Chapter 77 – Kindred (2)

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Xiang Wenjie’s current situation was a bit complicated. He had been sixteenth generation but became sixth generation all of a sudden. Though the blood had merged, the powers were fighting against each other. 

Wang Xiaoming gestured using his half-baked English and finally managed to convince the hotel staff to open the door. They discovered that Xiang Wenjie had half his body hidden underneath the bed, the other half out, and he kept shaking. 

The hotel staff asked in not-so-fluent English, “He okay? Need a doctor?” 

Wang Xiaoming said “No” as he pushed the man out the door; then he slammed the door shut and blocked the curious stare. 

As if hearing the commotion, Xiang Wenjie slowly rolled out from under the bed. 

“Are you alright? Do you need a doctor?” Wang Xiaoming asked as he crouched down. Of course, he spoke in Chinese. 

A strange gurgling sound came from Xiang Wenjie’s throat and then he raised his head.  

Wang Xiaoming retreated to the corner in fear. 

Xiang Wenjie’s face was so pale it seemed to have been powdered with flour. Only his eyes were red like a rabbit’s and there seemed to be a subtle demonic glint coming from them. Two fangs were resting against his lower lip and their whiteness contrasted sharply with the red hue of the lips. 

Wang Xiaoming’s hand quietly knocked against the wall and he called out softly, “Baal…” It was true that he had been considering becoming a vampire, but he was still considering and hadn’t said he wanted to become a vampire at that instant. 

He watched as Xiang Wenjie’s hands pressed against the bed as he slowly stood up. Wang Xiaoming’s heart instantly leapt into his throat. 

At a moment like this, he should be yelling for help, right? 

Wang Xiaoming was so nervous both of his legs were trembling. 

But if his calls for help were too loud, other people would definitely hear him. If someone else saw Xiang Wenjie like this, they’d definitely either kill him on sight or bring him back to conduct research. How could he explain that to Xiang Wenxun when they got back? 

But… why was he getting closer and closer? 

“Help!” Wang Xiaoming screamed at the top of his lungs. At a time like this, saving his life was more important and everything else could be considered later!

Baal appeared between the two and then slowly raised a hand to smack Xiang Wenjie’s forehead. 

“Ow!” Xiang Wenjie squatted down in pain. 

Wang Xiaoming grabbed Baal’s shirt. “How is he?” 

“Perfect for eating.” Baal gave Xiang Wenjie a chilling smile. 

Xiang Wenjie shivered. “I… I just, my teeth. They won’t retract… Want to ask, how to retract?” Especially since the two fangs were quite sharp and he had to be careful when speaking, otherwise he’d cut his own lip if he wasn’t careful. He didn’t know whether those two teeth had poison glands in them. If there were any, would he become the first vampire to die of his own poison? 

Wang Xiaoming pointed at the vampire’s teeth. “Can’t take them back? Then how did you get them to come out?” 

Xiang Wenjie’s expression looked like he had downed bitter medicine. “I don’t know either. I was half-asleep when it became like this. And…” The strange sound came again from his throat. “Swallowing saliva is hard now.” 


So the strange sound he heard just then was actually just Xiang Wenjie swallowing saliva? 

Wang Xiaoming pulled on Baal’s sleeve. “Teach him please?” 

“Do you think I look like a Kindred?” Baal glanced at Wang Xiaoming. 

“Then how about,” Wang Xiaoming considered, “you try and tell him how you put your wings away? Maybe Kindred teeth and the wings of a fallen angel were about the same?” 

Baal asked scornfully, “Because a lowly being like a Kindred would know?”

Wang Xiaoming, “…” Baal seemed to have recently recommended that he, Wang Xiaoming, become one of those lowly creatures. 

Xiang Wenjie suddenly scratched at his own face violently, covering his snow-white face with red scratches here and there.  

“What’s wrong with you?” Wang Xiaoming asked. 

“Itchy, so itchy.” Xiang Wenjie wished desperately that he could tear off his entire face. 

“If you keep scratching, your face will be ruined.” Wang Xiaoming wanted to stop him but didn’t dare approach him. In the end, he could only swing Baal’s arm and ask, “Let’s go find Edwin?” 

Baal casually picked up Xiang Wenjie and tossed him inside the space. “Let’s go.” 

When Wang Xiaoming got into the vehicle, he remembered that Baal’s “go” was quite different from an average human’s “go.” 

Wang Xiaoming’s back was plastered against the seat as the bus completely derailed from its original route and shot toward the suburbs as if it had received a steroid injection. 

The other passengers on the bus were long scared silly. Two of the more courageous youths rushed up to demand answers from the driver. 

The driver crawled out on shaky legs from the driver’s seat… 

The bus continued forward. 

There weren’t even screams coming from the bus anymore as everyone was trapped by extreme fear. 

“Baal…” Half of Wang Xiaoming’s body curled into Baal’s embrace. “Maybe we should walk over there.” Though he didn’t share the other passengers’ language, he could empathize with them. The sight of them practically suffering mental breakdowns from fear didn’t make him feel good. Especially since, though he hadn’t started this, he was still involved. 

Baal squinted his eyes. “Walk? You want them to get down and push?” 


“That’s too slow.” Baal rejected the suggestion. After experiencing Mario and Winston pulling the car, he believed that cars should be driven. 

Wang Xiaoming, “…” 

After a long half an hour, the wild bus finally stopped. 

But the passengers’ nerves didn’t relax and instead, tensed further. Because in front of them stood a giant and threatening ancient castle. 

This kind of place always made people think things and, in this instant, none of those thoughts had anything to do with romance. 

Shrieks shot out from the bus like piercing arrows and scattered far and wide. 

Before Wang Xiaoming and Baal stood up, the passengers disappeared from their sight like a retreating tide. All that was left behind were the two wide-open doors, from which a cold wind blew in. 

“Uh, we’re here.” Wang Xiaoming managed to spit out the sentence after a long pause. 

Baal stood up and pulled him off the bus. 

The main entrance to the castle slowly opened to each side. 

Mario stood deferentially by the door, as if he had been waiting there for a while. “Welcome, Lord Baal and Mr. Wang Xiaoming.” 

Baal walked up to him and squinted his eyes slightly. “You knew we’d be back?” Did this mean that they knew Xiang Wenjie had problems? 

Before Mario could respond, Edwin walked slowly down from the stairs. He still had the same face, but it gave off a completely different feeling. Even Wang Xiaoming could see the enchanting temptation that radiated from his face. 

Edwin walked into the foyer and glanced at the bus outside. He smiled and said, “You’re too generous to come here as a guest and bring a present.” 

Wang Xiaoming gave the bus a look and then smiled nervously. “As we should, as we should.” 

Baal pulled Xiang Wenjie out from the space and tossed him straight in front of Edwin. 

Edwin made a twisting motion and swept Xiang Wenjie onto the nearby sofa. 

“Fix him,” Baal instructed coldly. 

Edwin gazed at the confused Xiang Wenjie and replied with a smile, “Very rarely will an experiment succeed the first time.” 

It was clearly a warm and gentle smile, but Wang Xiaoming sensed an indescribable chilliness from it. “Then is there a way to amend that?” 

“Continue with the experiment.” Edwin tossed out the answer carelessly. 

Wang Xiaoming looked at Baal. 

Baal answered, “Kindreds are hard to kill.” 


Did that count as a promise? 

Wang Xiaoming looked hesitantly at Xiang Wenjie. 

Edwin stated, “Don’t worry. A member of the McAvery clan will not fail at this tiny challenge.” 

Xiang Wenjie looked up from his place on the sofa, “Are you talking about me?” 

“Of course.” Though that had been an idiotic question, Edwin demonstrated plenty of patience in front of Baal and Wang Xiaoming. 

Xiang Wenjie asked with a depressed face, “Can I not be a part of this?” He didn’t know whether it was his imagination but he felt like the blood inside his body was constantly undergoing a chemical reaction. The biggest reaction was to remind him that the young man who looked like a friendly noble was actually very dangerous. 

Edwin announced, “Though the Kindred have eternal life, that doesn’t mean they can’t die.” 

Xiang Wenjie’s face turned ashen. 

But Wang Xiaoming assumed that he was hinting at the dangers of the experiment and asked worriedly, “Is it dangerous? What’s the success rate of the experiment?” 

“One hundred percent. I promise,” Edwin answered.

Wang Xiaoming was utterly confused by the two conflicting statements. 

Xiang Wenjie declared, “I want to see my brother first.”

Edwin replied, “When your body has recovered, you can go whenever you want. But for now, you best stay here so that I don’t have to play host to more guests.” 

Baal asked, “He has a propensity for biting people?” 

Edwin answered, “Failures will always have quite a few flaws.” 

The “failure” drooped his head silently and shrank into the sofa. 

Baal said, “Whatever. You take care of it.” 

Edwin exhibited utter grace in light of Baal’s tyrannical demands. “Do not worry.” 

“One more thing,” Baal continued, “I will participate in the Sacrificial Night of Fresh Blood.” 

Edwin asked with slight surprise, “May I ask why?” 

“No,” Baal answered coldy. 

Edwin said, neither arrogantly nor humbly, “Then I can only wish you the best of luck.” 

Baal’s face instantly froze over. 

The corners of Edwin’s lips lifted slightly but the stubbornness in his eyes didn’t decrease at all. “The Sacrificial Night of Fresh Blood is the Kindred’s largest ceremony and holiday. That is not an appropriate time for an outsider to join in.” 

Wang Xiaoming jumped at the tension that crackled between them and smoothed things over. “We’re actually…” 

“I have no interest in Kindred,” Baal cut him off. Though it didn’t matter whether they revealed the reason, he just didn’t like being controlled by someone else, nevermind that the being in front of him was just an insignificant fifth generation Kindred. 

Edwin raised an eyebrow. 

Baal said, “I just want to find Cain.” 

Edwin mused, “With Lord Baal’s skills, it won’t be a problem to fight your way to the Bloodnight Mountain’s Gazing Palace. Unless…” He looked over at Wang Xiaoming. Unless he had to bring a defenseless human along. 

Baal snorted but didn’t deny the insinuation. 

To take a human to the Kindred Realm for Cain without any obvious reason meant Edwin could guess the ins and outs of the request without asking. “If that’s the case, I’m delighted to help. After all, the McAvery clan has lots of extra invitations every year for the Sacrificial Night of Fresh Blood.” 

Baal’s expression immediately calmed down when he saw Edwin being cooperative. 

Wang Xiaoming suddenly glanced in the direction of the stairs and asked curiously, “Where’s Winston? Didn’t he stay behind yesterday to help celebrate your birthday?” 

Edwin answered with a smile, “He was too happy yesterday so he’s not awake yet.” 

When he recalled what Mario said last night, Wang Xiaoming wondered in confusion, “Was it really that much fun?” 



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