Chapter 62 – Recovery (2)

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Though The Complete Guide to Hell was supposedly about Hell’s culture, people, and geography, the authors were Elves and Dwarves, so the editing style was quite different from what could be found in Heaven and Hell. For example, the table of contents was arranged according to how many words were in each chapter. 

Baal spent the entire night flipping nonstop through the book before he found the records about the Black Star Pearl on the third to last page. 

… If he had the chance, he would very strongly demand that they organize the table of contents according to the actual content! 

He curled a finger and the lamp from the living room suddenly shot out even brighter rays of light. 

The densely packed Heaven Script became visible under the lights’ illumination. 


The ultimate healing method from Black Star Pearl—healing through love. 

His fingers suddenly stopped at that line. The bolded text made him perk up, but as his gaze moved along the text, the smile froze on his lips and his expression turned darker and darker. 

The one who holds the Black Star Pearl is called the releaser and the one being healed is called the acceptor.

The Black Star Pearl can exchange the love from the releaser as energy to heal the body within the Black Star Pearl. When the releaser falls in love with the acceptor, the energy exchange rate will speed up by ten times due to the synchronicity between the two souls. The Black Star Pearl will represent the depth of the releaser’s love by how deeply the beloved’s name is carved.

The depth? 

Baal frowned. Because Wang Xiaoming’s current situation clearly differed somewhat from the description. His name hadn’t changed in its depth but rather in its size and color. Plus, the speed was definitely not just the ten-fold described in the book… it was practically ten thousand fold. 

He flipped the page impatiently and found another paragraph about the way the Black Star Pearl healed— 

The ultimate healing through love: When the releaser and acceptor fall in love with each other, the couple’s love energy can be exchanged with each other and the Black Star Pearl’s energy exchange rate will be catalyzed and speed up to ten-thousand times. However, the releaser’s life will be at risk. Once the releaser’s and the acceptor’s love cannot be balanced, the Black Star Pearl will, at the time the body has been healed, release the extra love energy that could not be exchanged and self-implode.

As a side note, a friendly warning: It behooves every releaser and acceptor to stay calm and avoid falling in love if at all possible.

Damn that friendly warning to hell!

Black fire instantly engulfed the book in his hand and burned it away without leaving behind a single speck of ash. 

Baal stormed into the bedroom. 

Wang Xiaoming lay there quietly. 

Baal’s heart gradually calmed down and he walked over to the bed, leaning down to put his hand against the man’s heart— 

The characters on the Black Star Pearl had stopped trying to expand but, at the same time, his last ear had stopped its healing process. 

If the size of the font was Wang Xiaoming’s love, then could the color of the font indicate his feelings? 

… His feelings. 

To his surprise, Baal discovered that he didn’t feel any antagonism toward those words and, more surprisingly, he had a vague sense of belonging. 

After carefully examining Wang Xiaoming’s face, he discovered that it wasn’t that bad. Though from an angel’s standards it wasn’t beautiful, it could be considered as such in the mortal world. He used his fingers to move Wang Xiaoming’s head back and forth and poked at the face again with his fingers. The man had nice skin that felt comfortable to touch and his face could stand up to scrutiny. At least, Baal had been looking at it for so long and still felt like he hadn’t seen enough. The human wasn’t very tall, which made him just the right size to be hauled around by Baal. Though he was a human, he always surprised Baal. 

If he thought of things like that, he actually realized that Wang Xiaoming barely had any faults. 

Maybe… it would actually be nice to stay with someone like that? 

He started to seriously contemplate this question. 

The figure on the bed shifted and then slowly opened its eyes. 

Baal straightened, looking quite serious. 

Wang Xiaoming blinked his eyes and was about to say something when his expression suddenly changed and his body curled up like a shrimp again. “Hurts…” 

Baal frowned and put his hand against Wang Xiaoming’s chest. 

Of course, the characters making up Baal’s name were almost white and started to expand at a crazy rate. 

Clearly, the love between them was not equal. At least one of them loved more. 

Which one?

Baal looked at Wang Xiaoming’s pained expression and thought there was no need to answer that question. “From now on, stop loving me.” 

Wang Xiaoming slowly raised his head. Cold sweat slid down from his forehead and tumbled into his eyes, instantly stinging them so painfully that he couldn’t open them. “How… stop…”

Baal looked at his body inside the Black Star Pearl as it neared its completion and, for some reason, he suddenly started hating his body. 

Dammit, couldn’t it slow down?!

The three characters of “Black Star Pearl” started turning white. 

Wang Xiaoming suddenly exhaled. 

“How is it?” Baal looked at his ear inside the Black Star Pearl, which was repairing at a rate visible to the naked eye. 

Wang Xiaoming panted weakly and said, “Still hurts… but bit better…” He suddenly slammed violently back into the pillow. 

Surprised, Baal discovered that the missing ear was healed in an instant. 

The name on the Black Star Pearl started to spread like ink dripping into water. 

He suddenly threw out his hand and prepared to move the Black Star Pearl out of Wang Xiaoming’s body without worrying about the consequences. But the second he moved his hand, the Black Star Pearl exploded like a cracked egg. 


At the last second, right before his spirit and body merged, Baal watched as Wang Xiaoming spewed out a mouthful of blood. 


Immeasurable energy seemed to be gathering and getting ready to make a move. 

He saw everything underneath the skies and the entire world was within his senses. 

It had been too long since he had felt like this. 

He slowly stretched out his wings. 

These were real wings, one flap of which would create a gust. 

Baal opened his eyes and gazed at the lifeless body of Wang Xiaoming on the bed, and his lips slowly cracked into a cold smile. 

Reaper A and Reaper B slowly strode through the main streets in the Mortal Realm. 

A glanced at the dazed soul behind them and sighed, “We’ve fought for so long and only managed to snatch this one. If management finds out, they’ll get very upset.” 

B made a shushing motion. “We are pretty lucky. Look at the color of his soul. He was probably going to end up in Heaven. If we hadn’t happened to pass by and managed to hook his soul, then we’d be going back empty-handed.” 

A answered, “If Lord Beelzebub hadn’t decided to reconstruct the older industrial areas, we wouldn’t need to go around randomly hooking people. It’s so sad that our area doesn’t have a hospital. Otherwise we could hook a truckload so easily.” 

B comforted him, “Usually those that belong to Heaven are pretty obedient. Management will be happy we brought one back.” 

A said depressingly, “Aren’t we the best examples?” 

The two administrators from Hell, who should have gone to Heaven but were accidentally pulled into Hell, had much to say on this topic. 

B said, “But Hell has pretty good benefits. I heard Heaven hasn’t seen a raise in three thousand years.” 

A nodded and concurred, “That’s true. Aside from having a strict quota every day, everything is fine. Most importantly, it is safe.” 

“That’s right, that’s right.” B said with a smile, “Reapers have it pretty easy and our monthly salary isn’t that much lower than those devil security guards.”

That conversation made both of the reapers very satisfied. 

“That’s right. When you were hooking the soul just now, did you feel a really strong soul inside the house?” Reaper A suddenly shivered. Though that feeling had vanished instantly, the sensitivity from their job meant that instant was burned into his soul. 

Reaper B, who had been one step behind Reaper A, answered, “Nope. I only felt one soul.” 


From the end of the dark gray road came a sudden snort. 

The reapers didn’t pay it much attention. In the mortal world, they were more transparent than an Unseen. Aside from the souls, nothing that happened here had anything to do with them. 

The streetlights on either side cast lonely circles of light around their lampposts. 

The reapers watched as the sky brightened and instinctively hurried their footsteps. 

“Wait.” Reaper A suddenly reached out and grabbed Reaper B. 

“What…?” B followed A’s gaze and looked up.

Midway in the air, a black-haired man with a black suit spread open a pair of black wings and looked down at them from above. Judging by his gaze, he was not a friend. 

A’s tongue wobbled several times before he spat out, “… Fallen angel?!” 

B ducked his head. “I think he looks familiar.” 

A hurriedly grabbed him and demanded, “Do you know him? Is he here to find you? What did you do to get on his bad side?” 

“Ah!’ B suddenly yelped loudly.       

A was so scared his body was almost frozen. “You remembered? Then hurry up and go apologize.” 

“I remember who he is.” B swallowed with difficulty. “There’s a photo of him in The Famous People of Hell…” 

A’s eyes practically fell out. “Baal…” 

“My lord.” B added in an attempt to gain favor. 

The two of them instantly tried to earn favor by asking, “Our most respected Lord Baal, how may we be of service?” 

Baal demanded coldly, “Who allowed you to touch what belongs to me?” 

A almost burst into tears. “Even if we had permission we wouldn’t dare touch.” 

B understood things quicker and pointed to the soul behind them to ask, “Could it be that this pure and holy spirit belongs to Lord Baal?”

Baal lifted an eyebrow. 

A and B instantly flung themselves back at least three meters. 

“We didn’t mean it!” 

“Because Lord Beelzebub set his orders and demanded that every reaper bring at least a hundred thousand souls to Hell every day…” B explained in a pitiful voice, “There aren’t that many dead people in our zone, so…” 

Baal flew down from the air. “I’m going to count to three, if you scram…” 

He hadn’t even started counting before the two reapers ran so away they were practically invisible. 

Wang Xiaoming’s soul looked at the road in a daze. 

Baal frowned. 

He had also been a spirit before. How come Wang Xiaoming’s spirit was such an idiot? 

“Lord Baal…” Reaper A stood very far away and shouted very loudly, “He’s been sprinkled with the dark potion that Hell uses to hook their souls, so his spirit can absolutely not be exposed to the sun!” 

Baal turned around. 

A whooshed away. 

Baal snapped his fingers. 

A and B, who were trying really hard to flee, very quickly found themselves running toward Baal. 

“Ba… Lord Baal? What a coincidence.” A’s face fell and he stopped moving. 

B very quickly realized that this was Baal’s magic. He chuckled dryly and asked, “Does Lord Baal have more instructions?” 

“Why is he so dazed?” Baal pointed unhappily at Wang Xiaoming. 

A and B looked at each other. 

A explained, “When people die, their brains stop moving and it’ll take them a while to be conscious again.” 

B added, “Just like restarting a computer.” 

Baal reached out a hand to try and grab Wang Xiaoming’s collar but discovered that his fingers actually passed through. 

A watched in fear as Baal’s expression darkened and, though it pained him, sacrificed his hook. “Lord Baal, use this. This will make it easy.” 

So Baal, who had a shadow, stuck the hook in Wang Xiaoming, who didn’t have a shadow, and dragged the man back to their home. 



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