Chapter 4 – Dare I ask, are you a pervert?

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Being carried by Li Xin Wu the entire journey, ten different outcomes that he could not even bear to think of surfaced from his brain-hole.

This wasn’t because of love, but rather, something he’d deduced after analysing the mood and events that had occurred till now to come up with the possible future developments.

After reaching their destination, Li Xin Wu placed him down.

Tang Li took a look and saw two basins in front of him. One was filled with water and the other was filled with a pile of garments.

Li Xin Wu told him coldly, “Wash.”

Tang Li’s brain still hadn’t caught up. “What?”

Li Xin Wu ordered righteously, “I’m punishing you by making you wash these.”

Tang Li sighed in relief and knelt down to pick up one of it. He glanced at it and saw that it was a dirty pair of underwear.

Tang Li’s eyes twitched. He put it down and picked up another piece. It was still a piece of dirty underwear.

Tang Li put it down once more, and stuck his hand into the bottom of the basin to pull out another one. It was…

Tang Li suddenly felt as if his hand was about to be corroded. “Whose are these?”

Li Xin Wu grinned. “Mine.”

Tang Li’s expression turned complicated. “Why do you have so many?!”

Li Xin Wu replied in a matter-of-fact manner, “I change it twice a day.”

Tang Li swiftly did some mental calculations and was immediately stumped. “How many days did it take to accumulate these many? Are you crazy?!”

Li Xin Wu’s face turned dark. “Are you going to wash or not?”

Tang Li washed his hands in the basin of water. “Not washing.”

Li Xin Wu: “Alright.”

Tang Li froze, thinking that Li Xin Wu must have suddenly had a change of heart. Who knew that in the next moment, he heard the bastard say indifferently, “Then, you’ll be dragged out and beheaded.”

Tang Li immediately seized one of the garments. “I’ll wash it! Isn’t it just washing?!”

Fuck you, dog general.

You only know how to bully others.


Li Xin Wu watched Tang Li’s humiliated expression with keen interest, his voice clean and crisp, “Wash it thoroughly. You must rub every part of it from the inside to the outside and from front to back.”

Tang Li heard his words and looked up at his face. He simply couldn’t understand how a person as beautiful as him with such a great voice was, in reality, a huge pervert.

Li Xin Wu stood watch in front of Tang Li, overseeing his work with an icy expression as cold as a refrigerator.

Thus, Tang Li rubbed each and every piece of underwear with his hands, one by one.

His entire being felt terrible.

Tang Li could only bury his head down and continue to work bitterly in order to quickly escape from this awkward situation.


After god knows how much time had passed, Tang Li finally got through the entire pile of underwear.

He felt as though he’d become dissociated from the world.

He didn’t know from where Li Xin Wu pulled out a clean piece of garment. He passed it to Tang Li. “You’re covered in sweat. Change into this.”

Tang Li had been imprisoned for many days without being allowed a bath or a change of clothes. The smell emitting from his body was indeed unpleasant. Currently, he was feeling desperate to change into a clean set of clothes and thus, obediently received it.

Li Xin Wu turned towards a smaller room and twitched his lips. “Go in and change.”

Tang Li hesitated for a moment and hugged his clothes as he ran in after seeing that Li Xin Wu had no intentions of following him inside. He swiftly changed into the new set of clothes.

After coming out, Li Xin Wu stretched out a hand towards him. “Give it to me.”

Tang Li’s eyes widened. “What?”

Li Xin Wu swept a cold glance over him. “The clothes you just took off. I’ll have someone wash them.”

Tang Li cautiously gave them to him and after Li Xin Wu took it, he urged Tang Li, “Let’s go back to your cell.”

Tang Li sighed in relief. Just as he was about to take a step, he suddenly saw Li Xin Wu lift up the clothes he’d just taken off and press it to his nose. He sniffed.

Tang Li, with a face full of WTF: “……”

Li Xin Wu fearlessly met Tang Li’s gaze without a change in expression. “I’m checking to see if you’ve hidden any drugs or poison in your clothes.”

Tang Li who immediately wanted to die: “……”

As if he was afraid that line wasn’t enough to completely obliterate him, Li Xin Wu added another sentence, “My nose is extremely sensitive.”

Tang Li stuttered, “I-I think, I’ll wash it on my own. I dare not trouble your servants…”

Li Xin Wu’s face turned cold. “No way. Keep moving.”

Tang Li took a few more steps forward with a complicated feeling. Once, he turned back and saw Li Xin Wu was still sniffing his clothes.

While wearing a face of intoxication.

Tang Li: “…”

This world is too dirty! Too disgusting! Too filthy!


Tang Li: “General, dare I ask, are you a pervert?”

Li Xin Wu replied justly, “This general suspects you may be carrying poison. The more I smell, the more suspicious it is.”

Tang Li: “Just tear it up.”

Li Xin Wu: “Shut up. Keep walking.”  

The general’s diary:

Feels good.


T/n: Here’s the original cover image. Li Xin Wu is a perv! 100% pervert through and through there’s no saving Tang Li


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