Chapter 70 – Rescue (1)  

Spirit Boss
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Translator: Mukyuu
Editor: Mikyuu

What had happened just now was still causing silent waves in Wang Xiaoming’s heart, which made him appear distracted when they returned to their room. 

When Baal closed the door, Wang Xiaoming suddenly realized the scene seemed to have reverted back to what it had been before Shi Feixia’s visit— 

A closed-off space, two people. 

“We didn’t seem to finish our bath.” Baal crossed his arms and stood behind Wang Xiaoming with a meaningful smile on his lips. 

Nervousness started twining around every bone in Wang Xiaoming’s body and invading his thoughts and all his senses, making his heart beat in an involuntary wild staccato. “But the water’s cold already.” 

“Then you can take a bath later.” Baal leaned down and carried Wang Xiaoming bridal-style. 

Reflexively, Wang Xiaoming hooked an arm around Baal’s neck. 

Baal lowered his head. 

In that instant, the tips of their noses were extremely close to each other. Just a little bit closer and they would be touching. 

Wang Xiaoming leaned his head slightly backward and then felt his body being lowered. The back of his head quickly touched the soft pillow. 

Baal didn’t leave after he set Wang Xiaoming down on the bed. Instead he pressed his body against Wang Xiaoming’s. 

Wang Xiaoming looked into the face that was drawing closer and his breathing also became more rapid. 

“Should we take the clothes off piece by piece? Or all together?” Baal asked with an evil laugh. 

Wang Xiaoming was so nervous he didn’t know what to do with his hands, so he pressed them both against Baal’s shoulder, half in resistance and half in invitation. “I suddenly feel like washing up.” After all, if that part of his body was going to be involved, he wanted to start things off as cleanly as possible. 

“Bath, huh?” Baal’s voice drawled out the words slightly and a dreamy look entered his eyes. “Very well.” 

Wang Xiaoming wanted to get up but discovered that the weight on his body hadn’t decreased at all. “Didn’t you say yes to a bath?” 

“We can wash using another way. It’ll be special.” Baal bent down and forcibly kissed those lips that still wanted to say something. 

Right after, Wang Xiaoming felt force being applied to his body and his clothes suddenly vanished without a trace. Baal’s fingers were like archeologists as they thoroughly investigated his body. 

“Umph.” Because those fingers tickled too much, Wang Xiaoming twisted subconsciously in the sheets. But for Baal, caught in the throes of passion, that seemed to be a different kind of cooperation. 

So his fingers became more confident and quickly made their way to the lower half of Wang Xiaoming’s body. 

“Ungh…” The moan escaped from Wang Xiaoming’s throat. 

Baal finally released those lips. 

Wang Xiaoming’s eyes were hooded and his chest rose and fell rapidly. 

“Have you discovered,” Baal’s hands gently held Wang Xiaoming’s desire, “I’m still wearing clothes.” 

Wang Xiaoming felt the desire pool in his lower body without anywhere to go, but his naturally shy nature made it hard for him to talk about his needs. So he could only nudge imperceptibly against Baal’s hands and quietly ask, “What do you want?” 

“Take them off for me.” Baal moved his hands away so that his palms were pressed against either side of Wang Xiaoming’s body. He then rubbed his pants against Wang Xiaoming’s body. 

The friction from the clothes made the flames of desire burn even hotter all over Wang Xiaoming’s body. 

He gulped and stretched out a hand in trepidation, and then focused his energy on trying to unfasten the buttons. 

Though Baal had intended to enjoy this, he quickly discovered that the process was definitely not an enjoyable one but a torturous one. Especially when Wang Xiaoming’s clumsy hands struggled to free a button for half a minute without making any progress. Baal’s patience had worn out and he grabbed Wang Xiaoming’s hand directly. 

Wang Xiaoming looked up and his eyes hid a trace of incomprehension at what he had done wrong and also a trace of embarrassment. 

Baal lifted an eyebrow and his clothes vanished just like Wang Xiaoming’s had. 

“You haven’t touched mine…” He grasped Wang Xiaoming’s hand and moved it slowly downward. 

All the blood in Wang Xiaoming’s body instantly rushed to the top of his head. He’d touch himself there when showering, but both the size and the length differed greatly. According to the information he had looked up before, what they were about to do was… 

Terror cast a shadow across his heart. 

Though that shadow didn’t show itself on his face, Baal could decode it from the slight changes in Wang Xiaoming’s lower half. 

He made a grabbing motion in midair and pulled out a red tube of gel. 

Wang Xiaoming asked curiously, “What is that?” 

“What we need to use right now.” Baal popped open the cap and squeezed out the white gel, spreading it around his fingers. 

Wang Xiaoming instantly understood. Face red, he asked, ”When did you buy that?” 

“Buy?” Baal’s eyebrows lifted slightly. “Mammon has tons of this in his nightclub.” 


Wang Xiaoming remembered that basketball machine Baal had taken without asking and silently shut his mouth. 

Baal’s fingers slowly moved into the warm chamber. 

Wang Xiaoming’s feet grappled with the bedsheets and he tried hard to stretch out his body. 

Baal said in resignation, “You just have to relax.” 

Wang Xiaoming looked up at the ceiling and nodded slightly. He took a deep breath and said, “Come.” 

Baal’s other hand reached behind him and gently rubbed and squeezed Wang Xiaoming’s butt. 

This was the first time anyone had done that to his butt. Under the double stimulus of something new happening and it feeling good, Wang Xiaoming slowly relaxed. 

Baal took this opportunity to press his advantage. 

Exploring a frontier was exciting but filled with challenges. For the first time, Baal tested the limits of his own patience. 

Wang Xiaoming noticed Baal’s expression getting more and more frustrated and, finally, he urged, “That’s enough, just do it.” 

Baal’s face instantly lit up like the sun breaking through clouds. He placed Wang Xiaoming’s legs on either side of his own waist and then leaned down and surged back up… 

“Ah.” Wang Xiaoming’s head jerked up. Despite the long preparation, there was a difference in the sizes between fingers and that thing. 

Baal stopped within his body and then began to move slowly. 

Wang Xiaoming’s fingers held onto Baal’s shoulder tightly and his own breath quickened gradually along with Baal’s movements. As his breathing became more rapid, so did the pleasure rise to the limits. 

Just as Wang Xiaoming was about to be swallowed by pleasure, his mind tossed out that vague question he had contemplated before—why did everyone want to swim when they got to Noah’s Ark? 

That night, Wang Xiaoming thoroughly learned what it meant to have no limits to desire. 

From the bed to the bathtub, from the bathtub to the bed… if it wasn’t for Baal noticing that Wang Xiaoming’s face was turning pale and really showing signs of passing out, he wouldn’t have stopped so easily. 

He also finally understood why so many angels liked to go behind closed doors. The pleasure from this was really indescribable! 

As soon as Wang Xiaoming opened his eyes, he was greeted by the uncontrollable smirk on Baal’s lips. Instantly, the soreness in his waist and the pain in his back seemed to rise exponentially.  

“You’re awake?” Baal’s gaze landed on him and instantly, utterly softened. 

Wang Xiaoming chuckled awkwardly in response, “You’re also awake?” After he said that, he realized what an idiotic thing it was to say. 

But Baal’s answer was unexpected. “I didn’t wake up; I didn’t sleep.” 

“Didn’t sleep? How come?” Wang Xiaoming had practically passed out last night. 

Baal kicked his feet. “I didn’t want to sleep.” 


Wang Xiaoming remembered that back in the Silver House, Baal would spend all night battling with the Dark games. He nodded in understanding. Perhaps fallen angels weren’t in the habit of sleeping. “When do we leave?” 

Baal looked at his tired face and answered, “No rush. We can stay a couple more days.” 

“But the cost…” Wang Xiaoming couldn’t relax knowing that they were freeloading. 

Baal’s expression said he didn’t care. He answered, “Gold coins are just tools in the exchange for commercial goods. Everything in Noah’s Ark is self-sufficient. Even a gazillion people eating and staying here wouldn’t bankrupt it.” 

Wang Xiaoming thought for a moment and said, “But President Xiang’s younger brother is still waiting for us to go back and rescue him.” 

Baal snorted, “You keep thinking of him.” 

Wang Xiaoming said, “You promised him.” 

Baal squinted, “So did you remember this because I promised him? Or did you remember it because it was him?” 

Wang Xiaoming got dizzy from that question. 

Baal stared at him insistently.

Wang Xiaoming wondered if Baal would understand it if he answered that saving someone was better than building a temple1A Chinese idiom that means it’s better karma to save someone than to build a seven-level pagoda to worship Buddha.. “Because of you.” His mouth was more willing to bend the truth than his mind. 

Baal’s face brightened. “I always do what I promise. But Noah’s Ark only activates once a year, so if we want to go to the Mortal Realm, we have to go through the Kindred Realm.” 

Wang Xiaoming remembered what Mammon had said before. “But he said the Kindred were doing some kind of… uh… Sacrificial Night of Fresh Blood? It sounds really dangerous.” 

Baal responded with, “Except for Cain, nobody in the Kindred is worth talking about.” 


He seemed to remember that Gin was part of the Kindred? 

Wang Xiaoming blinked. Noah’s Ark wouldn’t have bugged their rooms with listening devices right? 

“But if they come in a swarm, it’d be troublesome,” Baal mused. “I’ll hide you in my space and let you out when we return to the Mortal Realm.” 

Wang Xiaoming knew that was because Baal didn’t want to get distracted with his safety, so he obediently nodded. “Then let’s go quickly.” 

Baal looked down at him. “You can walk right now?” 

“If it’s staying in the space, I can sleep inside it.” Wang Xiaoming struggled to sit up but felt waves of pain coming from his backside. 

Baal looked around. “We can bring the bed, bring the pillow, bring the chair… In a bit I’ll go to the kitchen and grab some food to bring along.” 


Despite Baal wanting to simply stuff Wang Xiaoming into the space and leave after packing everything up, Wang Xiaoming insisted on saying goodbye to Shi Feixia and the others. So after almost two hours of hard work, he finally wore clothes and walked out of the room on trembling legs. 

It was silent in Noah’s Ark. 

Everyone seemed to be asleep in the dark night. 

Wang Xiaoming made a circle and, in the end, only found the cool werewolf busying himself in the kitchen. He asked the werewolf to pass along his gratitude to everyone else. 

Baal and Antonio’s relationship definitely belonged to the kind where neither liked the other. 

Though Antonio provided the food, he refused to spare Baal a single look. That also meant he felt no goodwill toward Wang Xiaoming and answered the human in monosyllables. 

Baal wanted to make a fuss, but Wang Xiaoming forcibly dragged him away. 

When they reached the front desk of Noah’s Ark, the dark sky seemed like an endless cloth that covered them. 

Wang Xiaoming’s heart felt heavy. 

“I’m going to toss you in.” Baal reached out a hand. 

“Wait.” Wang Xiaoming suddenly threw himself forward, stood on his tiptoes, reached up for Baal’s neck, and pulled him down. Then he stretched up and gently pressed a kiss on Baal’s lips. “Be careful,” he said. He was about to push Baal away when he realized Baal was supporting the back of his head and deepening the kiss. 

After the kiss, Baal licked his lips, wanting more. “Rest up and recharge.” Of course, what the energy would be used for didn’t need an explanation. 

Wang Xiaoming, “…” 


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    A Chinese idiom that means it’s better karma to save someone than to build a seven-level pagoda to worship Buddha.


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