Chapter 86 – Fault Finding (2)

Spirit Boss
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The flapping of wings stirred the air and filled the entire street with sound, which became even more terrifying under the cover of the night. 

Baal watched as the lights on either side of the street dimmed one by one and pressed his lips together, as if his fun had been taken away from him. 

How long would it take for them to realize that their target had already moved to the door? 

The moment he lowered his head, the glass windows of the little hotel exploded and the bats rushed out frantically like derailed trains from the two windows and the newly-created giant holes. 

The unmoving Kindred who had their backs to Baal all whirled around in the same instant, but their pale faces were quickly hidden behind the cloud of bats. 


If he wasn’t misremembering, Kindred abilities included rapid movement and super strength? 

Baal’s lips formed a small smirk and he instantly backed away 50 meters, taking with him the wall next to him and using it like a flyswatter to whack the bats. 

The booming sound covered up the shrieks of the bats. 

The bats who escaped their deaths continued rushing forward with all their might like headless flies. 

Baal scooted back another 50 meters, taking apart another wall and whacking them again. 

But these bats had clearly been carefully trained. At the very least, they couldn’t be expected to turn around and flee upon meeting Baal like they would have if they met Gin. From a certain standpoint, anything less than a three-digit victory count was not enough for them to put the name on their blacklist. 

Especially since Baal had only taken apart ten walls before he found himself backed into a corner with nowhere behind him to go except a deep and dark river. 

On the other side of the river was a city wall several tens of meters tall. At the top of the wall hung a flag with a black and white bat on it. 

The wind blew and the flag fluttered noisily in the air. 

For Baal, it would be a piece of cake to get to the top of the wall. But for a Kindred, that required using jumping or turning into a bat. Coincidentally, he possessed neither of those skills. 

Baal frowned and sensed the distance between himself and the other Kindreds. When he made sure they were all about a hundred meters away from him, the bizarre black fire finally appeared. 

He casually waved a hand and the fire turned into a flyswatter, even bigger than the walls had been, and crashed down on the bats, completely enveloping them. 

The bats were burned by the black flame and didn’t even have a chance to scream in pain before they were burnt to a crisp. 

The flame came quickly and went just as quickly. 

When Yanuk arrived with the Torredo militia, all that was left was a ground covered with the bodies of bats. 

Yanuk realized that his carefully raised bats had all been turned to nothing and cried out, unable to control himself, “What is this? What have you done?” 

Baal stretched out a hand and casually pulled at the sleeves inside his suit jacket. “Though your tone of voice displeases me, your question pleases me so I’ve decided to answer you. One, these are bodies. Two, what I did was turn them into bodies.” 

“That’s not an ability of the Kindred.” Yanuk recalled the same exact scene he had previously seen at the Harbor of Loners and said with a serious expression, “Lord Daniel refuses to say anything about what happened tonight, but I think you wouldn’t mind explaining, right?” 

Baal answered, “I don’t mind, but I don’t want to say it.” 

Yanuk squinted. “I don’t care what you used, I’ll find the answer!” Truthfully, he thought that Baal possessed some kind of unknown weapon since he kept a human with him. Everyone knew that among the Nine Realms, Humans and Dwarves were the best at inventing weapons. 

Baal stated, “Using your mouth to find the answer is a very refreshing method.” 

Yanuk’s delicate doll-like features slowly frosted over and turned scarily pale. His eyes seemed to take on a red sheen from the irises to the pupils. 

The same thing happened to the Kindred behind him. Those already pale faces seemed to become covered by layers of plaster that would break off and scatter with the slightest movement of their lips. 

Baal asked, somewhat impatiently, “Couldn’t you guys have finished putting on make-up before you left the house? I hate wasting time.” 

Yanuk suddenly leapt into the air. 

Followed closely by the other Kindreds. 

Dozens of shadows quickly turned into tiny black dots against the night sky. 

Baal bent down to pull on his own sleeves, as if he didn’t have a clue about the danger that was approaching from the sky. 


The black dots became bigger and bigger until their figures reappeared. Every Kindred held a thin silver sword in their hands. 

The swords, razor sharp and glinting, jabbed downward in Baal’s direction.  

Baal’s lips curved and he moved his body rapidly forward. 

He was actually using his instant movement, but in order to pretend that it was the rapid movement of the Kindred, he had to make sure he appeared once every decimeter. This way, others would see a shadow during his movement. Though there were minute differences between it and rapid movement, nobody would be paying much attention during battle. 

Yanuk and the other Kindreds landed on the ground after one another. 

Their swords stabbed into the earth like flagpoles. 

Baal turned around and asked the half-squatting Yanuk, “This is your so-called effective attack?” 

Yanuk’s hand grasped the hilt of the sword tightly and he tilted his head slightly, glancing at Baal out of the corners of his eyes. 

Baal tilted his head and declared, “So, my turn.” 

He just finished saying the words when he moved the same way he had before to get rapidly closer to those Kindreds. They had sensed the danger and used rapid movement to dodge, but though they had sensed the danger and reacted quickly, they were still one step behind Baal. 

With muffled cries and the sound of bodies falling into water, the Kindred were struck by a fist, one after the other. 

The tranquility of the river was disturbed. 

The Kindred fell into the water in an undignified manner but didn’t immediately resurface. 

Yanuk breathed shallowly and rapidly. He already realized that he was facing someone who might be considered the greatest opponent he had ever met. He hadn’t even felt this way when he had faced Lord Daniel. He even started to believe that Lord Daniel’s defeat wasn’t because of any particular weapon but because of this man, who only smelled like a sixth generation, himself. 

Baal acted quickly and took care of his problems quickly. 

Yanuk could only watch as his comrades were gradually cut down. He wanted to help but his feet would barely move before there came the sound of something hitting the water. 

Baal’s speed was so fast he almost couldn’t believe the guy was a sixth generation Kindred. 

That speed should be something only found in a third generation Kindred. 

Baal suddenly stopped and stood face-to-face with Yanuk. 

Yanuk’s grip on his sword slowly tightened. 

No matter how strong the enemy was, a Torredo clan member would not back down! Especially since the flag of the Torredo clan still flew behind him. 

“Mind reading is ineffective on me,” Baal, who had a good grasp on the abilities of the Kindred after Prilli’s explanation, said lightly.

Yanuk stopped his attempts to read Baal’s mind and the red slowly faded from his eyes until they turned back into the green shade of emerald and stared unblinkingly at Baal. 

Baal lowered his head and stared unabashedly into Yanuk’s eyes. 

That shade of emerald seemed like a green pond under sunny skies, or an emerald destined to be surrounded by other gems. It was breathtakingly beautiful, as if it would suck someone’s soul entirely within itself. 

Yanuk stared at the silent Baal and a slight smile appeared on his lips. 

“This is seduction?” Baal’s tone was filled with heavy disappointment. “I thought there would at least be a rainbow-colored light.” 


Rainbow-colored light? 

Did the man think his eyes were flashlights? 

Yanuk’s eyes began to turn red again. 

“I’ll give you a choice. Jump in yourself,” Baal said. 

Yanuk asked coldly, “Do you think I’ll do that?” 

Baal smirked and answered, “If I were you, I would absolutely agree.” 

Yanuk asked mockingly, “In other words, if you lose, you’ll surrender without protest?” 

Baal answered, “I originally thought your skills were abysmal but I didn’t realize your intelligence was abysmal too. I said if I were you, but how could I be you? Even if you were reborn ten thousand times you wouldn’t become me. No, you wouldn’t even become Gin. So that condition would never be fulfilled. If the condition can’t be fulfilled, then how can the conclusion be true?” 

Yanuk’s eyes widened and he asked, “You’re insulting Gin?” 

“…” Baal was too lazy to give an answer and sent him flying into the river with a single punch. 

After resolving the problem, Baal simply used instant movement and sent himself back to the hotel. 

But as soon as he stepped inside the little hotel, his expression changed. 

If he hadn’t sensed Wang Xiaoming earlier because he had been too far away, then he couldn’t sense Wang Xiaoming at that moment because Wang Xiaoming had left. 

Prilli sat in the rubble with his chin propped on his hands. He noticed Baal’s return and hurriedly stood up. “Lord Baal.” 

Baal reached out a hand and pulled the vampire to him. He gripped the vampire’s collar and demanded furiously, “Where is he?” 

Prilli was startled by the intensity and insanity in Baal’s eyes. He instinctively answered, “He’s on his way to the Gloom City as an invited guest” 

“Invited?” Baal’s expression was as frigid as the coldest month of winter. “Who allowed it?” 

Prilli almost died from the pressure applied by those hands. He was choked so hard his face turned red and he gripped Baal’s arms with both hands, struggling to get those hands away from him. 

Baal let go unexpectedly. 

Prilli landed butt-first onto the ground and panted heavily. 

“Who?” His voice was filled with ferocious killing intent. 

Prilli finished panting and explained, “Actually, it’s a friendly invitation without any ill intent at all.” 


Baal’s tone was getting calmer but Prilli felt his own fear deepening. 

“It was Elder Woodrace from the Ravnos clan…” He cautiously looked at Baal’s face and continued, “… and Elder Singh of the Giovanni clan.” 

“Giovanni?” Baal gazed down at Prilli. If his memory was correct, Prilli was a member of the Giovanni clan. 

Prilli stood up slowly and said in a low voice, “Don’t worry, I didn’t reveal your identity and Elder Singh will definitely not harm Wang Xiaoming. He promised me that he only wants to invite you two as guests.” 

“Reason?” Ball refused to believe that two of the thirteen authorities of the Kindred would come all the way to invite a sixth generation Kindred and his Blood Slave without a reason.  


It would be great if he knew. The truth of the matter was, when Elder Singh made a rare appearance in front of him, his heart had practically stopped. Nevermind asking what he was doing here. 

It was even Singh who voluntarily made the promise to not harm Wang Xiaoming. 

He suddenly felt very regretful. He should have behaved better. At the very least, he shouldn’t have made Elder Singh feel like he was just an idiot who could only stare blankly into space. 

Under Baal’s interrogative stare, Prilli seemed very innocent but also very depressed. 

He glanced around and guessed, “Maybe it’s because this hotel is too shabby?” 



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