: SleepyMango123

“Empathy, it’s…”

Yi Jia held onto Shen Zhirou’s hand. The tip of her nose was extremely delicate and, looking down from Shen Zhirou’s perspective, it was a shape that was on the verge of perfection.

“Like this.”

Shen Zhirou didn’t know why she felt somewhat nervous in her heart. Somewhat despondently, she turned her gaze away, but still couldn’t resist her curiosity.

“Just like this?”

Ten minutes passed. Unexpectedly, nothing seemed to happen. Moreover, Yi Jia didn’t seem to regain that peculiar manner from before, instead she was all smiles as she looked at Shen Zhirou.

“It failed – it seems like Rourou isn’t quite suited to it.”

Shen Zhirou blanked, “This kind of thing can actually fail?”

“Of course it can,” Yi Jia deadpanned, scratching at the back of Shen Zhirou’s hand, “Empathy is really quite unpredictable, it could be
since my inheritance isn’t enough, I sometimes unwittingly slip into Empathy. Other times, I won’t be able to feel anything at all.”

Shen Shirou sighed, extremely aggrieved, as she held up the picture of her late mother.

“Are you just tricking me? I really…can’t feel anything ah, is she actually that pretty?”

“She is, she is,” Yi Jia impatiently went to take a look at the picture again, serious to the point where Shen Zhirou felt embarrassed for having any doubts, “She really looks like KK.”

Shen Zhifan really was nice to look at, however…she still couldn’t see it.

There wasn’t even the slightest resemblance in their appearances. Wasn’t this too unrealistic?

How come she didn’t inherit anything? Not even a tiny bit?

Wasn’t this really unfair? The difference in treatment was a little too obvious, okay?

She was still somewhat doubtful, and as she looked at the photo, she fell into a daze.

It had already been seven years since her parents passed away, but she could still recall their faces and voices from the depths of her heart.

In those years when she and Shen Zhifan had relied upon each other in the orphanage, Shen Zhifan had comforted her by saying that aside from a person’s death in both body and soul, a person was never truly dead until they are forgotten by their loved ones.

If they weren’t forgotten, they weren’t completely dead.


Shen Zhirou suddenly came to, wiping the tears from her unhappy expression.

“It’s late, we should sleep. Do you want to go home? It’s too late, right? How about you just stay here and sleep with me.”

Yi Jia mouth gaped, looking at Shen Zhirou with teary eyes.

“Is – is it okay?”

Shen Zhirou was startled by Yi Jia’s reaction. She always knew that Yi Jia’s beauty and IQ were inversely proportional, but she didn’t think the difference would be so large.

“It’s only for one night, there’s no trouble.”

Shen Zhirou stretched, about to go tidy up her bed. Just as she walked into the hallway she heard Yi Jia say, as she cuddled a pillow and looked at her impatiently.

“But isn’t this too stimulating?”

Shen Zhirou stumbled, startled after hearing such ambiguous and suggestive words.

“W-what’s stimulating ah?” Shen Zhirou was so nervous that she couldn’t even get her words straight, “It’s just two girls sleeping together, where did your brain go ah?”

Yi Jia pursed her lips, blankly looking at her.

“Uh, I mean, sleeping in the same house as KK, it’s really stimulating.”

Shen Zhirou, “…”

Shen Zhirou coldly expressed her acknowledgement, not knowing why she unexpectedly felt a little disappointed as she returned to tidy up her bed.

…Also, ‘unexpectedly’ my ass ah! What was there to ‘unexpectedly’ about?

Shen Zhirou calmed herself down. In order to get rid of distracting thoughts, she somewhat nervously opened her secret little cabinet . After fishing out a big pile of magazines with naked male models on them, she pinched one side of her nose to stop the bleeding as she looked up to the sky and sighed, perfectly content.

A girl with a personality like Yi Jia’s was like a malignant tumor ah.
But it’s quite good, I can still be saved.

Hugging the erotic magazines, Shen Zhirou cried tears of joy.

Shen Zhifan felt that he was almost incurable.

He had actually called his male god. Moreover, the level of his conversation was about the same as a lousy little sixteen-year-old boy who had nothing to do and was looking for trouble.

In fact…he was really happy.

When he put down his phone, he even had the feeling that the curve of his smile had reached the heavens.

Perhaps it was because the room was excessively quiet, but he was able to clearly hear his heart beating in his chest. The beat brought together all of his blood and emotions, as if everything belonged here. And so, he increasingly felt this place’s vulnerability.
He unconsciously clutched at his chest, sitting on the bed motionlessly. His other hand rested on his diary.

Then he raised his head slightly, half squinting.

His fingers rested on his chest, the pounding of his heart growing more and more distinct.

It also made a kind of misconception arise in him.

Outwardly, he was like an ignorant young child, curiously watching his heart.

And Yan Shou was inside it.

He thought of that dignified and handsome face, the depths of his eyes. He thought of the joking way he said “if I weren’t a Lieutenant General, I would probably go open a grilled fish restaurant”. He thought of the warmth from Yan Shuo’s lips when he had bent down to kiss his forehead.

It was all…something he had never experienced before.

And then he once again dispiritedly lowered his head.
Thinking so much about his male god probably wasn’t too good ah, wasn’t it too disrespectful ah? It was no good, no good, no good! Right?!

Huh, wait a second, it wasn’t me who’d stolen a kiss from him ah, rather it was the other way around, okay? This was originally what happened in the first place ah, it doesn’t count as thinking too much!

Ha, could his male god’s stolen kiss even be called a stolen kiss? Of course not ah, it was called pity.

Pah, Shen Zhifan where did your self-respect go?

….AHHHHHH it’s gone! My face is gone! All of these things should just leave home, I don’t want them!

The two voices in Shen Zhifan’s head argued back and forth. They fought each other to the last breath, extremely lively.

There was already no rationality left.
He felt as if his face was hot enough to start smoking like a chimney. He tried to force himself to be more confident, but it was useless. All he’d accomplished was becoming a chimney with forced confidence.

Also, everything he had thought about wasn’t even wrong, all that aloofness and being the so-called ‘untouchable flower’ was all fake. Where was any sign of this ah? Just look at all those magazines, so many years had passed and yet he hadn’t improved a bit.

…..Sigh,you idiot!

Shen Zhifan chided himself righteously.

As for why he said this, it was because he found other reading materials on the nightstand beside his bed. And the majority of them featured Yan Shuo.

Yan Shuo was a public figure, his status was well above others, his control of the army was authentic.

Although he’d occasionally also accept interviews, he was always proper. Other than this…magazine designed specifically for a gay audience.

Technically it wasn’t made professionally, there were just a few pictures detailing the army life.
But! There really were people who were photogenic 24/7 ah.

The picture was clearly modest, and yet there was this inexplicable…appeal. For example, those slightly parted lips, those shoulder blades peeking out, the fine and slender joints of those fingers, that perfectly broad back view. And also this picture! Shen Zhifan had never seen anyone who could make wearing a military uniform look so sexually restrained yet so tense…wuuuuuu.

Well, fuck.

He couldn’t take it anymore.

Shen Zhifan covered his face.

Although he knew that there was no way there’d be 18+ things coming up, Shen Zhifan was still desperately anticipating it ah.

This is really no good, Shen Zhifan. Isn’t this too perverted?

What about it? Please calm down and face the facts. Didn’t you see that out of all these interviews, this magazine is the one that’s been flipped through the most? Even the cover is almost falling off. I bet when you usually do ‘that’, you often look at these pictures and vent a little, en?

…Stop thinking ah, quickly stop thinking ah, now he really wanted to vent.

Not to mention, who actually took such indecent photos ah? They really…knew how to take them.

They were so well-photographed wuwuwu.

Unable to resist, Shen Zhifan hugged the magazine and happily rolled about on the bed.

…So, no matter how you said it, he was still sixteen ah. To be able to hold these kinds of pictures of his male god to sleep, no matter what, was an amazing and wonderful thing.

…He wanted to vent.

At the age of sixteen, Shen Zhifan was ignorant of the taste of desire; even though his body was now twenty-three, it was still a body that had never tasted love.

And so, when looking at these pictures, it was easy for a youthful person like him to…burn up.
Once aroused, his desire would very easily control this youth’s brain. It was as if a grassfire was burning in his belly. As soon as he closed his eyes, he felt as if those beautiful fingers he’d seen moved to entangle around his body.

He could even feel the slide of fingertips across his back, stomach, neck, lips…bringing along the first flavours of lust like an electric shock, making both his hips and eyes ache inexplicably.

I’ll just do it once, he thought with a red face. In any case, no one will know.

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