Chapter 73 – Madman (1) 

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Tao Le pretended to have only discovered then that there was another person in the room. “Who are you?”

Wang Xiaoming worried about Baal impulsively worsening Tao Le’s injuries and hurriedly introduced, “He’s my friend.”

“Hmph.” Baal lifted an eyebrow angrily. 

Wang Xiaoming struggled with himself and then bit his lip. “The male kind.” 

Tao Le demanded in vexation, “Duh, did you think I was blind and couldn’t see his Adam’s apple?”

Wang Xiaoming, “…” 

Suddenly, Tao Le saw through Wang Xiaoming’s words and asked in surprise, “You mean…?”

Wang Xiaoming nodded shyly. 

Baal’s mood skyrocketed as his status and identity were confirmed and, along with it, a part of his disdain toward Tao Le decreased. 

Tao Le was gay himself, so he wasn’t curious about the sudden outing of Wang Xiaoming’s sexual preference. He merely said in complete puzzlement, “Even if that’s your relationship, there’s no need for you to bring him over especially to let me look at him, right? I’m not your mom or dad!” Other people’s happiness just made him feel his own pain even more acutely and also made the anger in his heart accumulate more and more. 

The anger that Baal had pushed down rose right back up. 

Wang Xiaoming hurriedly grabbed him and said, “I have some things I want to say to him in private.” 

Baal glanced at him arrogantly. “Alone?” 

Wang Xiaoming faced the pressure and nodded firmly. 

Baal took two steps back and sat down on the nearby sofa. He lifted his chin and said, “Go ahead.” 

How was this alone? 

Speechless, Wang Xiaoming turned around to look at Tao Le. 

Tao Le furrowed his brows and asked, “What’s there for us to talk about?” Aside from their first baffling encounter, they’d actually had pitifully few interactions. 

“It’s about Jie,” Wang Xiaoming said softly. 

Tao Le instantly perked up. “Did he ask you to tell me something? Do you have his contact information? Or is he still in the city and hasn’t left? I knew it…” 

“No.” Wang Xiaoming dashed his hopes. “I just want to ask if you love Jie?” 

Tao Le’s expression at that precise moment could basically be the definition of gobsmacked. “Huh?” What he felt at that moment was basically as if someone had run up to him on the road and asked, “Do you think the toothpaste you used this morning smells good?” They didn’t have a relationship, so how could Wang Xiaoming ask the question so directly? 

Wang Xiaoming assumed he hadn’t heard clearly because he had gotten hit in the head and asked again, “Do you love Jie?” 

“What the crap does that have to do with you?!” Tao Le retorted in a bad mood. 

“To like someone is not to always try and possess them.” Wang Xiaoming continued, “If you love Jie, you should try to get to know and understand him. Learn his thoughts and needs. Just talking about love is not good enough.” 

Tao Le fell silent and then asked, “Did Jie tell you to say this?” 

“No, it’s what I wanted to say,” Wang Xiaoming answered. “Though I haven’t spoken to Jie a lot, I think he’s a good guy.” 

Tao Le asked, “Are we shooting a TV drama? Everything that’s said has to be separated into good and bad?” 

“I don’t think you’re worthy of him.” Wang Xiaoming concluded, “I’m done.” 

Tao Le was so furious he wanted to smash something. “You’re just here to add salt to the wound and make me feel worse, aren’t you?” 

Wang Xiaoming answered, “I’m just saying what I truly think. I don’t know who you’ll be with in the future, but for their sake, you should change your temper and personality.” 

Tao Le grabbed the alarm clock next to his bed and threw it over forcefully. “Get out!” 

But strangely, the alarm clock stopped in midair. 

Tao Le’s eyes flew wide-open and he was about to shout “ghost” when that alarm clock flew back even faster and accurately and precisely struck his wounds! He let out a muffled sound of pain and, before he even had the chance to say anything, his head flopped to the side and he passed out. 

Wang Xiaoming jumped up and hurried over to the bed, asking nervously, “He, he’s alright?” 

Baal strolled over casually. “He won’t die.” 

“It’s probably better to call the doctor, right?” Wang Xiaoming wanted to press the call button. 

Baal casually put the alarm clock back where it belonged and then asked, “How do you plan on explaining about the alarm clock when he wakes up?” 

“Uh…” Wang Xiaoming paused. 

“Just let him pretend he dreamed it. “ Baal hooked a finger at Wang Xiaoming. 

Wang Xiaoming hesitantly put his hand under Tao Le’s nose and only sighed when he felt exhalations. He asked, “He’s really alright?”

“He definitely won’t die.” Baal was quite unhappy with the fact that Wang Xiaoming had ignored his come-hither gesture and demanded, “Come here.” 

Wang Xiaoming walked over. Baal dragged the man into his arms and declared, “We’re going.” 


Wang Xiaoming couldn’t help but turn his head back to look at the unconscious Tao Le. He kept thinking that it was dishonorable to leave without doing anything. 

They walked out just in time to see Xu Yiming return. 

Without missing a beat, Baal said, “He’s asleep. Be quiet.” 

Xu Yiming looked at him in surprise and then nodded. “He hasn’t slept well for a very long time.” 

“…” Wang Xiaoming’s sense of guilt decreased by a tiny bit. 

Xu Yiming suddenly asked, “Did you come because of Jie?” 

Wang Xiaoming asked in surprise, “How did you know?” 

“Nothing. I just heard that you and Jie got along well, so I took a random guess.” Xu Yiming didn’t get to where he was in the Silver House just by his good looks. “But you should tell Jie to kill that thought. If forgiveness is not an option, then he shouldn’t sink himself into this. That’s just hurting himself and hurting others.” 

Wang Xiaoming probed cautiously, “You like Tao Le?”

“Yes.” Xu Yiming answered without a second of hesitation. 

“But…” Wang Xiaoming opened his mouth, though he didn’t know what to say. Jie had already left and although Tao Le looked like he still couldn’t let the man go, nobody could guarantee what would happen in the future. 

“People should fight for what they want.” There was confidence on Xu Yiming’s face. “Fate will only give you misfortune and bad things. If you want happiness, you have to fight for it yourself. Do you know what the stupidest thing about Jie is?”

Wang Xiaoming shook his head. 

“It’s that he persisted for so long and then changed lanes right before the finish line.” Xu Yiming finished speaking and then seemed to realize with alarm that he had said too much. He said some random polite phrase and then turned around to walk into the hospital room. 

On the way back, both Baal and Wang Xiaoming were in deep thought. 

Wang Xiaoming thought about what Xu Yiming had said. Was Jie’s departure a chance at freedom or a failure? 

But Baal was thinking about what Wang Xiaoming had said— 

“To like someone is not to always try and possess them. If you love Jie, you should try to get to know and understand him. Learn his thoughts and needs. Just talking about love is not good enough.” 

When they walked into the dorm, Baal suddenly asked, “What are your thoughts and needs?”

Unprepared, Wang Xiaoming asked, “What?” 

“I’m saying…” Baal shut the door and looked at him as he said very seriously, “Do you have any wishes that you want to make real but can’t?” 


Wang Xiaoming almost blurted that out but he remembered Baal’s words just in time. Baal was only staying with him for this lifetime. 

Rescuing him from Hell this time was probably because of guilt, right? Because he had died for Baal. But if he died at the age he was supposed to, then perhaps Baal wouldn’t do that. 

Baal watched as Wang Xiaoming’s expression went from joy to hesitation to loneliness, all without saying anything. He impatiently demanded again, “What is it?” 

Wang Xiaoming forced a smile. “Being with you.” 

“… Aren’t we together now?” Though the answer pleased Baal, he sensed intuitively that things weren’t as simple as Wang Xiaoming made them seem. 

Wang Xiaoming answered, “So I don’t have any other needs.” 

Baal had an epiphany and then smirked. “So you really don’t have any other needs?” 

Wang Xiaoming struggled mightily with himself. On one hand, the thought of being with Baal forever struck his heart violently like lightning and thunder. On the other hand, he feared that if he said anything, Baal would find him too greedy and that would change the relationship between the two. 

Because he was too immersed in his thoughts, he didn’t even sense Baal carrying him back into the bedroom. By the time he noticed, everything that could be untied and loosened on him had already been. Baal was trying very hard to pull down his underwear. 

“Ah, you…” Instinctively, Wang Xiaoming pulled his underwear up.

Baal stopped what he was doing and looked at him seriously. “Needs are very important.” 

Though needs were important, he hadn’t meant this kind of need! 

Wang Xiaoming didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. 

When Baal realized that Wang Xiaoming was refusing to let go, he simply snapped his fingers and hung the underwear on the door. 

Instantly, Wang Xiaoming’s face flushed beet red. 

The underwear hanging on the door seemed to declare how lustful they were. 

“Please get the underwear down?” Wang Xiaoming held Baal’s hand and gently shook it. 

Baal reached over and cupped the back of Wang Xiaoming’s head, supporting him, and then kissed the man fiercely until Wang Xiaoming’s breathing became so rapid it was hard to continue. Only then did Baal let go and lick his lips, asking, “What did you just say?” 

Wang Xiaoming asked in a daze, “Hmm?” 

Baal nodded in satisfaction. “Lie back down.” Truthfully, it didn’t matter if he slept or not. He had only said to sleep so that Wang Xiaoming could rest. But since Wang Xiaoming didn’t need it, then Baal didn’t have to be considerate. 

Despite Xiang Wenxun being well connected in the city, it still took three days for the documents to be processed. 

In order for Wang Xiaoming to have an exit record on his passport, he had to fly there. Winston had a passport, so flying wasn’t a problem. The only challenge was Baal. Because of that, Xiang Wenxun made a point to book the entire business class of the flight. After the plane took off, Baal appeared inside the plane. Winston had sent the air stewardess away a long time ago and forbade them from entering. That way, the entire plane became their little hideaway. The only trouble came during mealtimes. 

Baal had no choice but to keep going, time after time, to the top of the airplane to watch the sea of clouds below. 

After 11 hours like that, the airplane landed at the De Gaulle airport in Paris. 

As Wang Xiaoming glanced at all the golden-haired and blued-eyed foreigners around him and heard the foreign language coming from the loudspeaker, he finally felt the atmosphere of being in a strange and foreign land. 

Though Winston wasn’t happy about returning early, he still dutifully played tour guide and explained the amenities in the airport. 

By the time he got to the main door, Baal finally couldn’t hold it in anymore. “Where are the other Kindreds?” 

Winston walked out the main exit and his face instantly fell. “You’ve cursed us all.” 

Baal followed his eyes and only saw an extra-long, white Cadillac parked about five meters ahead of them. 

The car door slowly opened but nobody came out. 



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