Chapter 85 – Fault Finding (1)

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Without hesitation, Prilli answered, “Seduction, mind-reading, jumping, control—which is to control their emotions…” He paused and asked in response to Baal’s furrowing eyebrows, “Any overlap?” 

Baal asked, “Jumping is?” 

“Every Kindred’s physique is different so it changes a bit. I’m not too good at it. I can only jump forward 50 meters and jump up 30 meters,” Prilli answered humbly. 

Baal, “…” 

Wang Xiaoming noticed Baal’s expression getting darker and hurriedly asked, “Is there anything else?” 

“Other things?” Prilli contemplated and answered, “X-ray vision. But that requires natural talent and not every Kindred is capable of it.” 

Baal said, “Something useful for fighting.” 

Prilli very much wanted to say that Kindreds rarely fought personally and usually used their bats. The exception had been the guy who fought so much that the bats from the other Kindreds would turn around and run whenever they saw him. But the guy had been exiled, oh no, delegated to Noah’s Ark. Supposedly he had reined himself in quite a bit. 

“Yes. Extremely fast speed,” Prilli answered. “But we rarely use that because instead of moving very fast, we prefer to turn into bats.” 

Baal asked, “Fast? How fast?” 

Prilli tried very hard to search for the skill that he had cast aside for a very long time. After a while, he said, “For example, from here…” He just finished that part of the sentence before his body turned into a series of overlapping shadows and appeared at the other end of the lobby. Of course, since the lobby wasn’t more than ten square meters, it was only about three strides long. 

Baal blinked and Prilli returned to where he had been standing. “Once again.” 

Prilli stood rooted to the ground for a while before asking in surprise, “Space manipulation?” 

Baal shrugged. 

“That’s rare, even among angels.” The respect in Prilli’s eyes increased. 

Baal lifted an eyebrow and asked, “Do any Kindreds know space manipulation?” The skill he was most familiar with and was best at was still space manipulation. 

“Yes.” Prilli’s answer made Baal’s eyes light up. 

“Lord Cain.” 

Baal, “…” 

Prilli suddenly clapped his hands together. “That’s right. Aside from moving extremely fast, there’s also heavy boxing. But that’s something only the Kindred with poor qualifications can do.” 

Wang Xiaoming asked in surprise, “If only a few people know it, wouldn’t that mean they’re talented? Why do you say they’ve got poor qualifications?” 

Prilli answered, “Because they rarely know any other skills aside from heavy boxing. Among the Kindred, they mostly play the part of an infantry to clear the path of obstacles. ” 

In the middle of the conversation, the wall beside them suddenly tumbled toward them. 

Without even thinking about it, Baal tugged Wang Xiaoming close and instantly moved them both to the top of the stairs. 


The dust flew everywhere. 

A giant two-meter wide hole appeared where the wall had been. 

Prilli slowly stood up from the dust. He should be celebrating the fact that the wall was of poor quality. At the very least, he was only covered in wood shavings and dust. 

“Who’s demolishing the house this late?” The drunken owner stuck his head out from the second floor, but when his gaze landed on that newly-created giant hole, he sobered up and then very calmly retracted his neck. 

Outside the door, a row of men stood at attention in their black suits. 

Crisp footsteps sounded, coming closer. A man with short gray hair, black suit, and dark sunglasses stood by the hole with both hands crossed in front of his abdomen. “You’re the one who hurt Lord Daniel?” 

Prilli turned around to look at Baal and then at the man. Then he pointed to his own nose and asked, “You talking to me?” 

The man looked calmly at him for a moment and then shook his head. “Not you.” His gaze then landed on Baal and he said, “You.” This time it wasn’t a question but an affirmation. A Kindred who dared strike Daniel was either crazy or arrogant. 

Baal leaned against the bannister and stared haughtily down at the man. 

Wang Xiaoming gave a placating smile, “This is Edward…” 

“I don’t listen to humans,” the man interrupted him coldly. “To me, humans are only useful for one thing.” 

Though the man was wearing sunglasses, Wang Xiaoming was still chilled by the coldness coming from behind the glasses. He shrank back and asked, “What use?”


Having sensed Wang Xiaoming’s fear, Baal frowned in displeasure. “Come at me all together. I’m in a hurry.” 

Prilli was a bit helpless being caught in the middle. When he had first agreed to help Edwin, he hadn’t thought to become an enemy of the Torredo clan. But if he ran away now it would make him too much of a coward, so he could only try to keep the conversation going. “Why are you in a hurry?” 

Baal tilted his head to look down at Wang Xiaoming. “It’s time for him to sleep.” 


Wang Xiaoming clearly sensed the gaze behind the sunglasses becoming sharper and laughed self-consciously, “Actually, I can sleep later.” 

Baal didn’t understand and asked, “Don’t you always insist on early to bed and early to rise?” 

“Uh.” Wang Xiaoming’s smile almost faltered. “It’s so rare that we have so many friends over today.” 

The man answered coldly, “I am never friends with humans. Humans only have one use to me.” 

Though Wang Xiaoming was mild-mannered, he still became infuriated at the other man’s attitude when it came to humans. Wang Xiaoming raised his head and pressed his back tightly against Baal’s chest, as if taking the power that Baal was offering. “When I said friends, that didn’t include you.” 

The man slowly extended a hand up and lifted his sunglasses, revealing a doll-like beautiful face. His voice, in contrast, was as cold and hard as ice as he demanded, “Human, what did you say?” 

Prilli suddenly asked, “Yanuk?” 

Yanuk side-eyed him.

It was the same cold gaze, but the effect was nowhere as scary as when he had been wearing sunglasses. 

Prilli’s serious face practically shattered as he asked, “I heard that ever since you lost the staring contest to Valeri, you’ve been wearing sunglasses?” 

Yanuk answered expressionlessly, “I wear sunglasses because there are a lot of things here that I don’t want to see.” Dammit, why did the news of him losing the staring contest travel so far?

“You’re his friend?” His words made it clear that Baal’s friend was his enemy. 

Prilli was caught between a rock and a hard place. The clan he belonged to was a neutral one and he had absolutely no intentions of dragging his clan into the Holy War. 

Baal interrupted impatiently, “I thought I said I was in a hurry.” 

Prilli took half a step back and introduced in a quiet, but not that quiet, voice, “This is Yanuk Torredo, one of the best among the fifth generation Torredo clan.” WIth that, he moved his gaze to somewhere in between Baal and Yanuk. “Show some mercy.” Clearly, he was setting himself up as a neutral party. 

Because of the special location his gaze landed on, both Baal and Yanuk reasonably thought that the last sentence had been said to them. 



Different answers with the same attitude rang out at the same time.

Baal told Wang Xiaoming, “If you’re tired, you can go to the room and sleep first.” 

“Be careful.” Wang Xiaoming stood on his tiptoes so that he was closer to Baal’s neck and said in a quiet voice, “If you have to, it’s alright to reveal your identity. Safety comes first.” 


Between Heaven and Hell, Baal had heard his share of various kinds of challenges, words of trust, or even praise. So much that he thought blabbering during a battle was nothing but a waste of time. 

But this was the first time he heard something like “safety comes first.” 

Baal gazed at Wang Xiaoming and the look in his eyes slowly became more intense. 

As someone who’d spent a lot of time with him, of course Wang Xiaoming understood what the look meant and obediently closed his eyes. 

Baal bent down and pressed a firm kiss on those lips. 

From China to France and then from France to the Kindred Realm. The two of them were like tops, constantly spinning in place and they hadn’t enjoyed the comforting time that belonged to just them. 

So when their lips met the other’s, they discovered that they’d desired each other for too long. 

Yanuk watched in stunned shock as the guy, who had kept up a constant refrain of being in a hurry, just stood there on the stairs and openly gave the human a fierce kiss. He murmured in shock, “They’re… in that kind of relationship?” 

It wasn’t that he hadn’t seen Kindreds keep humans as lovers, but usually those that loved deeply performed the Embrace on their lovers so they would become companions, and casual players didn’t bring them back into the Kindred Realm. 

Baal and Wang Xiaoming’s actions at the moment were clearly beyond his understanding. 

Prilli feared that Baal’s identity would get exposed and gave a dry chuckle, “It’s in fashion.” 

Yanuk gave him a silent glance. 

Prilli forced himself to continue, “Really. It’s popular in the Mortal Realm. Because of that the humans even shot… Ghost.” 

“Isn’t that Twilight?” Yanuk quietly returned. 

“… Ah?” Prilli’s eyes flew open in shock but Yanuk had already turned his head away. 

Baal and Wang Xiaoming were still stuck together. 

Yanuk called out loudly, “Are you two done sucking each other’s face?” 

Wang Xiaoming instantly blushed from the neck up and he tilted his head back slightly. 

Baal raised his head in frustration and the look he gave Yanuk could be described as a gathering thunderstorm. 

“I’m going to sleep first.” Wang Xiaoming didn’t dare look at the expressions of the people behind him and wanted to scoot up the stairs. 

“Wait.” Baal pulled at Wang Xiaoming’s hand. 

“You still want more?” Wang Xiaoming turned around in surprise and embarrassment, only to discover in the next moment that Baal was holding one of his shoes in his hands. 

He bent down and saw his naked foot. Only then did Wang Xiaoming realize that in the process, he had toed off one of his shoes out of nervousness. 

“When I finish with them… we’ll continue.” Baal gave a very evil smile. 

Wang Xiaoming’s face instantly turned into a big red apple with constant white smoke coming out of it. He quickly grabbed the shoe from Baal’s hands and ran upstairs without even bothering to put it on. 

Baal waited until he had completely disappeared from his sight before turning around and asking in a frigid voice, “Will you line up or come all at once?” If it hadn’t been for this group of killjoys, he wouldn’t be standing here and could be heading upstairs. 

At that, his face became even uglier. 

“As a sixth generation Kindred, you are really arrogant beyond belief.” Yanuk’s entire body exuded coldness. 

Baal answered disdainfully, “Judging from Daniel’s qualities, I have reasons to look down on your entire clan.” 

Prilli silently found a place to ride out the storm. 

As expected, Yanuk’s face instantly darkened and he raised his hand up high. 

Immediately, countless bats rushed in from the hole like a black whirlwind. 

Taking advantage of the moment when the bats were blocking everyone’s vision, Baal instantly moved himself outside the door so that he stood behind the Torredo clan members. 



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