Chapter 5


The two men stood outside the Dragon Castle, griping for a while. Their loving bicker was in full swing as if they wanted to make up for the lost time. As though Carter had taken the wrong medicine, he made a ring from flowers for Asa. Asa also seemed to have taken the wrong medicine, putting on the ring with a red face.

Love is like a dose of wrong medicine.

Asa admired the ring on his finger and said regretfully: “Although this is the first ring you give me, it’s a pity it cannot last.”

Carter gently waved his wand: “Petrification.”

The flower ring turned into a stone ring.

Asa looked at him with a complicated gaze: “… It’s petrification again?”

Carter put his arm over Asa’s shoulder: “The last time I used this spell was when we kissed for the first time.”

Asa was filled with resentment: “It was also the first time I called you daddy.”

Carter: “You still remember.”

Asa rolled his eyes: “I still remember you forced me to do a striptease for you.”

Carter smirked: “Your dance sucks.”

Asa: “Nobody told you to watch!”

Carter: “Even if you don’t move, I will still only look at you.”

Asa summoned up his courage and said, “In the past, I … I also used to peek at you.”

Carter smiled and pinched his hand: “I know, but as soon as I look back at you, you will turn away.”

Asa blushed and hit his chest: “That’s because I was embarrassed!”

Carter grabbed Asa’s wrist with a troubled expression: “Your strength is too scary, you’re not allowed to hit me.”

Asa embarrassedly explained: “I’m trying to act cute.”

Carter said expressionlessly: “Then you’re not allowed to act cute.”


At this time, Lay’s voice floated from behind them: “You guys haven’t left yet?”

Carter glanced at his pocket watch: “Your Highness, you are really fast.”

Black lines appeared on Lay’s forehead: “… Lately, we’ve done it too many times.”

Carter created a portal with a wave of his wand: “Your Highness, in the end, I think you should still go back.”

Lay narrowed his eyes at Carter and Asa: “So after you two get together, you don’t care about my life and death anymore?”

Carter’s face remained resolute: “What are you talking about, the Elf King is worried about you.”

Lay crossed his arms: “If I go back, what about Golan?”

Carter: “Bring him back and marry him.”

“Are you crazy?” Lay cried. “I am the sole heir to the throne!”

Carter waved his hand leisurely: “Exactly, because you are the only heir to the throne, you cannot be irresponsible and hide in the Lost continent with your lover.”

Lay: “Father will not approve of Golan.”

Carter: “Why wouldn’t he approve? Although the Golan is male, he can still lay eggs. The royal lineage can still be continued.”

Lay’s handsome face revealed a rare trace of embarrassment: “… Do you think this is just a problem of whether he can lay eggs or not?”

Carter gestured to the portal: “I actually do think that’s the problem. Your Highness, please.”

Suddenly, Golan emerged from behind him without warning, happily pushing Lay towards the portal! While pushing, he shouted: “For the sake of my black and white striped dragon eggs, you should go back obediently you perverted prince!”

Trying to regain his balance, Lay shouted, “Don’t even dream about leaving me!”

So the very next second, poor little Golan was grabbed by the falling Lay and fell into his embrace. The two hugged each other and disappeared into the portal.

Carter and Asa stared dumbly at each other for three seconds.

Asa was speechless: “What were the two of them playing at?”

Carter shrugged his shoulders and quickly said: “Maybe they’re acting out the play where the lover wants to leave his boyfriend. There are some people who actually have this sort of fetish before they can pa pa pa. Isn’t it interesting, shall we try it too?”

Asa listened until beads of sweat formed on his forehead and dumbly made a sound.

Carter took the opportunity and said: “Then you can dress up as a cat-ear maid.”

Asa was stunned: “What are you talking about? What cat-eared maid?”

Carter shamelessly said: “It’s a deal.”

Without waiting for Asa to react, Carter took his hand and pulled him into the portal.


At the Elf Castle.

The Elf King looked at the two pairs of men with anguish from his throne. There was a strong desire to strangle them.

Carter finished his recount, bowed deeply to the Elf King and stressed again: “The Dragon clan can lay eggs, your Majesty.”

Lay happily opened his arms and asked, “Father, do you want to see a fire-breathing elf baby? Wouldn’t it be cool?”

The Elf King was emphatic: “No.”

Lay: “… How am I supposed to answer that?”

The Elf King snorted.

“So father refuses to accept him?” Lay frowned.

Golan quietly drew a cross in his heart: “Bless me, Dragon God. Please don’t let the Elf King accept me.”

Lay hurriedly covered Golan’s mouth.

The Elf king covered his ears and shook his head: “I won’t accept this no matter what, I don’t want to listen to your explanation!”

No one explained, however, Carter suddenly made a decision to open a portal leading to the Lost Continent, allowing everyone to elope.

The Elf King was stunned: “Get back here!”


Hence, one month later, the Elf Prince was married.

His wife was a cute and handsome youth from the dragon clan. It was rumored that on the wedding day, the prince’s wife was so touched that he cried himself hoarse.

Such was a beautiful love that could overcome boundaries!

The womenfolk of the Elven Kingdom were extremely moved by the Prince’s love. At the same time, countless certain small pornography books were madly being circulated around.

On this day, in the bedroom, Lay was reading the little yellow book while Golan was happily eating sweets, occasionally burping and releasing a small flame.

Lay looked at the little yellow book then looked at Golan.

Sensing something amiss, Golan warily grabbed his cookies and fled.

However, just as he managed to run a few steps away, he was dragged back to bed and forced to recite the contents of the little porn book from start to end.

The poor little Dragon wept and sobbed, “Oh, your Highness, your ***[1] is really big… What the hell is this?”

Lay: “Go on, be good.”

Golan burst into tears: “I heard that with you, I can only lay white and green dragon eggs.”

Lay said thoughtfully: “Yes, green symbolizes elves’ energy.”

Golan cried: “But white and green is a disgusting combination!”

“How can you say our baby is disgusting?” Lay snapped and beat his buttocks mercilessly.

Golan kept crying: “I don’t care, I don’t want to lay white and green eggs, you’re not allowed to…”

Lay: “Ah, too late.”

Golan quickly tried to crawl away with his hands and feet: “Ah ah ah ah ah!”

Lay grabbed his ankle, threw the book aside, and pulled out another book from under the pillow. He said expressionlessly: “This chapter has 10 sections, let’s work hard a little and strive to finish everything in one go. Tomorrow, there is another chapter to learn … Baby, why you running? Look at your study attitude, I’m really worried for you!”


At this moment, Carter and Asa stood side by side at the highest level of the Mage Tower.

The mage tower was as high as the clouds and had a beautiful scenery. Anyone standing here will be able to see almost half of the elf kingdom and the magnificent Elf Palace looked like a dazzling emerald in the distance. The castle stood amidst the elves’ tree houses and brightly colored flowers whose petals fluttered gently in the wind. In the Elf kingdom, spring and summer were the most beautiful times of the year when the skies were an azure blue. Overhead, a snow white owl soared freely, breaking the tranquility of the moment and flew towards Carter who had extended an arm.

Carter took off a red gift box that was tied to it and muttered: “So slow, next time I’m going to let the seller exchange for a faster courier.”

The owl hooted twice in displeasure and quickly crapped on Carter’s mage robes.

Carter: …

Asa quickly grabbed the white owl that was trying to escape: “Look! I caught it!”

Carter shook his head: “Let it go, I will definitely lodge a complaint.”

The petty owl was indignant and also crapped on Asa.

Asa shouted and let go: “Where does he get so much shit from!”

Carter smiled: “Maybe it has a second belly.”

Asa sighed and turned to stare curiously at the red gift box in Carter’s hand, “What’s that?”

Carter smiled mysteriously: “Cat-eared maid uniform, you promised.”

Asa had long forgotten, “what Cat-ear maid?”

Carter helplessly shook the box in his hand and turned to descend the Mage Tower: “You will know after our wedding ceremony next month.”

Asa refused to let him off, “Tell me! Tell me, tell me now! Tell me!”

Carter impatiently turned around and pressed Asa against the wall, fiercely sealing his lips.

Just like that time when Carter was ten years old, and Asa was nine.

The two of them had secretly ran to the top of the Mage Tower. Not sure who was it who had suddenly asked what kissing felt like, but the two elves were as frightened and curious as two small animals as they kissed until the Master of the Mage tower yelled and separated them.

These two children with bad tempers were unwilling to reveal their feelings.

Although it has been years since it happened, this kiss was still as sweet and beautiful as it was back then. There was a certain touch of warmth each time and it was as if it brought about a kind of mysterious and unforgettable…

Irregular heartbeat.


To that dummy, I love you.

[1]It was written as 巨无霸 but after translating, it says Big Mac… But it’s probably referring to his *cough*




 Its almost 2 am(tired and hungry) and I finally finished putting everything into images I know its probably useless but its the best I could do. Hope you guys on mobile can see(do tell me if it’s still difficult). I need to find a more efficient way of preventing content theft sighh

Anyways we’ve finally come to the end. Hope you guys enjoyed this short cute fluff. This is the end of my first translation project I must say the sense of accomplishment is pretty great but then looking my works on other websites, I finally understand translator feelings. Till the next novel~


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