Chapter 68 – Swimming (2)

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Since the front hall manager and manager of the hotel were both busy inspecting the swimming pool, the manager of the Engineering Department had to take over the task of assigning rooms.

As for Gin, he turned around and walked in the direction of the second floor cafeteria.

Layton saw the curiosity on Wang Xiaoming’s face and explained, “He’s going to find something to eat in the cafeteria.”

“But it’s not meal time yet.” Wang Xiaoming looked down at his watch. Since his corpse had been perfectly preserved, he hadn’t even lost a single cent from his pockets.

Layton tried to imply very subtly, “It’s intermission and the perfect time to replenish their strength in preparation for the next competition.”

“I didn’t think swimming would be such a popular sport in Noah’s Ark,” Wang Xiaoming declared in surprise, “enough to forgo food and sleeping.”

Layton suddenly turned around and cautiously looked over at Baal. Though the fallen angel had already changed his looks and no longer wore Mani’s old face, those eyes—proud to the point of being arrogant—hadn’t changed at all. Everytime he met Baal’s eyes, he couldn’t help but remember that heartstopping battle in Genesis.

“What are you looking at?” Baal demanded in vexation.

Layton leapt forward and then turned around in fear.

Wang Xiaoming was simultaneously worried and wanted to laugh. “Are you alright?”

“Nothing, nothing.” Layton thought depressingly, “During swimming time, Isefel would never remember to save him. Gin was someone who forgot all about honor once he had Hughes. Between this and that, only Wang Xiaoming could be considered dependable.”

Wang Xiaoming saw Layton looking at him with wide-open eyes, fuzzy hair falling into his eyes. Every time Layton blinked, his hair would tremble and it was absolutely adorable.

He couldn’t resist reaching out his hands again.

Whoosh, Layton leapt far away and lowered his head. He said in a grave voice, “This way please.” Forget it. He might as well depend on himself and act more demure!

… It wasn’t his fault for looking cute!

Wang Xiaoming retracted his hand regretfully and silently followed behind the dwarf.

Walking behind him, Baal suddenly raised a hand and stroked his own face.

Did the faces of Dwarves feel that much better to the touch than his own?

He frowned. Come to think of it, regardless of whether it was before or after his body recovered, Wang Xiaoming had never wanted to touch his face so eagerly.

Walking up ahead, Layton thought the piercing gaze on his back was getting hotter and hotter.

In order to ensure his own safety, Layton arranged for their rooms to be in a place that was very far away from his own floor and closer to Antonio and Viktor. But, he thought as he recalled Antonio’s and Viktor’s physiques, they should be able to handle it.

“Please come in.” Layton opened the door and then turned the lights on for them. Then he stood by the bathtub and asked solicitously, “Would you require the tub to be filled with hot water?”

Wang Xiaoming felt very embarrassed. “No need. Thank you, we can do it ourselves.”

“Then…” Layton looked at him and then looked at Baal. He asked Wang Xiaoming in a low voice, “Do you need to add one more room?”

Instantly, Wang Xiaoming’s entire body tensed up. He suddenly realized that the two of them had a body each, which meant the problem that used to be a roadblock no longer existed.

The sudden realization made him feel so self-conscious that his hands didn’t know what to do with themselves. The tips of his feet kept pressing against each other while his eyes sneaked looks over in Baal’s direction.

Cooly, Baal tossed out a single word, “No.”

Layton gave him an understanding look and then tactfully walked to the hallway and closed the door for them from the outside.

Instantly, there were only two people left in the room.

Wang Xiaoming scratched his scalp. “You, do you want to take a bath?”

Baal suddenly tilted his head down and said with a half-smile, “I’d much rather swim.”

“Swim?” Wang Xiaoming turned his head around and looked at Baal in confusion. Why did everyone want to swim when they came to Noah’s Ark?

Baal continued, “Do you want to swim on the bed? Or in the bathtub?”

Something exploded in Wang Xiaoming’s mind and the confusion in his eyes instantly turned into surprise and embarrassment. “You mean their swimming is…”

Baal took off his suit jacket in one single motion and his white shirt was plastered against his body, revealing solid curves. “I think, this time there won’t be any more accidents.”

Wang Xiaoming felt saliva pool in his mouth from nervousness and he swallowed several times before rushing into the bathroom and shutting the door.

Baal frowned and, as he was about to kick the door down, he heard Wang Xiaoming say from inside, “I’m taking a bath first!”

Taking a shower before swimming… was a good habit.

Baal kicked away the suit jacket lying on the ground and then walked toward the bedroom.

Wang Xiaoming turned on the faucet to fill the tub with water as he leaned against its edge in a daze.

He’d had many wet dreams in his life and had also sneakily fantasized about what would happen. He had even made the decision to ask for it voluntarily the last time, but even so, at this exact moment, he still felt fear, which hadn’t decreased at all despite what happened last time.

He covered his face but his mind involuntarily brought up the lines of Baal’s muscles after the fallen angel took off his suit jacket.

When Baal had been in spirit form, Wang Xiaoming had hugged Baal, stroked Baal, and touched Baal. But his fingers had always felt the cloth of the suit. Every time his mind brought up the fact that he’d be touching Baal’s body this time, the blood would rush nonstop to his head.

“The water is overflowing.” A voice warned from behind him.

Wang Xiaoming jumped up in surprise and hurriedly turned off the faucet. He got ready to take off his clothes and take a bath, but just when his fingers touched the buttons, he realized that something was wrong and hurriedly turned around.

Baal looked at him as if nothing was wrong.

“You, what are you doing in here?” He stammered out the question.

“Because I wanted to come in.”

“But I’m taking a bath.” Wang Xiaoming’s hands covered his chest as his heart thundered in his chest.

“I know.” Baal crossed his arms.

Wang Xiaoming didn’t know what else to say.

“It’ll save time if we bathe together.” Baal reached out a hand and slowly snapped his fingers.

Wang Xiaoming felt a chill on his body and his shirt and pants all appeared in Baal’s hands while he himself became buck naked.

“Ah!” He wanted to pull the curtains to cover his lower half, but Baal moved faster and as soon as Wang Xiaoming screamed, Baal had pulled the man into his arms. Baal gave an evil smirk and said, “I’ll give you time to get used to this.”

Wang Xiaoming looked up and his eyes misted over.

“One second, tick-tock… time’s up!” Baal tossed the clothes in his hands away and then threw Wang Xiaoming into the bathtub.

The bathtubs in Noah’s Ark were excellent places to have fun.

Even two people lying side-by-side wouldn’t feel crowded.

Wang Xiaoming flailed twice and his feet and butt just touched the bottom of the tub when he discovered that Baal was already stepping inside without a stitch of clothing on him. The symbol of his manhood was just like his personality—coarse and arrogant.

Baal smirked as he got closer to Wang Xiaoming’s body, which was curling up into a tighter and tighter ball. “I seem to remember a certain day in the past when someone threw themselves at me.”

Wang Xiaoming had half his face in the water and suddenly looked up, protesting very quietly, “But I didn’t succeed that time.”

“…” Baal’s gaze darkened and his smile suddenly turned chilly. “Very well, I’ll take that sentence as a challenge.”

Wang Xiaoming was frozen by the chilliness and explained nervously, “That’s not what I meant.”

“No worries. Under these circumstances, everything you say will only have one meaning,” Baal slowly raised Wang Xiaoming’s hands and pressed a kiss to them, “and that’s an invitation.”

As Wang Xiaoming looked at Baal’s body, which was slowly covering his own, he was so nervous that his very toes were tense.

Baal’s lips got closer and closer. Wang Xiaoming subconsciously adjusted his position and closed his eyes.

But in the next second, the weight on his body suddenly disappeared.

Baal stood by the tub wearing a bathrobe.

Wang Xiaoming looked at him in confusion and then couldn’t hide the disappointment in his eyes. He lightly rubbed the lip of the bathtub with his fingers and remained silent in embarrassment.

Baal knotted the belt on his bathrobe and the corners of his lips pressed together unhappily. “You wait here. I’m going to take care of some obstacles.”

“Obstacles?” Wang Xiaoming was stunned.

With his ear pressed against a Domino Listening Device and happily listening in, Shi Feixia instantly realized that things were going pear-shaped when he heard that sentence. There wasn’t enough time for him to turn and run—the door to the room had already opened and Baal was standing there with a cold look on his face.

Shi Feixia straightened his body and put on the special bright smile that could be found on the face of front hall managers for five-star hotels. “My dearest Mr. Baal, may I ask if you are satisfied with the amenities and service of our hotel?”

Baal snorted, “Do you have a better excuse?”

Shi Feixia calmly said, “Sure. Actually I’m here to ask how you are going to pay for the room? We don’t accept any other payment except for gold coins.”

“Send the bill to Lucifer.”

“How different is that from eating but not paying?” Shi Feixia muttered quietly and then asked with an appeasing smile, “What if he doesn’t pay?”

“Beat him until he pays,” Baal answered lightly.

Shi Feixia was speechless. He thought Baal would, at the very least, adopt a bit of the mortal realm’s honesty and honor after spending some time there, but it looked like Baal got worse instead. He could even say something as baseless and unsupported as beating Lucifer until he pays without changing expressions.

He decided to change tactics. “Where’s Wang Xiaoming? I haven’t seen him in such a long time and I really miss him. It’s rare that he’s here at Noah’s Ark and I have to do my duties as the host.”

“He’s asleep.” Just as Baal finished answering, Wang Xiaoming stuck his head out, in the same clothes he had worn before.

“He seems to be awake now.” Shi Feixia lifted an eyebrow happily and greeted Wang Xiaoming, “Long time no see, hopefully everything’s well?”

Wang Xiaoming fixed his hair and walked out, slightly embarrassed at what they’d done. “I’m doing well, you?”

“Alright. Especially now that I’ve seen you, I’m doing better than well.” Shi Feixia smiled so that his eyes were squeezed into a line. “I have so much to tell you. It’s practically meal time, why don’t we talk as we eat?”

Wang Xiaoming turned around to look at Baal.

Baal was glaring at him and his attitude seemed to say, “If you dare nod your head, I’ll break up with you!”

“You know that there are no other humans on Noah’s Ark except for me. I’m really lonely staying here by myself and would love to talk to someone.” Shi Feixia sighed, “This feeling is worse than Romeo being separated from his Juliet or Emperor Ming of Tang not being able to see his Yang Guifei.”

Though Baal’s gaze was becoming more and more severe, Wang Xiaoming couldn’t resist the sadness in Shi Feixia’s eyes and nodded his head.

“Oh, yes!” Shi Feixia said and then realized he had been a bit too arrogant. He hurriedly made himself say seriously, “This way please.”

Wang Xiaoming lightly pulled on Baal’s sleeves.

Baal gave Shi Feixia a threatening look and the bathrobe on his body turned into his previous shirt and suit in an instant. Then he let Wang Xiaoming hold his hand and the two walked toward the cafeteria on the second floor.


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