Chapter 14 – The General’s Seduction (5)

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Chapter 14: The General’s Seduction (5)
Editor: Mimishijie 💗

“Hello, welcome back.”

The electronic female voice of his diary was no different from before.


Sitting down, he opened the diary even before he turned on the lights. Today, he wasn’t holding onto a bouquet, so the fragrance of moonlight forget-me-nots didn’t assault his senses.

But he continued rubbing his fingers together, since a hint of that other person was still left on them.

“Today…what should I talk about today?”

He fell into thought for a while, his gaze wandering about. It wasn’t hard to see a cheerful light flash through his eyes, the corners of his lips curling into a small smile in response. Even an unapproachable face like his seemed to warm up a lot.

“Perhaps you will find some inspiration while brewing a cup of coffee.”

This kind of man-made diary was just like this; occasionally, it would suggest something useful. Of course, these words had come only from raw, unfeeling data as part of its factory settings.

Since Yan Shuo liked to drink coffee, it had set up a frequent reminder.

Sure enough, after hearing these words, he rose and turned on the lights, walking into the kitchen. He picked up the coffee grinder and poured in his newly-bought coffee beans, finding an odd sense of tranquility from the droning noise.

“Sometimes, I’ll also wonder, sitting on the sofa, perhaps very late at night. Just like today, coming home, covered in dust and frost. If there could be someone that could be in the kitchen, their busy figure there for me,” He fell silent for a moment. Then, he spoke softly to Miss Diary, his tone almost tender, “This was a wish of mine from when I was little, perhaps it was because she would often dally in luxury stores…but I didn’t think that even in the future, this wish still couldn’t be fulfilled.”

Miss Diary didn’t speak. There were no keywords in those phrases that were in her settings, so she didn’t need to reply.

“Later on, I also used to think, perhaps it really…had to be him?” He sighed softly, but his lips were still pulled into a smile, “Actually, I wouldn’t be able to get a definite answer, but simply thinking that if it wasn’t him, perhaps I would be better living my days alone. It’s still an unsolvable question.

“It’s not that I don’t like being alone, actually, I’ve gotten quite used to it. Trespassing into another person’s territory or having my own intruded upon isn’t a light thing.
After all this time, he had changed a lot, and he wasn’t the same person that I knew of from all those years ago,” His coffee was now freshly brewed, and he slowly poured it into the coffee cup that had been scrubbed until it shone. The coffee cup was decorated with delicate and beautiful silver embellishments, contrasting with the concentrated liquid inside, “But after so many years, even after so many years I still…always wanted him to be able to come in.”

“I tricked him, but it’s because I didn’t have any other means…I can’t mention that person; if I could, I would sometimes think of never letting that person return.”

He softly blew on it, the bitter yet fragrant liquid going into his body.

“Is it a little crazy? But I really can’t help it.”

Shen Zhifan tread on rough terrain in the wilderness, his pace slightly sluggish as he’d been injured. It wasn’t severe, it was just that since his ankle was inflamed, walking was inconvenient.

But this wasn’t important. He turned around, looking out further. The metal storm was soon to start; he could distantly see black sand whirling around. From here, the hazy sand absolutely looked like some sort of huge, man-eating creature, malevolent and frightening.

He exhaled. Since this wasn’t the first time, he quickly found a little cave close by where he could take shelter. If his luck was good, perhaps he could even find some food scraps that’d been left behind.

He wasn’t supposed to come out; going to the countryside during a metal storm season wasn’t a sensible choice, but he suddenly couldn’t think of why he’d actually come. No matter how much he thought, he only found blankness and confusion.

It was just that he didn’t feel an ounce of strangeness or inconvenience. This seemed like a proper and expected decision.

He quickly walked to the entrance of the cave. As long as one walked in, one could see the secret path going downwards. Only if he hid at the very bottom would his safety be ensured, yet this time, he hadn’t walked far before his eyes suddenly widened.

At the bleak, sandy, overgrown wall at the back of the cave, was a monstrous, dormant pile of machinery. He was very close to it, and suddenly felt as if this discovery was earth-shattering.

His heart began to beat excitedly, and he couldn’t stop himself from walking over. It was a damaged mech; there were still faint, broken lines of electricity flashing and interweaving over it. Black smoke streamed from it and rushed upwards, and it seemed like a spectacle equal to another metal storm.

An unfathomable visitor had suddenly arrived on this overgrown little planet. In his heart, he became increasingly afraid; he was both apprehensive and curious.

At this moment, without warning, something ice-cold latched onto his ankle.

He was abruptly startled. His foot had already been injured, and so he staggered and fell down. Raising his head, he was met by the sight of a man lying next to him.

A man covered in blood, he looked somewhat terrifying. His icy palm gripped Shen Zhifan’s ankle, and the pain made him feel as if he had suffered the other man’s wounds, in that moment.

The other man had crawled out of that pile of ruins with all his might. Although Shen Zhifan had been shocked, he wasn’t going to go as far as to leave him in the face of death. The distant metal storm was almost upon them, the dense mass dark and gloomy enough to make one’s heart twist. He could only half-carry, half-drag that man to their place of shelter as quickly as possible.

Then…then, his vision was obscured by blackness.

There was…there was something scorching hot, next to his ear.

What was it? It’s itchy, he thought.

It really was very itchy, and it was something very soft, rubbing lightly against his ear…extremely soft, with some sort of warm, moist air about it. Inhaling and exhaling, as if it was some kind of fervent emotion.

What was it? Frowning, he reached out to try and touch it…or grasp it.

But no…what he felt when he reached out was firm flesh, the smooth texture of skin a wonderful sensation. The person that his palms were touching seemed to ignite.

It wasn’t merely his palms, there were other places.

His earlobe was engulfed in warmth, it spread…to his face and everywhere on his body very quickly.

In this darkness, the temperature rose fiercely.

Finally, he tasted the soft copper of blood, but yet it couldn’t be counted as soft. It was a hard kiss that was full of intent to invade, sweeping through his mouth, rolling past his lips and tongue repeatedly.

He trembled, that’s right, he finally felt it…as he shuddered, something pressed him down tightly under its body. He was incapable of struggling, and it seemed like he didn’t want to either.

But although he couldn’t reign in his fear, he could only encircle his arms closely around the other person’s back. He felt a few mottled, rough scars, and it was like he was being twisted into a whirlpool…finally, he raised his legs. As if he’d discovered a piece of driftwood to clutch onto, he clenched the other person’s hips between his legs.

Until that offensive, lingering kiss reached its highest peak, he seemed to feel as if he was suffocating.

Though what was actually being suffocated was the peak of his desire.

He raised his head, feeling that his eyes were secreting a pleasurable yet secret liquid—


Shen Zhifan abruptly opened his eyes, but quickly closed them again.

He panted heavily, then realised that his underwear was damp. Although it was an ordinary male physiological reaction, he still sighed shamefully, face red. However, every time this had happened he would be so exhausted that he didn’t want to get up, and so he turned, put his pillow over his head and tried to continue sleeping.

It was a pity that the little devil that was his alarm clock couldn’t sympathise, its ringing still loud and clear. After a while, he could only hazily reach out to exterminate this root of all evil.

Unfortunately, his hand didn’t meet the icy coldness of the alarm clock. On the contrary, his hand met soft fur.

Shen Zhifan was suddenly wide awake. From his blankets, he could see the lovable white kitty sitting obediently at his bedside.

Shen Zhifan froze, keenly aware that the room was full of his male aroma…and flushed deeply.

“Meow meow,” Somewhat helpless, he stroked the kitty’s head with a red face, bundling himself up securely in the blankets, “You should go out first, alright?”


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