Chapter 69 – Swimming (3)

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When they walked into the cafeteria, they were met with a giant French window. The scenery outside the window was the ever-unchanging blackness. 

Shi Feixia walked over to sit beside the window and solicitously pulled out the chair for Wang Xiaoming. “In order to welcome you to Noah’s Ark, we have made a specially lavish meal. From vegetables to carrots, from seafood to crabs, all you have to do is ask for it.” 

Layton and Viktor happened to walk in through the door. 

At that, Layton curiously asked, “Aren’t carrots vegetables and crabs seafood?”

“…” Shi Feixia’s expression didn’t change as he answered, “We know that but are you sure Baal also knows that?” 

Though Baal said nothing, it was easy to tell how he was feeling from the number of wrinkles on his forehead. 

Wang Xiaoming hurried to smooth things over. “Uh, I’m curious to know what kind of lavish meal we’re having?” 

Shi Feixia walked into the kitchen with a smile. 

Outside the kitchen, Layton remarked sarcastically, “He’s actually going in to ask what we’re having today.” 

Viktor wondered, “What counts as a lavish meal? How come I’ve never had it?” He instantly felt that he’d been wronged. When he had arrived at Noah’s Ark, there had been no one to welcome him, much less a lavish meal. Everyone had either pretended he didn’t exist or had treated him coldly. It wasn’t like now—of course, Shi Feixia had supposedly gone back to the Mortal Realm back then and hadn’t been in Noah’s Ark—but he still felt that the temperature in Noah’s Ark changed depending on whether Shi Feixia was there or not. 

Layton didn’t know about all the emotions that were going through Viktor’s mind and continued saying, “Because we eat lavishly every day.” 

Shi Feixia walked out from the kitchen and said, “Layton.” 

Layton’s spine instantly stiffened. 

“I am very unhappy with what you just said,” Shi Feixia continued with a bright smile. 

Instinctively, Layton moved closer to Wang Xiaoming. His sixth sense told him that this human, who looked to be even weaker than Shi Feixia, might be the only being in the group that could help him. “I’m telling the truth. We do eat lavishly everyday.”

Shi Feixia remarked in realization, “So that’s what you said.” 

Layton was confused. “You didn’t hear it?” 

Shi Feixia nodded shamelessly. 

“But you just said…” 

Shi Feixia continued, “I tricked you.”

Layton’s tiny soul was hurt, very hurt. 

Wang Xiaoming took the opportunity to stroke Layton’s head. “Actually, I couldn’t tell that he was lying either.” 

“…” Shi Feixia blinked and said, “Why do I feel like you’re in cahoots with Layton.” 

Baal agreed, “When compared to the dwarf, you are more unlikable.” 

Layton remarked quietly, “Can I not have this praise?” 

Shi Feixia, on the other hand, smiled happily. “I really love that compliment.” 

Viktor just managed to free himself from his rich mental world, only to realize that he no longer understood the topic of discussion. “How come I don’t understand what you’re saying?” 

Shi Feixia answered, “Because you’re a Titan.” 


The mental world that Viktor had just finished repairing received another severe shock. 

This was prejudice, racial prejudice! 

Antonio’s lavish meal finally arrived. 

Wang Xiaoming was absolutely bedazzled. 

Baal’s expression finally softened. Come to think of it, it had been a very long time since he’d had a good meal. 

Shi Feixia watched as Wang Xiaoming and Baal dug into the food. His eyes danced as he thought of something.

After several years of companionship, Layton had gotten to know Shi Feixia quite well. So he moved closer to Shi Feixia’s ear and asked, “How do you plan on dealing with Baal?” 

Baal’s gaze suddenly jerked toward him. 

Shi Feixia chuckled several times as he yelled in his heart, “Idiot, keep those thoughts to yourself. How can you just say them when the person is right there?” 

“Xiaoming.” He quickly scooted his chair several centimeters closer to Wang Xiaoming. 

Wang Xiaoming looked up. There was still a kernel of rice hanging on the corner of his lips. 

Shi Feixia resisted the urge to yank that rice kernel off and asked with a smile, “Food’s good?” 

“Mmhmm.” Wang Xiaoming nodded. “This is the first time I’ve tasted something this delicious in my life.” 

What kind of life had he been living before? 

Shi Feixia, Layton, and others’ eyes were instantly filled with pity for the man. 

But Baal’s gaze sharpened. 

“After you finish eating, I’ll take you on a tour.” Shi Feixia paused and then lowered his voice to say in a depressingly sad tone, “I really have lots to talk to you about.” He would definitely not let Baal get Wang Xiaoming this easily. Whenever he thought about how, because of Baal, his relationship had almost become a tragedy, his heart became filled with the urge to destroy things. 

Wang Xiaoming honestly thought he was homesick and remarked in empathy, “It sucks to be stuck in the same place.” When he had left his hometown behind and came to live in a strange city to go to school, he had also felt uncomfortable. Luckily, Chang Haitao had been there… 

Chang Haitao… 

He suddenly thought that name was part of something from a long time ago. Back then, he had probably never imagined that one day he would meet a fallen angel and get to experience so many inexplicable things. 

Viktor and Layton had absolutely nothing to say about Shi Feixia’s performance. Him, feel upset? He was practically like a fish in water, happy as a clam! 

Shi Feixia realized he had Wang Xiaoming’s empathy and immediately followed through with the homerun, “So what I need the most right now is someone who can comfort me, keep me company, and listen to me talk.” 

Baal finally set down his knife and fork and stared at Shi Feixia coldly. “Are you done?” 

Because that person was a human, Baal was too lazy to hit him. But that didn’t mean that he’d let the guy do whatever he wanted right in front of him and keep up the pretense. Did the guy think his falsehoods were sophisticated? Judging by the low quality of those tricks, probably nobody else except for Wang Xiaoming would believe it! Dammit, did Wang Xiaoming have to be special this way?! 

Faced with Baal’s cold expression, Shi Feixia still smiled charmingly. “Isefel is waiting for you on the 33rd floor. If you’re afraid, you don’t have to go.” 


Would this psychological attack be too direct? 

Layton gulped. 

Truthfully, even Shi Feixia wasn’t dead certain about this. He could only pray that Isefel’s penchant for stalking was in effect. Then again, Isefel had managed to appear at just the right time every other time he’d been in danger, so this time wouldn’t be an exception, right? 

His heart thundered in fear as he watched Baal slowly stand up and wave a hand at Wang Xiaoming. “Follow me.” 

Wang Xiaoming hesitantly looked at Shi Feixia and said, “But…” 

Shi Feixia jumped over and reached out a hand to grab Wang Xiaoming’s shoulder… in that instant, Baal struck. Shi Feixia was instantly moved to the other side of the cafeteria window and into that endless blackness. 

But at the same time, another fallen angel struck. 

The instant Shi Feixia appeared in midair, a strong and powerful pair of arms wound themselves tightly around his waist. 

A very strong flash of lightning struck. 

The window was shattered into a thousand pieces and all of them flew into the room. 

Baal’s hands moved as soon as he saw that and yanked Wang Xiaoming into his protective embrace, throwing up a ward and blocking the shards so they remained outside it. 

Isefel held Shi Feixia and slowly flew in through the shattered window. 

The two troublesome fallen angels responsible for most of Hell’s headaches finally met each other, face to face, once again. 

Layton and Viktor took the opportunity to move toward the door—even if they got hurt, nobody would care about it or care for them, so they could only take care of themselves. 

“Isefel.” Baal’s eyes shone with fighting spirit. 

In contrast with his excitement, Isefel appeared to be much calmer. “I don’t want to see the same thing happen again.” 

Baal gave a cold laugh. “Blame it on yourself for not keeping a tight leash on your own things.” 


I am not a thing!

Shi Feixia protested with his eyes as he grit his teeth. 

Isefel remarked, “This is Noah’s Ark.” 


“As a freeloader, you have no right to be arrogant.” Isefel dropped these words calmly and then flew out with Shi Feixia in his arms. 

Wang Xiaoming turned bright red from the scolding and asked, “Do they accept yuan here? I actually have about four thousand in savings and the Silver House will be paying my salary soon. If that’s not enough, I can think of something else.” Wang Xiaoming instantly felt his heart fill with shame as he had rarely taken advantage of anything. 

Baal demanded unhappily, “Then what about my PSP?” 

“Huh?” Wang Xiaoming had almost forgotten about that. 

“If you’re giving them money, you may as well toss it into the river and feed fish.” 

Wang Xiaoming said, “Fish don’t eat money.” 

“Then give it to them to spend.” Satisfying physical hunger often resulted in the mind wanting to satisfy another kind of hunger. Baal, having eaten his fill, became distracted. 

Wang Xiaoming hadn’t realized that and wondered, “Shi Feixia said he had lots of things to say to me. I wonder what those were.” 

Baal’s face turned stormy. “From now on, you’re not allowed to speak with him by yourself!” 

“Why?” Wang Xiaoming was confused. 

Baal recollected Shi Feixia’s multiple long-winded soliloquies in Genesis and his heart was filled with frustration. “Because he’s not a good egg.” 


Shi Feixia, who was watching the scene unfold through the gem, couldn’t resist complaining, “I already said that I’m not a thing! Why does he always like to compare me to a thing?!” He was furious and decided to perpetuate his enmity against Baal forever and forever! 

Isefel sat off to the side and his fingers gently tapped against the arms of the chair. 

That rhythm gave Shi Feixia a very, very bad feeling. “Uh, if you’re sleepy, you can go sleep first.” 

“Sleep?” Isefel repeated in his low voice. 

Sensitive to the tone, Shi Feixia jumped up. “Of course, I very much do not want to sleep.” 

“Don’t want to sleep?” A strange glint entered Isefel’s eyes. 

Shi Feixia almost wept, “No, actually I’m very sleepy.” They’d been doing it from yesterday until today. Though he was immortal and wouldn’t age, that was under normal circumstances. Metatron never promised that he wouldn’t die of exhaustion due to overexertion! Besides, he finally got the chance to hear gossip regarding Baal and Wang Xiaoming; he really couldn’t bear to give that up! 

His reluctance was on full display on his face. 

Isefel suddenly drawled out, “Romeo and Juliet?” 

“What?” Shi Feixia looked at him in utter confusion. 

But when Isefel said the second sentence, he finally understood. 

“Emperor Tang of Ming and Yang Guifei?” 

“Uh… that was just a metaphor.” Shi Feixia slowly admitted defeat under Isefel’s threatening gaze. “Though they might not be appropriate.” 

“Then we’ll do it until they’re appropriate.” Isefel stood up and pressed Shi Feixia down. “After all, I don’t want to sleep either.” 


Shi Feixia gazed at the darkness outside the window and suddenly desperately wanted to see the sunlight. 

When could he do things that he could only do during the daylight?! 


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