Chapter 74 – Madman (2)

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Wang Xiaoming saw both Baal and Winston stop and stare at the car, so he asked in confusion, “Know the car?” 

Winston focused intently on the car, but when he caught sight of Baal from the corner of his eyes, he whispered quietly, “Who you’re looking for.” 

A bat suddenly flew out from the wide-open car door. Either because the night was too dark or there were too many people walking in and out of the airport, nobody noticed this strange sight. 

Winston’s pupils constricted as they looked at the bat and his body’s muscles tensed to the max. 

The bat flew until it reached Baal and then it suddenly lengthened into a human shape. 

Though Wang Xiaoming had seen quite a lot since meeting Baal, the ghoulish man with a deathly pale face and blood red lips, who had elongated like pasta being stretched, still gave him a fright. 

“My respected fallen angel, I am Mario, the butler of Master Edwin of the McAvery clan.” Maybe it was because someone had stretched him out before, but his body was so long and slender, as if it would be blown into two parts by the wind at any given moment. “My master offers his sincerest invitations for you and Mr. Winston to step into the car.” 

Winston clapped his hand together once and said, “I suddenly remembered something very, very important. If I don’t do it now then…” 

“Master said if Mr. Winston refuses, he can come down and extend the invitation personally.” Mario’s voice, feeble like a string blowing in the wind, interrupted him. 

Winston’s face went from white to puke-green and he cast sneaky glances in the direction of the car, thinking who-knew-what. 

Baal raised an eyebrow. “Just me and him?” 

Mario slowly gave Wang Xiaoming a look. “Only one kind of human has entered Master’s castle.” 

Wang Xiaoming asked in surprise, “Which kind?”


Wang Xiaoming gulped and looked pitifully at Baal. He was about to say that he’d find a hotel to stay at when Baal said coldly, “There’ll be a second kind very soon.” 

Looking at Baal’s coldly proud profile, Wang Xiaoming instantly felt his heart being filled to the brim. 

Mario turned around and looked in the direction of the car. Then he turned back and stepped to the side, bowing deferentially as he said, “Please.” 

Baal pulled Wang Xiaoming over to the car. 

Winston hesitated as he stood in the same spot. 

Mario waited for him without making a single move. 

Winston hesitated and then asked, “What’s your master’s mood like recently?” 

“Very bad.” Mario’s eyes glinted with a strange red light. “Ever since Mr. Winston left the castle, Master’s mood has been waffling between horrible and extremely horrible.” 

“If he hadn’t done that…” Winston was about to say something self-righteously when a minuscule change in the air inside the car made him quickly swallow those words. Then he gritted his teeth and walked over. He kept comforting himself—no matter what, Baal was there. As one of the strongest fallen angels from Hell, he refused to believe that Baal couldn’t beat up that madman! 

But when he sat in the car and watched as the madman, whom he remembered with red eyes and a twisted expression when mad, sat elegantly and sipped wine with Baal, he suddenly remembered that even if Baal could beat the guy up, he probably wouldn’t do so. Unless… 

His gaze landed on Wang Xiaoming. 

Wang Xiaoming was sniffing the wine in his cup. When his eyes met Winston’s, he assumed that Winston wanted the wine and hurriedly handed him the cup. “Here, for you.” 

Winston had two loves in his life: one was alcohol, the other was women. He didn’t refuse the offer and even made a show of swirling it around as he said, as if he hadn’t just taken advantage of someone, “Young children should stick to juice.”

Wang Xiaoming opened his mouth and wanted to say that he was already an adult, but when he remembered their ages, he fell silent. 

Baal looked at Edwin and asked, “You know why I’m here?” 

Edwin’s slender eyes swept across Winston’s face filled with forced calmand slowly met Baal’s eyes. He smiled. “Of course.” 

“Answer?” Baal asked directly. 

“Sure,” Edwin answered without hesitation, “a small matter.” 

Baal nodded in satisfaction and continued sipping the wine. 

Winston interrupted, “Since the problem is solved, then we can part ways?” 

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh.

Three pairs of eyes simultaneously looked over. 

Winston’s smile had a hard time staying on his face. 

The red wine had slightly moistened Edwin’s upper lip, as if covering it in a sheen of blood. “Are you in a hurry to leave?” 

Winston answered, “I’ve been away from home too long and miss it very much.” 

“Then we haven’t seen each other for thirty years. Did you miss me?” Edwin put his cup of wine on his knee and used his fingers to tap the bottom of the cup. 

Winston gave an awkward chuckle. “I did. But after seeing you now, I don’t anymore.” 

“So what should I do to have you miss me more?” Edwin cracked a smile, though something evil seeped out of the smile. 

He had seen that smile thirty years ago, but just once had been enough to make it memorable for the rest of his life. Cold sweat broke out on Winston’s back and glued his shirt to him. He rushed to say, “Just sit there and don’t do anything.” 

Baal impatiently interrupted this strange conversation between them, “Can’t your car drive faster?” 

Wang Xiaoming sat beside him and had already closed his eyes and fallen asleep. 

Edwin answered, “When I have installed a propeller on the top, then yes.” 

Baal thought and then said, “Don’t you have a butler with wings?” 


Both Edwin and Winston looked at him in disbelief. 

Even Mario turned around to look at Baal from his position in the passenger seat. 

Baal glanced at Winston and said, “If that’s not enough, there’s another one here.” 

Winston suddenly said, “I’m willing.” As long as he didn’t have to stay with the madman in an enclosed space, he didn’t mind being a propeller. Besides, maybe he’d eventually be able to get away. 

One side of Edwin’s lips curved up. “Alright, I’m willing too.” 

Winston, “…” 

So on the way to Edwin’s home, three bats each grabbed the white, extra-long Cadillac and lifted it about a centimeter above ground, then shakily and very haphazardly dragged it forward at a turtle’s pace. 

Inside the car, Baal held Wang Xiaoming comfortably as the human drifted off into dreamland. 

Edwin’s castle had been built on top of a mountain. Moonlight shone on the white building, which made it exude a chill that seeped into bones. 

The castle doors were about two stories tall and when they opened out to the side, they even made creaking sounds. 

Wang Xiaoming had been drifting in and out of sleep, but at that sound his sleepiness vanished and he became utterly energetic. His eyes widened, each trying to compete with the other to see which one would go wider. 

“Welcome to my castle.” Edwin walked at the front. 

Only then did Wang Xiaoming realize that he was wearing a dark gray swallow-tailed suit with gold edging on the tails. When his entire being was swallowed by the endless darkness of the castle, those gold edging could even glint feebly in the thin moonlight. 

The lights inside the room were quickly lit. 

Wang Xiaoming glanced at the chandelier made of candles hanging in the lobby. “You lit the candles really quickly.” 

Edwin pulled his hand down from the switch. “Those are lightbulbs.” 

Wang Xiaoming made a sound of surprise and took a closer look, only to realize those candle flames were all static and didn’t flicker at all. 

Winston had been putting up one last struggle by the door, but Mario had quickly shut the castle door and cut off his last escape route. 

Baal took Xiang Wenjie out from the space and set him in front of Edwin. 

Edwin frowned. “He’s not my progeny.” 

“How could that be? I clearly sensed his…” Winston’s face changed. “Could he be?” 

Edwin answered, “Vincent’s progeny.” 

Baal frowned. “What’s going on?” 

Winston saw how Edwin had no intention of saying anything, so he explained, “Vincent was Edwin’s progeny, but he passed through the Sacrificial Night of Fresh Blood, so he is now like Edwin. They’re both fifth generation vampires, though his body still has Edwin’s blood.” 

Baal looked at Edwin and asked, “You can save him?” 

“I can.” Because Vincent’s blood contained Edwin’s blood, Xiang Wenjie wouldn’t reject Edwin’s blood. “But I won’t,” Edwin said. 

Having seen hope, Wang Xiaoming didn’t want to stand by and watch it slip away. He asked anxiously, “Why?” 

Winston glanced at Edwin. “Vincent is the madman of the McAvery clan.” 

The McAvery clan was a clan of madmen, but Vincent was the madman of the McAvery clan, which made him the madman among madmen. 

Winston recalled how Edwin behaved when he was mad and felt all the blood in his body freeze into ice. 

Baal looked down at Edwin and asked, “You’re afraid of him?” 

The sharp corners of Edwin’s lips curved slightly upward. “You should know how interested I am in China based on how fluent my Chinese is. The angering tactic that’s used in China won’t work on me.” 

Baal’s mouth twitched. “Your condition?” He had already agreed to Abbadon’s and Mammon’s conditions. It wouldn’t be too much to add something from Edwin. 

Edwin looked over at Winston. 

Winston’s entire heart was about to stop as he said, “This is a deal between you and Lord Baal. It has nothing to do with me, right?” 

Edwin told Baal, “Make him stay.” 

Winston thought his heart really did stop this time. He held his breath and waited for Baal’s answer. 

“No.” It wasn’t Baal who answered, but Wang Xiaoming. 

He had blurted out that sentence without thinking. When he saw everyone look at him in response, he couldn’t help but gulp out of nervousness. 

Baal’s arm gently encircled his waist. Those strong arms transmitted a steady strength, as if encouraging him to keep going. 

Under the encouragement, Wang Xiaoming became braver and he forced himself to say calmly, “We came together, so of course we’re leaving together. Unless, unless he stays voluntarily.” 

If Baal’s possessiveness hadn’t been that strong and that obvious, Winston would have rushed up and kissed the man. He was the most lovable same-sex human Winston had met. For the first time, Winston discovered that Wang Xiaoming was more lovable than those curvaceous human females. 

Edwin asked, “You don’t want to save him?” He pointed at Xiang Wenjie. 

“I want to,” Wang Xiaoming answered honestly. 

Edwin demanded, “Then leave him behind.” 

Wang Xiaoming shook his head. 

“You don’t want to save him?” 

Wang Xiaoming nodded. “I do.” 

Edwin’s voice was chilly, “… Then leave Winston behind.” 

“No.” Wang Xiaoming shook his head stubbornly. 

Edwin suddenly laughed because he discovered their conversation had gone in a strange circle. “There is no free lunch in the world.” 

“Which is why I don’t plan on solving this peacefully.” A pair of black wings revealed themselves from behind Baal and he faced the vampire without trying to hide them. 



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