Chapter 61 – Recovery (1)

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The man calmly pressed the 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 buttons on the remote control in order as he answered, “Flew in. You didn’t close the window.” 


Wang Xiaoming instinctively turned around to look behind him, only to see Baal glaring coldly at the man on the sofa. “Abbadon, what are you doing in the mortal realm?” 

Abbadon paused. “I showed you mercy in Genesis. Is this how you treat your friend who’s travelled all this way?” 

Baal snorted, “You were afraid of causing trouble back then, were you not?” 

Abbadon jumped up. “Me? A coward?! I have a fighting ring in Hell and you call me a coward?!” 

“The fighting ring in Hell is to make sure that even if you lose in a fight, you won’t suffer too greatly,” Baal said dismissively. 

Abbadon clenched his fists. “Do you want to try right now and see how cowardly I am?” 

Hmph. He only issued the challenge because he was sure he, Baal, would lose without a corporeal body, right?

Baal indicated just how much he looked down at Abbadon using his nostrils. 

Wang Xiaoming suddenly asked, “May I ask what kind you are?” 

Abbadon looked Wang Xiaoming up and down several times, making Wang Xiaoming almost hide behind Baal. 

“Fallen angel.” 

Wang Xiaoming sighed, “That’s great then.”

Abbadon asked curiously, “What’s good about it?” He was a fallen angel, not an angel. What was so great about it? 

Wang Xiaoming answered, “I don’t have to prepare your dinner.” Since Baal couldn’t eat anything then the guy couldn’t either, right?

“…” Abbadon paused. “Actually, I can eat.” 

Wang Xiaoming asked in surprise, “What do you eat? Do you need to go out and gather it?” 

Gather it?

Abbadon became even more curious. “What are you thinking of gathering?”

Wang Xiaoming scratched his scalp. “The spirits of sky and earth, sun and moon, or something like that…” 

Abbadon, “…” 

Wang Xiaoming noticed the look on the guy’s face and decided it was better for him to bow out of the conversation. “Then do you want to drink something? Can you drink liquids?”

Abbadon paused for a really long time before he spat out a, “Yes.” 

Wang Xiaoming turned around and went to the kitchen. 

Baal walked over to stand in front of Abbadon and asked, “Reason for being here?”

Abbadon crossed his legs and rested the back of his head against his arms. The dark red hedgehog-head made the wall appear extremely white. “To come and see you. The last time I went to Noah’s Ark, I heard that you were having… quite a special time in the mortal realm.” 

Noah’s Ark? 

A severe glint flashed through Baal’s eyes. 

Abbadon said, “If you want revenge, you should get your body back first, right?”

“What good suggestions do you have?” Baal asked sarcastically. 

Abbadon said, “No suggestions, but I do have knowledge. Wanna hear?”

Baal prepared himself to get angry. 

“About the Black Star Pearl,” Abbadon added. 

The fire was successfully extinguished. 

Baal stared at him. “You know much about the Black Star Pearl?” 

Abbadon lifted an eyebrow proudly. “Hell has four mandatory texts. Famous People of Hell, The Complete Guide to Hell, Rules of Hell, and Records of Bad Behavior in Heaven. I’ve read every single one very carefully. Which one have you read?” 

Baal answered unwillingly, “Records of Bad Behavior in Heaven.” 

Abbadon nodded in total agreement. “I read that one the most.” 

Their common hatred toward Heaven instantly brought the two fallen angels closer. 

“What do you know about the Black Star Pearl?” In the end, that question was very much on Baal’s mind. 

Abbadon answered, “Every detail of the Black Star Pearl is recorded in The Complete Guide to Hell.” He reached out a hand and a book appeared, constantly spinning about five centimeters above his palm. 

Baal crossed his arms in front of his chest and asked, “Conditions?” He knew the other fallen angel wasn’t the kind to come this far to help without asking anything in return. 

The book fell into Abbadon’s hand and he kicked his legs back and forth as he laughed out loud, “Straight to the point. My condition is actually quite simple. Help me beat someone up.”

Baal became very interested. “Who?”



Abbadon declared angrily, “He tricked Poji into going to the Tenth Realm.” 

A strange look entered Baal’s eyes. “So you want me to help you get revenge on him for killing your child?” 

Abbadon retorted in vexation, “Of course he didn’t succeed. If he had succeeded, do you think I would be sitting here, sending you in my stead?” He would have rushed to Heaven long ago for revenge. 

Just then, Wang Xiaoming slowly walked out carrying a washing bowl. He heard that and asked curiously, “I’ve heard about the Nine Realms. What’s the Tenth Realm?” 

Baal said lightly, “A place beyond God’s control.” 

Abbadon said, “A forbidden place for beings from the Nine Realms.” 


Something like the Bermuda Triangle? 

Wang Xiaoming put down the washing bowl and then placed each of the cups onto the coffee table, one by one. 

Abbadon untwined his legs and leaned down to look at those cups. “Why did you pour that many?

Wang Xiaoming said with a smile, “I didn’t know what you like, so I poured a couple extra ones. This one is Sprite, this one is Coke, this one is spring water, this one is hot water, this one is tap water… this one is tap water that’s been exposed to sunlight.” 

Abbadon silently picked up the Coke. Its color was quite unique among other clear liquids. 

During that time, Baal had weighed the pros and cons and had made his decision. “Deal.” 

Abbadon gulped down the Coke, stood up, and then tossed the book at Baal. “I look forward to you returning to your full glory as Baal, the Devil Lord of Destruction.” 

Baal’s lips formed into a cold smile. “Of course.” When that time came, nevermind Raphael. Lucifer, Michael, Isefel… he wouldn’t show mercy to anyone. 

He acquired a super fighter with just a book. Abbadon was very satisfied with this deal. He then finished the Sprite in one gulp and asked happily, “What’s for dinner?”

Baal’s eyes squeezed shut and he smiled a fake smile. “You want dinner?” 

Abbadon stood up and his firm chest muscles almost burst through his clothes. He laughed loudly, “Don’t you think that currently I am stronger?”

Baal glared at Abbadon coldly. 

Wang Xiaoming was very hospitable. “What do you want?”

Abbadon discovered that he was actually a little bit afraid of Wang Xiaoming speaking. He said, “I’ll eat whatever you are eating.” 

So, on the first night of his return to the mortal realm after being absent for several thousands of years, Abbadon, one of the seven Devil Lords of Hell, enjoyed humanity’s newest invention—instant noodles. His comment on them was: They really are instant. 

He rarely visited the mortal realm and, of course, he wouldn’t stay for too long. 

Though Wang Xiaoming very hospitably invited him to stay the night, Abbadon saw Baal’s expression, which was quickly approaching the freezing point, and knew that if he didn’t leave now, the deal would probably be called off. So he thanked Wang Xiaoming’s kindness and left under extreme “hardship” with a flap of his wings. 

Wang Xiaoming remarked, “It’s so great to have friends visit you,” as he watched that giant pair of black wings vanish into the sky. 

“Hmph.” Baal didn’t want to waste energy on explaining his “friend’s” bad intentions. 

Wang Xiaoming thought Baal still minded his exposition from before and anxiously explained, “Actually, what I just said, uh, hadn’t been well thought-out. So, if there’s something that made you uncomfortable, I apologize.” 

“I’ve thought about it.” Baal looked down with his arms crossed over his chest. “You just asked me what I want to pursue with my eternal life…”

Wang Xiaoming looked up at him. 

“Nothing,” Baal answered, “because our existence is eternal, so there’s nothing that is worth us pursuing for life. For us, there is only ‘want’ and ‘do not want.’” 

Wang Xiaoming blinked his eyes. 

“So we don’t need to pursue anything, we just need to know what we want right now.” Eternal life had given them infinite possibilities. Whatever they wanted to do, they could do it. Once they’d done it, that desire went away. So for them, there was nothing that was worth working for their entire lives as a goal they had pursued for eternity. 

Wang Xiaoming continued blinking his eyes. 

Baal suddenly smirked. “Do you know what I most want right now?”

Wang Xiaoming obediently shook his head. 

Suddenly, Baal reached out and pulled Wang Xiaoming close, by his lapel. Baal leaned down and, right before he pressed his lips against Wang Xiaoming’s, he whispered in a low voice, “Kiss you.” They went on a date for an entire morning and had done nothing worthwhile. 

As the number of their kisses had grown, Wang Xiaoming had learned how to respond. He slowly reached out his arms and encircled Baal’s shoulders, slowly pressing his body against Baal’s. 

Baal pressed his hand on the back of Wang Xiaoming’s head and deepened the kiss. 

After who knew how long, just as Wang Xiaoming thought he’d never be able to breathe again, Baal finally loosened his grip. 

Wang Xiaoming’s eyes were hooded and his gaze was filtered through a dewy haze. He looked at Baal’s handsome features and suddenly cracked a smile to say, “Baal, even if I die one day and leave the world, I’d still love you the second right before I leave this world.” 

The hand on the back of his head suddenly stiffened. 

Baal looked at him, his face filled with confusion and even a trace of longing that the fallen angel himself wasn’t aware of. This was the first time that he had heard Wang Xiaoming say the word “love” out loud. Though he had always been able to tell the progress of Wang Xiaoming’s feelings through the Black Star Pearl, hearing it personally was very different. 

He could even feel warmth surging uncontrollably toward his limbs and throughout his pores. 

“I told you, the greatest happiness in love is seeing the person you love being happy. So Baal, no matter how long I live, how long I get to keep you company… I hope that you’ll be happy forever. Even if your life no longer includes me…” 

As he said those words, his smile suddenly collapsed and his face turned extremely pale. Cold sweat kept breaking out on his forehead and his entire person became so weak that he almost passed out. 

Baal reached out a hand and supported Wang Xiaoming’s weakening body as it collapsed. He asked anxiously, “What’s going on with you?”

“I…” Wang Xiaoming curled his entire body up in a ball and draped himself against Baal. “My heart… hurts… so… much.” 

Baal’s hands instantly rested against Wang Xiaoming’s heart. 

Only to see that on the Black Star Pearl, the light gray “Baal” was almost as big as the pearl and it looked like it was about to expand even more. 

But more importantly, he discovered that his body was all healed except for one last ear. That rate was far beyond what he had predicted. 

Could it be that after his body recovered, it would burst out from Wang Xiaoming’s body along with the Black Star Pearl? 

“Dammit!” Baal looked down at Wang Xiaoming. 

Wang Xiaoming was in so much pain he almost passed out. 

In order to minimize the amount of suffering, Baal made an honorable decision and directly knocked the man out. But clearly his physical abilities were inversely proportional to his magical abilities because it took seven hits before Wang Xiaoming really passed out. Baal carried him back to the bedroom and placed him on the bed. 

After dealing with Wang Xiaoming, Baal instantly picked up the copy of The Complete Guide to Hell that Abbadon had just dropped off and flipped through it. Looked like the answer to his question could only be found in books. 



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