Chapter 93 – Game (3)

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When they got to the first competition grounds, they saw many familiar faces. 

Those Kindreds didn’t seem surprised at their return. After all, those who could pass the amusement park challenges were few and far between. 

Eight o’clock, the Victory Fruit sprang into the air again. 

As if understanding Baal’s abilities, they didn’t show any signs of wanting to fight for it. 

Baal was practically handed the Victory Fruit. 

Singh watched as he walked back and said happily, “So, let’s go and take on the amusement park.” 

“Wait.” Baal pulled Wang Xiaoming over to the side and sat down. 

Singh paused. “What for?” 

“Twelve o’clock,” Baal answered. 

Singh guessed his plans and said with a frown, “That kind of thing is not allowed.” 

Baal contemplated and then wondered, “Should we silence them?” He pointed at the other Kindred contestants who kept looking their way. 

Singh’s lips moved as if wanting to say something, but he managed to suppress it. 

Right before twelve o’clock, Baal and Wang Xiaoming opened their food container and took out delicious-smelling chicken wings and roasted leg of lamb.

Singh’s nostrils flared and he involuntarily scooted his butt over in their direction, scooted again, and then scooted once more. As he was about to move for the fourth time, a hand blocked him. That hand held a hamburger. 

Singh accepted the hamburger and his nose twitched. “I hope I’m wrong about its filling.” 

Wang Xiaoming was eating the lamb, which had turned his mouth oily. “Don’t waste Louis’s hard work.” 

Singh slowly put the hamburger near his mouth; his brows kept furrowing as it got closer. 

Wang Xiaoming looked at him nervously. 

In the end, Singh sighed. He held onto the hamburger with one hand and stood up with a smile. “I think I’ll take a walk.” 

A big piece of lamb dangled from Wang Xiaoming’s mouth as he watched Singh walk away. 

Baal pressed a hand on Wang Xiaoming’s head and turned it back toward him. “If you have time to look at someone else, you should look at me more.” 


Wang Xiaoming swallowed the lamb and said quietly, “I think Lord Singh looks really pitiful.”

Baal stuffed a chicken wing inside Wang Xiaoming’s mouth. “I think he’s really detestable right now.” 

Wang Xiaoming, “…” 

There was only the sound of chewing. 

Twelve o’clock struck. 

Baal entered the grounds again. 

The other Kindreds looked at him in surprise, as if looking at a monster from an alien planet. 

Baal’s expression didn’t change. 

One of the Kindred gathered up their courage and declared, “Every contestant can only get one Victory Fruit.” Otherwise, the stronger ones could simply grab all the Victory Fruits and then divide them up amongst his or her clan members, or even keep them all for themselves. 

Baal asked, “Then how do I go to the toilet in the middle of it?” 

The other Kindreds, “… Huh?” 

The Victory Fruit suddenly sprang out. 

As the other Kindreds were still in a daze, Baal made his move and the Victory Fruit fell into his hands again as if it belonged there. 

Baal toyed with the Victory Fruit as he walked back. 

About a minute after he left, the Kindred from before suddenly asked, “Did no one tell him that the amusement park has its own restrooms?” 

Another Kindred guessed, “Or maybe he didn’t even get to where the restrooms are?” 

The Kindred, “…” 

After twelve o’clock came another long period of waiting again. 

The other Kindreds seem to be used to his interfering behavior. They discussed it among themselves for quite a while before a representative of the Kindred was selected. 

He struggled to push down the fear and respect he had for a third generation Kindred Elder and walked up on shaky legs. He bowed to Singh and said, “My dear Giovanni Elder. I am Maris Venture, a seventh generation Venture. I am honored to make your acquaintance here and humbly wish you good health.” 

Singh nodded with a smile. “I accept your well wishes.” 

Maris saw that he was in a good mood and relaxed slightly. “I am here representing the other Kindreds who are taking the challenge with me. We’re asking for your lordship to establish justice so that we may keep the Sacrificial Night of Fresh Blood, which represents fairness and equality, as noble as it has always been throughout its thousands of years of existence.” 

Singh knew very well what kind of judgement they wanted. 

He gave Baal an imperceptible look and said with a smile, “Kindred have always promoted fairness and equality. That is without question. It is precisely because of that that our thirteen clans have always solved problems through negotiation and voting. We never easily interfere with another clan’s business. If the Giovanni clan has done something wrong, I welcome you to tell me.” 

Maris was instantly at a loss for words. 

He hadn’t been able to figure out why a madman from the McAvery clan would be in cahoots with a Giovanni Elder, but anyone could see that they were in this together. He could understand it a little bit now. They were both very shameless; one didn’t care if others thought him shameless and the other thought it was his right to be shameless.

The other Kindreds watched him walk back in defeat and could sort of guess the result. So by the time 4pm came around, only one figure remained on the competition grounds. 

Baal easily grabbed the Victory Fruit. 

Singh walked over to him and said with a small smile, “A contestant with three Victory Fruits simultaneously, you’re the first.”

Baal looked at him and asked, “Do you know why there are rules in this world?” 

You actually didn’t feel bad asking that question.

Singh smiled meaningfully. “Because rules decide order.” 

“Wrong.” Baal wagged a finger. “Because they’re waiting for the first person to break them.” 

Singh’s smile stayed in place. “Your understanding is definitely… a horse of a different color.” 

Baal replied, “Because there are too few beings in the world that can be considered intelligent.” 

Singh, “…” He had maintained a smile for so many years. For the first time, he thought that keeping a smile on his face was such an exhausting feat. 

There was a saying that went “strike while the iron is hot.” 

Baal once again set off for the amusement park with three Victory Fruits in hand. 

Outside the amusement park, Singh handed Wang Xiaoming the calculator and pen and paper that he had requested. “Hope everything goes smoothly for you.”

Baal nodded slightly at him, as if to convey his approval for that sentiment, and pulled Wang Xiaoming along as he walked away. 

It was the same door and the same bloody pool. 

Baal smoothly crossed it using the same method he had done the first time and they once again encountered the Slide Roller Coaster. 

Wang Xiaoming stood on the car and gripped Baal’s waist tightly. He took a deep breath and announced, “I’m so nervous.” 

Baal used one hand to pat the back of Wang Xiaoming’s hand and then instructed in a serious tone, “Stay on your feet.” 


Wang Xiaoming had just finished saying that when the car rushed out. 

Since they’d done it once, Baal was very calm when they encountered the first twist. Both of his hands shoved the handle to the left and the car turned, scraping past the wall. But before they had the chance to celebrate, they shot out from the wall on the second turn. 


Singh stood outside with the hamburger from lunch in his hands. He was just debating whether or not to eat it when he saw them both shoot out. 

He thought about it and then set down the hamburger, deciding to greet them. But before he could open his mouth, Baal pulled Wang Xiaoming and walked past him expressionlessly. Baal didn’t even blink, as if Singh had just been air. 


Singh watched their figures get smaller and smaller and made sure they were definitely not turning back. Then he wordlessly put the hamburger in his mouth. 

Standing in front of the slide for the third time, Baal’s expression was very cold and distant while Wang Xiaoming’s emotions were more conflicted. 

Wang Xiaoming watched as Baal walked up to the car firmly and gripped the handle. He wanted to say something. 

“Get on.” Baal’s voice was filled with the desire to fight. “This time I’ll definitely get through this god-forsaken slide!” 

Wang Xiaoming slowly swallowed his words and silently stood on the car. He held onto Baal’s waist and offered his silent support. 

“Let’s. Go!” Accompanied by Baal’s low growl, the car shot out again. 

Their previous experience made Baal calmer and steadier. That was demonstrated by the fact that he managed to hold on until the sixth bend before he sailed through the air and was kicked out of the challenge. 

Singh was a bit surprised to see them come out. 

Because he had already finished his hamburger. He had thought they’d appear a bit earlier. 

Baal was about to ignore him again when Singh said, “I’ll wait to have dinner together with you.” 

“…” Baal said nothing but his firm footsteps revealed that, in his heart of hearts, he was very very… pissed off! 

By now, they were familiar with the challenge and sailed smoothly through the first two steps. Baal and Wang Xiaoming arrived, for the fourth time, at the slide. 

They’d used up all three Victory Fruits. That meant that if they failed again this time, they really had to go back and eat dinner with Singh. 

Just when Baal was about to step on the car, Wang Xiaoming spoke up, “Baal, let me try.” 

Baal’s foot froze in midair. 

Wang Xiaoming gulped. 

The mood right now gave him a familiar feeling, as if they were back to when he had first met Baal and Baal had constantly been just a hair-width away from becoming fully enraged. 

Baal did end up putting his foot back down. Then he titled his body and gave Wang Xiaoming a look. “You’re certain you can?” 

“No,” Wang Xiaoming answered sincerely, “but I really want to do something.” He hung his head. “Whether in the Mortal Realm or in the Kindred Realm, you’re always the one rushing around doing everything. I haven’t done anything nor can I do anything. Maybe, maybe I really am too weak.” 

A hand slowly covered the top of his head and gently ruffled his hair. 

Wang Xiaoming looked up but found himself meeting Baal’s gaze, which was filled with a rare tenderness. “If we fail again this time, we’ll have Louis make an onion salad for Singh.” 

“… Mmm.” Wang Xiaoming nodded firmly and then carefully stood on the wooden plank. His heart filled with excitement, as if he were about to face battle, and his blood began to stir uncontrollably. 

Baal stood behind him and held Wang Xiaoming’s waist. Since Baal was taller than Xiaoming, he inevitably had to bend down in order to hold Wang Xiaoming’s waist. In the end, he adjusted his position and simply put his chin on Wang Xiaoming’s shoulder. “All good.” 

Wang Xiaoming calmed his heartbeat down and grasped the handle with both hands, slowly relaxing his body. “So then, let’s go.” 

With that, he slowly pushed the handle forward. 

The car shot out like a rocket. 

In that second, his mind became extremely clear, as if his body and the wooden car had turned into one entity. When it looked like they were about to hit the wall, he calmly pushed the handle to the left and the car turned with the motion. 

Baal stood behind Wang Xiaoming and his own body subconsciously tensed along with the man’s; the arms he had around Wang Xiaoming’s waist also squeezed tighter and tighter, but Wang Xiaoming seemed not to feel it at all. In that moment in time, he had achieved the state of being one with the car.

After about twenty twists and turns, the car began to speed up. The fierce wind forced him to squint his eyes and his field of vision instantly narrowed. 

After almost hitting the wall twice, Baal formed a ward around them. 

The ward instantly held the wind at bay. 

Wang Xiaoming returned to how he had been before. 

Twenty thousand meters was not really short, but when someone focused intensely on something, time always passed quickly. 

When Baal had almost forgotten about the existence of time, they saw the exit. 

The car’s speed automatically reduced until it stopped. 

Wang Xiaoming stood on the car for a very long time until Baal picked him up and set him on the ground. Then he discovered that his entire body was about as stiff as a marble statue. His arms were only capable of going forward, left, or right. 

“We… passed?” he asked in a trembling voice. 

“Yes.” Baal’s pride was deeply damaged so his expression wasn’t friendly. 

Wang Xiaoming slowly moved his hands and feet and waited until he could move them freely before suddenly throwing himself at Baal and giving him a tight squeeze. “Yes! We succeeded! Thank you, Baal.” 

“What for?” Baal raised an eyebrow. 

“Without your ward, we’d have lost for sure.” Wang Xiaoming looked up and gave Baal a big thumbs up. “You’re so amazing! You’re the king of windshields!” 

If he wasn’t misremembering, this was the first time Wang Xiaoming had ever called him “amazing.” Since it was the first, it was easy to understand how Baal’s mood lifted despite the slightly inappropriate comparison. 

“Is our next challenge the math one?” Wang Xiaoming glanced around. 

There was a black river in front of them. 

There were two cabins on the river bank. 

“What is that?” Wang Xiaoming walked up to the cabin and knocked cautiously. He only opened the door when he didn’t hear an echo. 

A modern bathroom instantly appeared before his eyes. 

Wang Xiaoming declared in surprise, “So there is a bathroom here.” 

Baal opened the other door and then quickly shut it again. 

Wang Xiaoming asked curiously, “What is that?”

Baal frowned and answered, “Cafeteria.”

“What a coincidence, I’m hungry. Let’s go eat something.” 

He was about to push open the door when Baal pressed on his hand. “Kindred cafeteria.” 

“Of course I know this is a Kindred cafeteria…” Wang Xiaoming’s voice trailed off as revelation dawned on him. “Is it all liquid inside?” 

“There are some frozen into solids.” 

Wang Xiaoming imagined the scene and gulped. “We should probably eat the food that Louis made for us.” 

Aside from the big food container that had the chicken wing and lamb shanks, Baal had put a lot of other delicious food inside his space. 

No matter what the amusement park was being used for currently, at least it was still an amusement park. 

Lovers having a picnic in an amusement park could be considered romantic. 

Wang Xiaoming and Baal finished eating, cleaned up after themselves, and then walked toward the river. 

There really were logs floating on the river. 

Wang Xiaoming glanced at those variously-sized floating logs and quietly asked Baal, “Which one should we step on?” 

Baal looked around and answered, “The biggest one.” 

Wang Xiaoming and Baal stepped on it simultaneously. 

The log underneath their feet instantly lit up. 

A math problem appeared in front of their toes: 

55-44*1 = ? 

On their path forward, three floating logs also lit up. 

From left to right, they went— 

1, 11, 33. 

Wang Xiaoming, “…” 

He and Baal silently stepped on the middle log. Wang Xiaoming thought to himself, “This is one of those fabled point-giving questions.”  

The log flickered and the number 11 turned into another math problem— 

23*88*6 = ?

The answers were, respectively— 

12144, 21556, 18322.

Baal frowned slightly and was about to say something when Wang Xiaoming stepped on the left-most log without hesitation. 

Baal followed suit. 

Another problem appeared on the log. 

“You calculated that?” Baal was slightly surprised. 

Wang Xiaoming laughed quietly. “I didn’t do such a complex calculation. But 3x8x6 will get you a number that ends in 4. So that was easy.” 

Baal had to give Wang Xiaoming another look. It was as if something about Wang Xiaoming started to shine after they had entered the amusement park. 

The problems got gradually harder. 

At first, Wang Xiaoming could eliminate answers using the calculator. But when the problems evolved into algebra, probability, and geometry, the calculator gradually became useless. Wang Xiaoming’s major in environmental management was on full display. He had abandoned math for so long that he had almost forgotten how to calculate the sine, cosine, and tangent of right triangles. 

He hesitantly put his feet on one of the logs and then felt the log slowly sink down. Before he had a chance to yelp, Baal grabbed him and moved them both to the other bank using spatial movement. 

Wang Xiaoming looked at him in shock and then looked at the river and logs behind him. A long moment later, he asked, “If we could come here directly, then why didn’t you…” 

Baal answered, “I saw that you were having fun, so I thought I’d let you enjoy yourself for a bit longer.” His spatial movement could teleport to anywhere he could see or had been. 

“…” He had been racking his brain to the point of wanting to jump into the river! 

Baal’s gaze turned forward. 

There was a big, round, and short cabin over there. In front of the cabin was a sign about two people tall and an elegant script shone from it. 

Wang Xiaoming saw Baal’s eyes light up and couldn’t help but ask, “You recognize the characters?” Could it be that the most respected language of the Kindred was…

“Heaven’s Script,” Baal said slowly. 


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