Chapter 55 – Intimate (1)

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Wang Xiaoming hung his head and was so embarrassed that he wanted to be swallowed up by the ground. “I… I… I just… wanted… wanted to say…”

“To say that we should heal my body sooner so that we can rescue Xiang Wenjie and make Xiang Wenxun happy.” Every word Baal uttered made the flames in his heart rise!

“You got it wrong, actually I…” Wang Xiaoming waved both hands frantically in the air and stuttered out, “Actually, I… I… it’s not only for that.”

“Not only?” Which meant it was? He actually admitted it?!

Baal had wanted to give Wang Xiaoming another chance but now completely exploded! “Should I clap and praise you for knowing what it means to kill two birds with one stone?!”

This was the first time Wang Xiaoming had seen Baal so angry. He could almost see the room behind Baal ablaze with the flames of his anger. And those flames were rushing at him faster than the speed of light—

“It’s not that.” Wang Xiaoming sweated anxiously and the explanation tumbled out of his mouth like firecrackers, “I just thought that, since we’ll get there sooner or later and it didn’t matter if we did it sooner or later. So we might as well do it sooner and help President Xiang.”

“Sooner or later we’ll get there?” Baal’s expression was very hard to read.

Wang Xiaoming kept his gaze to the ground and pressed the tips of his toes against each other. “I thought so.” He paused and then said even quieter, “At least I thought so before now.” He didn’t know how to explain it but every one of the promises that Baal had made him, whether intentionally or not, were carved deep into his heart. Before his mind even realized it, his heart had already accepted Baal and the date tonight made that even clearer to him.

His subconsciousness had already started to fantasize about being together with Baal and he had started to believe that there would be someone beside him for life and that he didn’t have to die alone. Maybe there was too great of a distance between humans and fallen angels and his love wouldn’t last, or maybe it wouldn’t even end well, but the lure that Baal cast was too tempting and he couldn’t resist temptation.

At that thought, the courage he had gathered up to face reality and the future seemed to be sucked out of him in an instant.

He took a deep breath and suddenly whirled around, running back into the room without looking back and shutting the door with a loud bang.

Baal stood in the same spot for a while and then suddenly murmured to himself in frustration, “Couldn’t he try harder after being rejected? Not sincere at all!”


He waved a hand and let all the basketballs drop into the basket like a necklace. Then he turned and walked over to the bedroom.

The door clearly was not an obstacle but rather a sound muffler.

Baal walked into the room and looked at the teary Wang Xiaoming sitting on the bed. His lips curled and he declared, “That’s some ugly crying.”

Wang Xiaoming asked in shock, “When did I cry?”

“Do you want to tell me that it’s not tears but saliva in your eyes?”

“It’s neither saliva nor tears. It’s eye drops.” Wang Xiaoming raised the bottle of eyedrops in his hand.

Baal, “…”

Wang Xiaoming looked at him a bit fearfully. “Did you need anything?” Could it be that Baal hadn’t shouted enough and was coming in here to shout some more?

Baal turned his nose to the sky,“Didn’t you say you wanted to have sex?”

Wang Xiaoming, “…”

Baal looked down at that flabbergasted face as if he were a king and demanded, “You dare renege?”

Hadn’t he been the one to go back on his word?

Wang Xiaoming watched as Baal got closer and closer and panicked. He gripped the bed sheets tightly with his toes and both hands clutched helplessly at his knees.

“You belong to me, so I should be your priority no matter what,” Baal stood by the window and declared arrogantly.

Wang Xiaoming was bedazzled by the gleam in Baal’s eyes and nodded subconsciously.

Baal indicated his satisfaction. “Xiang Wenxun knows what’s important and I will give him credit for that. So I will solve his issue. The attention you pay him stops tonight… even if he’s your boss.” Baal couldn’t let the noodles from tonight slide.

Wang Xiaoming listened to Baal’s promise and let out a small sigh of relief. Though he hadn’t known Baal for a very long time, he had already classified Baal as someone who deserved his trust.

“What are you thinking of now?” Baal’s eyes were filled with questions.

Wang Xiaoming’s toes loosened their hold on the bedsheets and then clutched them tightly again. “Nothing.”

Baal said in dissatisfaction, “I don’t like that answer.”

“…” Wang Xiaoming really wanted to ask, “Boss, are you drunk?”

But the double torture of anger and jealousy had made Baal decide to view Wang Xiaoming’s heart as his territory. Angels and fallen angels had a very strong sense of territory, so he was currently planting his flag in his own territory. “From now on, you only have one kind of answer to that question.” He pointed at himself.

Wang Xiaoming asked with a frown, “Wouldn’t that be lying?”

Baal countered with gritted teeth, “Couldn’t you make it the truth?”

Wang Xiaoming realized the flames of anger were about to rekindle and hurriedly said, “I’ll work on it.”

“Work on it?” Baal’s eyebrows rose.

“Do my best!” Wang Xiaoming noticed how Baal’s expression wasn’t getting any happier and hurriedly declared, “Do my absolute best!”

Baal let him pass, but barely. He stepped onto the bed and then bent his knee so that he was half-squatting and half-kneeling in front of Wang Xiaoming.

Wang Xiaoming stared at the handsome face that was getting closer and his heart beat at an increasingly rapid pace.

“Let’s start,” Baal announced.

Wang Xiaoming gurgled in his throat and leaned back with his body until he lay flat on the bed.

Baal looked at those closed eyes with their trembling lashes and shaking eyelids, and his lips curved into a silent smile.

Wang Xiaoming waited for a very long time and nothing happened. He couldn’t resist cracking his eyelids open a bit, just in time to see Baal’s face slowly coming closer.

“Open your eyes and look at me.” Baal’s voice didn’t have the haughty tone that it usually did. Instead, it held a trace of tenderness that could make Wang Xiaoming drunk.

Wang Xiaoming carefully raised his eyelids and looked at Baal’s finger, pressed against the buttons of the black suit that Baal had never once taken off since they had met each other—

One second, two seconds… ten seconds passed.

One minute, two minutes… ten minutes passed.

Baal still stayed in that position but his expression was getting darker and darker.

Wang Xiaoming really wanted to ask what happened but that would make him seem desperate, so he found a more subtle way to ask. “Do you need… us to change positions?”

Baal thought to himself that though he couldn’t use magic on Wang Xiaoming he could… strangle him to death.

Since the two of them were so close to each other, Wang Xiaoming could clearly see the burning flames of anger in Baal’s eyes. “Uh, if you think today isn’t the right day, that’s fine too.” Though Wang Xiaoming said that, he still felt a bit of regret. It was just like when he was young and his mom promised to take him to the amusement park but then went to play mahjong at the last second. Of course, Baal didn’t look like someone who would get dragged to fill a spot at the mahjong table.

“We. can. not. have. sex.” Five short words, but they were so hard to say.

Wang Xiaoming’s eyes flew open.

In Baal’s mind, he took Lucifer and Michael through various forms of torture. Then he slowly said, “I can’t take off the clothes in my spirit form.”

What did “not being able to take off the clothes in his spirit form” mean?

Wang Xiaoming cast an involuntary glance at Baal’s abs… and the space below it.

Baal had thought that being defeated by the Lucifer-Michael team and having his spirit forcibly separated from his body had been the most embarrassing moment of his life. Now he knew that moment could only be described as a failure—the true embarrassment was this current moment! Especially when he actually saw pity in Wang Xiaoming’s eyes… he actually needed to be pitied by a human… Dammit to hell!

“It doesn’t matter.” Wang Xiaoming gently hugged Baal’s shoulders lightly with his hands and said, “I’ll work hard at falling in love with you so that you can recover your body quicker.”

Baal suddenly straightened up and turned to walk outside without another word.

“Wait.” Wang Xiaoming suddenly sat up and when he noticed that Baal’s footsteps had stopped, he somehow found the courage to quietly say, “You… do you want to sleep with me? Uh, just lying on the bed together. I think that might get your body to recover faster.” He paused and then explained in a clear attempt to cover up the real reason, “Because in many games, couples team up to do monster battles and that increases their affection.”

The bed was very big, so it wasn’t crowded at all for two people to lie together on it.

Because Baal had just been traumatized, he hadn’t said a word till now.

Wang Xiaoming looked at the watch and realized it was already 1am, but he wasn’t sleepy at all.

“I’m going to turn off the lights?” he asked cautiously.

Baal didn’t answer and simply snapped his fingers.

The lights turned off.

Darkness was a very good cover.

Wang Xiaoming lay there silently for a while before subtly trying to shift his body toward Baal.

Baal still didn’t react.

“Are you asleep?” Wang Xiaoming asked very, very quietly.

“Asleep?” He asked in an even quieter voice.

His only response was more silence.

But Wang Xiaoming knew Baal wasn’t asleep because he could feel the frustration and impatience coming from next to him.

“Actually.” Wang Xiaoming twisted the hem of his shirt in his hands and pressed the toes of his feet against each other. He said in a seemingly relaxed but actually stiff voice, “Even if we can’t do it, we can do something else.”

Still no reaction?

Wang Xiaoming closed his eyes in disappointment.

Suddenly, Baal flipped around from his position next to Wang Xiaoming. Before Wang Xiaoming knew it, he found himself underneath a body.

“Something else?” Baal asked in a teasing tone.

Wang Xiaoming subconsciously pressed his lips together and then he felt something warm and moist press against his lips.

Baal’s motions were a bit awkward; he was merely sucking out of instinct.

Wang Xiaoming opened his mouth slightly, which Baal took as a challenge. So Baal opened his lips even wider until he could cover both of Wang Xiaoming’s lips with his own mouth.

They tangled together silently for a while and Wang Xiaoming discovered that his lips were slightly swollen from the kisses.

Baal licked Wang Xiaoming’s lips with his tongue.

“Baal…” Wang Xiaoming moaned out from the depths of his soul.

Baal uttered a low curse and his tongue pressed deeper between the other man’s teeth and wreaked havoc inside the man’s mouth.

Wang Xiaoming almost couldn’t keep up and held onto Baal’s shoulders with a death grip.

A few moments later.

Baal looked up and exhaled. He decided in satisfaction, “This will be the appetizer before my body fully recovers.”


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