Chapter 65 – Hell (2)

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When he had watched movies before, Wang Xiaoming had always admired those stunt actors who could walk on rooftops and scale walls, or leap into and out of helicopters. Especially when songs like “A Man Should Better Himself”1See this video. came on, the passion in his heart would stir and he’d get so excited that he’d almost feel like flying. 

But after having experienced it for himself, he finally figured out why people were willing to pay money to watch other people do these cool stunts on the screen. It was definitely because they couldn’t do it themselves. 

Currently, though Baal was flying very slowly because Wang Xiaoming had asked him to, the hook that was attached to the back of Wang Xiaoming’s neck kept swinging in the air, so much so that he almost contemplated jumping down and dying once again. But unfortunately, his entire body was frozen as stiff as a statue. Nevermind jumping, he wasn’t even able to move a single toe. 

“How much longer?” Wang Xiaoming couldn’t help but ask. 

“It’s only been three minutes since we left but you’ve already asked that question thirty times.” Baal flew even lower. His original intent had been to put Wang Xiaoming into a space and transport him that way; Wang Xiaoming had insisted on being a “flying ghost” at least once. 

“Is this Hell already?” Wang Xiaoming glanced around his pitch-black surroundings. 

“This is the space tunnel that I’ve created.” Baal paused and said, “The ghost road from the Mortal Realm to Hell takes too long.” 

“Oh.” Wang Xiaoming continued, “So how long will it be? “ 

Baal declared with gritted teeth, “The thirty-first time.” 

Wang Xiaoming pressed his lips together. “But it feels really awful.”

Baal suddenly swooped down. 

Wang Xiaoming shut his eyes in fear. It got quiet all of a sudden. The sound of the wind, the sound of wings flapping, everything had disappeared. “Ah! Why can’t I hear the sound of breathing?” His eyes flew open in fear again. 

“Because spirits don’t need to breathe and corpses can’t breathe,” Baal answered impatiently. 

Wang Xiaoming paused and he could hear the sound of breathing again, but it came from Baal. “Uh, so that’s how it is.” He chuckled and then looked down, only to see a wide river. On the banks of it were clusters of flames. 

“What is that place?” Wang Xiaoming asked curiously. 

“Hell,” Baal answered and then suddenly flew toward one side of the river.  

Wang Xiaoming’s eyes shot open in nervousness. 

It was the end of the river and the flames on the banks burned beneath him. He could even hear the crackle and pop of the flames as they burned. 

Baal slowly rose higher in the air. 

Wang Xiaoming’s heart almost leapt out of his throat. Of course, that was just his imagination since his real heart was, along with his body, still lying in Baal’s space. “Why are you flying that high?” 

Suddenly, Baal’s wings opened up and became twice as big! 

Flickering lights lit up the darkness in front of Wang Xiaoming’s eyes. He blinked his eyes and looked in slight disbelief at the thousands of lit up homes below him.

They reached the end of their journey. 

Baal let out a high-pitched shriek. 

When the shriek passed through Wang Xiaoming’s body, he comforted himself that he was lucky he was a spirit or else his eardrums would have been shattered. 

But Baal was very satisfied. 

That was a type of declaration—he was finally back! 

The sky remained pitchblack. 

Though countless lights lit up that giant city, it couldn’t light up that sky. 

Wang Xiaoming was deeply touched by that city. “This is Hell?” God, he couldn’t imagine how a city in the Mortal Realm could compare to this bustling city and its size! 

“The first level.” Baal looked at the sky and a hint of unhappiness and anxiousness entered his eyes. His wings flapped faster as he flew toward the circular center of the city. 

Wang Xiaoming looked down without saying a word. If he hadn’t already been dead, he would have died of fright at the scene that appeared below. 

The city, which was formed like a staircase, gradually filled his field of vision. 

When they got to the very center of the circle, what Wang Xiaoming saw was practically a black hole—the type of black hole that seemed like it would become a whirlpool at any moment and swallow them. 

“You’re not thinking of…” Before he even finished saying his sentence, Baal had already rushed in. 

In that instant, the only thing that floated through Wang Xiaoming’s mind was—from now on, he’d probably get dizzy just seeing a fly. 

After going through a long and painful period of time, during which he was so nauseated even his spirit wanted to puke, Wang Xiaoming finally discovered that the rapidly retreating scenery around him had stopped moving. He and Baal were standing in front of a giant white palace. 

But his feet didn’t touch the ground because the palace was floating in midair. 

“Welcome back, Baal.” Accompanying that clear voice was a fallen angel that seemed more delicate than a barbie doll. The fallen angel flapped his wings and flew out from the palace. He wore a milk-white robe and both his feet were bare. If it weren’t for those eye-catching black wings, Wang Xiaoming would have mistaken him for an angel. 

Baal looked into the pitchblack sky and asked with a frown, “Where’s Lucifer?” If Lucifer had been here, his light would have been enough to light up the entire sky above Hell. 

“Lord Lucifer is out.” He gave Wang Xiaoming a small smile as he said in greeting, “It’s nice to meet you. I am Bellia.” 

Because his smile was overly bright, Wang Xiaoming became so nervous his feet kept kicking each other as they dangled in midair. “I’m Wang Xiaoming.” 

“What a beautiful name,” Bellia complimented. 


This was the first time someone said he had a beautiful name, and it was from such a beautiful fallen angel too. 

Wang Xiaoming felt like he had grown a pair of wings and was about to soar into the sky. 

Baal dashed his high spirits. “He thinks every name except for Bellia sounds beautiful.” 

Bellia complained quietly, “I just don’t like people calling me.”

Wang Xiaoming asked in confusion, “Why?” Truthfully, he thought the name “Bellia” sounded much better than “Wang Xiaoming.” At the very least… more European. 

“Because of laziness,” Baal answered. “That’s why he fell.” 

Bellia retorted, “I just want to chase after the freedom and peace that comes with being by myself.” 

Baal asked, “Then what are you doing here?” 

“When Lord Lucifer goes out, he has me watch his home.” Bellia shrugged. “Luckily, Lord Lucifer doesn’t have many guests.” It had only gotten a bit busier in the last few years. Though neither Isefel nor Baal frequented Hell, so why had they come here one after another? 

Though he was a bit puzzled, he was too lazy to think further. 

“When is he coming back?” Though it made him very, very pissed off to ask Lucifer for help, it made him even more pissed off when he couldn’t find anyone! Especially when he remembered that he could only keep a hold of Wang Xiaoming through a hook. 

Bellia answered, “According to Lord Lucifer’s past travel records, not very long. At most two or three years.” 

Wang Xiaoming, “…” Was a year the same in Hell as in the Mortal Realm?

Baal thought about it and asked, “Who else has a Black Star Pearl?” 

Bellia answered without even thinking about it, “Mammon.” 

Baal’s eyes twitched. “Is there no better candidate?” If possible, he really didn’t want to deal with that greedy being. 

Bellia explained, “Mammon is fine. He even gifted me with a face mask the last time he was here, the kind that let me skip washing my face for an entire year.” Though afterward the guy had dug out one of the Black Star Pearls from his mirror. 

Wang Xiaoming, “….” Was the face he was talking about the same thing as a human’s face?

Baal didn’t express any opinions. He just grabbed the hook and flew toward the second level. 

When Baal had flown down before, Wang Xiaoming had been completely trapped by fear and didn’t have the chance to admire the scenery at each level. Only now did he really get to see what the second level looked like—a city of entertainment that was very the definition of luxury. 

Baal landed in front of a club. 

The two goat devils by the club’s door saw him and hurriedly said in welcome, “Our most respected lord fallen angel, this way please.” 

Baal asked coldly, “Where’s Mammon?” 

The goat devils gave each other a look and answered, “Lord Mammon is not within this store.” 

Baal’s lips twitched. The two goat devils inexplicably smashed into each other and then bounced off each other. 

“I’ll wait for him here.” Baal lifted his feet, stepped over them, and then walked through the club’s entrance. 

The two goat devils hurriedly stood up and put their heads together, quietly murmuring to each other. 

“Wonder who he is?” 

“He dares call Lord Mammon’s name. He must be a very powerful fallen angel.” 

“Could he be Isefel?” 

The two goat devils stared wide-eyed. 

“He’s Baal,” a girlish voice interrupted. 

“Lady Yvonne.” The goat devils’ eyes lit up. 

The corners of Yvonne’s lips lifted as she said, “You go find Mammon. I’ll play host to Baal.”

“Yes.” The two goat devils ran off as if they were flying. 

Yvonne reached out a hand and pulled down her collar so that the two bulges on her chest became more exposed. She then flipped her hair and walked in confidently. She had always been confident in her charms. That time she failed with Isefel, she blamed it on Isefel not liking the other sex at all. 

The lobby of the club was decorated very lavishly. 

The floor beneath their feet was made of a single slab of white jade, the columns in the middle had thousands of rubies inlaid on them, and threads of gold were twined into enchanting patterns that surrounded the ruby-inlaid columns. 

Of course, Yvonne was disgustingly familiar with all these sights. The only thing that attracted her attention was the fallen angel standing beside the columns. 

That haughty air that made it impossible to approach him instantly filled her with the desire to conquer him. 

“Lord Baal.” She slowly approached him and gently nudged the man’s arm with her shoulder. Her eyebrows lifted ever so slightly as she gave him a look out of the corner of her eyes. She knew very well how to work the angles of her face and was also very good at flirting with her eyes. 

Baal silently looked at the pile of meat that had plastered itself against him and the veins in his forehead bulged. “Who are you?” 

“I am…” Her red lips opened and closed as she attempted to form them into an attractive shape. “Yvonne.” 

Wang Xiaoming jealously watched as her figure got ever closer to Baal’s, and his lips pressed so tightly against each other that they almost formed a line. 

Baal suddenly reached out a hand and grabbed the collar at the back of her neck. 

Yvonne’s eyes shot wide open the instant both her feet left the ground, as if she had just seen a flower bloom on Baal’s face. 

“Never heard of the name,” Baal said without any expression on his face and then he flicked his wrist. 

Wang Xiaoming watched as she turned into a comet and instantly vanished into the sky outside the door. 

Baal lowered his head and saw Wang Xiaoming’s wide-open mouth. He asked with a frown, “What are you laughing at?” 

“Nothing.” Wang Xiaoming patted the column next to him. “This is very pretty.” 

“Thanks for the compliment.” A handsome man wearing a pink and yellow shirt with a purple jacket walked in from outside. 

Baal saw him and said, without even offering a greeting, “I want a Black Star Pearl.” 

“We can make a deal.” The man gave a very friendly smile. 



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