Chapter 98 – Chaotic Battle (2)   

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Baal brought Wang Xiaoming back to a tree so tall that it seemed to touch the skies. “How are you feeling?” 

Wang Xiaoming sat down and leaned against the trunk. He steadied himself and answered, “Much better.” 

Baal took out spring water from the space and handed it to Wang Xiaoming to drink. When it came to preparing for the journey, they had prepared thoroughly. 

Wang Xiaoming accepted it, twisted the cap off, and took a sip. Suddenly his eyes fixated on the cap.  

“What is it?” 

“It may… have expired.” Wang Xiaoming examined the date carefully. “Just expired yesterday.” 

Baal answered, “When we get back, we’ll seek revenge on the manufacturer.” 

“… I was wrong. It’s actually not expired.” Wang Xiaoming quickly said in self-preservation.

“…” Baal’s eyes swept over the cap in Wang Xiaoming’s hand and demanded in slight irritation, “Do you think I’m incapable of reading numbers?” 

Wang Xiaoming’s eyes widened and asked, “You know numbers?” Ah, Baal had correctly solved the first math problem of the challenge. Wang Xiaoming self-reflected. 

Baal, “…” 

At the sight of Baal’s expression becoming darker and darker, Wang Xiaoming didn’t continue discussing the question due to a sense of self-preservation. “Oh right, we just left like that. Will Michelle and Andy get angry?” 

Baffled, Baal asked, “What does it matter to me if they are angry or not?” 

His unlucky nature meant that, from childhood onward, Wang Xiaoming had developed a habit of being extra nice to anyone who was nice to him. Because there really were too few people who could withstand his unfortunate ability. So, he kept feeling bad about the fact that Baal had tossed Michelle and Andy aside like that. 

On the contrary, Baal’s way of thinking was the complete opposite of Wang Xiaoming’s. To Baal, there were only four kinds of creatures—and that was the updated version. 

The first kind: himself. 

The second kind: Wang Xiaoming. 

The third kind: opponents such as Lucifer, Michael, Isefel, etc. 

The fourth kind: others. 

When it came to the fourth kind, he never felt like there was a reason to pay them more attention. 

Wang Xiaoming wanted to talk back but he didn’t dare talk back publicly. He could only murmur quietly, “We are in someone else’s territory after all.” 

Baal answered arrogantly, “So what? Does home turf advantage matter when it comes to pig-like opponents?” 

Wang Xiaoming thought he should be the voice of reason when Baal was getting too ahead of himself. “But we’re here to beg a favor.” 

Baal looked at him in surprise. “Who says we’re here to beg?” 

Wang Xiaoming hesitated. Weren’t they here to plead for Cain to turn him into a Kindred? Though he felt like that was being too extra since he saw no problems being a fourth, fifth, or even sixth generation Kindred, as long as he didn’t crave blood and had no lingering side-effects. 

“Hmph, if it weren’t for the Bloodnight Mountain not allowing wards, I would prefer to fight my way in and then yank him out of his coffin.” 

Wang Xiaoming, “…” That’s why the Bloodnight Mountain didn’t allow wards. He thought Cain was wise to make preparations ahead of time. 

The leaves around them started rustling as they shook. 

The leaves, which were green and tinged with yellow, slowly fell down, slid past Wang Xiaoming’s nose, and then fell into his palm. 

“Autumn’s come so quickly?” He looked up curiously. 

Baal answered, “Not autumn, but someone annoying.” 

He had just finished saying that when a Kindred wearing a black frieze trench coat, same-colored fedora, and leather gloves walked out from deep inside the forest. He held a black umbrella in his hands, which gave him the air of an English gentleman. 

The man walked up to Baal and Wang Xiaoming slowly, took off his gloves and hat slowly, and then bent at the waist as he offered them a greeting, “Pleased to make your acquaintance. My name is Allan Venture.” 

Wang Xiaoming hurriedly stood up and patted the grass shavings off his butt. He copied what the man had done and said, “I am Wang Xiaoming. He’s Edward McAvery.” Telling a lie multiple times made it roll off the tongue smoother. 

Allan smiled and answered, “The new friends that the Noferre was talking about yesterday must be you two. My apologies for only now coming by for a visit.” He seemed not at all surprised to find a human like Wang Xiaoming had shown up in the Forest of Shattered Illusions. 

Baal’s eyes narrowed dangerously. “It was your people who shot the arrow yesterday?” 

“Technically, it’s our people,” Allan responded. “McAvery is a most loyal member of the Camarilla.” 

Nevermind the fact that Baal wasn’t part of the McAvery clan, even if he were… his relationship with Hell made it clear how much effect the word “member” had on him. 

“Goal,” Baal demanded straightforwardly. 

“Cooperation.” Allan looked at Wang Xiaoming and continued, “Looks like we’ll need to try and find two additional slots.” 

Baal didn’t even bat an eyelash. “Not interested.” 

Allan didn’t seem surprised at the response. He smiled slightly and said, “It’s always easier to have someone else do the job than do it yourself, isn’t it?”

Baal finally stood up so they could see eye-to-eye. 

Their eyes met. One sharp, one steady. 

A while later. 

Baal smirked. “Interesting.” 

Allan continued, “If you don’t mind, maybe I can outline my plan. Of course, this is just a demonstration of my sincerity with no additional mandatory conditions” 

Baal didn’t object. 

Allan first tucked the gloves away in his left pocket and then took out a piece of paper from his right pocket, slowly unfurling it. 

It was a map, though there were only a few circles, dots, and some words of explanation. 

“This is the Forest of Shattered Illusions and we are right here.” He pointed a finger somewhere in the outermost circle but very close to the second circle. “At night, all the candidates will choose to sleep in the outer circle. That’s because there are no wild or magical beasts here, so it’s very quiet.” 

Wang Xiaoming pointed at some of the red dots and asked, “What are those?” 

“Those ten dots represent the ten candidates from before, including me. The circle around them is our territory for rest.” He smiled and continued, “You have to know that, for us Kindred, territory is terribly important. Your previous resting territory belonged to the Giovanni and the Ravnos.” 

Baal asked impatiently, “All you’re telling us are your addresses?” 

Allan shook his head and said with a smile, “Of course not. The last challenges are Elimination and Acceptance. Actually, there’s quite a lot to do here.” 

Everyone had a mind for gossip. Wang Xiaoming and Baal weren’t exceptions, so they both listened very quietly to Allan. 

“Of course, Elimination means reducing the candidates down to ten. But Acceptance doesn’t actually mean the acceptance of comrades. Instead, it means the acceptance of the Forest of Shattered Illusions.” Allan paused and then continued, “This secret is only known to very few Camarilla. I was only told before I entered the amusement park.” 

Wang Xiaoming felt like his head was still lost in the clouds. “What does ‘the acceptance of the Forest of Shattered Illusions’ mean?” 

“It means to be accepted by this forest.” 



Wang Xiaoming thought that explanation had a similar flavor to the elementary school language exercise that turned active voice into passive voice. 

Allan seemed to sense his confusion and continued, “This forest has a mind of its own. It can examine your true heart and then choose whether to accept you or not.” 

Wang Xiaoming pondered for a moment and then asked, “So, we need to protect all the flowers, trees, and grass here?” 

Speechless, Baal gave him a look. 

But even more unbelievably, Allan actually nodded. “You could say that.” 

“Actually,” Baal started to say, “you just have to choose between Elimination or Acceptance, right?” Since having ten candidates was set in stone, they only had to make sure the number of candidates was less than ten. Then even if the forest didn’t accept them, it had to let them enter the Bloodnight Mountain. 

Allan asked, “Then your choice is?”



Wang Xiaoming and Baal spoke up simultaneously and then silently looked at each other. 

Allan shrugged. “Since there is a difference in opinion, why not pursue both options?” 

“Pursue both options?” 

“I just asked why it is necessary to do things personally when you can have someone else do it.” Allan responded. “We are both part of the Camarilla. At a time like this, of course we should help and support each other. It’s reasonable to turn against the Sabbat.” 

Baal snorted, “You all are hoping that I take care of the Sabbat?” 

“No, exactly the opposite.” Allan’s answer seemed to catch Baal by surprise. “We’ll take care of the Sabbat. All you have to do is gain the approval of the forest. That way, even if we fail, you two can successfully go to the Bloodnight Mountain. Doesn’t that sound like the perfect plan?” 

Baal looked at him suspiciously. “Why?” 

“Because I don’t want you to join the Sabbat.” Allan was very frank. 

“That’s it?” Baal thought he had the better end of the deal. 

Allan explained, “I can feel your power. Though I don’t understand why a sixth generation Kindred possesses a power that scares me, I believe that neither myself nor the entire Venture clan would want to lose such a friend and gain such an enemy.” 

Baal’s expression relaxed a bit. He never hesitated to accept praise and respect. 

Allan continued, “Besides, McAvery is part of the Camarilla. I don’t want the Sacrificial Night of Fresh Blood to drive a wedge between it and the rest of the Camarilla.” The Venture were leaders of the Camarilla, so their consideration of the situation was usually more thorough than the other Kindred members. 

Baal sunk into thought, as if contemplating the feasibility of the proposal. 

Wang Xiaoming quietly pulled on his sleeve and said quietly, “No matter what misunderstanding there is between us, Michelle, and Andy, we’re friends. We can’t betray them.” 

Since everyone was close to each other, Allan heard Wang Xiaoming clearly despite the fact that he had whispered the request. “You don’t need to betray them,” he tossed out the most attractive condition, “you just have to not work with them.” 

When someone handed you fisherman’s garb and shamelessly begged you to be the fisherman standing by and waiting until the heron and clam injure each other in battle so that you reap the benefits, you wouldn’t be a pig but a warmachine—a warmachine among pigs. 

Baal was neither a pig nor a warmachine, so he unhesitatingly agreed, “Alright.”

Allan put his fedora back on his head, took out the gloves from his pocket and put them on, and then handed the map over to them. “Trust me, you’ll need this.” 

Wang Xiaoming saw that Baal had already agreed and couldn’t say anything else. He reached out a hand and accepted the map. “Thank you.” 

Allan said, “Trust me. When you reach the Bloodnight Mountain, you’ll realize that this decision was the most correct one.” 

Baal answered, “I’ll give you this realization ahead of time as a present.” 

Allan smiled and said, “If that’s the case, I’ll take my leave. I hope to see you all again at the Bloodnight Mountain very soon.” 

After he left, Wang Xiaoming asked, “Are we really not going to participate in anything?”

Baal scoffed mockingly, “A bunch of random people doing a bunch of random things. If I got caught up in it, that would really be illogical.” 


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